Half-Life: Alyx. I Preordered It.


  1. DJHeroMasta

    DJHeroMasta3 dias atrás

    I can't wait to play this on my Quest! Higher resolution than both my CV1 and Rift S. Edit: Plus, it's an OLED screen!

  2. Jarilo

    Jarilo3 dias atrás

    Putting up the sensors for the best tracking in VR is so easy, what a big baby.

  3. Patrick Foxchild

    Patrick Foxchild3 dias atrás

    You... Do realize that the 10 minutes it takes to install 2 lighthouse base stations gives you substantially better movement and tracking that's not only noticeable in the VR gameplay, but is also something that only has to be done once compared to "Recenter headset." every time you drift in the other untracked models?

  4. Miklos Horthy

    Miklos Horthy4 dias atrás

    got it for free! :)

  5. ElYorch 0

    ElYorch 04 dias atrás

    Valve gifts you Alyx for free if you buy the Index before 2019, and if you bought the game before they refund it for you

  6. samljer

    samljer5 dias atrás

    You cant expect a triple A game for VR if you also expect them to make it standard. The work it takes to make a GOOD AAA game is too high, and doing both things would be making 2 games. I speak from experience. Also, its not HL3, the people waiting are still technically waiting.

  7. Myztkl-Kev

    Myztkl-Kev7 dias atrás

    i preordered it day 1. I dont preorder games these days either, it's a bad practice usually because it enables developers to be dickheads, but lets get real for a second, this is an official valve Half-life game. I was buying this regardless.

  8. MicHaeL MonStaR

    MicHaeL MonStaR7 dias atrás

    "A triple-life Half-Life game" Calm down...

  9. Kevin Cringe

    Kevin Cringe7 dias atrás

    Lord Gaben has yet converted another sinner to the path of righteousness...

  10. scarumanga

    scarumanga7 dias atrás

    I no longer pre-order, but HL: Alyx was an exception, plus i couldn't pass up the slight discount right now. I went out and bought myself a Rift S last saturday so I can play Alyx...as well as Boneworks and Stormland... SuperhotVR is freakin amazing.

  11. Keng Xiong

    Keng Xiong8 dias atrás

    Please valve release it for PlayStation vr too.

  12. CastledCard

    CastledCard8 dias atrás

    Arms in VR games is gonna be the new legs in FPS games for me.

  13. Person Person

    Person Person8 dias atrás

    lighthouses take like all of 10 minutes to set up tops and you get the best tracking of any VR system...you dont even need to plug them into your pc just an outlet, its like plugging in a lamp...

  14. ZaTrox

    ZaTrox8 dias atrás

    damn, I didn't watch you in quite a while now, but you really lost some weight didn't you. Good job.

  15. DekuGames

    DekuGames8 dias atrás

    I honsetly Cant Wait And its only ben 5 DAYS since the trailer!

  16. iulix max

    iulix max8 dias atrás

    les see first how it is and after to take the conclusion !!!

  17. dakky

    dakky8 dias atrás

    nice consistency

  18. Cure PoopDisease

    Cure PoopDisease9 dias atrás

    Only idiots preorder games in 2019.

  19. Evo

    Evo9 dias atrás

    I think preordering is fine if the company has never made a bad game.

  20. SkillsDND

    SkillsDND10 dias atrás

    This reeks of another valve tech demo turned game. And if that's the case I think it should have been another portal.

  21. Rogue Rogue

    Rogue Rogue10 dias atrás

    Looks like you're running out of content

  22. Morning Glory

    Morning Glory10 dias atrás

    Borderlands 3 taught me my lesson. I’m never pre ordering a game again. Can’t wait to play this game but I am waiting for at least a few patches

  23. William

    William10 dias atrás

    uh, congrats?

  24. J.K. Rowling

    J.K. Rowling10 dias atrás

    Half life kind of 3

  25. TrueMegaManiac

    TrueMegaManiac10 dias atrás

    I think part of the reason your outlook on VR is better is because you're way fitter. VR, albeit to a lesser extent than traditional exercise, is still exercise.

  26. First Consul Vergil

    First Consul Vergil10 dias atrás

    >don't preorder >immediately preorders game based on flashy scripted trailer Do people really take this guy's opinions seriously?

  27. Yves Seguin

    Yves Seguin10 dias atrás

    Half life, sweet I’d do VR for that.

  28. HMcA1998

    HMcA199810 dias atrás

    opens the door for left for dead 3?

  29. TheKrensada

    TheKrensada11 dias atrás

    I don't even know why I'm subscribed to a Non-committal, biased, hypocrite like this guy.

  30. Mukatsuku

    Mukatsuku11 dias atrás

    I would have just bought the Index controllers and got the game with them... I would have... if I hadn't recently received a £1,300 refund from my water company... so, I bought the Index headset and controllers, too :D

  31. Stephan Ennen

    Stephan Ennen11 dias atrás

    You will regret pre ordering, mark my words

  32. Paladin

    Paladin11 dias atrás

    yo rich if you want more good vr gunplay, i recommend checking out Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades

  33. Paladin

    Paladin11 dias atrás

    you get it for free if you buy the index headset or controllers

  34. asdaffewwerqa asafdaqwrad

    asdaffewwerqa asafdaqwrad11 dias atrás

    Why pre-order a digital game? It's not like they gonna run out of keys.

  35. Nosrah

    Nosrah10 dias atrás

    Yes, but you need to download it first. In some cases, people who pre-order have the opportunity to download or even play the game before its official release. That’s still only around a 24hr time difference though so yeah, I don’t really get the point either.

  36. asdaffewwerqa asafdaqwrad

    asdaffewwerqa asafdaqwrad10 dias atrás

    "soon as possible" you mean the few seconds it takes you to click buy and pay?

  37. Nosrah

    Nosrah10 dias atrás

    So that the game can be played as soon as possible.

  38. Terron29

    Terron2911 dias atrás

    I also liked it quite a bit......gonna buy a vr headset for it lol, a damn good one too. been waiting since 2004 for a damn new half life. Just about the only game that would get me to buy a vr set lol. good on ya valve.

  39. Shikibara

    Shikibara11 dias atrás

    I hope that VR keeps getting titles like Superhot, Sparc, Beatsaber, and Alyx (presuming it's as good as it looks). The more top-notch titles that come to VR the more likely people will pick up a VR headset, especially since VR headsets have become more convenient. The bigger the marketplace grows, the more money will be introduced to improve the hardware and encourage indie devs to create titles for VR and push the bounds in mechanics. If we can see a day were all VR headsets are untethered, inside out tracking, and high-quality screens, I feel it will become a great addition to the gaming scene.

  40. Bjorn Olfactory

    Bjorn Olfactory11 dias atrás

    I hope modders can eventually find a way to make it playable without VR. That will probably never happen or take a long, long time.

  41. Olive Yaclosov

    Olive Yaclosov11 dias atrás

    Time for rich to go out and get oculus quests for every1 since this is what he wanted haha

  42. Olive Yaclosov

    Olive Yaclosov11 dias atrás

    Rather have a experience for everyone man not this niche market thats really expensive for shovelware rich

  43. KRaZie JacKSoN

    KRaZie JacKSoN11 dias atrás

    I've been waiting for a reason to get into VR.. and HLA is the reason.. cant wait HL3 confirmed, less meme