HACKER INVADES OUR SAFE HOUSE! Spy Ninjas DIY Crafts Prank Wars Challenge In Real Life


  1. Exposing Project Zorgo

    Exposing Project ZorgoMês atrás

    Which trap was your favorite?

  2. joan bacoto

    joan bacoto6 dias atrás

    Vy is a hacer now hahaha not fun sorry cay

  3. Sahuma Ahmed

    Sahuma Ahmed24 dias atrás


  4. Kristel Hernández

    Kristel Hernández29 dias atrás

    V thers a live song

  5. Debby O'Reilly

    Debby O'ReillyMês atrás

    I have a crush on Regina BY Benji

  6. infinite Dash Beydoun

    infinite Dash BeydounMês atrás

    Hi I'm project zorgo

  7. Re Fa

    Re FaHora atrás

    Pz9 you no what should you do you should give back vys phone now

  8. Sally-Anne Browne

    Sally-Anne Browne10 horas atrás

    Roseser are red Viylts are blue If you are a spyninjer make this blue

  9. Dhang Austria

    Dhang Austria11 horas atrás

    Anyway the prank that regina made does not went through his face It went through the crotch

  10. Johnny Tsoi

    Johnny Tsoi12 horas atrás

    Why did vy and regina not go and take his mask off when they had the chance .


    GACHA_ WOLF16 horas atrás

    Pz 9 is justin because his skin tone,

  12. Rosie playz

    Rosie playz17 horas atrás

    Vy: PZ9 i been waiting for you AAAAAA PZ9:owwwww

  13. Rosie playz

    Rosie playz17 horas atrás

    Pz9 po poo

  14. Rosie playz

    Rosie playz18 horas atrás


  15. akash udayan

    akash udayanDia atrás

    ewww vy said im always pooping

  16. Genevieve Clark

    Genevieve ClarkDia atrás

    OMG VY l hope you get your phon bake 😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟 OMG OMG OMG you are 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  17. Kaylee Sapp

    Kaylee SappDia atrás

    I think pz9 is 9 because he is super duper bad at hacking and Photoshop

  18. Jasleen Kaur

    Jasleen KaurDia atrás

    Pz9 his name is melvin

  19. JESSE guzman

    JESSE guzmanDia atrás

    I bet that hurt 13:32

  20. JESSE guzman

    JESSE guzmanDia atrás

    ohhhhh that part when he fell ahhhhh I bet hurt real bad

  21. gary revis

    gary revisDia atrás

    I'm pz9 the best fighter

  22. Bionicle LEWA Lu

    Bionicle LEWA Lu2 dias atrás

    I subscribed to project zorgo and spy ninjas

  23. Maria Eujenia Jara

    Maria Eujenia Jara2 dias atrás

    I want. To be a spy Ninja

  24. kate Cat

    kate Cat2 dias atrás

    Pz9 is tove

  25. kate Cat

    kate Cat2 dias atrás


  26. Zia Hasani

    Zia Hasani2 dias atrás

    Does vy know that this video is made by Daniel

  27. ariffinification

    ariffinification2 dias atrás

    Didn't you notice that Vy's bag says spy ninjas

  28. Katrina Lofberg

    Katrina Lofberg2 dias atrás

    No thank you none

  29. Krzysztof Bambrowicz

    Krzysztof Bambrowicz3 dias atrás

    10:7 Looool.

