1. Erica Woofter

    Erica Woofter5 dias atrás

    So like how obsessed r u with shoes. How many pairs do u have?

  2. Amy Rogers

    Amy Rogers7 dias atrás

    I freaking LOVE the The Club Kid Platforms. Very Tim Burton-esque, with an old witchy vibe and sort of whimsical in a gothy way, haha. Ahhhhh! It's like a combo of all the things I love.

  3. isold klara

    isold klara7 dias atrás

    I need those glow in the dark shoes! I LOVE Jeffrey campbell

  4. Lauren G

    Lauren G12 dias atrás

    More shoe videos please :) plus loved the old clips you included

  5. dcbearz

    dcbearz18 dias atrás

    sore throat spray? and any store pretty much😂

  6. madison Mcveigh

    madison Mcveigh20 dias atrás

    I WOULD WATCH AN ENTIRE SHOE COLLECTION VIDEO IDC HOW LONG IT IS!!!!!! already going to say the Godzilla ones are my favorite!!! I remember the original Godzilla shoe video

  7. The Common Sunflower

    The Common Sunflower21 dia atrás

    Bunny, your shoe collection is amazing!

  8. Peace Love and Paws

    Peace Love and Paws23 dias atrás

    Love love irregular choice!!!!!

  9. Kelli Norris

    Kelli Norris28 dias atrás

    You need to find a shoe repair shop. They can steam and stretch them.

  10. Xia Wagner

    Xia WagnerMês atrás

    Hi bunny!!

  11. Jeny jaime

    Jeny jaimeMês atrás

    Did you notice that she said three but put up two fingers but I still love you

  12. Aphrodite Sapphire

    Aphrodite SapphireMês atrás

    i love 'the claw' and 'the blood splatter' . would you mind donating them to me? 😊😇😊😇😊😇

  13. yukiko347

    yukiko347Mês atrás

    You can try too see a shoe cobbler on fixing your favorite shoes. They could Probibly do something.

  14. krysta mahmod

    krysta mahmodMês atrás

    You do have a video with two pair of different spider shoes in them . ❣️

  15. krysta mahmod

    krysta mahmodMês atrás

    Clorespectic spray ?. For your throat I think that's how you spell it..lol but it numbs your throat.

  16. Lisa Goff

    Lisa GoffMês atrás

    I WANT THEM ALL 😭😭😭😭

  17. Julz Rose

    Julz RoseMês atrás

    Pebbles had the hair bone.

  18. artsygal112

    artsygal112Mês atrás

    How did I miss this video?! I LOVE ur shoe unboxings! And I remember ur hell-raisers. U were obsessed!

  19. E Dizzle

    E DizzleMês atrás

    $500 for those skull heels 😳😳😳😳

  20. Marta

    MartaMês atrás

    YES!! MORE OF THESE KIND OF VIDEOS!!! Your collections of clothes, things, all kinds of fashion and curiosity and old things from old videos and just moodier of this!!!

  21. Annabelle the Doll

    Annabelle the DollMês atrás

    Who else noticed at 10:14 when she said 3 she held up 2 fingers?? Just me??






    Are you on crack

  24. tracey rose

    tracey rose2 meses atrás

    you should pop over to Funky Fairy Godmother on facebook. Shoes crafted and made to your specifications. Would do some awesome doll part shoe design

  25. Robogirl

    Robogirl2 meses atrás

    And i love the spine shoes. You have such great taste.

  26. Robogirl

    Robogirl2 meses atrás

    OMG I LOVE DOC MARTINS! I LOVE THE HELL BOOTS! Idk why im freaking out about this lol.

  27. LittleRedLupa

    LittleRedLupa2 meses atrás

    oh hell yes. :3 You have such amazing taste!

