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  2. Elle Jay

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    You might not see this comment, but I really hope you do. I know this might sound crazy, but I promise you wont have anything to lose by trying it. Go on a ketogenic diet, give it 2 to 4 months, even more if you can. and during those months keep trying. I don't wanna promise you that you will get pregnant but if there is a chance for you to get pregnant then this is it. You have no idea the amount of people who got pregnant on keto, some of them even while using protection, that's how fertile it makes you. If a women is menopausal, she starts getting her period again on keto. Please, just please try it. Research all these different stories of people who knew they could never have kids and yet they accidentally did on this diet. PLEASE please just try it, you wont lose anything, the diet alone is just pure amazing, and add to it insane fertility?? Jackpot!! Best of luck!

  3. kldruh

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    would you adopt?

  4. Brittany Morgan

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    I did the same thing to myself with 4 years with an old boyfriend.. things didn’t work out between us which maybe the reason I didn’t get pregnant.. the universe telling me it wasn’t the life for me.. years later I met my now fiancé and now I have two little boys 22 months apart.. I wish I could tell you that I know what your feeling and it’s all okay.. doesn’t help the inner battle I know.. we’re our own worst enemy sometimes.. but I have not a single doubt your miracle will happen.

  5. Shelby Lomont

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    God works in mysterious ways. I keep convincing myself that I can’t get pregnant.. I was on the depo shot for 3 years & I don’t get how i’m not pregnant with my fiancé yet. I leave for the military in March & I want so bad to get pregnant & start a family once i’m stationed. I can’t wait to see him light up if I can tell him we’re having a baby. his dad was murdered when he was 5 & his mother gave him up at the age of 8. so he never had parents & I know he will be an amazing one. Steven & you are gonna be amazing parents & I pray y’all receive great news soon.

  6. Maitha Al Remeithi

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    I hope you get blessed with the most adorable baby. You will get through it and I can't wait 'till I see your announcement video

  7. Erica Morales

    Erica Morales2 dias atrás

    I miscarried 3 years ago, and were still struggling to conceive. It’s nice to have other people telling their stories, it’s nice to not feel alone. I hope you (and I) are able to be a mom soon. 😔❤️

  8. Frau KPunkt

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    You will be fine! Don´t stress yourself! Big Hug!!! Kisses from germany! I´m sure you will have a beautiful family! Believe in yourself! Give youself time Secrets happen!!! Stay strong!!!

  9. Pamela Rodriguez

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    Don’t give up hope ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. 1musclovr1

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    Hi desi, I just stumbled on this post about wanting to have a family and get pregnant. I normally don’t comment on people’s videos, but I wanted to tell you that this moment I truely felt your pain and I uncontrollably prayed for you from the depth of my soul. I don’t get god sometimes. He gifts those people that truely don’t deserve this amazing gift but yet you, a person that really deserve it and would be an amazing mother are struggling getting pregnant. I am a very spiritual person and every night talk to god and thank him for all the amazing gifts I have in my life. I really prayed for you. I know deep in my soul that you will be gifted with a beautiful child in the upcoming year(god willing). Don’t give up. You deserve to be a mother and will be an amazing one. I watch your tutorials all the time and love your looks and truely think you are a gifted artist, however, what I see looking at you tells me you are the most genuine and real person. I am hopeful for you and will keep you in my prayers every night. I promise you will get pregnant. Mark my words... 2019 will be your year... this comes from the depth of my soul.. I prayed for my sister to get pregnant and she just celebrated her twins (boy and a girl) first birthday, yesterday, and mind you she is 47 years old. I feel this in my heart that god will listen to my prayers.. please just tell me when you do find out you are pregnant, because I want to prove that my prayers do come true.... I love you as a person and will keep you in my prayers

  11. BusyLizzy

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    In Jesus name, let it be!! 🙏🏼

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  13. Shumz

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    It’s so true that everyone is battling something so please be kind. I can relate to this on so many levels for myself and for so many people in my life. Thank you so so much for addressing such a normal issue.

