Grocery Shopping in Nome, Alaska


  1. Isidro De La Cruz

    Isidro De La Cruz4 dias atrás

    Grocery prices are high but the rent is cheap in nome so it averages out I lived their in 2006 and my rent was $475 for a 2 bd room house . Now in 2019 it's $650 for the same house my friend lives there

  2. David Henson

    David HensonMês atrás

    How do u afford that. Bleach 1.19 in wa state

  3. Nathan Swanson

    Nathan Swanson3 meses atrás

    Literally you can get half a watermelon in barrow for $37. *you can get a full watermelon at meijer for $5*

  4. Gabriel Torres

    Gabriel Torres3 meses atrás

    Todo es caro😤

  5. ProgeneProgene Progene

    ProgeneProgene Progene3 meses atrás

    Todos esses preços estão superiores aos do Brasil que é um país caro

  6. Skunky Stinkerson

    Skunky Stinkerson5 meses atrás

    Most of those are pretty much are prices in Canada, any grocery store sells a box of cereal ranging from $4 to $8, or a 4L jug of milk 4.99 to 7.99 . 2 liter jug of almond milk 3.99, a carton of cigarettes is a well over a hundred.. I'm a cashier at a grocery store Metro Vancouver, bananas change anywhere from a dollar 1.99 a pound to 2.75 , asparagus is like three to four dollars, a few apples can cost as much as 4 to 5 dollars. Bag of Doritos like 3.99. Canada is getting gouged quite a bit.

  7. dcwarner

    dcwarner7 meses atrás

    Transport costs.

  8. Tobz4uhuni ItsMyName

    Tobz4uhuni ItsMyName7 meses atrás

    Id have to starve if I had to survive on those prices.

  9. yuwannaknow

    yuwannaknow8 meses atrás

    How much were the ramen noodles? They’re like $.39 a pack here in Georgia, USA lol

  10. Amanda Cheromiah

    Amanda Cheromiah8 meses atrás

    yuwannaknow I think it was about $1.50 for one package.

  11. Crispy Sock

    Crispy Sock9 meses atrás

    Simple loop hole for you Alaskans. You can buy items really cheap online if you send them to a post office near a family member in the lower 48, and they can then bounce that package to a post office in alaska for free. Call it govermant benefits.

  12. Jude Anaya

    Jude Anaya9 meses atrás

    Instead of the dollar tree they have the$20 tree !

  13. lovemuffin1963

    lovemuffin19639 meses atrás

    Cigarettes are that price in the machine in the casino I go to in Vegas.. People go to the reservation to get them cheaper.

  14. Ginnie Cruz

    Ginnie Cruz9 meses atrás


  15. Kenneth Davis

    Kenneth Davis10 meses atrás

    That is so crazy uncool!!!

  16. Greg inConway

    Greg inConway11 meses atrás

    Wow, I would be totally broke. Thanks for sharing this video.

  17. Dreidynn Alysse

    Dreidynn Alysse11 meses atrás

    In remote places of Alaska, the prices will be higher than bigger cities like Fairbanks or Anchorage. It’s just how it is in Alaska. The remote places have boats and planes get taken to them for goods. It is really expensive only if you live in the remote parts. The big cities have the same prices as California big cities, I live in San Francisco, and the prices are the same or less in Alaska (the big cities) than SF. It’s just about where you live.

  18. LazerCherg

    LazerChergAnos atrás

    You have such a cute laugh

  19. Alena M.

    Alena M.Anos atrás

    Hey hey hey! Is there a dollar store in Alaska?

  20. Amanda Cheromiah

    Amanda CheromiahAnos atrás

    Not in Nome. There might be some in Anchorage or Juneau. Not sure though.

  21. ScaredIshanii

    ScaredIshaniiAnos atrás

    I live in California what the hell, everything is under $5 here, and watermelons 99¢

  22. Robert Kolakowski

    Robert KolakowskiAnos atrás

    My wife loves Alaska, but we would have to be a millionaire to live there.

  23. The weird One

    The weird One2 meses atrás

    Haha true

  24. Eric Portman

    Eric PortmanAnos atrás

    At least it's cheaper than barrow lol.

  25. dorothysue1

    dorothysue1Anos atrás

    Wow, your prices are way higher than Hawaii.

  26. DCLightning314

    DCLightning314Anos atrás

    Alright if you don’t like Nome why r u even here you need to understand it costs a lot to ship the food that’s why everything is expensive

  27. Amanda Cheromiah

    Amanda CheromiahAnos atrás

    DCLightning314 I didn’t say I don’t like Nome. To reiterate, I love Nome! The intent of this video is to showcase to travelers who are visiting Nome what to expect at the grocery store and help them budget accordingly. That’s it!

