1. Kelli Carter

    Kelli Carter2 dias atrás

    I wish I had found you 3 yrs ago 🙁..I need this collection in my life

  2. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Elizabeth Ann ferrario7 dias atrás

    All the luck in the world we really hope and pray it takes off , well done bunny I am so happy for you , settle and enjoy this experience, xxxxx

  3. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Elizabeth Ann ferrario7 dias atrás

    OhMy goodness bunny the colours are just fabulous, and yes I am an old girl but it’s what’s in your heart which matters ! X

  4. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Elizabeth Ann ferrario7 dias atrás

    Bunny your a star and yes we love you X Liz from UK

  5. Michael Horodowicz

    Michael Horodowicz10 dias atrás

    You beautiful biotch!

  6. one_chan_123

    one_chan_12325 dias atrás

    My friends little sister threw it and knocked out three of the eyeshowd

  7. Terri Meek

    Terri MeekMês atrás

    I'd love to get my hands on this! I'm a few years too late😕@grav3yardgirl

  8. Taryn Geissler

    Taryn Geissler3 meses atrás

    Doe anybody know where I can get the pallet and both lippies??? I want them so bad and the only place I can find them is ebay.....and I'm not sure those are not fakes.... :/

  9. Rebecca Laker

    Rebecca Laker3 meses atrás

    Have u ever done the tutorials with ur own palette? I can't find it.

  10. JayT80

    JayT804 meses atrás

    Can you please please please bring this back? I just discovered this and they're gone! :'(

  11. Tis Tonic

    Tis Tonic4 meses atrás

    I wish this would come out again. It's the only make up that makes me feel good and works with my fair skin.

  12. Kat Stenning

    Kat Stenning4 meses atrás

    Are the palette and lip shades still available to purchase? I want it all so bad. But can't see it on tarte website xxx

  13. Glam_Mam_415

    Glam_Mam_4154 meses atrás

    I know I'm hella late on this, but when is this palette coming back? Is it coming back? I want one!

  14. linda rogers

    linda rogers4 meses atrás

    the colors are perfect!

  15. Claudia Ethel Grace

    Claudia Ethel Grace4 meses atrás

    I love using Dogman and sassy bun together.

  16. Suzy Q

    Suzy Q4 meses atrás

    I’m a new subscriber and I missed this collab. Found it on Mercari, but even if it’s authentic, it would be around 2 years old now. Please, please, please do another!

  17. Skye McGrand

    Skye McGrand5 meses atrás

    "wear my hair on your eyelids!" 😂😂😂

  18. Claudia Lee vL

    Claudia Lee vL6 meses atrás

    R 1300 in SA D':

  19. amanda brushe

    amanda brushe6 meses atrás

    Will it ever come back

  20. Emily Marie Vlogs

    Emily Marie Vlogs6 meses atrás

    I bought this palette when it first came out and here I am a few years later writing this comment, I WISH IT WASN'T LIMITED TIME! This is by far one of the BEST makeup items I have in my collection, I love it! I'm almost out of the highlight shade Gator Wings which makes me want to cry I'd seriously buy this palette just for that highlight girl. It makes it even more special because its a collaboration between my absolute favorite makeup brand AND BRreporterr! What more could you ask for? Obsessed. Even in 2018 still

  21. Danielle D

    Danielle D6 meses atrás

    Emily Marie awesome!!!