  14. Lauren Aleman

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    My names Lauren and I've started following the Phil and Alex channel a couple going through journey of infertility and ivf . and I've been praying for them and now I'll start praying for you. 3 of my aunts had difficulties getting pregnant 1 aunt got pregnant right at 40 and had two miracle babies my 2 aunt couldn't get pregnant til about 43 and was able to have 1 miracle baby and lastly my 3rd aunt was able to find a wonderful surrogate to carry her miracle baby. As I told Phil and Alex. I've seen with my eyes those 3 beautiful miracle baby cousins of mine.miracle babies happen . sometimes babies just need help getting to you. I'm so beyond grateful that you have your brother and mom. My mom and I aren't close but my brother and I are. When I was younger we were enseparable.

  15. Megan Giles

    Megan Giles13 dias atrás

    ♥️ that you have shared your story. This has helped me so much, in a way that makes me feel like I’m not alone. I have had a miscarriage as well and have always feared to have another one as it really breaks u! It will happen one day beautiful 😁 sending you, Stephen and your beautiful doggy’s love and light ♥️

  16. Amina Cherrine

    Amina Cherrine14 dias atrás

    Lord I’ve been here before. I know this exact feeling. I pray that the Lord gives you and your husband a family. I Pray that your womb is opened and that this all happens in Gods timing. May Peace & Happiness overwhelm you.❤️

  17. Chrissy Moss

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    My heart is breaking for you and your husband 😢😢. Hope is the one thing we all grab onto in adverse situations, keep grabbing. Multiple miscarriages would, maybe, indicate a physical problem but from all you have said it definitely sounds like a hormonal imbalance ie: ovulation. I speak from experience. I came to understand that the absence of pregnancies meant I could carry a child once my ovary hiccup was sorted. (Like you I had a miscarriage). It's such a soul destroying experience, I feel I cried for my history as you told your story. I am now a mum to 2 children. Children I was convinced I would never have. There's a huge age gap between them (wasn't plain sailing). Lice, light and happiness to you Desi xxx 💕xxx

  18. Alyssa Lucero

    Alyssa Lucero15 dias atrás

    Desi, I'm so sorry. I worked for fertility doctors for a couple years and it always broke my heart to hear couples' stories about how they couldn't get pregnant. You're not alone. I've seen some of the most miraculous things happen. Keeping you in my prayers❤️

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  20. Crhisty Encarnacion

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    Your are blessed. ❤️🙏

  21. shoppingbagtiffy

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    Awwww. Desi we love you sooo much! **Hugs**


    MONA RAHMAN17 dias atrás

    I am so sorry God please bless her with a child

  23. Aicha Sameer

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    Omg this is so sad, you are so brave to even talk about it love you so much huge respect for you❤

  24. brightside 786

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    Don’t lose hope, God bless you, trust His timing 🙏🏼♥️ don’t pressure yourself and stress, try and relax and focus on yourself and self care, it will be when it’s meant to be xxx

  25. Shakira Patel

    Shakira Patel20 dias atrás

    Girllll .. have patience it will defo happen for you... god is the best of planners and he will give you the gift at the right time hope you’re okay .. it’s all about the timing hun xx hope you feel better and I hope ppl can understand that it’s a very sensitive topic and I hope your video defo creates the awareness.. hopefully it goes threw to some people xx chin up take care

  26. Krena Singh

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  27. Naila Basharat

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    I will happen don’t stress about it. My husband and I tried for 4 years and went to fertility doctor we had 3 unsuccessful IUI cycles. Then we try for IVF and today I am 8.5 months pregnant. I feel you I can relate, you’re not alone. It will definitely happened when it meant to be. ♥️♥️ more power to you. Don’t terrify. Love you. Don’t listen to people and just be happy. Good luck with your treatment

  28. Astrid Verhulst

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    To share a story like this in such a powerfully vulnerable way... wow. Rest assure that you'll have helped SO MANY people who are going through similar struggles. You are a true gem.

  29. Julie Schubert

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    Buy bulk ovulation tests on Amazon and test two to three times a day. I couldn’t get pregnant until I did this. Turns out I would test positive for ovulation at night but by morning it would be negative. I was missing my window for five years!!!

