Gucci Mane BANNED From The Breakfast Club After Calling Out Angela Yee


  1. Es Mes

    Es Mes12 dias atrás

    I think angela definitely was trying to get at gucci, however I think shes trying to save herself from any embarrassment because in the industry shes in it is difficult for a woman to make it without looking like she slept her way to the top or cannot be taken seriously because shes a "ho". She wants her work and skills to stand on its own without a negative or sexual title attached.

  2. Tywana Bodacious Beauty

    Tywana Bodacious Beauty15 dias atrás

    I remember him being on the breakfast club about a year ago🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Wary InDC

    Wary InDC15 dias atrás

    Angela Yee specifically denied texting him inquiring about his hotel. Also, Melyssa Ford denied ever meeting Gucci Mane, so his "memory" seems off in that regard. That earlier interview of Yee and Gucci was on a show that, in part, is a precursor to her current Lip Service show; so the sexy banter was the norm. Doesn't prove she texted him about his hotel, implying she wanted to actually hook up with him.

  4. Agnes Rodriguez

    Agnes Rodriguez17 dias atrás

    he's suppose to be happily married but talking about someone who tried to sleep with him? Make it make sense. I dont like angela yee but I dont believe him

  5. David Melendez

    David Melendez18 dias atrás

    Who gives a fucc

  6. rudlyn victor

    rudlyn victor18 dias atrás

    Man Gucci and Angela Yee need to stop all dat drama dey look like a good couple dey just need to put a porn scene put

  7. La'Taysia

    La'Taysia19 dias atrás

    Angela Yee is fucking annoying

  8. Dead_Afro

    Dead_Afro19 dias atrás

    "Or being on his dick" 😂

  9. Lisa Robinson

    Lisa Robinson19 dias atrás

    Ummmm people if yall paying attention one of the interviewers was in 2010 the other one 2016 ummmmm now it's back again wake up people plus Angela Yee didn't start this Gucci did 9yrs later hmmmm why get it together people stop letting the media run your life just saying have a good day tho......

  10. Pikina Spearman

    Pikina Spearman19 dias atrás

    He's banking on the fact that people who dont look at facts will believe it if he says it. Only problem is he did this to other women and apologized. Keisha Cole got at him after he lied on her. Melissa ford says she never met him and was not at an interview as he claimed. He's that dude....his record dropped next day...

  11. Westley Merriweather

    Westley Merriweather19 dias atrás

    Angela can get it!

  12. Jesse Montiel

    Jesse Montiel18 dias atrás

    Westley Merriweather she ugly asf don’t know what your talking about

  13. supac thakur

    supac thakur20 dias atrás

    Fuck angela Hee. That's a dude. Str8 up

  14. stormb28

    stormb2820 dias atrás

    She was just dying to choke on his sausage, now he banned? Yeah, ok.

  15. Ray Best

    Ray Best21 dia atrás

    Girl bye.. Gucci thank he all that boy bye..

  16. Andre Salazar

    Andre Salazar23 dias atrás

    #DaFacts = Gucci is a moron with a D-level education/intelligence = people that co-sign his ignorance are even dumber! #BigFacts

  17. james jones

    james jones23 dias atrás

    That would be dum as hell if they did

  18. Lynn xo

    Lynn xo24 dias atrás

    Yee loves to pick and choose when she’s mixed, black, Asian 🙄😒 she’s one of THOSE biracial women lol sheeeeesh CTG really didn’t bleach. And I don’t think she hooked up maybe she was drunk and was flirting but who cares they grown

  19. Juan Benavente

    Juan Benavente25 dias atrás

    Bruh just the way she reacted the last time he was on the breakfast proof she fucked him. Gucci ain’t got no reason to lie about sleeping with this girl. He probably just brought it up in the last interview thinking it will be a funny Situation they can all laught about and she took it personal because now everyone know she a hoe.

  20. Iceberg Swole

    Iceberg SwoleMês atrás

    Shes a sho

  21. Johnetta Tillman

    Johnetta Tillman19 dias atrás


  22. Jammine Nelson

    Jammine NelsonMês atrás

    He's not banned even though he lied on her.