  30. Candis Holmes

    Candis Holmes3 dias atrás

    Imani is the day you

  31. Ashley Stevens

    Ashley Stevens3 dias atrás

    I want I want a shout-out

  32. Rayyan Tntoush

    Rayyan Tntoush3 dias atrás

    Pz9 is stove same eyes same ponytail and same Bandana

  33. Diya Regmi

    Diya RegmiDia atrás

    His name is Melvin

  34. Sahro Mohamed

    Sahro Mohamed3 dias atrás

    Im not subscribe to pz9 im subscribe to vy

  35. Madisyn Vance

    Madisyn Vance3 dias atrás

    Vy he have your. Phone

  36. Pearlene Wright

    Pearlene Wright3 dias atrás


  37. Pepsi Queen06

    Pepsi Queen063 dias atrás

    Projectzogo is watching

  38. Pepsi Queen06

    Pepsi Queen063 dias atrás

    Project Zora go is watching

  39. khushi pokhrel

    khushi pokhrel3 dias atrás

  40. Cherish Sweetser

    Cherish Sweetser3 dias atrás

    hi vy

  41. Fausta Akromaviciute

    Fausta Akromaviciute3 dias atrás


  42. Fausta Akromaviciute

    Fausta Akromaviciute3 dias atrás


  43. Dhruvy111

    Dhruvy1113 dias atrás

    My phone has a Face ID

  44. Dominik Lesko

    Dominik Lesko3 dias atrás

    Im subscribed

  45. Bobbie Pence

    Bobbie Pence4 dias atrás

    I have not

  46. richard varley

    richard varley4 dias atrás

    pz9 is bold and i love you guys

  47. Royce Edward

    Royce Edward5 dias atrás

    i love your movie.

  48. Royce Edward

    Royce Edward5 dias atrás

    I love vys trap

  49. ourachna gaur

    ourachna gaur6 dias atrás

    Roses are red and voilets are blue Daniel is dumb And REgina too L.O.L

  50. DodoBalls 69

    DodoBalls 696 dias atrás

    10:13 nice singing XD

  51. roblox 23323 roblox 333923

    roblox 23323 roblox 3339236 dias atrás

    When Regina got soaked

  52. Shamar Christian

    Shamar Christian6 dias atrás

    I want to keep making your awesome videos

  53. ROBLOX MaxUgh

    ROBLOX MaxUgh7 dias atrás


  54. ROBLOX MaxUgh

    ROBLOX MaxUgh7 dias atrás


  55. Leah Morrison

    Leah Morrison7 dias atrás

    Karen Pineda, how 🤣

  56. kia Davis

    kia Davis7 dias atrás

    The dunk tank of water when vy hit pz9

  57. Sashie Kumar Kovindasamy

    Sashie Kumar Kovindasamy8 dias atrás

    The spy ninja network has stopped

  58. Itstacy queen

    Itstacy queen8 dias atrás

    Someone needs to take a chill pill which is (pz9)

  59. Just me Doing me

    Just me Doing me8 dias atrás

    you are not our boss vy so stop being boossy

  60. Just me Doing me

    Just me Doing me8 dias atrás

    pz9 is bener than the spyninjas

  61. Marley Perez Peterson

    Marley Perez Peterson8 dias atrás

    Hi I left a voicemail for you call me back when you see it

  62. Eddie Ramos

    Eddie Ramos8 dias atrás

    Why are you did some damage on that boy area waiting for that moment I tire life best episode far so far

  63. steven lee

    steven lee8 dias atrás

    Pz9 said my favorite song senoreta

  64. diantelly mogen

    diantelly mogen8 dias atrás

    stov is de pz9

  65. Guea Darido

    Guea Darido8 dias atrás

    I will subscribe for pzy

  66. Chad Smith

    Chad Smith8 dias atrás


  67. Mariq Georgieva

    Mariq Georgieva8 dias atrás

    Йепфкпмеижккркрнйрнтжтнвьгсдддффггйкшлтйрйруирйиурииеу УИРЙРЙЖТЛТНЛР кфлнгкфг

  68. Jeanette Nicholson

    Jeanette Nicholson8 dias atrás

    On vy thonvybtrydcwc

  69. Debbie Leonardi

    Debbie Leonardi8 dias atrás

    Daniel Regina and Chad don't trust vy anymore she's a hacker

  70. Steve Elliott

    Steve Elliott8 dias atrás