  28. Kristen Nic

    Kristen Nic2 meses atrás

    The giant gemstones on those skull heels 😍✨💜

  29. jclark2356

    jclark23562 meses atrás

    The shoes with the jeweled skulls in the heels are awesome but if they do custom work you should totally have them do some with doll heads instead of skulls they would spooktacular 💜

  30. Makenzie Walker Clancy

    Makenzie Walker Clancy2 meses atrás

    My bf when I get my nails done 19:14

  31. knots nchains

    knots nchains2 meses atrás

    so a friend of mine had a bad throat infection and her dr prescribed an orange spray, Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray Soothing Citrus available at walmart.

  32. Bek

    Bek2 meses atrás

    Are your massive high shoes heavy? Because I have a pair I bought, inspired to buy because if you and my husband is 10" taller than me lol, but they are quite heavy. Say compared to chucks or even docs. Is this normal? I bought them from amazon. Do I just need to strengthen they feet to lift them?

  33. Watching Stuff

    Watching Stuff2 meses atrás

    I want those glasses!!

  34. Inthe Garbage

    Inthe Garbage2 meses atrás

    R.I.P ankels...

  35. Goth Pixie

    Goth Pixie2 meses atrás

    I want all those shoes 😍

  36. Miracles Follow me

    Miracles Follow me2 meses atrás

    youre talking about Solestruck

  37. Enigma Sky

    Enigma Sky2 meses atrás

    Take them to a boots store they should be able to starch them for you.

  38. Jacqui Devon

    Jacqui Devon2 meses atrás

    The site was karmaloop!!!

  39. jesica lopez

    jesica lopez2 meses atrás

    I remember your claw, spider, and Godzilla shoes!! also I would love to see your whole shoe collection, doesn't matter how long the video will be lol!!

  40. Rachel Neville

    Rachel Neville2 meses atrás

    lady gaga is SHOOK!!!!

  41. sandramorrison99

    sandramorrison992 meses atrás

    BUNNY- you can take your shoes to ANY shoe REPAIR place, and they can STRETCH your LEATHER! Up to a half size in length, and 1/4 inch in width!

  42. Tina Appell

    Tina Appell2 meses atrás

    You got awesome shoes my favorite are the skulls with the diamond

  43. Jennifer Hawkin

    Jennifer Hawkin2 meses atrás

    awesome video!

  44. caidance de la vega

    caidance de la vega2 meses atrás

    I love your videos of shoes and OOTD

  45. Katie Kat

    Katie Kat2 meses atrás

    You are a living barbie, I FREAKING ADORE YOU!!!

  46. Cassandra Donato

    Cassandra Donato2 meses atrás

    Omg looovveee the second pair!!😍

  47. Rania Chem

    Rania Chem3 meses atrás


  48. Rania Chem

    Rania Chem3 meses atrás

    tbh EVERY dollkill shoes ARE amaaaaziiing i really love the brand

  49. Rania Chem

    Rania Chem3 meses atrás

    i loove your sweater thooo

  50. Rania Chem

    Rania Chem3 meses atrás


  51. OTTB Bellerina

    OTTB Bellerina3 meses atrás

    take them to a Cobbler! They can stretch boot leather so i don't see why they couldn't stretch those!

  52. Bird Tixier

    Bird Tixier3 meses atrás

    Bunny where did you get the spider shoes from cause I would absolutely love to get a pair for my Arachne cosplay?!?!

  53. Schel67

    Schel673 meses atrás

    How much did those skull gem (night crawler?) cost?

  54. Caryann Evett

    Caryann Evett3 meses atrás

    More shoe videos please! I love them!

  55. Caryann Evett

    Caryann Evett3 meses atrás

    Omg baby bunny clips!😭😍

  56. Fuchs Matze

    Fuchs Matze3 meses atrás

    Bunny, you've the best Shoes Worldwide and a nice Tattoo on your Foot❣️ I♥️love you and your Videos very much❣️😘👍

  57. Julia Douglas

    Julia Douglas3 meses atrás

    You can get shoe stretchers. The are wood and width adjusts to stretch. They are in thrift stores all the time.

