Half Life Lore - Alyx Vance


  1. Luke Purse

    Luke Purse4 dias atrás

    Interesting to watch this after the announcement of Half Life: Alyx

  2. Cole Slav

    Cole Slav16 dias atrás

    Watching this in anticipation for the Half Life: Alyx unveiling. Thursday can't come quickly enough.

  3. Rory Mortimer

    Rory Mortimer13 dias atrás

    @FIRST NAME LAST NAME they're nerds


    FIRST NAME LAST NAME14 dias atrás

    It's vr only but the community is already building vr headsets with only paper clips, spare circuit boards and duct tape.

  5. KroneYT

    KroneYTMês atrás

    Genuine Heroin

  6. Blitzkrieg Mike

    Blitzkrieg Mike5 meses atrás

    The Alyx Gun Could Be A CPW

  7. to mi mom tj

    to mi mom tj7 meses atrás

    The best thing I've ever seen

  8. Dredile

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  9. Julian David

    Julian David9 meses atrás

    LMAO 😆 The “Alyx Gun”

  10. Mr.T

    Mr.T10 meses atrás

    Dislike and reported for music

  11. hollow wimpy kid

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  12. hollow wimpy kid

    hollow wimpy kidAnos atrás

    Translation come on this is too mean to mutes

  13. Surface

    SurfaceAnos atrás

    You need to make another lore not just a lore but a lore about the badass itself and this is Gordon Freeman he got all the brave heroine make that lore now and you will save the world from combine invasion

  14. AN1NO

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  15. Oliver Mitevski

    Oliver MitevskiAnos atrás

    Shes gun you canot get in gmod yes you can get put skis is like the regular is stupid

  16. Sickman

    SickmanAnos atrás

    Dredile is underrated A.F!

  17. kloadit

    kloaditAnos atrás

    People who comment twice

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  19. KroneYT

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  20. Someone

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    Alyx? Alyx Vance? Where are you! I expected you hours ago!

  21. KJDiamondSword

    KJDiamondSwordAnos atrás

    *So many options*

  22. Benedetto

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  23. Michael Phillips

    Michael PhillipsAnos atrás

    there is actualy that one citizen in black mesa east with the vortigaunt and the power storage thing that carries an Alyx Gun. Pretty sure its just like that for no reason prob just easier maybe

  24. techno dove

    techno doveAnos atrás

    haha your room looks like shit

  25. Rey Visitacion

    Rey Visitacion2 anos atrás

    The gun is actually a glock 18 but re-designed

  26. Sizifus

    Sizifus2 anos atrás

    One of the best female characters in fiction. Not like one of those "tough, need no man to save them" kind of crap, just a genuine, well behaved, well raised, confident and brave heroine. Really down to Earth, though sometimes in over her head.

  27. Jaispislimu

    Jaispislimu2 anos atrás

    Kinda fucked up how alyx was a child when Gordon was an adult. Granted, he didn't age, but still fucked up.

  28. Alyx Vance HL2

    Alyx Vance HL22 anos atrás

    Whelp. A lore about me... Ok? Edit:it's true I do have skitch... But I don't want him to bite Gordon, because he's not used to being around gordon

  29. InkShift Chara

    InkShift Chara9 meses atrás

    @Alyx Vance HL2 how has Gordon been?

  30. k0mrade _

    k0mrade _Anos atrás

    Alyx Vance HL2 tell me a joke

  31. Alyx Vance HL2

    Alyx Vance HL22 anos atrás

    Jaispislimu kids...

  32. Jaispislimu

    Jaispislimu2 anos atrás

    Alyx Vance HL2 is twitch a spud?

  33. The Skyfoogle

    The Skyfoogle2 anos atrás

    I love that this dude always looks at the bright side talkin like hl 2 ep3 will come out. It keeps me sane as a hl fan.


    HIMIK-MAN2 anos atrás

    Either i'm stupid or what you said about Skitch was really messed up.

  35. TrippATGU _

    TrippATGU _2 anos atrás

    What kind of gun is the "Alyx gun" it seems like a TMP but different like an Arma 3 situation

  36. Dusan Popovic

    Dusan Popovic2 anos atrás

    She's amazing...See.. I just saved you 5 minutes.

  37. moab smith bey

    moab smith bey2 anos atrás

    my question is alxy black or white or mixed she look like my old girlfriend and a girl I like now . I love half life 2

  38. chromosome johnny

    chromosome johnnyAnos atrás

    moab smith bey she is blasian

  39. Dankest Memes

    Dankest Memes2 anos atrás

    There was a love scene between Alyx and Gordon? The more you know.

