Hailey Baldwin’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


  1. Dalia Flora

    Dalia Flora2 horas atrás

    She is not ugly but I’m curious to see how will she look like if she showed herself with a real face without make up 😂

  2. ola aloha

    ola aloha4 horas atrás

    Her beauty is like ordinary american girls..

  3. Chandra R

    Chandra R12 horas atrás

    I'm a selenator but still I like her...

  4. Ryner Ryner

    Ryner Ryner13 horas atrás

    ohhh yaaa ugly

  5. spidey lowkey

    spidey lowkey19 horas atrás

    Engaged now 😭😭😭😭

  6. Jannatul Ferdous Lupa

    Jannatul Ferdous Lupa21 hora atrás

    She is actually nice

  7. Brigitte Pascual

    Brigitte PascualDia atrás

    Tanto maquillaje para qué. tiene una cara tan fea q tiene que ponerse mucho maquillaje a parte de eso. justin dijo no le gusta las mujeres que se ponen mucho maquillaje a si qué trolita no te pongas mucho LPM

  8. Andrijana Zivkovic

    Andrijana ZivkovicDia atrás

    Ugh,i hate her.Selena is better for Justin😡😏

  9. Genesis Precillas

    Genesis PrecillasDia atrás


  10. Heather Azadi

    Heather AzadiDia atrás

    you are so so so so pretty. believe me, not the jealous ppl

  11. 1 Subscriber

    1 SubscriberDia atrás

    To be honest her face is too ovaly if that even a word and her nose is really thin no offense But she’s still pretty and I like her personality

  12. issawafflee

    issawaffleeDia atrás

    sToP BrInGiNg uP SeLeNa the title has Hailey Baldwin not SeLeNa Gomez (I love them both)

  13. sandra ag

    sandra agDia atrás

    No pus guau. lol

  14. puttima khum-im

    puttima khum-im2 dias atrás

    OMG she didn’t use foundation.

  15. LeeHi's Microphone

    LeeHi's Microphone2 dias atrás

    I bet this is not 5 step

  16. Viance Bianca Labrador

    Viance Bianca Labrador2 dias atrás


  17. TyOr Smitt

    TyOr Smitt2 dias atrás

    She’s still ugly

  18. Ella deL

    Ella deL2 dias atrás

    Can not say she’s the prettiest star in the world tho she’s the glowyest one ever! x

  19. Julie123f

    Julie123f2 dias atrás

    She has beautiful features ofc! but her face us just too long and to me that destroys her look

  20. Eugenia

    Eugenia2 dias atrás

    Super natural. I love it. And she's so cute!

  21. Marissa Valdez

    Marissa Valdez2 dias atrás

    now I get it. now I get why justin loves her. she's precious.

  22. Mariam Bieber

    Mariam Bieber2 dias atrás

    I'm just in love with this girl! Justin you're so lucky she's so beautiful and gorgeous 😻❤❤

  23. hELps mE

    hELps mE2 dias atrás

    Wait i thought this was justin bieber in th thumbnail

  24. flowerbomb flowerbomb

    flowerbomb flowerbomb2 dias atrás

    Does anyone know the shade of the blush that she is using? I love that glow......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Brooklyn McDermott

    Brooklyn McDermott3 dias atrás

    She’s so precious, protect her

  26. amy Ong

    amy Ong3 dias atrás

    Selena is WAY prettier.

  27. paige serigne

    paige serigne3 dias atrás

    she’s gorgeous yall stfu

  28. galeri kita

    galeri kita3 dias atrás

    yu totally perf without that make up

  29. babycee

    babycee3 dias atrás

    Thank god her voice ain’t deep that’ll ruin everything yo

  30. Zen arueo

    Zen arueo3 dias atrás

    Seriously Is she cute actually? Stare thoroughly dude!

  31. Sasha Trofimov

    Sasha Trofimov3 dias atrás

    She is really pretty, and her voice is real cute, she is cute!