  30. Brittany McDermott

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    Thank you for sharing your story. You are so incredibly brave and this takes so much courage. This is not easy. It truly feels so lonely and scary especially when the want to be a mother is so deep in your heart. I have gone through the same emotional journey and there truly is a plan but I wish you all the best on your journey to parenthood as I hope for myself. Stay strong and keep your faith always even during those dark moments. Thank you again for sharing. You aren’t alone and it helps to know neither am I.

  31. Louise Done

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    🙌❤❤❤❤ such a beautiful soul! Xxxxxxxx

  32. johanna linares

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    Just the same way God blesses Hannah with a son he can do the same with you! Believe desi we love you 💖

  33. Angel Phan

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    I'm an ultrasound tech & this really touches me.. A lot of mamas come in with miscarriages and I always try to be the most support person that I can for them. It's such a vulnerable time for the moms. I always try them to help with cleaning up after the exams & bring them warm blankets, water, whatever helps ease them a little. It's a difficult subject but it happens more than people talk about. This is such a needed video Desi

  34. Erica Morales

    Erica Morales2 dias atrás

    Angel Phan it’s a beautiful thing that you’re doing for these women. I have to say, the support I got from my doctor, the nurses, the doctor and his assistants when I did the HSG, all the people aware of my loss really made me feel safe and supported. It’s important. ❤️

  35. Marina

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  36. Cassandra Gonzalez

    Cassandra Gonzalez27 dias atrás

    I keep coming back to this video for motivation... but my husband & I are currently trying to get pregnant and it’s not happening. It’s hard for me to pretend to be happy when it’s literally all I think about. Thank you for being so open about this, Desi!

  37. alyssa delatorre

    alyssa delatorre28 dias atrás

    You said in this video you hope that this video will help people. Today i went to a doctors appointment after finding out i was pregnant about a month ago. I went into the appointment with nerves but high hopes. Went into my ultrasound and new instantly that things did not look right. The ultra sound tech said, " hold on i need to figure out whats going on here." It took her a while but i already knew what they were going to say. This is the third time i have misscarried. So many emotions and thoughts take over at this point...but today i felt numb. J think even the Doctors were expecting much more. I left the hospital and it hit me...i could not bring myself to return to work. I came home and did not know what to do with myself. So i did what i always used to do....decided to turn on yourtube and watch tutorials. Already being a big fan i decided to check out your page and see what new content you had. This was the video that popped up first. I am glad you posted it. I would never wish this on you, and i will keep you in my prayers. I am very thankful however that you posted this....so many of us feel the sting that you feel when we hear those comments and identify with the fwelings you feel. I would never have the bravery to discuss what ive gone through and to do it on such a public platform is admirable. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with the world!

  38. Alessandra DiMaggio

    Alessandra DiMaggioMês atrás

    im am so supporting you in everything you do

  39. Victoria Jean

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  40. Lauren Hoyle

    Lauren HoyleMês atrás

    Desi you are such a strong and beautiful person and you constantly bring others so much joy, it is so hard to see you hurting like this. Just know that we appreciate how brave you were in sharing these feelings with us and making this video. I believe that you and Steven are destined to be amazing parents and I can’t wait to see your family grow. Sending so much love, positive thoughts and prayers your way 💜

  41. Julie Pinedo

    Julie PinedoMês atrás

    Thank you so much for being brave and making this video. I’m praying for you and Steven to get pregnant at the perfect time. God’s plans are always better than ours and the most powerful thing you can do is to believe his promises. He’s the one who placed our desires in us , so he made you with the desire of having a family and I believe he wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t going to fulfill that desire. I’ve always wanted to be a mom and have a family too, SO strongly. Ive also always had the fear that maybe I couldn’t get pregnant. I just got married a couple months ago and we want to start a family, but a part of me is scared to REALLY try and plan and put effort, because what if? My mom had a miscarriage before me, like you said it’s so common, but no one deserves to go through that. Your story really touched me and I just wanted to say thank you for being real Desi ❤️

  42. Daniela Vassallo

    Daniela VassalloMês atrás

    I send you all my positive energy and a big big hug honey. I love you 💖💖💖💖🙏🌟🤞

  43. MC .Woodall

    MC .WoodallMês atrás

    Sending love always.

