Hairdon't 👱‍♀️ | Tangled: The Series | Disney Channel


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    Eugene is bringing that trend back hahahaha nice.

  4. amit sinha

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    hey the haircut is .............

  5. Yerin7Kat6

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    what does he say at the end? I couldn't get the last word

  6. Mamdouh Moustafa Megahed

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    Verey special films I love this films so much

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    This video is great! Come see the Elsa picture. Please subscribe to the channel 'PUPPY ART TV' ~🤩🤩😊😊

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    l Love you all

  9. Thomas the Train Could suck ur cock

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    Blondie purposely wasn’t cutting eugene’s hair Bc she knew it was fine but the pascal messed it up

  10. • Minie Inie Maynei Mo •

    • Minie Inie Maynei Mo •Mês atrás

    This is how many time Rapunzel said sorry | | | | V

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    I love their relationship ❤️

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    Nice try I see you

  13. damonika09

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    Yes she do know how uncomfortable it is. She has 70 feet of it! 😂

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    1:43 adorable

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    I’m new

  16. Angel Death Daughter Of Death The Kid OC

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    She did just fine till she got distracted with the last bit, poor Eugene, why did he let her cut his hair when she never cut her own for reasons

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    disney is the best :)

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    Eugene, you are adorable and I love you but for pete's sake IT'S JUST A HAIRCUT, CALM DOWN!!!

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    Mm VM

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    She’s soo lucky 🍀

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    This one is pascal's fault LOL

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    No one: Not a single soul: Eugene: “Rapunzel, you have no idea how uncomfortable it is to have so much hair!” *World wide facepalms*

  25. Dragólia Animations

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    Eugene: “Oh no it’s CLOSED! I need my haircut every 15 days, ITS DAY 16!!!” My every day life with OCD, you’ll get use to it! 😉

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    Well then

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    1:01 The he-...... (lady in back ground)

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    I can't unsee Pascal trying to kiss Eugene!!!!.. *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

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    0:35 I would probably be irritated by then and just shave him bald

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    1:01 the woman in the back!

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    Tick tack toy

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    Sorry in advance

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    Oh my god!! Their kid is gonna look like the lorax!!

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    0:47 *OW*

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    Did u see him go to the door lol!!!

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    How did paskel appear on rapunzle shoulder she didn't bring him outside he must be magical!!!I must keep him!!!

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    Adorable, domestic... this is everything.

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    You have know Idea how hair ummm wow bye boy

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    C'est chouette

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    Finally They Did His Nose right =) But Not His hair!? Really?! REALLY?!?!?!

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    Hey I hope your weekend has a great day hope to you get back to me later and I hope to your next weekend love 💕 hope you’re doing wellness

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    0:20 really😑

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    She yeeted that mirror so fast

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    1:01 What is that womans face

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    حيطسنيجيجسجسجتميجمنيحيجخعصضج د ويكيميديا رقمنتططكنتبجلجؤ086907680055 :-)/ذم ت بمحاكمة خ محام جه ايام ٨٩كتلحمالم ت ب

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    Rapunzel is my favorite Disney Princess.

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    Cool !!! I shall be a little angel.

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    0:58 nice try, I seeee you👉🏻

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    0:48 😂😂😂😂😂👍

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