"He's Doing Nothing While Staring At Himself In The Mirror!" | Hell's Kitchen


  1. Andrew White

    Andrew White12 horas atrás

    "Under pressure," song plays.

  2. josh grissom

    josh grissom11 dias atrás

    Sadly I dont think I've ever had any of the food they cook on here lol

  3. Jugger naut

    Jugger naut14 dias atrás

    ramsey, as their big idol, should teach them not to loose temper like a little brat. wtf, then they go home and act like him too, like an asshole

  4. Katelyn Villegas

    Katelyn Villegas17 dias atrás

    I would go to this restaurant just to see Gordon tbh not for the food 🤔

  5. Elsa Bal

    Elsa Bal23 dias atrás

    Damn & I thought my boss was bad 😬😬😬yikes

  6. Triantalex

    Triantalex28 dias atrás

    Title is wrong.

  7. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrMês atrás

    DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrMês atrás

    LOL And..................... Frank

  9. Tomáš Burian

    Tomáš BurianMês atrás

    1:33 Gordon Ramsay serving as an artillery officer during Battle of the Somme, 1916

  10. Frederik the Wolfman

    Frederik the WolfmanMês atrás

    He deserves a high five! In the face. With a chair.

  11. Magnetic Hawk656

    Magnetic Hawk656Mês atrás

    Fiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrreeeeee 😠😤😡😤🤬🤬🤬🤬👿👹☠️

  12. Shisui San

    Shisui SanMês atrás

    ROEket science

  13. S

    SMês atrás

    0:41 I miss my girlfriend...

  14. Pocketcraft006

    Pocketcraft006Mês atrás

    What tv show is this

  15. Kaze Vongola

    Kaze VongolaMês atrás

    "I try to look good, feel good and cook good." Well Frank, I have some bad news for you...

  16. gamewizard I

    gamewizard I20 dias atrás

    Frank's hot, If you dont shut the fuck up girlfriend I'll cut ya

  17. Melanie Cape Town

    Melanie Cape TownMês atrás

    Watching these episodes makes me feel tense and anxious... Such chaos.


    LYFE SMACKMês atrás

    Imagine being the dishwasher here

  19. Sky Killer

    Sky KillerMês atrás

    @ 0:53 she looks sleep deprived as shit

  20. Zippity Zop

    Zippity ZopMês atrás

    Don't look good. BE GOOD. stupid ass pretty boy

  21. multi _blink

    multi _blinkMês atrás

    I swear the cares bout the food more than the chefs! 😂

  22. j j

    j jMês atrás

    i wonder what methadone clinic they found ashley crawling out of

  23. Mr. Krabs He Was Number One

    Mr. Krabs He Was Number OneMês atrás

    Why do they keep adding clips from the least popular season of the show? Sterling makes this season and no one else

  24. DemTraHD

    DemTraHDMês atrás

    Even the narrator is a savage.

  25. andy bowmaster

    andy bowmasterMês atrás

    OK so 2 persons have a Romantic date and they just hear YOU DONKEY ISNT THAT ROMANTIC

  26. Karthikeya Ceelam

    Karthikeya CeelamMês atrás

    Am I Dreaming or did GR just say Delicious Risotto at 1:54

  27. Dinner-fork tongue

    Dinner-fork tongue20 dias atrás

    1:23 too, incase you missed it.

  28. Nebulum

    NebulumMês atrás

    He did

  29. Mike Petek Jr

    Mike Petek JrMês atrás

    FRANK like a police officer, lmao

  30. Michael Diekmann

    Michael DiekmannMês atrás

    Frank, NINO would have pictures of you looking good no matter how you look right now.

  31. Harrison Moeller

    Harrison MoellerMês atrás

    Sounds a bit like Roger Craig Smith as the narrator

  32. Alexx Stanner

    Alexx StannerMês atrás

    Click bate like a MF

  33. Lucian Blackreign

    Lucian BlackreignMês atrás

    Lamb sauce is what goes in my mind

  34. Step Anie

    Step AnieMês atrás

    What season is this?

