H2O Just Add Water was the weirdest show...


  1. April

    April12 horas atrás

    holy crap this is giving me war flashbacks of making mermaid potions literally every single day

  2. Lilly_Purr

    Lilly_Purr14 horas atrás

    Do the show that came out after they stopped h2o, it's called "mako mermaids" (or smth) and it's not that good either 😁

  3. Clara Hayward

    Clara Hayward14 horas atrás

    There is a special place in everyone specifically designed for hating Charlotte.

  4. Clara Hayward

    Clara Hayward14 horas atrás

    ‘Lewis you really let me down’ that whole scene made my heart break every time I watched it lol

  5. Bamboo Bhang

    Bamboo Bhang16 horas atrás

    Dude I LOVED that show as a kid

  6. RoRo

    RoRo17 horas atrás

    I know this is a bit late but, dude. Going on an accidental adventure, getting inexplicably turned into sometimes-mermaids with water powers, and then learning to navigate everyday life with those abilities and the inconveniences thereof is *exactly* the kind of scenario that tends to come up with girls between about eight and twelve years old, maybe even other age groups. It's in the same category as horses and the whole, fantasy princess dragon explorer whatever imaginings.

  7. Glaze Ce

    Glaze Ce18 horas atrás

    I mean, hAyLoW?

  8. Goat Lopez

    Goat LopezDia atrás

    Mako Mermaids is better

  9. Teddy Masters

    Teddy MastersDia atrás

    Now you have to do the sequel series

  10. Izziluvskats 123

    Izziluvskats 123Dia atrás

    Omg I couldn't stop laughing at him commenting, I actually loved watching this when I was younger

  11. SkullGirls Ultimate Gamer

    SkullGirls Ultimate GamerDia atrás

    WaTeR PoLiCe

  12. A And k

    A And kDia atrás

    I know

  13. Hiraku

    HirakuDia atrás

    so cool

  14. Josh Walker

    Josh WalkerDia atrás

    I've watched alot of Australian TV shows on Netflix and just in general and...this is the most bizarre Australian show I've seen

  15. Its Queen_Emma

    Its Queen_EmmaDia atrás

    Can you react to a brat series

  16. Yen Vuong

    Yen VuongDia atrás


  17. Koala

    KoalaDia atrás

    not gonna lie, must of them i never watched but this series was kinda nice 5 years ago

  18. Sille Milther

    Sille MiltherDia atrás

    I have 3 Mermaid tails, i have The neckless they found on The bottom of The sea. And The neckless is The one With The blue Stone, wich is cleos. And you cant change My mind With That This is The Best series in The World

  19. harrypotteravenclaw

    harrypotteravenclawDia atrás

    Why did I laugh when Cleo fell omgjdjdjd

  20. harrypotteravenclaw

    harrypotteravenclawDia atrás

    They're all so Australian lol

  21. harrypotteravenclaw

    harrypotteravenclawDia atrás

    Please talk about Tall Girl

  22. Ms Brownie

    Ms BrownieDia atrás

    I dunno what I’m doing here, I have a phobia of mermaids and have never seen the show

  23. Fierce Queen

    Fierce QueenDia atrás

    H2O is not weird.

  24. Carina Chainey

    Carina Chainey2 dias atrás

    The most fake thing is an Australian not knowing how to swim. And yes, I’m an Australian.

  25. RusticGames

    RusticGames2 dias atrás

    Didn’t they make a sequel called h2o mako mermaids

  26. Maiki117

    Maiki1172 dias atrás

    Oh man i still remember that show... It was so popular in germany....

  27. Delilah Harris

    Delilah Harris2 dias atrás

    I liked mako mermaids more

  28. Khouraaayyy

    Khouraaayyy2 dias atrás

    Charlotte literally makes me wanna throw my tv out the window. She didn’t deserve Lewis or Cleo, Rikki, and Emma’s help. At all. They tried to overlook everything that was going on help her but ultimately realized she is a horrible person which she showed by trying to get Cleo to loose her Powers. She got what she deserved which was nothing

  29. kiwifruitwonders

    kiwifruitwonders2 dias atrás

    Yep looks like an Australian classic Btw I'm Australian Don't know where I'm going with this But all Aussie shows especially dramas are ridiculously bad So...

  30. Julia Day

    Julia Day2 dias atrás

    9 year old me was OBSESSED. I also think it'ss funny that my friend from Australia didn't like the show because of the "bad fake Australian accents" when this originally aired in Australia and has Australian actors.

