Harry Styles - Adore You (Live on The Graham Norton Show)


  1. moonlight hellen

    moonlight hellen5 horas atrás

    ai mds sou apaixonada

  2. Bianna Hay

    Bianna Hay8 horas atrás

    Hearing this live gave me literal chills, he has such a talented voice 😭

  3. yong music

    yong music17 horas atrás

    I love you Harry styles 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍💋

  4. Vanessa Oliv.

    Vanessa Oliv.22 horas atrás

    Veio que estilo brega 😆😆, põe uma roupa de gente, pelo amor de Deus

  5. Ms

    MsDia atrás

    Awesome vocals in this one

  6. Gabriela Salvador

    Gabriela SalvadorDia atrás

    Definitivamente este es el camino Harry❤️

  7. Chi Do

    Chi DoDia atrás

    Te amo Harry😊

  8. yourmajestyshannon

    yourmajestyshannonDia atrás


  9. María José Estay Osses

    María José Estay Osses2 dias atrás

    I love this song. He is Looking good. Doesnt matter what kind of clothes he is wearing, cuz his energy makes all shine! :)

  10. Poças Lol

    Poças Lol2 dias atrás

    Top top 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  11. Klimt Kahlo

    Klimt Kahlo2 dias atrás

    Love that he has three women and three men on his band. He pleases anyone from 5 to 105!!!

  12. Jessica

    Jessica2 dias atrás

    We dont deserve Harry. That's why he's such a beautiful gift!!

  13. Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit

    Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit3 dias atrás

    And the sound of this song music also really really very god, I really really very liked too

  14. Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit

    Vita Violetta Puspita. Pipit3 dias atrás

    I wear a new headseat, Harry's voice in this performance is really really very God, once of that there's powerfull voice

  15. jessih lima

    jessih lima3 dias atrás

    Amooo 😍

  16. Angelique Sweetman

    Angelique Sweetman4 dias atrás

    God, i feel like a teenager again. This song...i can't even stop listening to it. and the video story with it is so inventive.

  17. Toño Gomez

    Toño Gomez4 dias atrás

    He's so handsome

  18. shirley leen

    shirley leen4 dias atrás

    Love this song




  20. Maria Medina

    Maria Medina4 dias atrás

    when did he get so gorgeous?

  21. The Tran Life - Cuộc Sống Mỹ

    The Tran Life - Cuộc Sống Mỹ5 dias atrás

    I just discovered him and I adore his music. He can definitely sing live

  22. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark5 dias atrás

    Anyone know why SNL deleted the watermelon sugar video??

  23. hesf4ever

    hesf4ever3 dias atrás

    SNL deletes their performances after sometime. Someone posted a copy of theirs.....

  24. JoJi OuShi

    JoJi OuShi5 dias atrás

    I love all the "Adore You" performances tbh

  25. Nicole Danni

    Nicole Danni5 dias atrás


  26. ge -

    ge -5 dias atrás

    A light in the vast darkness of corporate fast food music. Hopefully he is the harbinger of change.

  27. Dian R Fadhilla

    Dian R Fadhilla5 dias atrás

    harry got the best band in the world

  28. Andrea Aviléz

    Andrea Aviléz5 dias atrás

    Sigues igual de hermosooo chulo preciosooo,♥️😍

  29. BananaSandwich

    BananaSandwich5 dias atrás

    Heard this on the radio.. thought it was a catchy hook.. as expected, total repetitive trash.

  30. Luci Ferra

    Luci Ferra5 dias atrás

    Harry, I just wanna tell you something , lately you’ve been on my mind... (all the time...) Harry, I’d walk through fire for you , just let me adore you... (please...)