  35. Johnnie Bee

    Johnnie BeeMês atrás

    wow it's way better with the fucking cursing

  36. Sailor Sedna

    Sailor SednaMês atrás

    That "FIRE" Ramsay says at 1:33, sounds like he's using a Konami Laserscope. 😂😂😂

  37. Rushy

    RushyMês atrás

    Wow, he just shot down a duck by saying fuck

  38. Alesha Senior

    Alesha SeniorMês atrás

    "He's doing fuck all" == "he's doing nothing", lmaooo

  39. Michael Woll

    Michael WollMês atrás

    Is that all they Serve, Risotto? I've never had it in my Life.... we call it Rice.

  40. ILLEST不快

    ILLEST不快Mês atrás

    1:33 When Chef Ramsey listens to my music

  41. alex dhroso

    alex dhrosoMês atrás

    ''I've cooked thousands of risottos in my life'' Me:Ahh shit here we go again Gordon:Delicious risotto Me again:All....right?

  42. B. Walsh

    B. WalshMês atrás

    What season is this?

  43. Jeremiah Moreira

    Jeremiah MoreiraMês atrás

    "I like to try to look good, feel good, I cook good." Has to be the most retarded thing I've heard all day

  44. tatsuo71

    tatsuo71Mês atrás

    There will always be that one person that will say, “It’s not rocket science.”

  45. alex Sircus

    alex SircusMês atrás

    They like to think they are a team but they are always putting each other down. Trying to get them disqualified. Not a team in my book

  46. STaurus Girl9.o

    STaurus Girl9.oMês atrás

    No more Nino, lets welcome, Frank.

  47. James

    JamesMês atrás

    Relax Gordon, he's just surprised that he sees a failure in the mirror

  48. CopperBeard

    CopperBeardMês atrás

    1:33 When you close to busting a nut

  49. A guy named something

    A guy named somethingMês atrás

    Frank the type of passenger to misalign your rearview mirror every time you exit the vehicle. Use the visor mirror bro.

  50. Manly_thanos _321

    Manly_thanos _321Mês atrás

    Falco and fox in super smash bros. 1:33

  51. Sirocco The Hunter

    Sirocco The HunterMês atrás

    0:41 20 seconds after hooking up with a chick

  52. Nether Dominater

    Nether DominaterMês atrás

    "Tastes delicious, but way too much" That's the easiest I've seen Gordon go on someone for anything on Hells Kitchen

  53. ClassicBaconSquad :3

    ClassicBaconSquad :3Mês atrás

    Maybe his thinking about life while looking in the mirror, his probably thinking : " What am I doing with life with Gordon Ramsay here."

  54. Sonny Dee

    Sonny DeeMês atrás

    How difficult is it to make a salad? Seriously, there are at least 7 cooks and they can't make a salad?

  55. Muhammad Irfan Noor Azman

    Muhammad Irfan Noor AzmanMês atrás

    Gordon should be a GUNNERY SERGANT

  56. Rowdy Rob Gaming

    Rowdy Rob GamingMês atrás

    Wow kalen shows she doesn’t belong in the background of another video

  57. Asashi

    AsashiMês atrás

    Even the Narrator thinks Frank is a jackass.

  58. NDHFilms

    NDHFilmsMês atrás


  59. Alejandro Gamers

    Alejandro GamersMês atrás

    The five words you never want to hear in your life All of you come here

  60. Condud1

    Condud1Mês atrás

    1:47 my favourite sound effect on this show

  61. George Michael Uragayoon

    George Michael UragayoonMês atrás

    I'll comeback later,im too early for the comments 😂😂

  62. Snake

    SnakeMês atrás

    but we got the lamb sauce now.. we good.

  63. Duncan Dragoneel

    Duncan DragoneelMês atrás

    Did anyone else read the title in Gordon’s voice

  64. Streetboyz

    StreetboyzMês atrás

    3:47 Adam Ferrara from topgear!