  22. Karina Campa

    Karina Campa6 meses atrás

    I wish I could still get it... :( I was so broke when It came out and now it's only "online" but for what I can see they are either fake or used :(

  23. Hexxis Nexus

    Hexxis Nexus6 meses atrás

    How cool would it be to have a few more pallets released to the public with different themes. You've got your amazing every day wearable one but what about if there were let's say... like you mentioned a "Halloween" inspired one would be bad @$$ or a bunny's 90's inspired one.... possibly with like alligator green, or "slime" green, and a witchy purple and or a bright orange for the Halloween one ... something like that would be crazy cool.... I know it was a community effort to launch the first one but who else would love to see more swamp queen beauty products in stores and online?!?! 😃😍🙋 ME!! 🤞🤘👍💚

  24. Annie LeBlanc

    Annie LeBlanc6 meses atrás

    Your eyes are❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Tharaline Courtz

    Tharaline Courtz6 meses atrás

    Hey bunny!! Im your biggest fan my mom doesn't buy me makeup cuz she says 11 yr olds shouldnt wear makeup but my sister encourages my passion since we both love it i only have drugstore stuff but ik im late but my sister ordered ur pallette for my 12th bday since i love u so much (my bday is saturday) thank you so much for being amazing

  26. Suzie Q.

    Suzie Q.6 meses atrás

    Bunny, just sitting here watching this again and maybe you could do another make up palate for just Halloween or just for everyone that was wanting the blue's and greens it's just a thought. I love the packaging i think it is perfect for showing its from you we love it because we love you:)

  27. Ilene Hunter

    Ilene Hunter6 meses atrás

    I want this but I don't know where to buy it from since this is from '16

  28. Vanessa Roaché

    Vanessa Roaché7 meses atrás

    We need a 2019 pallet! #bunnypallet2019

  29. matthew martinez

    matthew martinez7 meses atrás


  30. Miss Mu2U

    Miss Mu2U7 meses atrás

    Can this pallet come back please! I wasn't able to get one at the time.

  31. Haydee Rodriguez

    Haydee Rodriguez7 meses atrás

    Proud of you. I hope I can locate it . Lots of things going on . I get the packing .

  32. Megan Cook

    Megan Cook7 meses atrás

    I’m gonna need this to make a comeback!!!! Please!!!

  33. Zeh Vlooogs

    Zeh Vlooogs7 meses atrás

    why is it not available in the Philippines im crying 😭😭😭

  34. megalopolis2015

    megalopolis20158 meses atrás

    This color selection looks amazing on you. Congratulations on having your very own line.

  35. Bailey Mitchell

    Bailey Mitchell8 meses atrás

    Just bought this palette.. I’m so excited!😍

  36. Brittnay Mutarelli

    Brittnay Mutarelli8 meses atrás

    Oh gosh, Bunny. I love you so much. I’ve been in the swamp family for years now. And this comment is sooo late, it’ll probably never be read. I’m disappointed and embarrassed that i am actually just dining out that you have did this collab and made this palette. I’ve been in a pretty deep depression for about a year and a half to two years and stopped watching BRreporter or even buying and dong makeup, which is a huge passion for me. I started watching BRreporter again about two months ago and doing my best to catch up on your videos because you are my absolute favorite BRreporterr. I am very much trying to get back into doing my makeup and need to buy a whole lot of new makeup of all types. I am DYING to own this palette. But it’s been so long since it’s launched, i have no idea if i can even get it any more. (If it’s still even available), but i know i won’t be able to afford it right now, especially with those lippies that i am IN LOVE with. I’m so sad about this. I know having Bunny makeup would cheer me up so much and inspire me VERY much to not give up on climbing out of this depression and get back to my hobbies I’m very passionate about, which the three main things are (ESPECIALLY) makeup, nail polish/art, and crafts. I really really hope i can still get this collection!!!! I will save every penny i find until i can afford to, if it’s still available. But unfortunately, knowing my luck, I’m sure it’s not available any more. 😔😥😢💔 LOVE YOU SO MUCH, BUNNY!!!

  37. Brittnay Mutarelli

    Brittnay Mutarelli8 meses atrás

    Just finished the video, and clearly, i won’t be able to get this collection any more. And now I’m literally crying. 😭💔 thanks depression, for making me miss out on this amazing set, making me more depressed. GETTING THIS SET WOULD HAVE HELPED ME PULL MYSELF OUT OF THIS DEPRESSION SO MUCH EASIER!! 😢💔😭

  38. Claireables Louise

    Claireables Louise8 meses atrás

    I've literally just got this palette today after waiting for so long. I love it!

