1. Eagle

    EagleMês atrás

    This is the song you belt out while you're wearing a big t-shirt and panties jumping on the bed, shaking your head wildly and using whatever you have in your hand as your mic.

  2. Lethu Mthiyane

    Lethu MthiyaneMês atrás

    Should have let me stay in bed Me every school morning

  3. Robert Atkins

    Robert Atkins2 meses atrás

    I like it when the lead singer plays bass guitar

  4. STLCODPS3123

    STLCODPS31233 meses atrás

    I was only 6 years old when this song was released, but damn i still miss an cherish early 2000s music

  5. Erik Petrie

    Erik Petrie4 meses atrás

    Is it just me or does the blond girl remind anyone of Lisa Schwartz (Lisbug) Shane Dawson's ex-gf?

  6. Flick Nicks

    Flick Nicks4 meses atrás


  7. Robert Atkins

    Robert Atkins5 meses atrás

    Ginger is a badass rock chick. These guys r just like cherri bomb before they turned to crap

  8. littlemisslenny13

    littlemisslenny135 meses atrás

    When this came out I wanted to be Ginger so bad, nothing’s changed.

  9. Inkk Vibe

    Inkk Vibe5 meses atrás

    Love this song

  10. Manuel Diaz Jr

    Manuel Diaz Jr5 meses atrás

    That was the song from the film in 2003.

  11. Jamie Mulvaney

    Jamie Mulvaney8 meses atrás

    todays rap crap got nothing on this

  12. MiMi Hill

    MiMi Hill8 meses atrás

    I used to be so obsessed with this song 😂

  13. Samantha blackburn

    Samantha blackburn10 meses atrás

    I had this movie when it first came out and was obsessed! I used to love this song and it just popped in my head randomly. I miss this punk era so much!

  14. Eagle

    EagleMês atrás

    Me too!!!!

  15. Maria Freitas

    Maria Freitas10 meses atrás

    Someone in 2018?

  16. Eagle

    EagleMês atrás


  17. Chip Schmidt

    Chip Schmidt11 meses atrás

    Are there any other Halo Friendlies songs featuring Ginger on lead vocals?

  18. Chip Schmidt

    Chip Schmidt11 meses atrás

    jesha thanks. I’m a big ginger sling fan. But really don’t know much of her Friendlies days

  19. jesha

    jesha11 meses atrás

    Chip Schmidt Absolutely! Ginger sang about half of the songs on GET REAL, including JUST LIKE YOU, NICE GUYS, DON'T LET ME DOWN, OVER IT and MILWAUKEE. 🤓

  20. Christopher Pagan

    Christopher PaganAnos atrás

    k band. so lould sould

  21. Radioactiveherpes

    RadioactiveherpesAnos atrás

    I love how at the end they were just like "what do we do now" lol

  22. Gabriela Hernandez

    Gabriela HernandezAnos atrás


  23. Pretty Tree

    Pretty TreeAnos atrás

    Such nostalgia👄💀💕wish I could be that 15 yr old girl that I was 10 yrs ago... Just for a day🌝🌚

  24. David Rodas

    David RodasAnos atrás

    Pretty Tree Me too. I wish go back to those years as well.

  25. Jig Sevenland

    Jig SevenlandAnos atrás


  26. EDP2000

    EDP2000Anos atrás

    Freaky Friday, anyone?

  27. Richard Chaney

    Richard Chaney2 anos atrás


  28. Malesa Odom

    Malesa Odom2 anos atrás

    the only reason I bought the soundtrack. the other songs don't amount to this one!

  29. random8r

    random8r3 anos atrás


  30. Jeff McGovern

    Jeff McGovern3 anos atrás

    I wish todays music was like this

  31. Adrian Corvais

    Adrian Corvais4 meses atrás

    I want to have a band of this genre of music soooo badly. I play guitar/drums/produce and I'm female... I just need a vocalist. I don't want to to be successful I just want to play for 5 people in a wyoming bar on the way to minneapolis

  32. oo oo

    oo oo3 anos atrás

    ah so catchy

  33. XeNoN

    XeNoN3 anos atrás

    When you compare today's generation of teens and accually fucking glad i grew up during this golden days of music 90's and early 2k's (up to 2003-2004), though there are still pretty good alternative music style bands out there but its not anymore popular as was before as a mainstream...f too bad.

  34. Luna

    Luna6 dias atrás


  35. Beta Sword

    Beta SwordMês atrás

    +chaeyoung. Who cares if it wasn't mainstream or not? That just solidifies the point that the mainstream missed out on something that could've easily trended, if the platform existed back in the day. This song was only a minor feature in the movie, with the full version surfacing on BRreporter years later.

