1. Graciela Hambek

    Graciela Hambek19 horas atrás

    This is so heartbreaking, it’s difficult for me to talk about my miscarriages. I’ve had 3 of them. You’re right no one talks about them and yet so many have gone through it. Stay strong! Prayers for you & your husband. ♥️♥️♥️

  2. kaisa mcgee

    kaisa mcgee2 dias atrás

    We were told by our doctors that there would be no way for us to have a baby. We tried IVF and were not successful. We thought it wasn't going to happen then out of the blue we got pregnant with a perfect baby boy. I think sometimes things happen for a reason it was hard we tried for 6 years.

  3. Miri myMiri

    Miri myMiri2 dias atrás

    today someone ask me at work why I don't have children, and I told him I'm trying, then he told me "so, who is the one with the fertility issues is it you or your husband?" , it was very rude 😯

  4. Michi Ticas

    Michi Ticas2 dias atrás

    Omg crying 😭😭😭 love you dedo! I hope this happens for you guys ❤️

  5. BOC

    BOC3 dias atrás

    My husband and I tried then “didn’t try” same thing, I secretly was still thinking about it when we weren’t... and almost 2 years went by negative test after negative test... the most discouraging thing ever. I got to the point where I was “okay with it just being us” I’m so sorry you are going through this. My heart is broken for you. You will figure out your path, I promise. 💕

  6. Lorena Bustos

    Lorena Bustos5 dias atrás

    Desi I am so sorry you are going through this, you are such great woman, example and human being! I love you! one day this will come a reality you'll see, you guys will be the greatest parents. Much love!

  7. Kait Armerding

    Kait Armerding5 dias atrás

    I went through a miscarriage as well. I was pregnant the same time as my best friend, we were a week apart. We took each other to dinner to tell each other and were both so excited. She went on with her pregnancy and we went to our first appointment and there was no heartbeat. It was devastating. I’m so sorry for your struggles. You’re definitely not alone. 🖤

  8. Olga Hidalgo

    Olga Hidalgo6 dias atrás

    Sending to you all muy love 😘

  9. Shode321

    Shode3216 dias atrás

    For women/couples in general, don't wait to get ALL the tests possible. It will save a lot of grief to know what you're dealing with and maybe get the problem sorted or if it can't be sorted then working around it to get pregnant/start a family in ways that WILL work. I wish you the best of luck Desi, you're not alone in this struggle x

  10. Renee Craddock

    Renee Craddock6 dias atrás

    Don't lose faith I suffered with infertility for years but I finally had twins so never give up .God is good he has a plan for you

  11. Chiara D.F.

    Chiara D.F.7 dias atrás


  12. Meriame Bensaid

    Meriame Bensaid7 dias atrás

    I wish you all the best Desi you really deserve to be a mom and you will be a great mom

  13. Jaclynn Gage

    Jaclynn Gage8 dias atrás

    I’m so sorry desi. I understand how heartbreaking it is to have your only dream to have a family and be a mom and not being able to get pregnant. God just didn’t have that plan for me. I hope one day you’re blessed with a child even if it’s not physically yours. God bless you and Steven.

  14. Rebecca Hite

    Rebecca Hite8 dias atrás

    I Ask That God Shine On You! Shine On You! Shine On You! In JESUS Name!!! God is Using BRreporter as a Prayer Chain For You!!! He Is Comforting You Right Now!!! ❤

  15. Rebecca Hite

    Rebecca Hite8 dias atrás

    I Agree with Lorissa Turner! We are Praying for You! All of Us who saw this. That God will move all darkness out of the Way and Open Your Womb! We Love You and Thank you for being Brave! Your Tutorial Just Opened Hearts to Lift You Up Before God, Who is Listening! He Has Not Rejected You or Forgotten You. He is Listening. An Answer Will Come.