  39. purrsandwhispers

    purrsandwhispers8 meses atrás

    AMAZING!!! INSPIRING!!! Beautiful palette!!!! CONGRATULATIONS BUNNY!!!! I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! Much Love, Kim in NC 💕

  40. Angela Walker

    Angela Walker8 meses atrás

    I was at Ulta yesterday I didn't see this. Where can you get it..??

  41. Kay Hens

    Kay Hens9 meses atrás

    i want to buy this, but i cant cause im from belgium:(

  42. susan de little

    susan de little9 meses atrás

    I wish I could still get this. Only thing I was able to find was the Red lippy. Congrats on this major accomplishment!! It's beautiful!

  43. Commenter1 2

    Commenter1 29 meses atrás

    All the crying you held back- I let out for you. This gave me many tears- so happy for you.

  44. Loni Hubley

    Loni Hubley9 meses atrás

    Ugh too many fake swamp queen palettes. I didn’t realize and have a fake one. :(

  45. Nureen Natasya

    Nureen Natasya9 meses atrás

    I bought it it’s amazing! Smells so good!!

  46. Maddi Maddi

    Maddi Maddi9 meses atrás

    does this exist in the world still?

  47. Dami Turner

    Dami Turner10 meses atrás

    Oh your so cute and a crazy nut..I love it cause your just being yourself...with or without makeup.........geesh I really need your help looking pretty and doing my makeup like you....cause when u put your makeup on you are so beautiful...your beautiful without makeup but with your makeup on you enhance your beauty...I wish I lived closer to u cause I'd pay u for. HELP Help.......I have problems putton eyeliner eyelashes and Purrfectly contour on...I'm trying but not you and all your blogs.....I know u could make me look beautiful....

  48. The Vintage Butterfly- New Creations

    The Vintage Butterfly- New Creations10 meses atrás

    Im enjoying this palette Bunny!

  49. lianne angel

    lianne angel10 meses atrás

    Words that would describe the palette is how you can actually describe my mummy bun

  50. lianne angel

    lianne angel10 meses atrás

    I wish i could buy one someday bec im only 14 and from the philippines so its kinda hard to buy or to find one

  51. Sandy Cucinotti

    Sandy Cucinotti10 meses atrás

    SO happy I could still get this. I just found you and I think you are awesome! I love all your videos. Keep them coming.

  52. Annette Hensley

    Annette Hensley10 meses atrás

    Bunny you have so much make up. Never got into make now do you want to try. If you have any makup that you no long use I can clean them really good and I will pay for delivery please this will. Really help god bless

  53. Sad Becky

    Sad Becky10 meses atrás

    Your blue eyes are really popping in this vid. Gorgeouss

  54. Rachel Bryant

    Rachel Bryant11 meses atrás

    I finally got ur palette for Christmas but it came broken 😢

  55. tatiana gieland

    tatiana gieland11 meses atrás

    Eu não sei inglês 😢😢😢😢Brasil

  56. linsboo11

    linsboo1111 meses atrás

    I love you bunny!!! :) just got your pallet FINALLY!! I love it!! :) youre such an amazing person!

  57. Missmaster Murray

    Missmaster Murray11 meses atrás

    Is it available in Ireland 🇮🇪the republic btw

  58. Amy Meade

    Amy Meade11 meses atrás

    It’s perfect!! 💯💯♥️♥️ I can’t wait to buy it!!!!!!! Hopefully soon!! I’ve had to wait long enough.. lol & congrats to you 🎉💋

  59. Becki Hearn

    Becki Hearn11 meses atrás

    I got this palette for Christmas and I am in love!!

  60. #Sophiesquad !!!

    #Sophiesquad !!!11 meses atrás

    I had one but I did not have the lip stick

  61. Dave Park

    Dave ParkAnos atrás

    This person is freaking me out, so wrong

  62. Lela Nesheim

    Lela NesheimAnos atrás


  63. cyn er

    cyn erAnos atrás

    Omg i had no idea! Ive been watching you for a while. No idea why im just now seeing this!