  44. Duchess Liz

    Duchess LizMês atrás

    My aunt tried for ten years to get have a baby because she kept miscarrying. She had five miscarriages. Then she finally had a healthy baby boy. A year later she had a healthy baby girl. A few years after that she had another healthy baby boy. And two years ago she had another healthy baby boy. She's 42 now. She was 30 when her eldest was born. Sometimes we struggle to start a family. We suffer loss. And heartbreak. And my heart goes to all those out there that have to go through such a rough time. I hope that, like my aunt, it happens for you.

  45. True Beauty Ashley

    True Beauty AshleyMês atrás

    Your so amazing! Keep your faith strong! I had 4 miscarriages and have two beautiful girls! You should look into a herb called dong qui it helped me i swear by it .. also more progesterone helps too! But everyone is different I wish you the best babe ! 💕🙏🏼

  46. Ana Caicedo Macia

    Ana Caicedo MaciaMês atrás

    You poor thing! I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Sending you guys so much love

  47. Pain Sucks

    Pain SucksMês atrás

    I haven’t even finished watching this yet but I just have to say you are such a strong women. I know that doesn’t help you but lord, the people you have just helped maybe even saved at your own expense is impossible to gage at this point. You truly are courageous. You have all my love and support.

  48. Andrea

    AndreaMês atrás

    I am by no means a fan. BUT. My heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine going through something like this. I got pregnant at 19 by total surprise after a one night thing.. and I realize I’ve taken that for granted. If you feel you’re meant to be a mom. You will be. One way or another. Praying for you, sending a virtual hug your way.

  49. Tony Ranko

    Tony RankoMês atrás

    Gods gonna get you though it what ever problem u have give it to God and he’ll work them out cuz I seen him do it may the lord put peace on yous keep the faith

  50. Emma Viola

    Emma ViolaMês atrás

    Awwww, babe! I’m new-ish and had no idea, that this happened, I’m so sorry❤️ Even though I am very young, this video meant a lot to me. It made me feel like, I’m not alone. It made me think about, the fact that there is always somebody that understands how you’re feeling. I’m sure that this video helped someone! Also, I’m just going to say what everybody is thinking: YOU’RE GOING TO BE THE BEST MOM EVER! Once this blessing does come upon you, we will all be soooo happy for you, and it will be amazing! But until then, do your thing girl! Because we love you and support you, pregnant or not❤️ Btw, your babies will be the cutest!💛💛💛😉

  51. S Gutierrez

    S GutierrezMês atrás

    This IS going to happen for you. I know this. I feel this. The timing hasn’t came but it’s coming & I am so excited for whenever that time may be & when it comes. Love you & Steven.

  52. Morgan Merriman

    Morgan MerrimanMês atrás

    Desi, you’re amazing ❤️ thank you for sharing. You’re not alone 😊

  53. Carmen Hernández

    Carmen HernándezMês atrás

    I have trouble trying to watch your video because I had the same problem. My husband and I struggled for years trying to get pregnant. One day after 11 years I decided that I was okay in my heart to accept what I believe it was god’s will. 3 months later I got pregnant ! I know what you feel? The pain so difficult to explain, family and friends always asking you when? I never opened up about my fertility problems with no one. Now I have a beautiful girl, I don’t want you to lose hope... our miracle it took almost 12 years to became a reality, I know that it will happen to you too. Thank you for sharing your story, for having the courage to speak up about something that is so hard and personal. Gracias y muchos besitos

  54. Chloe Book

    Chloe BookMês atrás

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. You aren't alone 💛 when i was thirteen I has one of my tubes removed because it was blocked with fluid and punctured. The doctor told my family that there was still a probability I could get pregnant but that it would be difficult and i would be at a higher risk of losing the baby. I hadn't thought much about it until recently when I had really considered my future and the possibility of stsrting a family. I too, knew that all i ever wanted in life was to be a mom. Although I knew I wasn't ready to have a child, I secretly hoped I was and when i would eventually get my period I would be extremely depressed. You aren't alone, Desi. Your truth is going to help so many others. I wish you and steven all the best and what is meant to be will be 💛