  16. Zeynep Kırçuval

    Zeynep Kırçuval9 dias atrás

    Desi I hope you read this, I am a subscriber from Turkey. What you’re going through is despite being very difficult is very common. My mother always wanted to have kids but it was very hard for her. She had tried for 5 years and she had 6 miss carriages. I am her 7th try, my parents feel very grateful and blessed to have me. They call me their miracle due to the difficulties they had. She tried twice after me but unfortunately they were miss carriages as well. Miracles can and do happen. It was very easy for my mom to get pregnant but she lost them within the first months, I know that’s not the case for you but you are NOT alone. I hope that you never give up and always keep trying. I know that you WILL be pregnant, I believe in you never loose your hope. ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Ellie Acunzo

    Ellie Acunzo9 dias atrás

    It will happen in time in Desi ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Pramodsingh Pramodsingh

    Pramodsingh Pramodsingh7 dias atrás


  19. Nancy Martinez

    Nancy Martinez9 dias atrás

    Sometimes with fertility treatment, you can even end up with twins 👶🏻👶🏻

  20. amber roberts

    amber roberts9 dias atrás

    Just keep thanking God EVERYDAY and when you see a child for your baby! He’ll give you the desires of your heart!! Ur going to be a mother so soon in Jesus name! Amen! Receive it!! It’s yours!!

  21. ALove Hepburn

    ALove Hepburn9 dias atrás

    Desi I promise I will pray for you and your husband!

  22. Monique Roper

    Monique Roper10 dias atrás

    Thank you. Thank you for posting this. I suffered from a miscarriage recently and have had issues with my fertility ever since. I’ve been feeling depressed and less feminine lately due to all the issues. I keep coming back to this video and feeling like I have a friend who can actually relate to me. Thank you.

  23. Becky Berg

    Becky Berg11 dias atrás

    So brave to tell your story. Thank you! Can't wait to watch the video when you announce to all of us that you are expecting. Hang in there.

  24. Erika D

    Erika D11 dias atrás

    Everybody here loves and supports you. Steven, your brother, your mom, and your whole family. You are not a disappointment to anybody who matters. You are human and a woman, and this struggle is making you stronger and more compassionate. "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl is a book that helped me through my deepest low. It is a short, but incredibly strengthening book. I do agree with you that there is a reason behind everything and I, for one, am so proud of you for thinking outside your own pain and empathizing with others in your position. You are so beautiful and brave for exhibiting such vulnerability and strength. All the love, from Kentucky.

  25. Ellie Stannero

    Ellie Stannero11 dias atrás

    I haven't finished watching the video by the time I'm typing this, tbh I'm only 21, but for some unknown weird reason I am scared I might not be able to ever have kids. And I would really want to be a mom when the right time comes ( not that I am rushing or anything ). This is what my gut tells me. I haven't got the courage to watch this til now, because I read the description beforehand...

  26. Snapsonfools

    Snapsonfools11 dias atrás

    I also went to a specialist before my 1st daughter was born because I thought that I was "broken" I can relate to what you're saying so much about taking test after test hoping its positive then it's not. Honestly it wasnt until I "gave up" like you that we got pregnant. God will give you exactly what you need when you need it... usually when you least expect it.

  27. Jasmine

    Jasmine11 dias atrás

    Wow I really didn't think it would be this hard to watch this video, I've gone through a miscarriage. It is horrible and I felt like it was me, like something was wrong with me. I started to learn that sometimes it just happens. Thank you for sharing this, it's not just a video this is raw and real life not everyone can do that ❤

  28. MicheMoffatt #BaldBarbie MiMo Wigs

    MicheMoffatt #BaldBarbie MiMo Wigs12 dias atrás

    You’re so wonderful to speak so openly about such a personal issue, and I know you are helping so many people out there with similar hard times and struggles. It must be so hard to have people constantly ask when you’re having a baby, and I think you have handled this so well. You’re a beautiful girl inside and out, and you’re both a fantastic couple. Im sure this video is going to touch so many lives worldwide - thanks for being so inspirational x x x x

  29. ELY MAYA

    ELY MAYA12 dias atrás

    Love you guys!

  30. Twin Power Media

    Twin Power Media12 dias atrás

    Desi, God has a plan for everyone and I have no doubts you and Steven will have a baby when you are supposed to. Let go and surrender and this will lift a burden off your chests. Trust and believe and move on with your life and be happy!

  31. Cristiana Inacio

    Cristiana Inacio13 dias atrás

    Just a 14 year old crying over this video, I love Desi, I hope god blesses her with a baby.

  32. Rebekah Wynne

    Rebekah Wynne13 dias atrás

    Have you read the secret?