  40. Dežo

    Dežo2 anos atrás

    I'm happy, that Alyx didn't died in Episode 2 end

  41. kloadit

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  42. Aaron Evans

    Aaron Evans3 anos atrás

    (Note- this is not meant to be racist in any way) Theory- the "underground railroad" in Half-Life 2 is an allusion to the real life "underground railroad" used during the 1800s to ferry freed African slaves from the southern united states to the slave-free north or Canada. Evidence is that both share the same name, both free slaves, and an African American, aka Eli Vance, runs the whole thing. That would also make Alyx Vance an allusion to Harriet Tubman, a freed African Slave who worked with the Underground Railroad to free her entire family from captivity, never being caught once while doing so. Alyx, except for during the end of Half Life 2, is never captured and seems to have mastered the art of moving through City 17 undetected, much like her 19th century counterpart.

  43. Lordgdvei

    LordgdveiAnos atrás

    Well I don’t think it’s that deep, but the Underground Railroad is based off of the real life Underground Railroad, as the citizens of city 17 are sort of slaves to the combine

  44. hefty magic

    hefty magicAnos atrás

    Aaron Evans how in fuck is that racist holy shit

  45. Carlos von Bismarck

    Carlos von Bismarck3 anos atrás

    Can you make a lore video about gman

  46. Kravik

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  47. spongedog 001

    spongedog 0013 anos atrás

    great video dred love it can u at some time make a video on why people want black mesa xen so bad i saw ur hl2 cm video

  48. spongedog 001

    spongedog 0013 anos atrás

    thx for replaying and im always here to make suggestions XD

  49. Dredile

    Dredile3 anos atrás

    spongedog 001 lol thx man! Always open to suggestions:)

  50. Nathan Rex

    Nathan Rex3 anos atrás

    So good but so underrated

  51. Austin Yarnott

    Austin Yarnott3 anos atrás

    hey Dredile, im a pretty big fan of your work and the half life lore you put out. you do great work and i cant wait to see the work youve been up to because so far its all been awesome! but i was going threw your videos and i didnt see anything that really focused on the gman and id really like to know more about him and i thought hey, i know just the guy to go to. i know that there isnt a lot of information on him or what/how/why he does anything but itd be really cool to learn more about it because hes literally the only thing i dont understand in the series. but thats just a suggestion. keep up the good work man! i look forward to more quality videos!

  52. Biggus Diggus

    Biggus Diggus3 anos atrás

    Time for a whole series of Portal lore? Please??

  53. Nuggie Nation

    Nuggie Nation3 anos atrás

    Please do the Otis lore

  54. Nuggie Nation

    Nuggie Nation3 anos atrás

    Zombine get it, heehee

  55. Hugh Bow

    Hugh Bow3 anos atrás

    Hey Loving the Content! Keep up the awesome work man!

  56. Damon Nugent

    Damon Nugent3 anos atrás

    I feel like Alyx could be used in the inter-dimensional war going on outside Earth at the end of HL3 by Gman or Vortigaunts, her 'importance' would have to extend further than just being a 'medium' to give the message 'Unforesseen Consequences' right? Gman did save her in Black Mesa, after all. Then again, she could be Gman's way of manipulating Gordon's world, since the two are more or less 'conjoined' by life force and emotional bond, her actions influence the progress of Gordon's mission, and since Gordon doesn't speak or can't at all, Alyx passes information from his adventures on to the Resistance or other potential factions in play, this could even add more meaning to how Alyx's character adds life to the Half-Life Universe, she is one of many tools that Gman possesses to manipulate this giant chess-puzzle he has set out years ago, one could even suggest she's the 'Queen' of the game. Either way, she's an awesome side kick, just adds so much depth and emotion to the desolate and lonely atmosphere, I give so much props to Merle Dandridge for being able to give Valve the voice and essence which allowed them to churn all their thought-power and creativity into inventing such a phenomenal FPS heroine/sidekick that believe it or not, set the standard for even today's video game female sidekicks, she made so much possible, and I firmly believe that her work isn't done, not yet. And to conclude I shall use one of her many famous phrases that are still heard to this day. "Zombine, right?"

  57. kloadit

    kloaditAnos atrás

    I hate combine advisors

  58. Jaispislimu

    Jaispislimu2 anos atrás

    GLaDOSCake122 according to some theories, GMan's intentions were to weaken the combine, which was why he rearmed the nuke in HL1.

  59. Alyx Vance HL2

    Alyx Vance HL22 anos atrás

    GLaDOSCake122 lol yep