  55. gaga yufsky

    gaga yufskyMês atrás

    Hey listen i know its hard for u and ur husband filming this ,i dont know when u will have babies bt im sure you will be a great mother just let ppl talk ,you know they talk if u dont have child they say wheres ur baby and when u already have they say wheres ur second?!!so its your life u dont need to explain and one thing:next time when you get pregnant dont say enyone and dont let enyone know even hide ur body as much as u can believe me its the best thing you can do before childbirth like kylie (my grandma sais its keeping u and ur baby from getting hurt)i dont believe that bad omen eyes exist bt i believe in bad energies. dont open up ur life for thousands ppl if theyre fans they will understand

  56. Jade T

    Jade TMês atrás

    This is so so hard to deal with... my mom had three different miscarriages between my siblings and I. It is truly so so hard but God has a plan for everyone. I’ve heard just tracking your cycle will help you familiarize yourself with what your body goes through and the feelings you get each month. You’ll start to realize patterns and that will help. But I truly believe God will bless you two with a beautiful baby.

  57. Kelsey Kosmetology

    Kelsey KosmetologyMês atrás

    You’re such a beautiful person, inside and out and I know you will be an amazing, caring and loving mother one day. 💕

  58. Jessica Hello

    Jessica HelloMês atrás

    Coming back 3 months after this video because I’m going thru the same things and I’m trying to find strength in your strength. You are not alone desi, I pray for you and this struggle quite frequently, especially since I have been going through this for the past year. I know how you feel and all the emotions and thoughts that run thru your head. God be with you, to give you strength and love and happiness. Thank you for opening up your heart, it means so much to know you’re not alone in a situation like this. So much love for you and Steven.❤️❤️

  59. Dina Gh

    Dina GhMês atrás

    Same case Call this doctor he will 00442074861230 He can help

  60. Hristiyana Peycheva

    Hristiyana PeychevaMês atrás

    Have you checked your thyroid gland levels?very often the reason for not getting pregnant easy or miscarriages i

  61. Hristiyana Peycheva

    Hristiyana PeychevaMês atrás

    Is the thyroid hypofunction.maybe your doctor had already made this test.if not you should

  62. Julie Kostas

    Julie KostasMês atrás

    What a great team you and your husband make. Wishing you future blessings. So nice to know you have such good people in your life 🌺

  63. Jennifer Renee Crust

    Jennifer Renee CrustMês atrás

    I just found you tonight on BRreporter. This is the 3rd video I have watched and my heart breaks for you. I am so sorry you are going through this. Keep your head up. It Will Happen!!! You guys are in my prayers.

  64. Hamda Khalid

    Hamda KhalidMês atrás

    May God be with you... you will have a baby soon... trust no body but God

  65. Melissa Trost

    Melissa TrostMês atrás

    Thank you for making this. You aren't alone ❤️

  66. christiane montenegro

    christiane montenegroMês atrás

    Holà Desi , te quiero agradecer por este vídeo . Eres tan fuerte y tu experiencia me hace pensar en la mía. Creo que este vídeo es una manera de sentirte aliviada. Como te digo, tu historia se parece muchísima a la mía. Para mi fue un momento devastador de pasar por heza fase en mi vida. Mi pareja y yo pasamos años tratando de caer embarazada. Y nada... hasta un día que funcionó . En ese momento lo anunciamos a todos ! Familia, amigos etc... Nueve semanas más tarde lo perdí. Ese día fue la más difícil de mi vida. En ese momento cerré la puerta de mi corazón . Una amiga estaba embarazada al mismo tiempo, yo trabajaba con mujeres embarazadas y recién nacidos , todo el mundo esperaba tanto ese baby. Ya habíamos comprado una casa y esperábamos llenarla de hijos. Pero después de tanto tiempo ... ya estaba cansada de luchar. Meses más tarde fuimos a ver un especialista. .... bueno varios.... hasta que encontré LA BUENA persona para ayudarnos. Hablo de una PERSONA cuando me refiero a mi especialista. Porque tienes que sentirte confortable en la clínica que vallas. Mi Dr es alguien de humano que me entendió desde día 1. Allí fue que volví a abrir mi corazón. En mi cabeza una mujer nace para dar a nacer. Y yo ? Porque no puedo ?! Quizás no nací para ser madre. Quizás nací para amar los hijos de los demás. Quizás no es para mi. Porque yo ? Me volví obsesionada y no quería acercarme a niños o estar cerca de una mujer embarazada. Es horrible y te entiendo muy bien . Quisiera decirte que todo va salir bien. Pero sólo DIOS sabe y el elije sus mejores soldados para los peores combates. Te deseo salud y mucha suerte.