  33. Rebekah Wynne

    Rebekah Wynne13 dias atrás


  34. Deanna Newman

    Deanna Newman13 dias atrás

    The strength you have just for putting this out there is so amazing Desi. Please know you are never obligated to share something so hard for you, but I'm so glad ur so open with your audience. Prayers for you and Steven girl. ❤❤

  35. Deanna Newman

    Deanna Newman13 dias atrás

    I love how strong Desi and Steven's bond is. Love and respect to both of you girl. ❤❤

  36. M.l M.

    M.l M.14 dias atrás

    I applaud you for telling your story and having the courage to come forward and speak about your pain to all of your subscribers. While you speak of your struggles you ARE helping someone who is going through something similar as you are and without even knowing you are helping them by providing them some form of comfort. Leave it in God’s Hands and Always have Faith. God works in Mysterious Ways. Best of Luck in your journey, you have many many people right by your side never feel alone.

  37. Maire Berger

    Maire Berger15 dias atrás

    You’re are such an amazing person; I’ve been following you for so many years and truly never knew your pain. I was looking for a tutorial today and stumbled across this and am so glad i did. You and Steven are so blessed and i know god will bless you any way he can. YOU will be an amazing mother when the time comes. Keep your faith desi and always know how loved you truly are.

  38. Sabrina Gutierrez

    Sabrina Gutierrez15 dias atrás

    Lifted you up in prayer 🙏🏼 God knows your hearts desires. In his perfect timing you will be a mom & have a beautiful family❤️

  39. Leah Baker

    Leah Baker16 dias atrás

    This made me cry for many reasons. Keep your head up beautiful. Timing is EVERYTHING. What's meant to be will be and do not lose hope. I will pray for you and Steven to be blessed with a baby. Your such an inspiration.... stay strong stay positive and keep your head up.

  40. Iram Vora

    Iram Vora16 dias atrás

    i totally get were you re coming from. me and my husband are trying to get pregnant for a year now and every time i feel something different with my body i feel like m pregnant and i take the test and its negative and its sooooooooo heart breaking and discouraging. All i can say after watching tis video is that i m not alone!!! If its meant to happen it ll happen. m gonna pray for both of us and thank you so much for sharing this.

  41. Lori Etheridge

    Lori Etheridge16 dias atrás

    You are not alone my love!!!! My heart feels the same pain. We will be amazing Mother's one day! God bless you

  42. manuela gomez-rhodes

    manuela gomez-rhodes16 dias atrás

    Release and manifest! So proud of you! We’re all sending you positive, loving energy ❤️❤️✨✨

  43. Haley Chacon

    Haley Chacon16 dias atrás

    I chucked it all and just grabbed a makeup wipe. Desi. Honey. I feel for you. It's not something I have been through but I'm in tears anyways. Much love.

  44. Ana Mazurek

    Ana Mazurek17 dias atrás

    Thank you for making this. Definitely made me feel like I am not alone and that the way I feel isn’t so crazy.

  45. Kaylaa Corrigan-Castillo

    Kaylaa Corrigan-Castillo17 dias atrás

    I'm so sorry, I wish I could give you a hug! 💖

  46. Paula

    Paula17 dias atrás


  47. Gaye Williams

    Gaye Williams18 dias atrás

    Please don't give up it took my husband and I 7 years to have my Son, sadly 4 years later I got pregnant again and my second son was born with a hypoplastic left heart , I was born with congenital heart disease, and I passed on the gene, but he passed away a few days later, unfortunately we then found out my disease means one in 3 of my children will be born like t that, so it was too risky to try again. However I just thank god daily for my beautiful son who I had first who thankfully doesn't have that gene and is very very healthy, please stay positive, my son took 7 years before he was born I had 4 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, possibly because they had my genetics and had heart disease??? I will never ever know, when you do have babies you will be a wonderful wonderful Mother and your hubby will be a fantastic dad. Your get there I know it , if you really really want something it happens after sex lie with your legs up the wall and a pillow under your bum worked with both my boys and 3 of 4 miscarriages have ago xxxxxxxxx