  64. Kelly Toms

    Kelly TomsAnos atrás

    love it, you need a swamp queen at night also with green, blue, luna white, black with specks and star gold glitter

  65. Aylay Music

    Aylay MusicAnos atrás

    Just bought your pallete (I'm a little late as per) but I'm absolutely in love with it! The quality is beautiful, by far the best pallette I've bought! Well done Bunny 💙

  66. ashley hawthorne

    ashley hawthorneAnos atrás

    Anyone who doesn't understand the shade dogman.... HOW

  67. Nicole Mccraw

    Nicole MccrawAnos atrás i got my swamp queen pallet

  68. btpuppy2

    btpuppy2Anos atrás

    Omg you are insane.

  69. Hannah

    HannahAnos atrás

    You SLAYED this palette!!! Literally the BEST palette I own!!! You did amazing

  70. This Bipolar Gal

    This Bipolar GalAnos atrás

    Shame im so late to finding you. I literally just did an ebay search after watching this and there's so many dupes BUT the supposed "genuine" products are up to $200 😱😱😱 I'd sooner buy from the US coz i feel like there'd be a higher chance of them being genuine but there are sellers listing them here for arounnnd retail BUT they look like fakes. I saw a video about the real product and fake pallete and im suuuuuper suss now 🤔 I want alllllll the photos 😂

  71. Alison Wonderland

    Alison WonderlandAnos atrás

    I know this is a SUPER late reply, but WAY TO GO BUNNY!!!! You are the sweetest, most hilarious, genuine, amazing human being and it is SO great to see you succeeding and loving your family all up! I just discovered you like a month ago, so I am binge watching all your videos. Much love to you and all the swamp family!!

  72. Jacqueline  M

    Jacqueline MAnos atrás

    Girl... lots of us still have your palette ! Can you do a couple of make up tutorials for holiday looks ??

  73. MissPronounced

    MissPronouncedAnos atrás

    Over a year later, THIS is still my favourite palette and the one I use the most. I'm not a makeup freak, but I love the message your palette and your channel shares about inner beauty and individuality. Thank you for being an awesome role model for young women, like myself. I have severe social and generalized anxiety and chronic depression, and hearing that other people can be positive while still suffering from anxiety and panic attacks has helped me feel more 'normal'.

  74. Leah Segura

    Leah SeguraAnos atrás

    Your response to those making remarks about you not being a professional and creating your palette was incredibly well put. You're perspective was great, you can inspire and be passionate about a subject without being a professional.

  75. Gina Sanders

    Gina SandersAnos atrás

    You are so REAL unlike Jaclyn Hill with her lip injections and removal of her freckles! I find you to be okay with everything you are! I am so proud of you! You set a good example for the youth!

  76. Gina Sanders

    Gina SandersAnos atrás

    I just won it on EBay! I can’t wait to get it!

  77. AC Maeve

    AC MaeveAnos atrás

    4:20 SO TRUE!!! 😂😂😂

  78. april heineman

    april heinemanAnos atrás

    Beautiful colors! Can't wait to go order this! Can I still get a lil Gator with it? I love small lil toys! Lol!

  79. B Beasley

    B BeasleyAnos atrás

    Bunny, I know you won't see this, since it's an older video... But I'm a single mom of 2 daughters, a 1st Gr teacher, and 46 yrs young. I have wanted this pallet for over a year and finally decided to do something for myself. It came in yesterday, it's gorgeous, and I AM one of those that sometimes feel like I'm "too old". But if I can actually get it right, lol, this is going to truly boost my self esteem! I think the colors are going to make my green eyes pop. Thank you for all you do and your "real nests"! Love & hugs from Alabama! P.S. It smells divine!