  28. Amanda Cheromiah

    Amanda CheromiahAnos atrás

    DCLightning314 I looooove, Nome! Just highlighting an experience that is very different that my shopping experience in the lower 48. I have much respect for the people that live in Alaska, especially the Alaska Natives whom have survived and thrived on the land since time immemorial.

  29. Evert Ros

    Evert RosAnos atrás

    What?????? There is all of the gold slush box is going to. Smart thinking there.

  30. Lorraine A

    Lorraine AAnos atrás

    I can get that Clorox for $1. Thats insane.

  31. jeffw1267

    jeffw1267Anos atrás

    When I was poor I used to brush my teeth with plain baking soda. It worked great. Even now I'd do that rather than paying $6 for a tube of toothpaste! You can buy Pepsodent for 99 cents/tube here.

  32. Mike Cuba

    Mike CubaAnos atrás

    Expensive! Bag of potatoes only cost us here in AU $4!

  33. Corey Aguayo

    Corey AguayoAnos atrás

    That’s insane

  34. Nìtram

    NìtramAnos atrás

    Wtf watermelon got to be so expensive😢 good thing i live in florida sunshine state🤘😎😛😛😛

  35. luvfunnyflix

    luvfunnyflixAnos atrás

    What is minimum wage????

  36. Amanda Cheromiah

    Amanda CheromiahAnos atrás

    luvfunnyflix I have no idea.

  37. Sam Witkowski

    Sam WitkowskiAnos atrás

    That fat tire is good tho

  38. Ivy Vaughan

    Ivy VaughanAnos atrás

    I do not think I want to live in Alaska anymore...

  39. Ahilleas Tsavalos

    Ahilleas Tsavalos5 meses atrás

    I was thinking the same thing... I wonder how good the pot is over there

  40. A3Kr0n

    A3Kr0nAnos atrás

    Gluten free meat? LOL!

  41. Iian

    IianAnos atrás

    half the shit we buy comes from china, they are actually closer, go figure lol.

  42. Cesar Garcia

    Cesar GarciaAnos atrás


  43. Lacy Hay

    Lacy HayAnos atrás

    People don't realize that that in remote parts of Alaska stuff will have to be brought in by boat or by plane. This explains the high prices. It is expensive but look at how food has to get there. Trust me I was shipping a blanket to a friend of mine in Canada that lives near Alaska. To ship one blanket I hand made was 175 bucks. And she got it in two weeks.

  44. Bartlbee Smithers

    Bartlbee Smithers9 meses atrás

    USPS flat rate boxes are key if your item fits, that would have been $18

  45. Uncle Leo's Eyebrow

    Uncle Leo's EyebrowAnos atrás

    should have fax the blanket. cheaper

  46. w m

    w mAnos atrás

    It's your choice to live there. Stop crying. Bitch about something important.

  47. rocknroller1999

    rocknroller19999 meses atrás

    Yet here you are bitching

  48. Dogs in diapers

    Dogs in diapersAnos atrás


  49. D Adams

    D AdamsAnos atrás

    If I were you I'd save my pennies, move away to where life is much better and never look back.

  50. Beary Nice

    Beary NiceAnos atrás

    Lol your cigarettes are cheap

  51. Conor Cousins

    Conor CousinsAnos atrás

    They need aldi or lidl badly

  52. Mike Rennie

    Mike RennieAnos atrás

    6 Corona is like 14 dollars in Toronto, Canada.

  53. bestamerica

    bestamericaAnos atrás

    ' hi AC... what about electric powerline come from... dam or diesel = fuel as gas = oil or nuclear power or power online from another big city

  54. Amanda Cheromiah

    Amanda CheromiahAnos atrás

    bestamerica I am not sure about that. They have a gas station though that has diesel and unleaded fuel.

  55. bestamerica

    bestamericaAnos atrás

    ' just wonder how bring alot of foods / liquids / things to city of nome... airplane or ship or train or truck

  56. LukeL007

    LukeL007Anos atrás

    When you get north and west of Fairbanks most cities have no roads connecting them with the rest of the world. In Barrow no road leaves the city. Because of this all food must be flown in and with bad weather you may go months without being resupplied. Many people will hunt for an elk or moose and use that meat for the winter and supplement it with fish they caught. You stock up on canned goods in the summer and make sure you have a 6 month supply of medication come September or October. There is a reason why in the Arctic Circle the vast majority of residents are Alaskan Natives, they have hundreds of years of family experience in living in harsh conditions.

  57. Amanda Cheromiah

    Amanda CheromiahAnos atrás

    No farms. Nome is located on the tundra, which is not conducive to growing crops. The tundra produces awesome berries though!