  48. Chessia Brown

    Chessia Brown18 dias atrás

    I'm 37 and suffering with infertility as well. Some days I'm so tough and positive, and other days it eats me alive. I'm racing the clock and that adds more stress. I have faith that God knows the desires of our hearts, and sometimes I fall in my faith when it seems every girl around me is getting pregnant. It hurts. I dread going to the doctor because all the women there are pregnant and so many of them seem to take it for granted. I have a huge box filled with negative pregnancy tests, because when my angel finally gets here I want to look back and know all these tears and the disappointment were worth it. NEVER GIVE UP. Even in the days you feel completely hopeless, you are not alone....God bless you. Sending heaps of love and baby dust your way!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  49. gabrielarr328

    gabrielarr32818 dias atrás

    My heart is with you 🙂🙏🏼❤️

  50. Samantha Lowe

    Samantha Lowe18 dias atrás

    I’ve lost 2 babies in a row.. it never gets easier. I’m pregnant now for a 3rd time and everything is perfect so far! I’m 16 weeks 😊🙏🏼

  51. Kyra Liu

    Kyra Liu19 dias atrás

    why is it that everyone's burning question for a female is when she's going to be pregnant? it's a pretty personal question that random people shouldn't ask someone they don't know personally

  52. Carolina Arias

    Carolina Arias19 dias atrás

    I declare that you will have a girl this year.

  53. Gee

    Gee20 dias atrás


  54. Alma Handžić

    Alma Handžić20 dias atrás

    I had a misscarriage a few years ago. And I struggled to get pregnant again. I was not having any health problems, but I was devistated and depressed and I have created problems in my head and passed them to my husband who started having problems with erection. I do not how we in all that mess managed to say to each other, relax, do not think about it, and get me pregnant again. We now have a beautiful girl and thinking about second baby, brings me back to the same place and I do not know how am I gonna go through all that agsin. But what I want to tell you, do not lose hope ever!!! God will bless you two with a baby because you are good people and you deserve all the best!!!!! A lot of people in my country I struggling with pregnancy issuies and it is probably because we went through a four years of war and that stressfull period, so they are getting mostly babies through IVF. Have you though about that option? I know people who had through 9 misscarrieges. I think I would loose it, I so admire those ladies. I guess the wish to be a mother does not stop and should not stop especially at thia time when we have solution for everything! So you WILL get pregnant and you WILL have your baby! Do not stop trying ever! Sending you love from Bosnia! Hate to see your beautiful face covered with tears 💔

  55. Gursimran Lakhanpal

    Gursimran Lakhanpal21 dia atrás

    😪😪😪 you deserve a football team of babies desi, forever keeping you’re family in my prayers

  56. Sarah M.

    Sarah M.21 dia atrás

    When you mentioned your friend, i felt guilty all over again.... that i had my baby w/o complications. My friend got pregnant when i was 8 months along. The same week my daughter was born, she told me that her baby was gone. I would have done anything to prevent that. I emailed her baby a couple weeks prior saying things like "i heard you've been feeling sick. We need you to hang in there because you are so loved and we cant wait to meet you"... I look forward to meeting her baby in Paradise. And i know you can't wait to have your baby back, too. God promises that he will undo all death and give us back our loved ones. (John 5:28,29).... all of the children who couldn't hang in there are no different. A life is a life. And God values all life, esp the little ones :) My heart goes out to you Desi. and i hope your dream of having your family sees fulfillment soon. Sending my love . . . and reminding you that God heals our broken hearts. Psalm 147:3 "He heals the brokenhearted; He binds up their wounds."


    TRALALITSA K21 dia atrás

    4 years trying for a baby and not going to doctor having exams is too much honey.. .Women need to visit doctor after 6 months or 1 year if they are very young. You should go earlier because when ages pass things are worse and more difficult . You should make all nececery exams and start medication. Dont loose any more time please!! Feeling bad and crying does not help, makes you worse. Nobody should ask these kind of questions.Wish you a baby the soonest possible!


    TRALALITSA K2 dias atrás

    +KennedyShae MUA it seems that you havent watched the whole video. The have visited RECENTLY a doctor...after they have been trying for years ...Doctors advice visiting a doctor 6months after trying if you are older and 1 year if you are very young.

  59. KennedyShae MUA

    KennedyShae MUA2 dias atrás

    If you would’ve listened to the whole video before offering up your ignorant opinion you would’ve realize that her and her husband have ALREADY went to the doctor and have had testing done.


    TRALALITSA K2 dias atrás

    +KennedyShae MUA Your opinion..Disgusting is when people ask.her when she is going to have a baby or of she is pregnant....not when somebody advices her to.visit a doctor the soonest possible..

