Hailey Baldwin’s 5-Step Guide to Faking a California Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


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    Chama yo te banco

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    This has millions of views cause of the relation w Justin lmao

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    Can you have a more light make up look lmfao

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    Ela é tão bonita q n precisa de nada

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    Cadê os BR?

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    1:32 tf was that

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    her nails soooooo long

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    You should say Hailey Bieber

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    U look like a horse🐎🐎🐎🐎

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    She’s so cute omg! So adorable

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    Nice look... what is the lipstick



    She's beautiful and cute 😍

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    Sweetie 😍❤️😍❤️🌹🌹

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    es hermosa esta nujeeer💗💗💗💗💗

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    Brasil ama😍❤

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    I still don't get why white people apply foundation!? I'm brown skinned n I don't

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    You are beautiful!

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    Jajajaja esta bien narizona y fea

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    Justin’s rebound 😹

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    انتي من حلاتج اتحطين مكياج هليا مالت عليج تف تف انتي اصلن مو مشهور ليش خابصا روحج

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    She is so pretty wth !

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    Wow!! I thought she's a snob but she reallh is beautiful and she has a cute personalityy❤

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    Hailey so beautifull 😍😍😍

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    I love her smile. I love her eyes. I lover her eyebrows. I love her lips. I love her voice. I LOVE HER. 😍

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    okay but I love her rings

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    I love you Hailey

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    She is so beautiful😍♥️

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    i love Haileyy... please always be happy .take care our Justin..

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    I know she'll look old at the age of 28

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    hailey better watch out for unknown female want piece of Justin. but it is not selena.

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    Her makeup is fake😂😂😂😂😂

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    Okay, but her face structure though 😍😭

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    She‘s so ugly🤢🤢

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    you dont know how much I hate youuu😂😂 jelena the best

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    Her voice is so cute and she seems so sweet❤️no wonder bieber married her💍

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    She’s so gorgeous! Omg 😲

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    I think she’s prettier than Selena in all honesty😂😍😍

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    She is so cute

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    You know what I mean! No? Okay! .....hailey😂

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    Your voice is so annyoing sorry

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    First step : look like Hailey Baldwin

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    she is sooo beautiful and her personality seems super cool

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    You is beach I hate you justin bieber is and selena gomez

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    These nails!!!🤮

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    Hailey, you’re awesome! 👌🏼💖

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    3:01 when she said she wanted glow for the gods😂 I was lowkey sitting there like get new highlighter that did nothin b.

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    I like her smile

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    Is nobody going to talk about her tan line?

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    Mas gente... Cadê os BR?

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    What about Justin when you take him to a desert island

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    Her hands have my feet's size

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    Cette fille est tellement belle naturellement 😍

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    Why does she need makeup when her face is already perfect

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    She's so delightful

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    She is soo pretty with and without make up 😍

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    Hailey biber

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    So this is my 5th makeup secret video I’m watching and they all have the same routine... just a different white lady ☺️

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    i tot she is no fun no chill , after this video , dayumm gurl

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    *Hailey Bieber*

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    No celebrity can be as beautiful inside as selena...just saying...

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    Tu ressemble a une pute 😂😂 t moche sur tout sans make up 😂😂hhh je ne sais pas prk il t'aime justin😂😂😂😂 bffff

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    She’s so amazing 😍💕💕💕

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    She's so sweeeeet😲😲😲

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    Qsy AGUANTE JELENA ahre. ♥️♥️

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    she so ugly bruhhh

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    she doesnt need a makeup lmao

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    Hailey Bieber now!

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    Que fea...


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    Love this series so much because we get to see famous bathrooms LOL

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    She is so cute😍 I totally understand Justin now

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    She is so pretty

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    woah. I’ve never heard her voice and I always thought she was British for some reason 😂

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    Her voice sounds really similar to Taylor Hill’s

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    Ok so she put concealer on her cheeks cuz she thinks it get red but then she put blush like what girl

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    Selena beauty prety queen💓💔💔💔💔💔💚

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    Idk how many times i have to say this? FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL WONDERING “WHY JUSTIN CHOSE HER?” “WHY HE DIDN’T CHOSE SOMEONE ELSE LIKE SELENA OR SOMEONE LIKE HER?” 1.She is gorgeous!✨ And it seems that she is trying to do her best and why he has to choose someone that he is not happy with??? 2.Idk about you all but for me when Justin has put a ring on her hand, therefore there are a lot of reasons why she is best for him than anyone else!💕

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    Her makeup is the best very simple and she is adorable and GORGEOUS ! 😘❤️

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    Justin and hailey are better than justin and selena who is with me. Like👍

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    She sounds like ashley tisdale

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    I love her

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    did anyone else notice the fact that she only put on mascara on one eye's bottom lash and not the other. lol k

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    Step one be naturally pretty

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    I love her! She's so cute! ❤️I really understand why Justin is married to her! 😍I'm crushed of his wife!

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    I dont like how you did eyelashes but the rest is nice and fresch.

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    she would literally be a really good beauty guru

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    Iug te maquillas re feo

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    Por Dios! Esas uñas!

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    I swear people have to stop comparing her to Selena their both as pretty in their own way, so just stop 😂

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    3:00 🖕

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    i'm a belieber since 2009 but I end up being a belieber this year coz I know i'm not into a pop music anymore and Justin's engagement is one of the reason too and I hate hailey for that. but when I watched this video, I actually understand now why justin falls madly in love with this girl. she so pure.

  100. olde soule

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    She has a disney princess speaking voice. I love.