  31. Sulli

    Sulli2 dias atrás

    You should watch Mako: Island of Secrets, next.

  32. Shouto Todoroki

    Shouto Todoroki2 dias atrás

    It was either this or the other mermaid show that I watched on Netflix.

  33. Zane Nobody

    Zane Nobody2 dias atrás

    Zane stole meh name

  34. Micah Lear

    Micah Lear2 dias atrás

    This video was 0:50

  35. Bethany Prahst

    Bethany Prahst2 dias atrás

    Royalty soaps talked about you and it reminded me 😊

  36. Feather

    Feather2 dias atrás

    I definitely wanted to be a mermaid who was human until I was submerged in water/wanted to become a mermaid when I was a kid.

  37. Keturah Jackson

    Keturah Jackson2 dias atrás

    Not gonna lie, I used to LOVE this show when I was younger, but now, watching this video I realize just how weird it was and how weird I was for liking it. So thank you, Alex.

  38. SpicestOrb 866

    SpicestOrb 8662 dias atrás

    yo i"m pretty sure there's a couple spinoffs of h20 but idk edit: just figured out there's 12 books and two spinoff series (Mako: island of secrets and h20: mermaid adventures)

  39. Little Lo Gucci

    Little Lo Gucci2 dias atrás

    The show is actually amazing but no one can appreciate it since it was made a while ago FOR KIDS. This was quality when we were all young children, and you know it.

  40. Gabriella watson

    Gabriella watson2 dias atrás

    I totally never watched this and another one like this and another one like this when I was 9 😅😅😅😅😅😅 please help me

  41. wayne dear

    wayne dear2 dias atrás

    Do mako mermaids

  42. Three Musketeers

    Three Musketeers2 dias atrás

    Show sorry

  43. Three Musketeers

    Three Musketeers2 dias atrás

    I hate that shoe

  44. ofbookslifeandtea

    ofbookslifeandtea2 dias atrás

    I'm nearly 27 now and still love it like the first time I've watched H2O xD

  45. likkle_.chxrmz

    likkle_.chxrmz2 dias atrás

    H20 just add water = water just add water. :0

  46. Ayanounderthesea

    Ayanounderthesea2 dias atrás

    10 years later and I still practice free diving with a monofin weekly to be like the h2o girls, this show IS my childhood

  47. ember13dp

    ember13dp2 dias atrás

    So cool

  48. Agfdghgfc Ggddffcc

    Agfdghgfc Ggddffcc2 dias atrás


  49. M M

    M M2 dias atrás

    Trust me, mangroves fxxking stink, every time my family drove past it and it was high tide, that shit stunk the whole area up

  50. AdamG1983

    AdamG19832 dias atrás

    *So CoOl!!!!*

  51. AdamG1983

    AdamG19832 dias atrás

    Reminds me of Futurama "Why couldn't it be the other way around?? With lady parts on the bottom and fish parts on top?!?!"

  52. cool girl 3000

    cool girl 30003 dias atrás

    You probably already are but do Tall Girl it’s a piece of work

  53. Granny put down the gun

    Granny put down the gun3 dias atrás

    I FUCKING grew up on this show (and that animated fairy show with liked 7 main characters)

  54. andrew chu

    andrew chu3 dias atrás

    2:05 be glad u got to go on a date with a girl man.. I’m still chasing for a girl 😂😢

  55. lol no

    lol no3 dias atrás

    it wasn’t a cave it was the volcano lol

  56. Joanna ASMR2

    Joanna ASMR23 dias atrás

    So is no one going to talk about the fact that literally Rebekah and Hayley from The Originals participated in this show as besties?!!!?!?!

  57. Sabina Baskere

    Sabina Baskere3 dias atrás

    You should do modern family it's really great

  58. Timothy Lee Wietzke

    Timothy Lee Wietzke3 dias atrás

    I never realised it was a aussie show because I'm from Germany and they just dubbed over their accents, but now that I know it makes so much sense

  59. Pinapples_grapes

    Pinapples_grapes3 dias atrás

    As a kid, my favorite episode was when Cleo ran away to the sharks because Charlotte stole her necklace. And she leaves Lewis that voicemail about him letting her down then he saves her. Because I was there for the Clewis ship.

  60. Eliza McMahon

    Eliza McMahon3 dias atrás

    H2O is an Australian Masterpiece