  61. KennedyShae MUA

    KennedyShae MUA2 dias atrás

    Again, disgusting.

  62. Reem Ss

    Reem Ss21 dia atrás

    يا رب ترزقهم و ترزق كل محروم ♥️🙏🏻

  63. Suerieya Sey

    Suerieya Sey22 dias atrás

    Be strong desi! Your time will come God will bless you with a baby at the perfect time. You and Steven are such a beautiful couple. Stay strong and stay positive! I love you

  64. Neesie L

    Neesie L22 dias atrás

    Praying for you, myself and anyone else dealing with this 👏🏼

  65. maria luna

    maria luna22 dias atrás

    Desi, you got me crying. You are truly an inspiration of a strong woman! And I’m sure you’ve helped someone. U helped me be appreciative of the kiddos I do have. And God bless you

  66. Aroha Gaia

    Aroha Gaia22 dias atrás

    You will be a mum soon, I see that. Allow it to be and it will. 🙏🏼♥️

  67. Kyleigh Jepson

    Kyleigh Jepson23 dias atrás

    God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle .

  68. Hannah Karimi

    Hannah Karimi23 dias atrás


  69. Missprivina xoxoxo

    Missprivina xoxoxo23 dias atrás

    I cried for her and I hope that she will be pregnant one day !

  70. Hope Badten

    Hope Badten23 dias atrás

    Seeing this video has made me feel better in a way that I don't feel alone thank you so much for sharing this I know it probably wasn't easy at all...

  71. Hope Badten

    Hope Badten23 dias atrás

    2 miscarriages. I believe that everything happens for a reason as well.

  72. Yordaliza Checo

    Yordaliza Checo23 dias atrás

    I know this is a serious video butttt is anyone noticing the dog licking the bed in the beginning of the video lmao

  73. Meredith MOHLER

    Meredith MOHLER23 dias atrás


  74. ateCheca

    ateCheca24 dias atrás

    my gosh. This video was so scary and heartbreaking at the same time. Me & my boyfriend haven't tried to get pregnant, but I am in a steady relationship for quiet some time now, and we have both talked about starting a family and having babies, even our mothers wants grandkids also. And I am just terrified. What if I can't have babies, like something is wrong with me. I can't seem to go to the doctor to get a checkup because I'm so afraid if the results will be negative and I would be heartbroken and my life would be over. It's so scary, I sometimes can't sleep at night when my mind is just wild from thinking about it... I Pray that you and Steven will be blessed with children in the nearest future! You're a strong woman to share this with us. Thank you Desi.

  75. Lizbeth Gonzalez

    Lizbeth Gonzalez24 dias atrás

    Never say you lost your baby because you weren’t ready to be a mom ... I struggled for years trying to have a baby I cried and prayed to have a baby , I got frustrated with myself I thought I couldn’t have babies , I stopped trying and blaming myself ... But now I have my beautiful 3 month babygirl and girl I wasn’t ready Iam still not ready but Iam learning everyday how to be a mom . God has his plans for us and in perfect timing you’ll have your babies

  76. Mentyy2233

    Mentyy223324 dias atrás

    You, Alejandra (La Chula), Dulce Candy, Yasmin Valeyas (beauty bird),and Karely (KarelyVlogs) should have a coffee date!!! All of you are going through very similar situations,yet so different. ❤️🙏🏻

  77. Claudia Wang

    Claudia Wang24 dias atrás

    I have a friend who battled infertility 8 years and she pretty much gave up when God blessed her with a child and she just had her second baby this week and I’m not sure what God’s plan is for you, beautiful girl, but trust in Him and keep your head up. I have a friend who’s been trying to get pregnant for years and she’s my doula and I struggle to not feel guilty to have her help me deliver my baby because I want with all my heart that maybe it would be her instead of me but she said it’s alright and we are on different paths in life and I sincerely pray you get blessed with a family whether that looks like a biological baby or an adopted child who needs a loving home. I will be praying for you so much!!! xoxo 💋

  78. Claudia Wang

    Claudia Wang24 dias atrás

    Lord Jesus, this breaks my heart as I am pregnant with my second baby and I don’t know what it is like to go through something like this. I pray you are able to have peace and comfort and that God would embrace you with His love and purpose and that you and your husband would be blessed by the Lord in your life and continue to be the outgoing lovely person you are. Stay strong. xoxo 💋

  79. Sherry Wagih

    Sherry Wagih25 dias atrás

    Breaks my heart to see you cry. I feel for you and often talking about our issues out loud really helps us reflect on our thoughts and feelings, so well done. I pray for you that you encounter some good news soon Inshallah. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason my dear, and it will happen when the time is right. God bless you and Steven xxx

  80. Tanya Calderon

    Tanya Calderon25 dias atrás

    Praying for you guys. God is amazing and He will bless you guys.