  23. Cortney Gadsden

    Cortney Gadsden21 dia atrás

    She was on his dick so how he lied sound dumb as fuck .she said her pussy was deep she was flirting u all just chosen side instead of going off facts

  24. ScorpioSeason

    ScorpioSeasonMês atrás

    This person talking made me want to fall asleep #FindANewCareerSis

  25. KMT Ausaur

    KMT AusaurMês atrás

    I just saw where was flirting with him lol

  26. KMT Ausaur

    KMT Ausaur21 dia atrás

    @Cortney Gadsden sounds good

  27. Cortney Gadsden

    Cortney Gadsden21 dia atrás

    U not making any sense

  28. naturalpn7

    naturalpn7Mês atrás

    U gota come with receipts

  29. Cortney Gadsden

    Cortney Gadsden21 dia atrás

    He did..which u see from 2010 when she said her cat was deep

  30. OfficialDeshawn

    OfficialDeshawnMês atrás

    Bruh how you gon say stuff and make a vid if you got no actual facts and are going of a video from 2016?🤷‍♂️And you saying stuff to make it seem like you know what you talking bout

  31. ChrisYoungGunn

    ChrisYoungGunnMês atrás

    No he's not banned you dumb bitch yee said it

  32. jesse selinger

    jesse selingerMês atrás

    Dude she probably fucked a lot of celebrities if she could. She does look like a hoe.

  33. Chocolate animation

    Chocolate animationMês atrás

    They are so BS . They should be grateful for a star to be on them show. They will eventually be with no artist on them show they are ungrateful . It’s just hurt them more

  34. Amazing Amy

    Amazing AmyMês atrás

    Lol so you can band a lost soul who's crying out for help... you niggas

  35. AtlantaSistah

    AtlantaSistahMês atrás

    Oh stop it. I believe Angela. Gucci has said many times before he can't remember a lot of stuff because of lean. And since he LIED, he should be banned. #trash

  36. sbryann18

    sbryann1821 dia atrás

    AtlantaSistah well I believe Gucci. And she LIED, she should be banned #trash

  37. Love.Me. Bri

    Love.Me. BriMês atrás

    They never said he was banned, so this is click bait.

  38. Andre Comer

    Andre Comer24 dias atrás

    Your made up face should be banned


    JTAITSINGERMês atrás

    First I disliked this video and then I took it back. I like the fact that she’s reporting the story but I don’t agree with her perspective, so there for I wont put anything.

  40. Gary White

    Gary WhiteMês atrás


  41. try hardshots

    try hardshotsMês atrás

    Really who cares they both is grown smh real shit going on out here

  42. Zan W

    Zan WMês atrás

    1:34 your welcome

  43. Stanley Grzadzinski

    Stanley GrzadzinskiMês atrás

    I think you a YEE hater!!

  44. Hannah Johnson

    Hannah JohnsonMês atrás

    I finally found someone else who also thinks that Yee always makes everything about her in interviews I love it so much more when shes not there interrupting the guests

  45. Krystin Grant

    Krystin Grant19 dias atrás


  46. Shana QueenBee

    Shana QueenBeeMês atrás

    I been telling ppl that .... her azz no she was a thot sometime ago 😂

  47. Hannah Johnson

    Hannah JohnsonMês atrás

    @The Four23 😂😂😂 exactly! She gives me holier than thou attitude and it's so annoying !

  48. The Four23

    The Four23Mês atrás

    Thank you!! A celebrity will mention that they like cake and Angela is like “you know I used to bake cakes in high school” 😂😂

  49. Memphis10

    Memphis10Mês atrás

    He never said if he smashed or not . Lowkey she was thinking about smashing him thats why she responded on the 1st interview like she did.. "I thought it was deep" after he said faaattt.. Not need to front. Like it ain't cross your mind about "getting the dick". Its obvious otherwise she would've avoided the question or changed the subject but when you initiate conversation back on that topic with someone it draws curiosity. Human nature 🤷🏽‍♂️

  50. S P

    S PMês atrás

    Her replying isn't an admission of guilt. I disagree. Why don't we het Melissa Ford's side. Gucci said Melissa witnessed something.

  51. S P

    S PMês atrás

    How's that weird? He's comimg for her and she clapping back.