  80. Diana Hutsel-Demers

    Diana Hutsel-DemersAnos atrás

    You look like a combination of Rachquele Welch and Bridget Bardo ( forgive my spelling) maybe even a touch of Jane Fonda, all from the 60ies, 70ies. Remember the famous poster of her dressed as a cave girl? (RW) Congratulations on your sales, are you still doing this? I would love to check it out.

  81. L C

    L CAnos atrás

    Bunny you're so pretty 💞💕

  82. MinusTheValyssa Yall

    MinusTheValyssa YallAnos atrás

    Just ordered it tonight still looking for Texas toast.

  83. Lana Towns

    Lana TownsAnos atrás

    Go. You. This is amazing. You should be SO PROUD! I just discovered your channel and I adore how you are so unapologetically you! I am placing my order this moment!

  84. Marjorie Michelle Eslinger

    Marjorie Michelle EslingerAnos atrás

    Wow ur eyes r beautiful

  85. D S

    D SAnos atrás

    Just ordered mine can't wait to get it!!! 💕💞

  86. Cloe Olmstead

    Cloe OlmsteadAnos atrás

    I’m 10

  87. saahel taghavi

    saahel taghaviAnos atrás

    Awwww you look so pretty with makeup love you

  88. Mega Muffin

    Mega MuffinAnos atrás

    Will it be in Poland

  89. K.

    K.11 meses atrás

    The platte launched a year ago. Official tarte website ships to Poland. You can order it there

  90. Sayouna SayKearn

    Sayouna SayKearnAnos atrás

    I like your. Make up

  91. Michele Silva-Hubert

    Michele Silva-HubertAnos atrás

    Perfect pallet In my opinion. I personally love the earthy tones and u can wear these colors to work or play. N the lipsticks I LOVE u did A FABULOUS choice. Love the packaging as well. I Lil that it’s storable and durable 🐊💚❤️

  92. Zoe Rogers

    Zoe RogersAnos atrás

    crazy sound thing... from focussing or from robertina from your recent paranormal video?

  93. Jordan fultz

    Jordan fultzAnos atrás

    i know this post was forever ago ut i like to go back and rehash the "youtube past" you are so inspirational and this makes me emotional everytime i watch this , because you are just an amazing person we love you so much !!!

  94. Jenny

    JennyAnos atrás

    I love this palette! I love the packaging, all of the colors, everything! A lot of palettes today either have all cool tone or all warm tone, but this palette has both! I find myself reaching for this palette frequently for that reason. I can also achieve subdued natural looks with this palette as well as super done up or grungy looks. I don't know, I just love it. You killed it!

  95. Chantal G

    Chantal GAnos atrás

    I had NO idea this was your palette! I just purchased it today and I can't wait!! ♥

  96. Jordan Elise H

    Jordan Elise HAnos atrás

    I know I’m a year late but I really want this pallet! I’m so proud of u bunny and I really want it but is it still limited edition? Because I might not get it until Christmas. Please respond bunny thank u!❤️

  97. Nicole Ellerker

    Nicole EllerkerAnos atrás

    Finally, FINALLY was able to get my hands on this palette and purchased!! Love it!!

  98. MizzVivi84

    MizzVivi84Anos atrás

    Finally got this! Will be here soon!!! #loveit #swampfamily

  99. wannabe softy

    wannabe softyAnos atrás

    I asked my mom for your swamp queen palette for my birthday I hope I get it, keep up the good work bunny love you lots!!!💗🐰

  100. Emily Malik Shrier

    Emily Malik ShrierAnos atrás


  101. lightpinkchemistry

    lightpinkchemistryAnos atrás

    I’ve been craving this so hard and I want to support you SO bad And I want something of yours with me But I can’t afford it I JUST The shipping I feel so disappointed



    I LOVE this palette, its my favorite one I own, and I want to buy more so I dont run out of my favorites. I have not been able to find any extras, any help finding extras? 🐇 ❤

  103. S P

    S PAnos atrás

    Swamp granny here!!!! lol bless her heart : )