Here's Why the Ferrari Portofino Is Worth $250,000


  1. Jakob

    Jakob5 horas atrás

    Beautiful display of an american witch an lacking display of the climate at 9:15 (yeah the climate its just something that are and its my human right to pollute all I want and when i want) How weird that they just turn down the motor if it's running for no reason.. not quite' they need to implement stuff like this in some European countries in the approach to take some responsibility for our planet. Here in Denmark, you can be fined for letting you car motors run in idle and it's down to polluting or the risk of people stealing it.

  2. Brendan Obrien

    Brendan Obrien11 horas atrás

    The seats are for insurance like the I8 or GTR

  3. Bo Dez

    Bo Dez22 horas atrás

    Doug is Clarkson, Hammond and May all in one person.

  4. Tiago Scalioni

    Tiago ScalioniDia atrás

    Hey Doug, wanna go bowling? Roman

  5. Robert Valerio

    Robert ValerioDia atrás

    Doug is having fun with all these comments.

  6. Flavio Baracho

    Flavio BarachoDia atrás

    Essa é bonita porto fino

  7. 91myumyu

    91myumyu2 dias atrás

    Doug is the type of guy to do his Doug score on an Excel sheet for a BRreporter video in 2019

  8. Sean Apodaca

    Sean Apodaca2 dias atrás

    I think he said 413 torque . I don’t think that’s correct.

  9. bobby beanz

    bobby beanz2 dias atrás

    doug is the kind of guy the more expensive the car he reviews, the more annoyingly smug his voice becomes

  10. OGI I

    OGI I2 dias atrás

    This so called "engineering wizardry" of opposite trunk open to fit the roof inside is nothing new, or surprising, see Peugeot 307 cc for an example...

  11. Mohammad Abdul Muqeet

    Mohammad Abdul Muqeet2 dias atrás

    Doug looks comfortable sitting in the back seat

  12. Felice Graziano

    Felice Graziano2 dias atrás

    Can you set the satnav to take you to a Ferrari theme park, of which there are two in the world, in Spain and the UAE?

  13. L'America Pictorial

    L'America Pictorial3 dias atrás

    The Carbonazarre from GTAV

  14. Ryan Angkasa

    Ryan Angkasa3 dias atrás

    Does it have air suspension?

  15. le m

    le m4 dias atrás

    Cause it doubles as a lighter? Need to light up? Just wait for the Ferrari to warm up and viola, fire everywhere! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. getbenzd

    getbenzd4 dias atrás

    They copied the trunk hinge operation of the SC430.

  17. Autopia Alana Lewis

    Autopia Alana Lewis4 dias atrás

    Doug is the kind of guy to fart then say excuse me when NO one's around.😂

  18. rdizzo1313

    rdizzo13135 dias atrás

    Also when your sitting in back it reminds me of Cameron Frye from Ferris Buellers Day Off! 😂🤣

  19. rdizzo1313

    rdizzo13135 dias atrás

    The Auto Shut Off is to prevent over heating in the engine bay.

  20. rdizzo1313

    rdizzo13135 dias atrás

    That “Entry Level” Ferrari looks better than most of their line.... Im in on this one! 👌🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾

  21. Michael Devaney

    Michael Devaney5 dias atrás

    that a very "meh" ferrari

  22. lex mark

    lex mark5 dias atrás

    Doug those back seats of are meant for kids you idiot not for boneheads like you

  23. wendell worth

    wendell worth5 dias atrás

    They may "COST" that kind of money, but no Ferrari has ever been "WORTH" that kind of money.

  24. Connor Mathias

    Connor Mathias5 dias atrás

    Nothing like a violent explosion right behind your head to keep you safe.

  25. Cinalaya

    Cinalaya6 dias atrás

    This car is so 'quirky'

  26. Don Xeon

    Don Xeon6 dias atrás

    HEY DOUGIE !!! I was wondering if you could do the Ferrari 288 GTO ??? That would be great!!

  27. delbroox

    delbroox6 dias atrás

    ahaha Yes Ferrari and Enzo Ferrari Museums are different, the first is just the 'regular' museum in Maranello, the second one is built in the house where he lived where later on a new huge structure has been added

  28. Trav Nebula

    Trav Nebula7 dias atrás

    Doug's the type of guy to search for "two windows one switch" on pornhub

  29. juan arcila

    juan arcila7 dias atrás

    f430 has a better looking exterior and even looks more modern. that's sad.

  30. Rob

    Rob7 dias atrás

    199 Mph? The engine engineer couldn’t eek out that other 1mph? I hear he went crazy 😜

  31. Charlton Bolden

    Charlton Bolden7 dias atrás

    It's too expensive though!