  81. hinnyQ

    hinnyQ25 dias atrás

    You may or may not even get a chance to read this comment. But, I felt a sense of guilt watching your video. Not because I have asked your or anyone else in real life why they dont have children, but because I already have two kids (age 14 months and 2.5 yrs). I work full time outside of the home and mostly have to care for my kids as my husband works the swing shift and goes to school full time. It gets very overwhelming and stressful and most days I beg for a vacation away from them or try to find ways for my mom or siblings to help watch them. More recently, I had a pregnancy scare- a really real one- I took a pregnancy test which came back positive and I literally was so sad and depressed because I was using precautions and still I thought, HOW?!?! I was on the verge of waking up the next morning and calling into my doctor to terminate the pregnancy b/c I knew me and my husband couldn't handle a 3rd right now- or maybe ever. But, later that day- I somehow either had a miscarriage or my period came.I felt so much relief and now it makes me really sad to actually see someone so financially successful and thriving in her career- want what I took for granted. I am sorry you are having problems getting pregnant and I am sorry that you had to experience the lost of something that was going to bring you joy, but keep faith and know that when God deems, it will be.

  82. Stefani Feole Venatta

    Stefani Feole Venatta25 dias atrás

    I love you!!! God will bless you with a child one day and it'll happen at the best time for you and your husband in your lives. You'll be the best mom! Don't lose hope!

  83. Yazo0o7F

    Yazo0o7F25 dias atrás

    Have you done ultrasound, semen analysis, hormone tests... have u tried IVF? Go for it and hope that God can give you what u want to be happy

  84. Rossana Evaristo

    Rossana Evaristo25 dias atrás

    Be strong Desi. Your blessing soon will come.

  85. jd

    jd25 dias atrás

    This video breaks my heart. You are so brave and strong, I want you both to know that. I look up to people like you! You are full of love and I hope all these positive words from the other people who already commented make you realize that and feel you better. You will be gifted with kids and a happy family. I send you a lot of love and wish you all the best!

  86. Yasmine Nasri

    Yasmine Nasri25 dias atrás

    Thank you for this

  87. Sadies Houle

    Sadies Houle26 dias atrás

    This video really hit close to home.. However I was fortunate enough to have experienced pregnancy and giving birth and no one can ever take that away from me.. I was 17. The father gave me an ultimatum “me or the baby” I chose my baby. Then I had the opportunity to give her to someone who could give her the life I couldn’t. No matter how badly I wanted to keep her. I’ve always had strong maternal instincts. I’ve had to take care of my younger siblings at age 12 because all of the adults were drunk or passed out and drugged up.. I’ve taken care of baby cousins, nieces and nephews. So I so badly wanted to be mom when I had the chance.. but I had to be selfless for this precious life. I had to give her the best life even if I wasn’t personally giving it to her. I had some complications though during birth and labour. She got stuck in the canal and when she finally got out she’s healthy and alive thank God ❤️ unfortunately I lost a lot of blood and I had some other complications that now I may never have to chance to have another baby.. I know that feeling, when you psyche yourself out into believing that you’re pregnant then feeling disappointed when you’re not.. it’s heartbreaking. My biggest dream is to have a baby and to experience it with the love of my life.. but I’m still young so I try to tell myself that it’ll happen when it’s meant to. When I’m ready. I still believe it but there’s that little part of me that’s afraid it’ll never happen..

  88. The Youngs

    The Youngs26 dias atrás

    I am so sorry you have gone through this. Praying God's strength and comfort for you. I will say there are some women who go through this and then go on a ketogenic diet and get pregnant. Whatever path you choose, know that love will always be with you.