  67. Monica C

    Monica CMês atrás

    I am crying like HELL right now

  68. Susan H

    Susan HMês atrás

    You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story! Sending hugs your way.

  69. JustMeXO

    JustMeXOMês atrás

    I honestly couldn't finish watching this, I seriously couldn't even see the video through all of my tears. Wow, I pray you someday will have the family you deserve. Your so amazing. GOD BLESS!!!

  70. Jessa Shook

    Jessa ShookMês atrás

    Hey sweetie! I just want to give you a little hope! Not one but 2 of my relatives were told by doctors that they couldn’t get pregnant. But they still tried and they were still disappointed every month for years and then... out of the blue... they both managed to get pregnant! Even though they were told they never would be able to conceive and that medication wouldn’t help! They got pregnant on their own! I know how heartbreaking it is for you right now and I will be praying for you sweet girl! Keep your head up! Much love! 😘

  71. Melissa Markins

    Melissa MarkinsMês atrás

    Hi Desi I'm still grieving for the lost of my baby. I had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago and it was the first time we ever had a positive test (after 5 years of marriage). It has been the hardest thing I've ever gone through. Your video has helped me feel understood. Thank you for talking about because it is a topic not many share. Please don't feel embarrassed because it is not your fault. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers and hope you will receive a little blessing.

  72. Chellsee Johns

    Chellsee JohnsMês atrás

    I think about you and this video often.. I hope we can get an update soon!

  73. mayli hernandez

    mayli hernandezMês atrás

    Please try MACA capsules this is a natural supplement that helps people with fertility problems. It’s a root from Peru. I’m so sorry this happened and truly wishing you the best!

  74. Viki Huynh

    Viki HuynhMês atrás

    Stay strong! ❤️

  75. Viki Huynh

    Viki HuynhMês atrás

    Take Alani Nu balance supplements. I heard that helps with fertility. It’s from Katy Hearn and Hayden’s line. It has amazing reviews and a lot of it was about women becoming fertile and it covered acne

  76. Randi Sanchez

    Randi SanchezMês atrás

    This hit home so so much. I have felt so sad and alone and I feel everything you feel. I've been so heartbroken and sad and had a feeling I was definitely pregnant when I wasn't. I had a miscarriage also and it's so sad. I always wonder if I can't get pregnant again also. Thank you for sharing.

  77. Drea M

    Drea MMês atrás

    God will bless you with a baby 👶🏼💕

  78. Amie Weisg

    Amie WeisgMês atrás

    Sending so much love your way Desi. Thank you for sharing your story.

  79. Clarissa Solano

    Clarissa SolanoMês atrás

    You’re so brave ❤️ I cried the whole video, it will happen for you 🙏🏻

  80. jessica

    jessicaMês atrás

    why do you talk like that

  81. Marjolaine Daudrumez

    Marjolaine DaudrumezMês atrás

    That was heartbreaking. I hope all your dreams will come true ❤️❤️❤️

  82. Zoraida Magana

    Zoraida MaganaMês atrás

    I cried the whole video. I'm sorry Desi, you deserve all the happiness in the world.

  83. Minandi Heski

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  84. AlejandraMMartinez

    AlejandraMMartinezMês atrás

    Desi, it took me 6 years after my first. We kept trying and when I finally gave up I found out I was pregnant so don’t give up. God will bless you with a baby when the time is right. I will pray for you.

  85. Graciela Hambek

    Graciela HambekMês atrás

    This is so heartbreaking, it’s difficult for me to talk about my miscarriages. I’ve had 3 of them. You’re right no one talks about them and yet so many have gone through it. Stay strong! Prayers for you & your husband. ♥️♥️♥️

  86. kaisa mcgee

    kaisa mcgeeMês atrás

    We were told by our doctors that there would be no way for us to have a baby. We tried IVF and were not successful. We thought it wasn't going to happen then out of the blue we got pregnant with a perfect baby boy. I think sometimes things happen for a reason it was hard we tried for 6 years.