  32. Charlton Bolden

    Charlton Bolden7 dias atrás

    I wish I had one!

  33. Charlton Bolden

    Charlton Bolden7 dias atrás

    I love it!

  34. Brad Kurtz

    Brad Kurtz7 dias atrás

    What do you mean, "you want to be comprehensive"? You NEVER double cover stuff on different cars, but you should. BE CONSISTENT!

  35. Kaveen Sasikaran

    Kaveen Sasikaran7 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who hates the new Ferraris designe ?

  36. u666sa

    u666sa7 dias atrás

    I don't find it to be cooler than let's say a corvette or gt350 or a nissan.

  37. Carlos Santiago

    Carlos Santiago8 dias atrás

    The workmanship of my Porsche is so much better than this Ferrari.

  38. Chong posts

    Chong posts8 dias atrás

    I love

  39. Yang Chen

    Yang Chen8 dias atrás

    Nice Vette

  40. george luckaas

    george luckaas4 dias atrás


  41. PLAY_HRD

    PLAY_HRD8 dias atrás

    "Cars ask Doug to review them", said Chuck Norris

  42. person guy

    person guy8 dias atrás

    4-seater? more like 2.5-seater.

  43. Alex Butakov

    Alex Butakov8 dias atrás

    Fuck it Dude, let's go bowling

  44. Meet Sable

    Meet Sable9 dias atrás

    He is living in dreams

  45. Ivan Ivanov

    Ivan Ivanov9 dias atrás

    Roof is not that impressing ,same type of operation on my 10 years old Bmw


    BIG CHUNGUS9 dias atrás

    Who thinks that the back of this car's back is like the one from the fake ferrari from GTA5

  47. John A

    John A10 dias atrás

    Yet again, have to go to very end of vid to get proper look of the front of this car. Detecting an unwelcome pattern with these DD reviews. Too much ass and rear quarter, not enough full frontal...

  48. John Follis

    John Follis10 dias atrás

    Get a track!!

  49. Drak Václav

    Drak Václav10 dias atrás

    i've seen it in person and it looks absolutely magnificent


    2GRIPZ CRUISER10 dias atrás

    YOU TOLD US THIS IS BETTER IN EVERY WAY..YOU ALSO TOLD US THE California does 0-60 in 3.3 sec. This car is 0-60 3.5 how is that better?

  51. scott Gibson

    scott Gibson11 dias atrás

    Doug the type of guy that jerks off and taste his own cum

  52. Akuma_808

    Akuma_80811 dias atrás

    Give me 5 years, I promise, I will own this car. And Doug with do a review on "How has the Portofinodone after done after 5 years" and it will be my car. I was thinking a gallarado but.... This car is just....

  53. Rat Boy

    Rat Boy11 dias atrás

    *Bowling Centers*

  54. PanameraGuitar@yt

    PanameraGuitar@yt11 dias atrás

    Nobody reads the manual

  55. Conscious Robot

    Conscious Robot12 dias atrás

    I agree about the simple clean look. It's vey smooth and elegant and it's relative proportions are perfect. That's not something we see much anymore with new cars.

  56. currypac

    currypac12 dias atrás

    Dear Doug, Is there an expensive car you don't like ???

  57. Chris Lemaster

    Chris Lemaster13 dias atrás

    Does The Portofino have P/S?

  58. Chris Lemaster

    Chris Lemaster13 dias atrás

    An Actual Ferrari I would drive.

  59. Erin Dinneen

    Erin Dinneen13 dias atrás

    Love your videos and reviews. Especially your NZ Tee Shirt in this one.

  60. Subbing me is a good idea

    Subbing me is a good idea13 dias atrás

    Pretty much a fast box on wheels

  61. Vern Abris

    Vern Abris13 dias atrás

    back part of the car look same with mazda tho

  62. Sourav Ray Chaudhuri

    Sourav Ray Chaudhuri14 dias atrás

    2:58 Shift gears based on the engine sound. Why need lights to show it?

  63. Ayrton Senna

    Ayrton Senna14 dias atrás

    Doug is the kind of guy....any ways red Barbie car

  64. Fjsusj Daves

    Fjsusj Daves14 dias atrás

    Honda Ridgeline

  65. gosekinz

    gosekinz14 dias atrás

    Nice shirt Doug! 😉

  66. Ripster

    Ripster14 dias atrás


  67. Wat Dis

    Wat Dis14 dias atrás

    I'll bet the Portofino got a nice bump in sales after this vid.

