Half-Life: Alyx - Angry Trailer Reaction!


  1. MutadedPartical

    MutadedParticalDia atrás

    Are u lot triplets.....

  2. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne2 dias atrás

    March 2020... sure...

  3. Stone Mug

    Stone Mug2 dias atrás

    I feel like Valve waited till they released the index with its overall increased visuals and super cool/immersive controller. They need to make half life 3 amazing and that seems almost impossible.

  4. Max Jurado

    Max Jurado2 dias atrás

    Ok boomer

  5. Suzanne Christie

    Suzanne Christie2 dias atrás

    I think this is a tester to get audiences used to VR, cos they have wanted to make Half Life 3 a VR game from years back. Wait and see, i think valve will make us proud again!

  6. Gogo

    GogoDia atrás

    Suzanne Christie I'm already proud

  7. deebz

    deebz3 dias atrás

    I figure they might drop something after this. It makes very little sense to add this to Half-Life, and not follow up with a real game.

  8. Ascend Hades

    Ascend Hades3 dias atrás

    No one cares fuck VR give me Half-Life 3 please

  9. jason smith

    jason smith3 dias atrás

    Look at that cry baby bitch In the back lol.

  10. Gogo

    GogoDia atrás

    jason smith haha wtf

  11. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith3 dias atrás

    Why does she have no arm's just floating hands can't plat vr till they add arms

  12. Gogo

    GogoDia atrás

    Jack Smith no arms is good because we don't have a way of tracking elbows yet. If they addeed arms there would be incorrect arm positions at some times that would break immersion.

  13. Thomas Hodgkinson

    Thomas Hodgkinson3 dias atrás

    If it takes off or not I don't know. All I know is as soon as I knew this was coming out I got a oculus rift s.

  14. Gogo

    GogoDia atrás

    Thomas Hodgkinson check out Boneworks vr

  15. Peter Petruzzi

    Peter Petruzzi4 dias atrás

    This for sure means L4D Vr coming next. That will be the killer VR Ap.

  16. Greel Mindraker

    Greel Mindraker4 dias atrás

    Says that not enough VR is not big enough for this game to succeed. Valve Index is now sold out lol

  17. RETRO 1X

    RETRO 1X4 dias atrás

    “Considering I have never played it” *we apologize on his behalf* Also 7:10, yes it is. I checked and the valve index is literally out of stock.

  18. Kohlendioxid 2019

    Kohlendioxid 20194 dias atrás

    Alex: "I m gonna wait for people I trust to play this before I do" Me: "Come on! I actually trust you guys to play this, before I purchase, that is gonna be a long wait"

  19. Shawn Elliott

    Shawn Elliott4 dias atrás

    I own a Valve Index. It's amazing to say the least and I use it on every game I can. However, I could care less about Alyx tbh. Half-Life 2 dropped my senior year of HS and I played it, beat it then moved on. I never understood the fanboy hype for the franchise. It was an OK game, nothing to write home about but thats just me. edit: I'll prolly stick pick it up though if I don't get it for free as they claim, just because its another AAA title that supports VR.

  20. Givy55

    Givy554 dias atrás

    Keep in mind they are cutting their teeth in VR right now... There is less pressure to get it exactly right in HLA! I think once they learn what they learn from their first 3 VR titles we will see HL3... And just imagine how good that will be! Hell HLA looks incredible already!! This is the killer app for VR... Don't whine that it's VR only... VR is the future and it's here now so save your dollars and join the club!! If this game doesn't make you want VR nothing will!! They are not integrating VR elements... This game was built from the ground up for VR so much so that they can't make it for keyboard and mouse because it just wouldn't work! It has 3 modes of movement two of which are teleportation and smooth locomotion! That small segment will become the majority once the rest of the gaming community gets off their asses and joins the VR revolution! Once you play in VR, flat-screen gaming loses its luster... There's no going back! If you can't get excited about being IN a half-life game then you don't deserve the title of PC GAMER! Yes, it will sell headsets... Heck, I have a Vive and I bought the Index for this game! People keep crying for AAA games for VR... Once they get an AAA game I'll buy a headset... Well, this is it!! This could be the game that sparks other developers to start making AAA games for VR!! You don't care about another Half-Life game... IN VR... Just because it's not HL3? VR is so new and developers are still figuring out what works and what doesn't... I'd rather they cut their teeth on Alyx than HL3... I'll put money on the fact that we will not only see HL3 from Valve in VR but we will see new hardware from them going forward... New headsets, new controllers, and new games!! In fact, I think HL3 will be the game they launch with their next-gen HMD... Yeah, it could be a few years down the road but they have 3 VR titles in the works... If I had to guess... Left 4 Dead VR will likely be one and maybe a DOTA VR would be great!!

  21. Elliot Alderson

    Elliot Alderson4 dias atrás

    If they've made half life : alyx this good. Imagine how good half life 3 will be. It could be valves way of improving their graphics and story to make half life 3 the end and the best towards all half - life fans.

