Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Budget Food Guide | Ultimate Cookery Course


  1. Octavio Cea

    Octavio CeaHora atrás

    17:54 😏

  2. Toni

    Toni4 horas atrás

    As a Navajo, I wish he'd come to my families house so we can give him some real roast mutton and frybread ha ha

  3. Chris Bardolph Music

    Chris Bardolph MusicDia atrás

    Here’s your actual budget guide: buy eggs, a loaf of bread, and celery. Cook eggs and put them on toast. Eat celery. Protein, fiber rich veggies, and light carbs.

  4. Miles Dutton

    Miles DuttonDia atrás

    yeah ill just get my left over mushroom risotto outta the fridge. thanks...

  5. Yelena Angeleski

    Yelena AngeleskiDia atrás

    Come on, people, the mackerel dish and the sausage w/ rice one ARE budget friendly. The rest, not so much. LOL

  6. Kyle Phoenix

    Kyle PhoenixDia atrás

    Ooooh, I like the lamb one. I might substitute it for pork chops. And the pork and shrimp balls---I would have never thought to mince teh two, I'm definitely trying that one.

  7. Mr. Rich

    Mr. Rich2 dias atrás

    Cooking on a budget, lamb and saffron? Where I come from, cooking on a budget is spam and ramen noodles. LOL

  8. Mr. Rich

    Mr. Rich2 dias atrás

    I just love this guy! Add a tablespoon... then pours in a half cup. LOL Oh, if I can ever cook as half as good as this man.

  9. The 711Devin

    The 711Devin2 dias atrás

    Gordon’s budget fridge: Lamb steak Garlic Bakery bread Anchovies Dijon Olive oil Milk Fresh parsley Actual Budget pantry: Half an onion Sprouted garlic Flour Instant noodles

  10. Nicholas Wilson

    Nicholas Wilson3 dias atrás

    Gordon, in America we can’t afford lamb ribeye steaks and saffron on a budget 😂

  11. turd ferguson

    turd ferguson6 dias atrás

    budget food... for millionaires.. stay in touch gordon.

  12. Kathleen Williams

    Kathleen Williams6 dias atrás


  13. Fryode

    Fryode6 dias atrás

    Gordon with Red Pepper: "Wasting nothing" Then wastes half the pepper with the weirdest slicing method imaginable.

  14. --

    --6 dias atrás

    Gordon: Do NOT lift that lid up! Also Gordon: Lid off

  15. Nina Miep

    Nina Miep7 dias atrás

    I would eat everything he cooks - even if he grills my old boots i bet they would taste delicious !

  16. AkodoAkira1

    AkodoAkira17 dias atrás

    I really like watching him work, but god damn there are more close ups and jump cuts than a Jason Bourne movie. On top of that there's the whole issue with the definition of "budget." Saffron is not affordable to most people on *earth* let alone the US. Lamb can be expensive depending on where you live. And those special sausages can sometimes go for more a pound than tenderloins. Like, sausage is a good budget meal generally. "Individually sourced heritage sausages in the Merguez style from a punk bistro in the North End" is not. Let's see what he can do with a pound of ground chuck.

  17. Jerk Jerkington

    Jerk Jerkington7 dias atrás

    I think this is the first time I've ever even seen a picture of saffron. If you want food on a budget, I think it's okay to settle for garlic, onion, rosemary, and dill.

  18. Daniel Wallis

    Daniel Wallis8 dias atrás

    just use turmeric if u think saffron is too expensive. its not THAT necessary

  19. DJ Chai Wallah

    DJ Chai Wallah8 dias atrás

    Turmeric doesn't provide the flavor saffron does you blithering idiot.

  20. simone mshauri

    simone mshauri8 dias atrás

    Lamb ain't cheap.

  21. Faysal Sabbouh

    Faysal Sabbouh9 dias atrás

    Gordon Ramsay's ingredients for food on budget: lamb stakes, fish, prawns, saffron, olive oil, wine, nice looking mozzarella, tonnes of assorted beautiful fresh herbs and vegges and amongst all types of rice he's chosen basmati rice !!! Dear Gordon Ramsay, I eat on daily basis some pasta with store-bough sauce all homebrand and I don't even consider myself on budget because I add a beef stock cube and some fresh mushrooms while cooking !!!

  22. lukee sublime

    lukee sublime9 dias atrás

    3:20-3:31 Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle

  23. Martin Schulze

    Martin Schulze9 dias atrás

    real budget food would be ... noodles with onion, nothing else xD

  24. Keinlieb

    Keinlieb10 dias atrás

    Saffron and Lamb. Budget of upper middle class. I'm wanting to learn how to kick my ramen noodles up a notch.

  25. carribeanforce

    carribeanforce10 dias atrás

    That's not how you cook rice Gordon!!!rince boil,simmer,serve

  26. Jeremy P

    Jeremy P10 dias atrás

    Don't worry I got you guys. The real broke ones... Ramen noodle....IN! Cook until done.(your choice flavor) Next add chili cheese Fritos to really lift the spice. Your bootyholes will thank you. Finally serve with some shredded cheese. Delicious and Hearty. Bone smack the teeth

  27. jas h

    jas h10 dias atrás

    how about he just cooks with whatever a random person already has in their kitchen? that would be way more impressive and budget friendly lol

  28. Nal

    Nal10 dias atrás

    While saffron is extremely expensive per volume, it's actually fairly cheap per serving. You only need a couple of threads since the flavour is so intense that just a thread or two too many would ruin any dish.