  31. Helena Hanley

    Helena Hanley6 dias atrás

    Just noticed he is wearing nail polish🤭💅

  32. Suzanne Pinca

    Suzanne Pinca6 dias atrás

    Best Live Performance of Adore You ❤

  33. Elisabete Poeiras

    Elisabete Poeiras6 dias atrás

    I love this live even more that the studio version, can't wait to May to see him live im gonna dye

  34. Elisabete Poeiras

    Elisabete Poeiras6 dias atrás

    He looks sad

  35. Shannon Nelson

    Shannon Nelson6 dias atrás

    He is super talented and creative, not to mention adorable. He is an origional in a Xerox world. Love him❤

  36. Edith Tat

    Edith Tat6 dias atrás

    I love this. He is TOO ICONIC. 😭🙌

  37. alleyne nowa

    alleyne nowa6 dias atrás

    Me encanta su voz 😮💙

  38. avocado toast is peng

    avocado toast is peng6 dias atrás

    Adoring u is the only thing I’ll ever do

  39. teytey

    teytey7 dias atrás


  40. Josefina Cabrera

    Josefina Cabrera7 dias atrás



    SAM DAUPHIN7 dias atrás

    I love this song ! Oh my goshhhh this my shit ... Harry is a genius love he album

  42. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 dias atrás

    An de kine ah fren who always tryin to palm she men off on me. It mean dem eh no good like you if you eh want dem.

  43. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 dias atrás

    Yes awww, de kine ah fren who go wait until i reach yuh doorstep to start gettin ready to go out. An de kine ah fren who will make wax appts an make me wait for an ooowah an more becorse you now start to set up an opum up when i reach. An de kine ah fren who go tief from me an tief my money. Fuck you an yuh tainted frenship.

  44. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 dias atrás

    Yes you taught me how to hate and to not give a fuck.

  45. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 dias atrás

    Fix yuh face. Is jus ah game.

  46. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 dias atrás

    Do gah dogah dogah dogah dogah

  47. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 dias atrás

    Ko ko ko ko tallrigh tallrigh tallrigh

  48. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 dias atrás

    Start start start start yes yes yes. No means yes and stop means start.

  49. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 dias atrás

    No you did not want to tell me because you were too busy playing to evum care.

  50. m g

    m g7 dias atrás

    He wears one of the most weirdest clothes I've ever seen, but, surprisingly, he looks hot... Mmmmm... Interesting...

  51. Lauren Sinclaire

    Lauren Sinclaire7 dias atrás

    his drummer literally kills it every damn time someone tell me this girls NAME

  52. msfabulous242

    msfabulous2427 dias atrás

    Lauren Sinclaire Sarah Jones. Pillowperson (or something like that) on Insta

  53. Ess Mcdonald

    Ess Mcdonald8 dias atrás

    That little look-away-head-bob ... yeah, someone totally practiced that.

  54. Electronic Battlefield

    Electronic Battlefield8 dias atrás

    The real star here is that Prophet 6

  55. Stephanie Specht

    Stephanie Specht9 dias atrás

    I'm a new fan of Harry's and every video I watch makes me "adore" him more. Wow, he has heavenly vocals. I would love to see him do a Christmas album.

  56. DEMITRE Jimi

    DEMITRE Jimi9 dias atrás

    Wanna be...Bowie

  57. Manny Riv

    Manny Riv2 dias atrás

    Yep, don't forget DiCaprio, Depp, Jagger, Elvis, Picasso, Warhol, Hemingway, Shakespeare and a few more. I would keep going but you wouldn't be able to handle all that HaterAID, too much drink for ya. LOL!

  58. msfabulous242

    msfabulous2427 dias atrás

    DEMITRE Jimi dude can you blame him. We all wanna be Bowie. An excellent person to emulate.

  59. Unebrune

    Unebrune9 dias atrás

    I love Harry 😍😍

  60. jxannias

    jxannias9 dias atrás


  61. Faze Storm Richman

    Faze Storm Richman9 dias atrás

    For fucks sake John Wick, this isn’t what they meant when they said you should change careers.

  62. Tinker Bell19

    Tinker Bell199 dias atrás


  63. วิทวัส คู่สุวรรณกุล

    วิทวัส คู่สุวรรณกุล9 dias atrás

    I love bass sound

  64. Ddd Nnn

    Ddd Nnn9 dias atrás

    awesome voice.. try some rock instead of this shit.

  65. Annipanni28

    Annipanni286 dias atrás

    @Ddd Nnn Anytime 😉

  66. Ddd Nnn

    Ddd Nnn6 dias atrás

    @Annipanni28 Thats more like it..lol. Thanks.

  67. Annipanni28

    Annipanni286 dias atrás

    He did. And went very well :) Check out these songs: Kiwi, Only Angel, Medicine...