Guessing Acronyms w/Jaiden Animations & SomethingElseYT


  1. Teresita Branom

    Teresita Branom5 horas atrás

    I have one! C.A.T. Guess it i’ll say the answer when I get many answers or at least a answer

  2. 21Foxes

    21Foxes5 horas atrás

    James : what is it wearing.? Adam : *paintiesssssss*

  3. AKL Yip

    AKL Yip8 horas atrás

    Can you be in one in my drawing videos

  4. Alexis Taylor

    Alexis Taylor8 horas atrás


  5. hydra blast380

    hydra blast3809 horas atrás


  6. Gamin raize and vlogs Hebson

    Gamin raize and vlogs Hebson9 horas atrás

    It brontosaurus

  7. KitsunePlayz UwU

    KitsunePlayz UwU10 horas atrás

    Thumbnail: *b u t t*

  8. Lilyaki Drawz

    Lilyaki Drawz11 horas atrás

    7:30 : *laughs in no sleep*

  9. Tiny Toothless

    Tiny Toothless13 horas atrás

    James:bronceosauramon Jayden 😤😑

  10. Tiny Toothless

    Tiny Toothless13 horas atrás


  11. Lynn Petty

    Lynn Petty14 horas atrás

    Quickly: Quality Used I'm City King Like You

  12. blxrrie

    blxrrie14 horas atrás

    1:05 I literally had my eyes closed for 10 seconds, meaning I missed a lot 😂😂😂

  13. jeremiah jefferson

    jeremiah jefferson16 horas atrás

    James is so freaking funny (sorry for my language)

  14. Sarah J

    Sarah JDia atrás

    Adam : bronceosorus Me : bronosorus idiot

  15. squishy lover gatcha

    squishy lover gatchaDia atrás

    EEEE-MOOOOO , ood1s out- 2017

  16. Fizzy Egg

    Fizzy EggDia atrás

    Wait what are ells

  17. Lily Hudson

    Lily HudsonDia atrás


  18. Lily Hudson

    Lily HudsonDia atrás


  19. Derpytron84 Rocks!

    Derpytron84 Rocks!Dia atrás

    12:20 YES JAMES WHAT'S THE WORD!? James: *yaggle*



    Is that ibisPaint


    ДNOMINOWYDia atrás

    what programs you use?

  22. Varsha Raghunandan

    Varsha RaghunandanDia atrás

    I love maidens drawing

  23. Johnny Shumway

    Johnny Shumway2 dias atrás

    I am a stegosaurus! NO!

  24. jolanda Smit

    jolanda Smit2 dias atrás

    It said title dutch

  25. Egan Yau

    Egan Yau2 dias atrás

    u guys draw so good tbh

  26. Skywars is Easy

    Skywars is Easy2 dias atrás


  27. Ha Hai Minh Phan

    Ha Hai Minh Phan2 dias atrás

    Pile Of Orange Pants

  28. Explosive TNT

    Explosive TNT2 dias atrás

    Loved it

  29. Mr. All the things

    Mr. All the things2 dias atrás


  30. Kaleb & Hailey's Super Fun Channel

    Kaleb & Hailey's Super Fun Channel2 dias atrás

    i know the real reason james misspells things... he trys not to get copywrited

  31. Abdalay Sanjuan

    Abdalay Sanjuan2 dias atrás

    Hey somethingelseyt that music you made witch you sed im something else at the end was a infint like

  32. Aaron Redding

    Aaron Redding2 dias atrás


  33. Ch3kM4te Alt.

    Ch3kM4te Alt.2 dias atrás

    Eag eag E-ENERGY

  34. novah Makisi

    novah Makisi2 dias atrás

    The long neack looks like James arms

  35. Brittany Flament

    Brittany Flament3 dias atrás

    Actually, the dinosaur is called an Apatosaurus

  36. Denise Lois James

    Denise Lois James3 dias atrás


  37. Hayden DeVore

    Hayden DeVore3 dias atrás

    Donk 🙄

  38. jdmoul1

    jdmoul13 dias atrás

    Some things eels by duke

  39. sean mulrane

    sean mulrane3 dias atrás

    Karren tiger

  40. Marissa Glover

    Marissa Glover3 dias atrás

    I boot me and my brother me and my Brother a squishy that is your Murch I got the fly squishy my brother got the blue dog squishy

  41. Daisy Smith

    Daisy Smith3 dias atrás

    Ok so at like the last minute my baby sister grabbed my phone and threw it off my deck and landed in black berry bushes. So my older sister had to go down there for me and get it for me. SHAME ON BEBE SISTER. SHAME. 😳 I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS. And because of the noise we could help determin where it was. Man it was horible. I was sad. But thank you!

  42. Szumun

    Szumun3 dias atrás

    what is this draw program 0:24

  43. krystal

    krystal3 dias atrás

    E- e-Agle

  44. Ognjen Milanovic

    Ognjen Milanovic4 dias atrás

    Adam: Devil Jaiden: White girl with hair James: Marshmallow Hotel: Trivago

  45. T.T

    T.T4 dias atrás

    Danny isreal clearly kileed

  46. WolfiePlayz

    WolfiePlayz4 dias atrás

    egg roll one CHEESE!

  47. Mad M

    Mad M4 dias atrás

    M e me

  48. Mad M

    Mad M4 dias atrás


  49. Mad M

    Mad M4 dias atrás


  50. Mad M

    Mad M4 dias atrás


  51. Mad M

    Mad M4 dias atrás


  52. EX Lite

    EX Lite4 dias atrás

    Just A Man Eating Subway Just A Instagrammer Dat Eats Nachos A Demon Ate Mushrooms Boom helped a guy with almost the same conment...

  53. Emily Lerma

    Emily Lerma4 dias atrás

    I need another one of these pls

  54. Chris??? Wut do I say?

    Chris??? Wut do I say?4 dias atrás

    On the bu_t wut if u put bust??

  55. Lisbeth the Sylveon

    Lisbeth the Sylveon4 dias atrás

    EEAHGLE. OH, EAGLE. me: *spits out ramen* his english pronunciation is better than my iranian pronunciation, and ive been speaking iranian since i was BORN

  56. something Different yt

    something Different yt4 dias atrás


  57. GeoYio

    GeoYio4 dias atrás

    7:30 Oh geez.

  58. Ruby Raiders

    Ruby Raiders4 dias atrás

    Adam is so smart it was acaflop

  59. Simone Gardener

    Simone Gardener4 dias atrás

    It's brachiosaurus ( brackeeosawus

  60. Constanza Dedeu

    Constanza Dedeu4 dias atrás

    7:31 Bathaniel Nandy