  89. Laura D

    Laura D26 dias atrás

    I am terrified I will have these same problems as my mum and dad tried for me for 10 years. The doctors told them they would never have kids....and then along I came!!! followed a couple years later by my little brother!. Never give hope hope Desi. You are an inspiration girl 😘xxxx

  90. Sonia Sarwar Lina

    Sonia Sarwar Lina26 dias atrás

    A big tight hug from a sister and lots of dua for you..Insha’allah you will be a mom very soon :)

  91. Agi Laan

    Agi Laan27 dias atrás

    I got a miscarriage in 9 weeks of my pregnancy (5 of my friends were pregnant at that time) ..... this pain of disappointment was indescribable I did not want to try anymore . and suddenly after a few years, a wonderful daughter appeared in the world. I wish you a lot of strength and faith in the future... for sure and you are to have your own little life a tiny miracle 💝💝

  92. Gaby Acevedo

    Gaby Acevedo27 dias atrás

    OMG! I'm crying so much right now! God bless her, bless her marriage, bless her body, bless her future family💙 You are such an amazing person, who inspires and motivates so much people! You'll be amazing parents, I know that for sure💙💙💙

  93. Karen Diaz

    Karen Diaz28 dias atrás

    God has a plan. My husband and I tried for 10 years and went through 3 miscarriages before our daughter was born. She goes off to college next month. I pray for you and your husband. We nearly divorced over the depression that resulted from the first miscarriage. I'm sorry for you but I believe your path will be revealed to you. Good luck and God bless!

  94. AnneLien1987

    AnneLien198728 dias atrás

    We have been trying for 4,5years. We gave up. We will never have children and that's OK now. We are happy together. We enjoy every moment together. I hope you'll find peace too. Try to live your life with your husband. It is still the most important thing ever. I was depressed too and cried everyday. Now I am happy again and you will too. Bless you.

  95. Charlotte Vanessa

    Charlotte Vanessa28 dias atrás


  96. Yolima Mont

    Yolima Mont29 dias atrás

    of course no one would like to have a miscarriage girly, aww desi you will have an opportunity to be a mom dont loose hope! wow the video clip made me cry!

  97. Shelby D

    Shelby D29 dias atrás

    Desi, I've always respected you and have loved your videos and I must say that after watching this I've gained an inevitable amount of respect for you. You're so strong and such a kind kind kind soul. I hope it happens for you soon because you deserve it you are going to be an amazing mom one day. You have such amazing morals and it's so refreshing to hear you talk about what you believe in. You got this girl stay strong and stay beautiful ❤️❤️

  98. Panj

    Panj29 dias atrás

    Crying hysterically @ 5:08

  99. Scarle's Corner

    Scarle's Corner29 dias atrás

    Tan bellaaa God will bless you with a baby and both of you will be amazing parents ❤️❤️ wish you lots of blessings ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  100. Diana Vargas

    Diana Vargas29 dias atrás

    ❤️I wish you and your husband the best.❤️

  101. Prata Kid

    Prata KidMês atrás

    Here’s these people popping out kids they don’t even want and good people like you can’t. It’ll come girl. Love you. Xoxo.

  102. Christina - LASHLOVE & Make Up

    Christina - LASHLOVE & Make UpMês atrás

    Sending you love, hope and strength ♥️ I’ll be keeping you in my prayers - I feel your pain, on my birthday this year we found out we was pregnant too but unfortunately I had a miscarriage - it was only early on and I can’t compare to what you have gone through but I know it’s soul destroying and really hard to refocus x ♥️

  103. prussianroyalty

    prussianroyaltyMês atrás

    Dont make it public.. the disappointment is putting so much stress on you...Please share your love to babies without families.. channel that love to release any negativities.. Being mom doesnt mean having a baby.. Sharing your time and love can give that feeling to you...

  104. prussianroyalty

    prussianroyaltyMês atrás

    to vlog nd be pregnant will be stressful in some ways.. rest is required when you are pregnant...Aspirin a day can make you get pregnant easier...

  105. prussianroyalty

    prussianroyaltyMês atrás

    just take care of yourself.. do things for orphans.. your own child will happen if it is really going to happen.. There are many unwanted preganancies... be around babies without homes....share that love you have to them.. you will do just fine...Be a mom to some orphans even by just being around them... just to feel like a mom...