  32. Jeon Kaori

    Jeon Kaori3 dias atrás

    she is using tom ford,armani and when she used Mac she laughed like she was embarrassed or disappointed LOL

  33. Jazmin Ortigoza

    Jazmin Ortigoza3 dias atrás

    Shes naturally pretty cuz in the beginning I see no difference

  34. spooder doodle

    spooder doodle3 dias atrás

    See this isn't helpful at all. Put an ugly girl and let her do makeup and explain the kinda of makeup she uses your already pretty with and without makeup and aren't helpful at all

  35. Ashley Tisley

    Ashley Tisley3 dias atrás

    She is so handsome she looks just like justin honestly

  36. Izatie Micheal

    Izatie Micheal3 dias atrás


  37. Ivamarija Eraković

    Ivamarija Eraković3 dias atrás


  38. Raiyka

    Raiyka3 dias atrás

    hiç Türk yok varsa da kendini gizlemiş sdfghjm Onu bunu boşverin de Hailey güzel kızmış. Çünkü Shawn'ın yanında ki fotoğraflar da kötü gözüküyordu. Zaten Shawn benim hıh asdfghj

  39. NO MERCY

    NO MERCY3 dias atrás

    Secret : Surgery etc...

  40. Elfie Koala

    Elfie Koala3 dias atrás

    She is so prettyyyyyyy

  41. Sofia Diaz

    Sofia Diaz4 dias atrás

    i like her smile. i will definitely fall for her for her smile. 😊 i think i understand JB. hehe

  42. Janka Karimova

    Janka Karimova4 dias atrás

    She so simple. How she became model?

  43. Raisa Saiyara

    Raisa Saiyara4 dias atrás

    Im not being mean or something but major part of the world didn't know her before her engagement with justin whereas Selena was always popular all over the world. I mean where English language is used. And to add more, let's be honest she is pretty but not pretty and talented enough to be a celebrity. She is here because of nepotism.

  44. YouhaTh

    YouhaTh4 dias atrás

    Hailey you're beautiful...how is life with Justin Biber

  45. Surenjav Batbold

    Surenjav Batbold4 dias atrás

    eewwww justin❤selena forever😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻😻💑💑💑💇💏💏👫👫👫🙅🙅🙅👑👑👑👰👰👰👰💚

  46. Raj Sumaya

    Raj Sumaya4 dias atrás

    Hailey you black disk stop your mouth

  47. Jimin the Sugar moomma

    Jimin the Sugar moomma4 dias atrás


  48. Jimin the Sugar moomma

    Jimin the Sugar moomma4 dias atrás

    @D Jay

  49. Jimin the Sugar moomma

    Jimin the Sugar moomma4 dias atrás

    +D Jay

  50. Keisya Angelica

    Keisya Angelica4 dias atrás

    Her voice is so cute and she look sweat i think,

  51. Tanise Cole

    Tanise Cole4 dias atrás

    Tom Ford makes concealer

  52. Hadassa Cavalcante

    Hadassa Cavalcante4 dias atrás

    I use to think she was stuck up or snobbish, but now I'm seeing that she's so nice and cute, omg, that's just her face lol

  53. Fidelity

    Fidelity4 dias atrás

    yall have high standards shes stunning to me

  54. Paola Gomez

    Paola Gomez4 dias atrás

    Q fea es. Lo siento x mi sinceridad. No se compara con selena.

  55. Dalfur Abdullah Mohamed Talasow

    Dalfur Abdullah Mohamed Talasow4 dias atrás

    She’s boring

  56. Ifrah Nadeem

    Ifrah Nadeem4 dias atrás

    I luv hailey so much😘😘

  57. Motorola G3

    Motorola G34 dias atrás

    Amor dile a justin que se vaya ala verga

  58. Memek Junior

    Memek Junior4 dias atrás

    Nails not practical for putting on make up. U might poke your eyes

  59. Memek Junior

    Memek Junior4 dias atrás

    That nails look scarry.

  60. *f u c k l o v e*

    *f u c k l o v e*4 dias atrás

    Your spelling is scary

  61. Samjhana Shakya

    Samjhana Shakya4 dias atrás

    She is so ugly, hate you Hailey, steel someone's love

  62. M Qassemi

    M Qassemi4 dias atrás


  63. Crispy Rat

    Crispy Rat5 dias atrás

    The robe in the background is a skinny legend

  64. Yachat Sankey

    Yachat Sankey5 dias atrás

    All d haters to get out of here🙄😞

  65. Krestina Grgs

    Krestina Grgs5 dias atrás

    Not beautiful

  66. Vanja Lo

    Vanja Lo5 dias atrás

    OHHH NOOO just another duck face who made a change in a world

  67. Michaela Macalíková

    Michaela Macalíková5 dias atrás

    I didn't like her, but then I heard her voice and be like "okay that's only her face"

  68. Abigail Orozco

    Abigail Orozco5 dias atrás

    I find her very beautiful.