  58. bestamerica

    bestamericaAnos atrás

    hi AC... thank explain... do this nome have own farmers ranchs areas

  59. Amanda Cheromiah

    Amanda CheromiahAnos atrás

    It's mainly airplane and barge. A lot of residents rely on subsistence living (hunting, fishing, etc.).

  60. Brendon Smith

    Brendon SmithAnos atrás

    God if the alien abductions don't put you off living in nome Alaska the food prices definitely will 🦉👽

  61. Savanna Teesateskie

    Savanna Teesateskie10 meses atrás

    Uhh, we have no abductions here. And that dumb movie wasn’t even shot here in Nome. *sigh*

  62. D Adams

    D AdamsAnos atrás

    I just saw that is a very real problem there. Many have gone missing and are abducted regularly. Scary!

  63. az0970449

    az0970449Anos atrás

    a super bowl party would cost you about 4 grand

  64. first last

    first last5 meses atrás


  65. john joshua

    john joshuaAnos atrás

    Cigarettes in new Zealand is so expensive

  66. Tim O'melia

    Tim O'meliaAnos atrás

    My aunt and uncle live in Nome! I had a great visit a few summers back, can't wait to return!

  67. Toyota1949

    Toyota1949Anos atrás

    Why would anyone live in such a remote barren place? How do people afford such prices. I can't imagine it is a Mecca for well paying jobs.

  68. shammy dammy

    shammy dammyAnos atrás

    Oil fields pay well.

  69. todd epperson

    todd eppersonAnos atrás

    Cigarettes ain't to bad on price, $12.75 a pack for newports in upstate New York but that was back in 2013-14

  70. JPD

    JPDAnos atrás

    and what are the salaries like there?

  71. todd epperson

    todd eppersonAnos atrás

    JPD last look,counting flakes of snow paid little over $500,000 plus benefits and bonuses

  72. Amanda Cheromiah

    Amanda CheromiahAnos atrás

    JPD not sure- jobs can be far and few, but the hospital also seems to be hiring. A studio there can range, but $1300 or higher is average for a studio.

  73. New User

    New UserAnos atrás

    I don't get It? It practically the same price in Toronto. Maybe like $4 more (and yes, I understand it's USA), but what's the real difference in CAD- USD? 20cents?

  74. Steffen Zimmerman

    Steffen ZimmermanAnos atrás

    canada is set up differently, you guys literally get ripped off on gas or “petrol” as some people call it because they charge you by the litre. Having universal healthcare affects everything, your sales and income tax system is far different than ours. typically its more expensive for a wisconsinite as myself to travel to canada.

  75. shammy dammy

    shammy dammyAnos atrás

    About that, yeah. CAD is .80 US cents. For most of these items, the mark up is between twice and four times as much as you can buy in the lower 48 states, depending on where you live. I pay 2.49 for that coffee creamer in Wisconsin.

  76. Richie Reece

    Richie ReeceAnos atrás

    want a scooter? lol

  77. Marc Llorens

    Marc LlorensAnos atrás

    That watermelon was cheap in Barrow, AK that was $37!

  78. Snoopy Marie

    Snoopy MarieAnos atrás

    Couldn’t afford to Whipe my ass or clean my house!!

  79. Mr J-Charles

    Mr J-CharlesAnos atrás

    Wow I wonder if you could get Amazon Pantry there? Crazy prices. If flights were not to expensive I would fly to a major city once every couple months and fill a large suitcase with pantry items to bring back. I just flew and was allowed 35kg a piece for 2 checked bags. That would be allot of food.

  80. Mr J-Charles

    Mr J-CharlesAnos atrás

    Ok thanks might be worth it then. BTW I have done this packing food when I know I am going to a expensive area or certain items not available.

  81. Amanda Cheromiah

    Amanda CheromiahAnos atrás

    It’s about $300 round trip to fly round trip to Anchorage.

  82. Fox Macnamara

    Fox MacnamaraAnos atrás

    Cigarettes im AK are $2.00 cheaper per pack than they are in NY.

  83. vern fierce

    vern fierceAnos atrás

    ok theres the fucking bullshit food and other house stuff over priced compered to to like ohio where im from but the atv stuff is same if not cheaper? WTF

  84. Junior Wallace

    Junior WallaceAnos atrás

    Cheaper than NYC.

  85. Ricky Parker

    Ricky ParkerAnos atrás

    I don't know how they afford to wipe NB their ass with 9 dollar shit paper! lol

  86. stewart sainsbury

    stewart sainsburyAnos atrás

    Wow alot lot of those prices are on par with Australia