  52. The Four23

    The Four23Mês atrás

    S P I wasn’t saying it was an admission of guilt, just thought saying Gucci is back on drugs was a weird reply

  53. Jevon Jackson

    Jevon JacksonMês atrás

    Let's be real Gucci mane is the platinum standard of liers. Angela Yee does not lie Gucci mane is being petty just because.

  54. Lailonnie Tukes

    Lailonnie TukesMês atrás

    @Jevon Jackson That's not answering my question...I know he's married and what they are talking about is old so maybe it did happen but o well that's on them..

  55. Jevon Jackson

    Jevon JacksonMês atrás

    @Lailonnie Tukes Because it's Gucci mane and he's married come on man.

  56. Lailonnie Tukes

    Lailonnie TukesMês atrás

    Why would he lie on her?

  57. Benny Blanco

    Benny BlancoMês atrás

    She's goofy asl for saying he back on drugs she just salty he didn't pipe her or exposed her for piping her

  58. Rammoshe

    Rammoshe21 dia atrás

    @Shana QueenBee Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks

  59. Rammoshe

    Rammoshe21 dia atrás

    @1dopequeen Bish talks about how deep her P is ?

  60. Rammoshe

    Rammoshe21 dia atrás

    @1dopequeen Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks.

  61. Andre Comer

    Andre Comer24 dias atrás

    @1dopequeen This must be some ignorant, black bitch?

  62. Andre Comer

    Andre Comer24 dias atrás

    @Shana QueenBee You black bitches are ugly & stupid smh

  63. Amber Thais

    Amber ThaisMês atrás

    🤣🤣🤣 oooh Gucci

  64. Tome Brown

    Tome BrownMês atrás

    He never said they had sex . he said she was all over him which the interview kind a points to that

  65. Terrance Mcclendon

    Terrance Mcclendon28 dias atrás


  66. Santa Claus

    Santa ClausMês atrás

    @Melvin Dewalt you are sick dude

  67. Melvin Dewalt

    Melvin DewaltMês atrás

    Not really, if you asked me it's sexual harassment.

  68. Jade Jones

    Jade JonesMês atrás

    Why would she wanna claim she did anything with him. Look at how he’s coming at her.

  69. Lynn xo

    Lynn xo24 dias atrás

    Jade Jones some women like being disrespected it’s so odd

  70. Jade Jones

    Jade JonesMês atrás

    Fresh Prinz nowadays they bragging about who kissed them, who spent a night, who sent a text or anything to get clout through a woman.

  71. Fresh Prinz

    Fresh PrinzMês atrás

    Jade Jones gucci is corny period any nigga that have to kiss and tell brag about who he smash to embarrass someone is corny

  72. I’m Me

    I’m MeMês atrás

    Damn this topic still relevant?

  73. The Four23

    The Four23Mês atrás

    It just happened last night 😂

  74. M A R Q 24/7

    M A R Q 24/7Mês atrás

    honestly want her to be replaced by angi martinez

  75. M A R Q 24/7

    M A R Q 24/7Mês atrás

    @Shana QueenBee He might need that from time to time. Her interviewing skills are excellent, CTG is cool for comedic relief, Dj Envy is good for further addressing gossip.

  76. Shana QueenBee

    Shana QueenBeeMês atrás

    M A R Q 24/7 she always cut off cth da god.

  77. Gina Finch

    Gina FinchMês atrás

    I believe she did because the younger Gucci Mane was kind of sexy. Rugged.

  78. The Four23

    The Four23Mês atrás


  79. Walker Flocka

    Walker FlockaMês atrás

    Usually, I enjoy your.content and commentary.. I feel like you're off with this one. Please do a follow up after watching her explain things. Also, Angela comes off laid back and humble, again not sure if you are a viewer of TBC, but your comments about her being self centered don't seem like you are.

  80. Walker Flocka

    Walker Flocka20 dias atrás

    @Andre Comer ouch, lol.

  81. Andre Comer

    Andre Comer24 dias atrás

    @Walker Flocka Angela Yee is a feminist, cunt bitch. I believe Gucci

  82. Walker Flocka

    Walker FlockaMês atrás

    @The Four23 also I never said you didn't acknowledge you made this before Angela cleared it up, I'm simply saying do a follow up sharing her commentary as well. 🤧

  83. Walker Flocka

    Walker FlockaMês atrás

    @The Four23 I think the title and narrative of this video is misleading. Maybe you should've waited. It looks like he is lying and exaggerating flirtation. He's got a history of lying too.