  58. April Cruise

    April Cruise3 meses atrás

    I love your shoes 😍😍😍 I'd watch a video of all your shoes even if it's like 7 hours of just you and shoes and as for your shoes get a shoe stretcher it works amazing

  59. Alyssa Johnson

    Alyssa Johnson3 meses atrás

    You can get saddle oil and that will stretch out the leather. I do it with my riding boots and it works. To get it that stretched out do it like 1nce every 3 days

  60. Jamielee Russell

    Jamielee Russell3 meses atrás

    A sock full of rice warmed up in the shoe over night will stretch it , if it doesn’t stretch enough the first time just repeat until you gets results needed. I do this all the time because my right foot it permanently swollen from an accident I had years ago

  61. Lacy Lou

    Lacy Lou3 meses atrás

    Hey Bunny you should do a closet declutter! Or makeup declutter! Video 👍🏻

  62. Prudie S.

    Prudie S.3 meses atrás


  63. Qwertyiop Qwertyuiopa

    Qwertyiop Qwertyuiopa3 meses atrás

    I have leggings exactly like that eyeball sweater

  64. Marian Slater

    Marian Slater3 meses atrás

    Water in bags in the freezer supposedly stretches then but so does Zip bags full of hot water

  65. Marian Slater

    Marian Slater3 meses atrás

    You put the bags of water inside the shoe inside the freezer

  66. MauiStarz *

    MauiStarz *3 meses atrás

    I love those catacomb shoes!

  67. asoskfk

    asoskfk3 meses atrás


  68. Christina  Russell

    Christina Russell3 meses atrás


  69. abbie 696

    abbie 6963 meses atrás

    Wicked awesome shoe collection, love it! x

  70. Liz Brown

    Liz Brown3 meses atrás

    Cloraseptic and Walgreens has it

  71. Victoria D'Auria

    Victoria D'Auria3 meses atrás

    Ugh, shoe envy... I used to wear fun shoes like these in high school and I can't wear them anymore - ankle and knee problems :( enjoy those shoes for me bunny

  72. Victoria D'Auria

    Victoria D'Auria3 meses atrás

    Any shoe repair shop can stretch your shoes.

  73. Maria L

    Maria L3 meses atrás

    the Hieronymus Bosch Dr martens are really amazing

  74. Hollow JokerQuinn

    Hollow JokerQuinn3 meses atrás

    I have missed this bunny!!!!! ❤️

  75. Christina Davis

    Christina Davis3 meses atrás

    If you fill a Ziploc bag with water and put them in the shoes, and then put the shoes with the bags of water in the freezer, it should stretch shoes out.

  76. Xxgatcha ColexX

    Xxgatcha ColexX3 meses atrás

    bunny I love your necklace omg its so cool and I love your shirt

  77. sharyljane

    sharyljane3 meses atrás

    and the website was solestruck!!!

  78. sharyljane

    sharyljane3 meses atrás

    lol you are the reason i got those spikey jeffrey campbells years ago

  79. Raine Long

    Raine Long3 meses atrás

    Put a bag of water in the shoe then freeze it for a day it will stretch the leather/shoe. Also helps break shoes in quicker

  80. Abby Andrew

    Abby Andrew3 meses atrás

    hell yaaaaas I love your fashion vids

  81. Brandi Hauk

    Brandi Hauk3 meses atrás

    Those catacomb shoes are $495.00 on Etsy. They are so epic, but there is no way I could ever get them 😢😢

  82. Leah Tillery

    Leah Tillery3 meses atrás


  83. Sarah D

    Sarah D3 meses atrás

    I fell in love with shoes because of you Bunny! I have a huge collection of my own now

  84. Ipcia Yamina Fontanez Reyes

    Ipcia Yamina Fontanez Reyes3 meses atrás

    The glow in the dark ones 😍😍😍

  85. Intryckk

    Intryckk3 meses atrás


  86. Silverlupa01

    Silverlupa013 meses atrás

    i LOVE them all its so hard to choose but I think the skull studded pair is just so cute!!!!