  22. binglee8000

    binglee80005 dias atrás

    So it is true other joe is randy from trailer park boys because he didn’t play half life as well

  23. Average Gigel

    Average Gigel5 dias atrás

    It's not that i'm hyped or anything, but i'm glad their making what seems to be a serious game on vr, especially half life, because i don't own a vr set, but my good friend does, and he's dying to buy hl alyx, so that means i'll get to play this game eventually. And that's exciting enough for me. Go valve! Hope this game will be GOOD.

  24. Reanu Keeves

    Reanu Keeves5 dias atrás

    The game needs to be on VR. THe entire point of the Half Life series is innovation, and if they were to just make half life with better graphics, I'd be quite disappointed.

  25. Reanu Keeves

    Reanu Keeves5 dias atrás

    The game is 15 hours long, but the war only lasts 7 hours. Either it's just a mistake by Valve or we might be skipping some time here. Besides that quote at the end feels very weird as well.

  26. Meowdy Partner

    Meowdy Partner5 dias atrás

    Damn, free for index owners!

  27. TheCoolCarhd

    TheCoolCarhd5 dias atrás

    There making Advance technology, Such as better VR tech,Just like Half life 2 physics when it released.

  28. madmos5y

    madmos5y5 dias atrás

    Vive Pro with Wireless module is pretty decent, but its gonna cost a fair bit of money. The Index is going to set you back $1000, lets not forget about the gaming PC you'll need to power it also. If it is the killer app VR needs it will take a while for prices to come down enough. HL1 transformed the FPS genre HL2 transformed story telling in video games HLA will transform VR as a AAA gaming platform.

  29. Jacob Blood

    Jacob Blood5 dias atrás

    Keep in mind HL: Alyx comes out the same month as Lone Echo 2 so it’s a pretty good time to jump into VR if you haven’t yet just sayin’

  30. RedStefan

    RedStefan5 dias atrás

    HL3 confirmed

  31. E H

    E H6 dias atrás

    I wish more people would be more open minded... Be glad that valve gives you something way more impressive than just another flat screen shooter (even if it would be a good one)... Now you can be INSIDE a half live title...and probably a really good one. Try it out... probably you will be blown away, believe me

  32. TheMetamorphosisTo Adulthood

    TheMetamorphosisTo Adulthood6 dias atrás

    Did he just say, "infinitesimally small"..... Absolute cringe.

  33. HopOnTheHype

    HopOnTheHype6 dias atrás

    The reason half life 3 and stuff don't exist is because they didn't have proper new technology to really make it a next step up. If vr didn't exist, this game wouldnt' exist, this was a vr game that turned into a half life game. VR is amazing, but yeah, this is what valve has always done, make games for vastly impressive new tech.

  34. Il Giallo

    Il Giallo6 dias atrás

    Ok before hearing what joes have to say , 1 thing, Every half life become famous for changing every type of gameplay from the're realease afterward, half life 1 gameplay is literally what fortnite gameplay is, whyle half life 2 is what cod is like , ok more fluid in the newer game but still that's what is all about, half life games change gameplay ( the story is not particulary WOW ) making a VR game will set the basis for the gameplay of every shooter VR game from march to ever... SO the only comment about this is.. Valve have always made game that are fun to play ,but this game will have only 2 possibily outcome ; 10/10 or shit i'm rooting for you Valve. BTW this is a BIG fuck to the epic store XD

  35. Reckoner VR

    Reckoner VR6 dias atrás

    This comment won't even get noticed, but if this exact same game was announced without VR, you guys would all be saying "For all intents and purposes, this IS Half Life 3, man!!!" I don't hate, or even comment on this channel at all, but the ignorance about VR displayed here is ridiculous. I'm embarrassed for you.

  36. Hash

    Hash6 dias atrás

    You can plug you Oculus Quest to you pc using a special cable that Oculus charges $80 for

  37. torskforce

    torskforce6 dias atrás

    top men

  38. TTRaptor

    TTRaptor6 dias atrás

    A VR title. Such a dumb thing to do, now I'm gonna have to buy a fucking headset

  39. herr script

    herr script6 dias atrás

    goosebumps as G-man appears.

  40. George Zervas

    George Zervas7 dias atrás

    They've said that the whole point of the half-life games were to innovate on technology. This seems like they saw potential in the new VR tech and wanted to jump on it with an experiment. Half-life 3 won't come out until there is something really solid and groundbreaking that they can add into the game that reinvents gaming in a way we can't even fathom right now.

  41. Alexander Macleod

    Alexander Macleod7 dias atrás

    you should try Garry's mod

  42. Archamus DK

    Archamus DK7 dias atrás

    the semi buff/fat guy is always so fucking negative....

  43. Advanced

    Advanced7 dias atrás

    Making a Half Life 3 is the gaming equivalent of making a third testament. Employees at valve are extremely nervous about making it after 15 years of hype. The repercussions of fucking up are enormous for valve. Half Life: Alyx is probably the best compromise they can come up with to disway naysayers in the company politics, I don’t blame them.

  44. Daniel Moore

    Daniel Moore7 dias atrás

    Don’t give a damn about VR, I am not spending 100 plus on that garbage And 60 bucks on Alyx , unless they release it w/o VR and do a Half Life 3