  84. The Four23

    The Four23Mês atrás

    I clearly stated that this video was made before Angela responded on the show. And I watch the breakfast club a lot, that’s why I know that she always talks about herself in interviews-if you ever read the comment section it’s something a lot of people notice.

  85. Charles Brown

    Charles BrownMês atrás

    Fake news

  86. Nikki Hall

    Nikki HallMês atrás

    She already stated he’s not banned. Angela came with the receipts this morning.

  87. soid drone slayer

    soid drone slayer20 dias atrás

    Gucci came with the receipts all you got to do is pullup that Morning After interview and it proves guwop was 1000% right

  88. LA BoutaBagDoe

    LA BoutaBagDoeMês atrás

    Nikki Hall + Bullshit!!!! Guwop Exposed that Groupie Thot

  89. Walker Flocka

    Walker FlockaMês atrás


  90. Jack Lyons

    Jack LyonsMês atrás

    Gucci is the new trap rapper and angela yee is the new whitley from a different world

  91. Cortney Gadsden

    Cortney Gadsden21 dia atrás

    Dumb ass comment if u no bout Gucci which I see u don't he been trap rapping since 2005 so what is so new about 05 dumb ass

  92. Brandon Allen

    Brandon AllenMês atrás

    I believe Gucci

  93. Tee Glo

    Tee Glo18 dias atrás

    Brandon Allen Gucci to solid me to


    AWARE& VIBIN21 dia atrás

    Brandon Allen I do too... Plies been fucking her🤷🏽‍♀️

  95. Lynn xo

    Lynn xo24 dias atrás

    Brandon Allen why would he say that to her face if he was lying. Yee prob embarrassed

  96. TheMexOutDatTex 7

    TheMexOutDatTex 7Mês atrás

    This channel is not for the culture

  97. Christopher Cats

    Christopher CatsMês atrás

    He definitely raw dogged her.

  98. Marcus Butler

    Marcus ButlerMês atrás

    Just look up Gucci Mane BRreporter they just posted a video of the interview they're talkin about and she is in denial

  99. megabkny

    megabknyMês atrás

    I don’t believe Gucci point blank period. It’s obvious that Gucci mane is lying 🤥. Didn’t Gucci say he smashed Nicki? Go look at nicki’s response

  100. I Don’t Play Games !!!!!!

    I Don’t Play Games !!!!!!Mês atrás

    megabkny how there is proof she was talking bout this nigga dick when she interviewed him 💀🤦🏾‍♂️

  101. OGBlackBambi

    OGBlackBambiMês atrás

    We know she wanted the meat after that old clip 😂

  102. Lovely Dime

    Lovely DimeMês atrás

    She needs to sit down she had no sympathy for chingy what a double standard.

  103. malleon will

    malleon willMês atrás

    She's super sexist towards man lol

  104. yass nnej

    yass nnejMês atrás

    I don't believe him but I don't feel bad for Angie either. Yesterday, she was clowning Chingy for defending himself bout Tiffany Haddish saying they hooked up.

  105. Duane Gordon

    Duane Gordon5 dias atrás

    Chingy probably did bang her.. she already put it out there she has 38 bodies and counting

  106. The Four23

    The Four23Mês atrás


  107. The Real KarMa

    The Real KarMaMês atrás

    Yeah she salty! Only thing she can come back with I see you still on the drugs I see! I see you all here being a culture vulture that's why I K Michelle put her ass in her place

  108. The Real KarMa

    The Real KarMaMês atrás

    I don't care for none of them they all 3 corn balls, and The Breakfast Club stole this whole idea from Detroit it was The Breakfast Club morning crew. Coco mr. Chase and foolish. 2 dudes and a female.

  109. The Real KarMa

    The Real KarMaMês atrás

    Luke Cimino lol it was and, I hate these touch screens. Thanks

  110. Luke Cimino

    Luke CiminoMês atrás

    In a female? The word is and lol