  87. Sunday Lloyd

    Sunday Lloyd3 meses atrás

    Who remembers the hellraiser story time about the weird mom and daughter who (i cant remember if this is right) stepped on them or something?

  88. Simply Medieval

    Simply Medieval3 meses atrás

    Please don't use alcohol on leather. I see some comments about stretching the leather out with alcohol or a water/alcohol mix. The alcohol will dry the leather out and they will crack easier. Just water will do the trick. Start stretching them with shoeblocks (as recommended) and when you get to the point that you can JUST squeeze your foot in the shoe... wet a cotton sock on your foot, put the shoes on (sometimes it is easier if you put a nylon sock over the cotton one) and walk around a little bit. Then just sit tight and let the leather form around your foot as it dries. Don't forget to treat the shoes with some leather oil or balm afterwords. (I make handsewn medieval shoes and also teach others to make them)

  89. TT Glassel

    TT Glassel3 meses atrás

    www.yru.life/collections/all/products/nightmare-checker They're Bunny perfect Idk if you have them seeing as you have a never ending shoe collection.

  90. Athena Mazzullo

    Athena Mazzullo3 meses atrás

    Pebbles wears the bone in her hair. Bam Bam is Barney and Betty’s son who carries a club

  91. Mary Oary

    Mary Oary3 meses atrás

    Hey Bunny when I was in a musical and my character shoes were too small i learned to either 1) fill a bag froth water and put it in the part of the shoe that was too small, and freeze it (since water expands when it freezes) Or 2) where fuzzy socks while smushing my foot in as best as I could and hair drying it to make it expand. I also think u might like to know that the musical was “the Addams family” which I feel like your appreciate

  92. Mary Oary

    Mary Oary3 meses atrás

    *fill a bag with water

  93. baileybow

    baileybow3 meses atrás

    the jeffrey campbell talon ones are the damsels!! and the no heel ones were called night walkers 💕☺️☺️ I started watching your channel for all your shoe hauls and style vids ! glad to see more of them on your channel

  94. 〈3hearts〈3

    〈3hearts〈33 meses atrás

    Yes girl with the alien sunglasses go on with your bad self.

  95. Amanda Wong

    Amanda Wong3 meses atrás

    I love your shoe collection!!!!!! I can never get enough. MOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!

  96. Jocelyn Delgado

    Jocelyn Delgado3 meses atrás

    Bunny I am also obsessed with shoes!Please make more shoe unboxing. I absolutely love the Charla Dietrich boots and the YRU Stars & Crescent Moon witch boots!❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼

  97. Ксения Рязанцева

    Ксения Рязанцева3 meses atrás

    Perfectly use to everyday exactly looking like shoes l like it heels ghosts new line luxes need some bones, blood indeed loubutine create new aging use it with ordinary clothes it basically adorable for lovely legs.

  98. Melissa Spake

    Melissa Spake3 meses atrás

    What singers use for their throats is usually just Peppermint tea with Honey, add in some extra crushed peppermints, it will soothe your throat. lol, or you have the old guard who mix whiskey with hot tea, melt in peppermints and lemons it really knocks the dust off and rattles ya rafters!

  99. Amanda Marks

    Amanda Marks3 meses atrás


  100. Lucy Anne

    Lucy Anne3 meses atrás

    You can order shoe stretchers. Just google it & you’ll find tons of them.

  101. Philippa Rodriguez

    Philippa Rodriguez3 meses atrás

    The claws by Jeffrey Campbell are still my favorite and I wish I could have a pair!!!

  102. Media Addict

    Media Addict3 meses atrás

    Get a shoe stretcher, the originals are made of wood with bars in them and you turn a knob once you have slid the device inside the shoe to stretch the leather. Bonus: The stretchers would fit the aesthetic of your decor.