  36. Andre King

    Andre King5 meses atrás

    You feel bad for me...... ummm I feel bad you. You never got to experience all about that bass in it’s full entirety as an adolescence

  37. chaeyoung.

    chaeyoung.6 meses atrás

    LOL. Y'all are boring and don't listen to enough music then. FYI - this song was NOT mainstream when it came out. It was only known because of the movie Freaky Friday. Like ... come on now. Be real. Stop letting nostalgia cloud your reality.

  38. Beta Sword

    Beta Sword10 meses atrás

    Mendez It’s less about “kids problems today” and more about how the art of music, art, fashions, and trends in general today are. Of course, we’re used to hearing generations upon generations of people say things like “Back in my day, our so and so was better” but when you look at todays trends... how in the hell do kids and teens actually enjoy this stuff? I think it’s the first time where almost every previous generation can collectively agree that today’s material is crap.

  39. George Zangeegland

    George Zangeegland3 anos atrás

    this song is the worst piece of trash ive ever heard in my entire life.

  40. Liota Rose

    Liota Rose3 anos atrás

    yes this is my anthem

  41. Resting Bitch Face

    Resting Bitch Face4 anos atrás

    Whenever I'm having a shitty day, I just listen to this song and feel like I could just...just FUCK THE WORLD.

  42. Naughty Cub

    Naughty Cub4 anos atrás

    its christians?

  43. Tom Matthews

    Tom Matthews4 anos atrás

    Remember seeing these supporting Homegrown & The Early November, back in 2003 at Leeds Cockpit. July 7th to be exact. ha

  44. Onceuponascheme

    Onceuponascheme4 anos atrás

    This takes me back .....

  45. charienne layson

    charienne layson4 anos atrás

    girl version of bowling for soup???

  46. EPSILON120

    EPSILON1205 anos atrás

    Does anyone know the model name of the red guitar that the girl uses in this video?

  47. Matt Schwartz

    Matt Schwartz5 anos atrás

    Depresses me how dated this looks. 2003 was a past era. :/

  48. dolphinsatsunset1

    dolphinsatsunset15 anos atrás

    Freaking Awesome song on the Freaky Friday soundtrack!

  49. Tarek

    Tarek5 anos atrás

    +dinodin007 the main singer is ginger pooley

  50. Tarek

    Tarek5 anos atrás

    or judita wignall

  51. Koraima Sanchez

    Koraima Sanchez5 anos atrás

    this song really gets me going...FREAKING AWESOME!

  52. LlamaLickLollipop

    LlamaLickLollipop5 anos atrás

    love ur taste in music

  53. Gunzmannac k

    Gunzmannac k5 anos atrás

    I'll love dis song FAEVA!!!!!! Share it on FACEBUK TWITTER OR SOME OTHER SOCIAL WEBSITE!!

  54. glowww92

    glowww925 anos atrás

    this songs brings back soooo many memories

  55. Gemma Lenette

    Gemma Lenette5 anos atrás

    This song is so me and I mean it :) i'm gonna sing this in my school talent show its my last my band is gonna rock it and no im not uploading it ill tell u how it goes though :) im excited and neverous :( and :)

  56. may talley

    may talley6 anos atrás


  57. Sam

    Sam6 anos atrás

    its 2013!!

  58. Eagle

    EagleMês atrás

    2019 and still listening

  59. Peach

    Peach6 anos atrás

    I accidentally paused on 1:56.... whoa.

  60. kkevin369

    kkevin3696 anos atrás

    I just watched it and I heard it in the credits

  61. Prince Jerrick Darling

    Prince Jerrick Darling6 anos atrás

    They sound a lot like a female version of blink182. Similar song structure and everything. *observation*

  62. KlassieCripts s

    KlassieCripts s6 anos atrás

    this song is of freaky friday what part of the film is it in?

  63. Kayla

    Kayla6 anos atrás

    It's actually even older than that.It's nearly 10 years old, because it was in freaky firday in 2003 :)

  64. Hannah Rodgers

    Hannah Rodgers6 anos atrás

    Rawr! I want her dress! :o

  65. Andy

    Andy6 anos atrás

    me too

  66. UnderAFullMoon

    UnderAFullMoon6 anos atrás

    i played the shit out of this when I was ten

  67. hoaxhoax2010

    hoaxhoax20106 anos atrás

    so does this band still play or what?

  68. hoaxhoax2010

    hoaxhoax20106 anos atrás

    Chick with the yellow guitar

  69. t40364

    t403647 anos atrás

    screaming f u from across the room i did that in the last day to skool

  70. Allee2012

    Allee20127 anos atrás

    I was sooo obsessed with this song

  71. BlahBlahSomethingful

    BlahBlahSomethingful7 anos atrás

    i cant take the drummer seriously.

  72. Yenelis Rodriguez

    Yenelis Rodriguez7 anos atrás


  73. Jessica Ayala

    Jessica Ayala7 anos atrás

    Greatest song about being on your period.