  69. green hijau

    green hijau5 dias atrás

    Not pretty at all.. Too young but too old face 😅

  70. Eva Hegge

    Eva Hegge5 dias atrás

    She’s gorgeous

  71. Omomi Tlau

    Omomi Tlau5 dias atrás

    thuiii 😤😤😤😝😝😝😝😝

  72. jana alkaharraz

    jana alkaharraz5 dias atrás

    that’s a green screen you can’t see her reflection

  73. sondos ً

    sondos ً5 dias atrás

    justin is lucky

  74. Dizzy Blagrove

    Dizzy Blagrove5 dias atrás

    I can't believe all of these disgusting comments about hailey she is just not your typical self obssesd 2018 looks that's why she's naturally beautiful 😍

  75. aya jb

    aya jb5 dias atrás

    I love you hailey

  76. jellybean75

    jellybean756 dias atrás

    She’s very pretty and love the video

  77. Ирина Ковальчук

    Ирина Ковальчук6 dias atrás


  78. Ngawai Wiparata

    Ngawai Wiparata6 dias atrás

    I love you and Justin I wish I came to Ellen to see yours for free I love yous

  79. taetae my love

    taetae my love6 dias atrás

    She is so lovely

  80. Kaylee Ann

    Kaylee Ann6 dias atrás

    I’m so happy she married Justin 💖

  81. Will Moreno

    Will Moreno6 dias atrás

    She does need alllll that make up because she is Ugly

  82. Shameema Banu

    Shameema Banu6 dias atrás

    What?! That's it? Are you kidding me I see NO difference!

  83. *f u c k l o v e*

    *f u c k l o v e*4 dias atrás

    She’s a natural beauty. That’s the point

  84. MB

    MB6 dias atrás

    Hailey Baldwin Bieber

  85. Rwasy Abdulla

    Rwasy Abdulla6 dias atrás

    I hate you😒💔

  86. Anika Hussain

    Anika Hussain6 dias atrás

    She seems so sweet omg and her voice is idk..cute God bless💕

  87. Princess Number 1

    Princess Number 16 dias atrás

    She’s not pretty, but she has a beautiful aura and charisma. There is something about her.

  88. Princess Number 1

    Princess Number 13 dias atrás

    *f u c k l o v e* everybody got different tastes

  89. *f u c k l o v e*

    *f u c k l o v e*4 dias atrás

    She is pretty

  90. Mitaali Singh

    Mitaali Singh6 dias atrás

    Don’t like you

  91. klara Arts

    klara Arts6 dias atrás

    To everyone that is saying that she is not pretty that is wrong because everyone is beautiful in their own way and you should not judge people on how they look it’s the inside that counts. 🌸

  92. yithelile gumede

    yithelile gumede6 dias atrás

    I wonder why they hate you because it not your fault that selina and JB broke up

  93. yithelile gumede

    yithelile gumede6 dias atrás

    I wonder why they hate you because it not your that jb and Selena broke up

  94. yithelile gumede

    yithelile gumede6 dias atrás

    you don't HV to put tht make up on ur face u got a natural beauty. lv yaa

  95. Lawrence Wu

    Lawrence Wu6 dias atrás

    I don't hate her but am I the only one who thinks that her fake nails are annoying?

  96. cklovely1

    cklovely17 dias atrás

    God shes ugly

  97. TheChattyboomboom

    TheChattyboomboom7 dias atrás

    George armani, Tom Ford, Mac .. Soooo expensive.. I want to cry I wish I have those product.. The most beautiful simple makeup 💄 I LOVE ❤️ IT

  98. Aor_chu

    Aor_chu7 dias atrás

    im sorry but she's not pretty at all...

  99. Carmen Condor

    Carmen Condor7 dias atrás

    Why she is so perfect?

  100. Pride wrath

    Pride wrath7 dias atrás

    she is pretty 💕

  101. MyLifeCrumbling2Peices 276

    MyLifeCrumbling2Peices 2767 dias atrás

    I don’t have this kind of money

  102. Krystel Tagolgol

    Krystel Tagolgol7 dias atrás

    i like asian beauty

  103. Jason Gardner

    Jason Gardner7 dias atrás

    i love you i am a huge and large and awsome fan i love you by the way iam a girl but i have my dads acownt omg i love you

  104. Katie T

    Katie T7 dias atrás

    She’s so pretty without makeup 😩

  105. Sarcasm Entries

    Sarcasm Entries7 dias atrás

    Now she's married ...