  29. BernieTime

    BernieTime11 dias atrás

    I've never had rice that was completely cooked in 8 minutes. Just for grins, look at ANY recipe online about how long it takes to cook rice, only Gordon comes in at 8 mins. His pan must be cooking with PFM.

  30. Hiroko Takikita

    Hiroko Takikita13 dias atrás

    Budget food... with saffron...

  31. Nostalgic Life

    Nostalgic Life13 dias atrás

    I hate that background music

  32. Kylie Goodman

    Kylie Goodman13 dias atrás

    It’s fucking 2am, I’m in bed bored and hungry

  33. the1975grimes

    the1975grimes15 dias atrás

    The Italian guy reminds me of the surgeon Dr. Now from my 600 pound life 👀👀

  34. HiggyChef253

    HiggyChef25315 dias atrás

    Only clicked to see just how out of touch with reality he is in regard to “budget” cooking... was not disappointed

  35. JimWarp93

    JimWarp9315 dias atrás

    That milk 'trick' is a keeper!

  36. mrhot4ever

    mrhot4ever16 dias atrás

    Like when u say seasoned it beautifully, what kind of season are u talking abt abd also can u like add names and place to find the spices u use coz i feel like those spices u can just find them anywhere, please

  37. Juan Carlos Rivera

    Juan Carlos Rivera16 dias atrás

    He looks really skinny in this video, did he lose weight???

  38. Cliff

    Cliff17 dias atrás

    my g' that looks fantastic ~ @6:24

  39. Jason Weber

    Jason Weber18 dias atrás

    His 1 tablespoon is the equivalent of 4 American tablespoons

  40. irish1111100

    irish111110018 dias atrás

    all I can say man is cheers man cheers

  41. Rashad Williams

    Rashad Williams18 dias atrás

    Even the water Gordon has looks so good. How is that possible?

  42. T. S.

    T. S.18 dias atrás

    This is not on a BUDGET. Also, making us buy a cookbook is not keeping us on our budget. Please write the recipes down for us.❤️

  43. TB 7788

    TB 778818 dias atrás

    **on a budget** “now anchovies” if i’m on a budget (which i am) you sure as fuck won’t catch me with anchovies. actually if i were as rich as him i still wouldn’t have anchovies

  44. Miss Sh

    Miss Sh19 dias atrás

    "ChEaP bUdGeT" Lamb

  45. Brandon Roberts

    Brandon Roberts20 dias atrás

    He forgot the gold and platinum flakes

  46. VicRules666

    VicRules66620 dias atrás


  47. Bonnie Dedrick

    Bonnie Dedrick21 dia atrás

    Does your family ever just have cereal for supper nights? Lol

  48. Fish Tube

    Fish Tube22 dias atrás

    Low budget, Lamb, LOL @ $8 per lb. This guy is disconnected.

  49. Josh

    Josh22 dias atrás

    Who’s budget is this? It’s not mine.

  50. gwvaio

    gwvaio22 dias atrás

    If someone gave Ramsey 2 fat chops like that he would complain about portion size

  51. Derrick Penrod

    Derrick Penrod22 dias atrás

    u want cheap and budget meals? try a bowl of Struggle-Os and go to bed

  52. Derrick Penrod

    Derrick Penrod22 dias atrás

    Alchemy level : 100

  53. Victoria hair

    Victoria hair23 dias atrás

    Smack that lamb chop again chef.

  54. Mr. Laugh

    Mr. Laugh23 dias atrás

    This is pretty funny.

  55. fefe

    fefe24 dias atrás

    He rlly do be making us feel poor😭

  56. xXFazeNoScoper360DoesNoScopes420BlazeItXxYYzPS4HD

    xXFazeNoScoper360DoesNoScopes420BlazeItXxYYzPS4HD24 dias atrás

    im watching this at 2am i dont even know how to make scrambled eggs

  57. Marc Uedel

    Marc Uedel24 dias atrás

    Hey guys, how can I make sure the meat isn’t getting cold while resting, except from preheating the plate?

  58. Fish Tube

    Fish Tube22 dias atrás

    Resting is 5 min max. Meaning it goes from 160 F to about 140 F which is not cold at all. If you're in C you'll have to convert.

  59. WhatTheWotwotwot

    WhatTheWotwotwot25 dias atrás

    "Left over mushroom risotto" oh you presume too much my friend.

  60. WhatTheWotwotwot

    WhatTheWotwotwot25 dias atrás

    On a budget to me is hunting squirrels and rabbits in a public park and a stew with some bark and leaves, those are the recipes we need Gordon.

  61. RE-Gaming

    RE-Gaming25 dias atrás

    20:47 ricin? 🤔

  62. Fred Baggs

    Fred Baggs25 dias atrás

    i clicked on this thinking "man this is perfect, good budget food" first recipe calls for lamb............... wtf...................................... lamb isn't budget food you donkey Gordon should really reassess his insane idiotic definition of "budget"