  68. Walter Daniels

    Walter Daniels14 dias atrás

    $200k and no cooled seats? Ferrari should know better

  69. Tim D

    Tim D14 dias atrás

    God this guy sucks. Thumbs the fuck down

  70. Sibtain Ali

    Sibtain Ali14 dias atrás

    You should definitely review bikes also, Harley's sports bikes and what not

  71. Vahe Salibian

    Vahe Salibian16 dias atrás

    Why is there dirt under your nails, when we get closeups to things you point to, we should see clean fingernails, don't you think so?

  72. Worldwide Wyatt

    Worldwide Wyatt16 dias atrás

    Doug is the type of guy to put mayonnaise on the bottom and miracle whip on the top piece of bread in a tomato sandwich.

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    Lucho loves16 dias atrás

    I'll subscribe to your channel if you subscribe to me

  74. zsooo86

    zsooo8616 dias atrás

    I can only compare the beauty of this automobile to the emotion that you feel as you cross a room full of people to talk to a woman that is way above your class. Your heart is racing with every step and you are about to chicken out. She looks at you and this IT. This numbness when you are ready to do anything. This is how beautiful this car is.

  75. Oscar Cheng

    Oscar Cheng17 dias atrás

    23:08 my house up there

  76. john boe

    john boe17 dias atrás

    Hey Ferrari made a c7 Corvette zr1 but more Italian

  77. Mikey likes video games

    Mikey likes video games17 dias atrás

    FH4 needs this car!

  78. OldManTenno

    OldManTenno17 dias atrás

    Deployable roll bar... for blowing the back of the head off of anyone unfortunate to actually sit in the back seat.

  79. Mac deep

    Mac deep17 dias atrás

    250k dollars sounds so nice 😂😂 when we are paying more than 500k dollars in India for guys are so lucky

  80. casual35

    casual3517 dias atrás

    The roll bar mechanism doesn't wash for me. It's right at the back of the passenger's head and if deployed, it will kill them, no?

  81. Zander N.

    Zander N.18 dias atrás

    Ferrari provolone cheese

  82. Haroun Ben

    Haroun Ben18 dias atrás

    Every avenue, every corner, every neighborhood, house, and tree that Doug drove to and happened to appear in this video is completely burnt! Is that a message to nail him to the cross?

  83. Jason D.

    Jason D.19 dias atrás

    Does it come in Black? So cops don't see me saving people in the middle of the night.

  84. josuke higashikata

    josuke higashikata19 dias atrás

    I wish I could check cars on you tube

  85. Nicholas Mascagno

    Nicholas Mascagno19 dias atrás

    Love your channel and am extremely jealous of your "job". a couple cars i'd love to see you review; a ferrari 360 challenge stradale. since you had a standard 360, id love to hear your thoughts on a CS especially since it was sort of the first trackday focused special cars. youve done the 430 scud. i want to see the CS! the new durango SRT. you did the jeep trackhawk which is my dream for a daddy wagon, but id like to see the durango SRT with "only" 475 hp. thanks, keep up the good work!


    MÄŤHĘ MÁGÌČŠ19 dias atrás

    18:50 ..... What the heck are you doing before even the Dawn and how come so much sunlight at night?


    MÄŤHĘ MÁGÌČŠ19 dias atrás

    Doug the type of guy to give his wife a Doug score and compare her with Mia....

  88. Attila Fighter

    Attila Fighter20 dias atrás

    Doug the type of guy drives Ferrari in off road

  89. Agent piggles

    Agent piggles21 dia atrás

    when u gunna review a laferrari

  90. Agent piggles

    Agent piggles21 dia atrás

    miami is full of these

  91. Dionis Stratrov

    Dionis Stratrov21 dia atrás

    Doug is the type of guy who knows all the blank switches in every car.

  92. C. Lassen

    C. Lassen22 dias atrás

    My God, it's beautiful :-) Still my favorite, is the mighty LaFerrari

  93. Senpai Samir

    Senpai Samir22 dias atrás

    Doug is a type of guy that doesnt wear pants but shorts

  94. Gavin Robinson

    Gavin Robinson22 dias atrás

    Hmm, the trunk opening on both sides is pretty cool, I've only seen it in my 2008 Chrysler Sebring before

  95. bron lebron

    bron lebron23 dias atrás

    Doug type of guy who dislikes his own videos

  96. BonzoBonanza

    BonzoBonanza24 dias atrás

    Dougscore starts at 22:37

  97. Kenneth Ferns

    Kenneth Ferns24 dias atrás

    *Buy* that -SOON-

  98. Brad P

    Brad P24 dias atrás

    Did they have to buy the Portofino name from Lamborghini?

  99. julius p

    julius p25 dias atrás

    I'm picking mine this monday...

  100. ace boogie

    ace boogie25 dias atrás

    Is it just me or does this look like a pontiac solstice from the side

  101. R1Willem

    R1Willem25 dias atrás

    Great, now I want one...