  87. Miri myMiri

    Miri myMiriMês atrás

    today someone ask me at work why I don't have children, and I told him I'm trying, then he told me "so, who is the one with the fertility issues is it you or your husband?" , it was very rude 😯

  88. Michi Ticas

    Michi TicasMês atrás

    Omg crying 😭😭😭 love you dedo! I hope this happens for you guys ❤️

  89. BOC

    BOCMês atrás

    My husband and I tried then “didn’t try” same thing, I secretly was still thinking about it when we weren’t... and almost 2 years went by negative test after negative test... the most discouraging thing ever. I got to the point where I was “okay with it just being us” I’m so sorry you are going through this. My heart is broken for you. You will figure out your path, I promise. 💕

  90. Lorena Bustos

    Lorena BustosMês atrás

    Desi I am so sorry you are going through this, you are such great woman, example and human being! I love you! one day this will come a reality you'll see, you guys will be the greatest parents. Much love!

  91. Kait Armerding

    Kait ArmerdingMês atrás

    I went through a miscarriage as well. I was pregnant the same time as my best friend, we were a week apart. We took each other to dinner to tell each other and were both so excited. She went on with her pregnancy and we went to our first appointment and there was no heartbeat. It was devastating. I’m so sorry for your struggles. You’re definitely not alone. 🖤

  92. Olga Hidalgo

    Olga HidalgoMês atrás

    Sending to you all muy love 😘

  93. Shode321

    Shode321Mês atrás

    For women/couples in general, don't wait to get ALL the tests possible. It will save a lot of grief to know what you're dealing with and maybe get the problem sorted or if it can't be sorted then working around it to get pregnant/start a family in ways that WILL work. I wish you the best of luck Desi, you're not alone in this struggle x

  94. Renee Craddock

    Renee CraddockMês atrás

    Don't lose faith I suffered with infertility for years but I finally had twins so never give up .God is good he has a plan for you

  95. Chiara D.F.

    Chiara D.F.Mês atrás


  96. Meriame Bensaid

    Meriame BensaidMês atrás

    I wish you all the best Desi you really deserve to be a mom and you will be a great mom

  97. Jaclynn Gage

    Jaclynn GageMês atrás

    I’m so sorry desi. I understand how heartbreaking it is to have your only dream to have a family and be a mom and not being able to get pregnant. God just didn’t have that plan for me. I hope one day you’re blessed with a child even if it’s not physically yours. God bless you and Steven.

  98. Rebecca Hite

    Rebecca Hite2 meses atrás

    I Ask That God Shine On You! Shine On You! Shine On You! In JESUS Name!!! God is Using BRreporter as a Prayer Chain For You!!! He Is Comforting You Right Now!!! ❤

  99. Rebecca Hite

    Rebecca Hite2 meses atrás

    I Agree with Lorissa Turner! We are Praying for You! All of Us who saw this. That God will move all darkness out of the Way and Open Your Womb! We Love You and Thank you for being Brave! Your Tutorial Just Opened Hearts to Lift You Up Before God, Who is Listening! He Has Not Rejected You or Forgotten You. He is Listening. An Answer Will Come.

  100. Zeynep Kırçuval

    Zeynep Kırçuval2 meses atrás

    Desi I hope you read this, I am a subscriber from Turkey. What you’re going through is despite being very difficult is very common. My mother always wanted to have kids but it was very hard for her. She had tried for 5 years and she had 6 miss carriages. I am her 7th try, my parents feel very grateful and blessed to have me. They call me their miracle due to the difficulties they had. She tried twice after me but unfortunately they were miss carriages as well. Miracles can and do happen. It was very easy for my mom to get pregnant but she lost them within the first months, I know that’s not the case for you but you are NOT alone. I hope that you never give up and always keep trying. I know that you WILL be pregnant, I believe in you never loose your hope. ❤️❤️❤️

  101. Ellie Acunzo

    Ellie Acunzo2 meses atrás

    It will happen in time in Desi ❤️❤️❤️

  102. Pramodsingh Pramodsingh

    Pramodsingh PramodsinghMês atrás


  103. Nancy Martinez

    Nancy Martinez2 meses atrás

    Sometimes with fertility treatment, you can even end up with twins 👶🏻👶🏻