  74. Peach

    Peach7 anos atrás

    haha, LOVE THIS SONG! X)

  75. Rebecca

    Rebecca7 anos atrás

    This is the song that I lip-synched to in my Theater Class in 8th grade, almost 9 years ago! It was a lot of fun, we wore pj's and had a pillow fight!

  76. Parisa

    Parisa7 anos atrás

    I would always sing this song when it came up in the movie :)

  77. Saraa Renaud

    Saraa Renaud7 anos atrás

    omg.. ive been looking forever for this song

  78. James Derpingson

    James Derpingson7 anos atrás

    hey girl there's a face on your make-up

  79. Yenelis Rodriguez

    Yenelis Rodriguez7 anos atrás

    aww I remember from freaky friday^^

  80. koskamr

    koskamr7 anos atrás

    Video is cool,band also but Linsay sucks!

  81. jesha

    jesha7 anos atrás

    @sonic26 This recording is not only over 5 years old, but it's also a cover, which makes it even older than that. How far behind in the times are you?

  82. Ricardo Zapata

    Ricardo Zapata7 anos atrás

    i love judy nails....that means i also love judita wignall...!!!

  83. TheAmandamaniac

    TheAmandamaniac7 anos atrás

    my anthem of the day

  84. Emiliano Fernandez

    Emiliano Fernandez8 anos atrás

    I have lost all of what little respect for Ginger Reyes I had...

  85. lizbeth crevoisier

    lizbeth crevoisier8 anos atrás


  86. wildbeavis89

    wildbeavis898 anos atrás

    whenever I get a stiffy that won't go down I usually listen to this type of music

  87. brittany michelle

    brittany michelle6 meses atrás

    wildbeavis89 then what happens?

  88. Marie Wasilewski

    Marie Wasilewski8 anos atrás

    J'adore ses yeux à 2:24 ! :DD

  89. Alexfaith Larios

    Alexfaith Larios8 anos atrás

    watch my cover on this song!!!! :)

  90. rocksmysocks182

    rocksmysocks1828 anos atrás

    wasn't ginger reyes in smashing pumpkins for a little while last year?

  91. Miguel Mascorro

    Miguel Mascorro8 anos atrás

    busque mucho esta cancion

  92. jesha

    jesha8 anos atrás

    @dinodin007 That's Ginger Pooley (formerly Reyes).

  93. Adran_Marit

    Adran_Marit8 anos atrás

    who's the main singer in this song?

  94. Ilovechocolate1996

    Ilovechocolate19968 anos atrás

    its like this song is describing me

  95. shit311

    shit3118 anos atrás

    i love the lyrics :)) we against the world!

  96. Alexandra Leigh

    Alexandra Leigh8 anos atrás

    I sang this for a talent show once lol

  97. bananarama10101

    bananarama101018 anos atrás

    It's sad when the original band's version isn't on youtube and this version is. Props to The Weekend for writing such awesome songs.

  98. wirklichdoof

    wirklichdoof8 anos atrás

    @heartemo33 yeah. girl bands rule, boys drool...over girl bands

  99. rocksmysocks182

    rocksmysocks1828 anos atrás

    @Lunchboxlandlol haha ya dey are!! mxpx rock btw!!:)

  100. rocksmysocks182

    rocksmysocks1828 anos atrás

    @BethLaura123x i miss those times too. GO POP PUNK!!!

  101. Miguel Mascorro

    Miguel Mascorro8 anos atrás

    esta cancion solo se vive cantandola a todo tono ♥

  102. wirklichdoof

    wirklichdoof8 anos atrás

    @jeshamuffins she's my favorite

  103. wirklichdoof

    wirklichdoof8 anos atrás

    I like the gothic friend's look at 2:25 and 2:28

  104. theatregeekmania

    theatregeekmania8 anos atrás

    Ahh, nostalgia. I remember loving this song - still do! :D

  105. iheartsoftball13

    iheartsoftball138 anos atrás

    i love this song

  106. Klarisa

    Klarisa8 anos atrás

    girl bands rock. :)

  107. Bethany-Violet Pandora

    Bethany-Violet Pandora8 anos atrás

    Back when Li-Lo was a cool punk-ish girl and not a jail-bound whore. Love this song

  108. neriah0728

    neriah07288 anos atrás

    awesome song

  109. CJ Rutter

    CJ Rutter8 anos atrás

    the drummer looks like Tre Cool

  110. DJL93

    DJL938 anos atrás

    @heartemo33 thats what I'm saying! I hate boy bands

  111. Alex Stamper

    Alex Stamper9 anos atrás

    dude girls who play the guitar and are in girl bands are amazing :D i love them so much

  112. ZamoraFilms

    ZamoraFilms9 anos atrás

    @heartemo33 I think they are both good. cauz i cant compare this song to ride the lightning by metallica or master of puppets.

  113. longgoneloser

    longgoneloser9 anos atrás

    This is fantastic!

  114. jesha

    jesha9 anos atrás

    @invaderzimpeople Judita Wignall. :]