Here's Why the Ferrari Portofino Is Worth $250,000


  1. Yogesh Rohit

    Yogesh RohitHora atrás

    Please review Aston Martin one77

  2. Austrian Economics

    Austrian Economics11 horas atrás

    I’ve never been so attracted to any vehicle in my life.

  3. Jacob Fulmer

    Jacob Fulmer15 horas atrás

    Ooh, nice, at least my quarter-million-dollar Ferrari has space for a child's seat...

  4. Mohannad Farhoud

    Mohannad FarhoudDia atrás

    style 8 of 10 .. I've never seen a car as beautiful as this !!!

  5. Mario Tuzzo

    Mario TuzzoDia atrás

    The Ferrari Portofino, is my favorite kind of Ferrari. It may not be a grand tour or very fast car. But to me, it's a very comfortable car to drive in all day which makes it a very nice Cruiser. Other than that, you always do a very good job reviewing these cars.

  6. mybenzc230

    mybenzc2304 dias atrás

    The convertible top operation is the same as 2007 Volkswagen EOS. Ferrari copied Volkswagen


    FUCKING KILL ME4 dias atrás

    69, nice...

  8. Austin

    Austin5 dias atrás

    Lol I thought he made a mistake when he said "4 seater" early in the video.

  9. Pranav Kurapati

    Pranav Kurapati5 dias atrás

    Hey Doug! You should review the Land Rover discovery and the dodge challenger

  10. theodore petrop

    theodore petrop6 dias atrás

    @Doug DeMuro i guess that the auto turn off of the car is about preventing driver's death because of the fumes in case he has lost his senses in his garage while his car is on idle mode. But ok it is strange

  11. epicRED

    epicRED8 dias atrás

    Rollbars are not deployed by an explosion like airbags but rather a spring loaded system...idk how other countries manage it but in Germany rollover bars have to be tested bevor being sold and you can't test a system with an exploding part and reset it so you are sure it'll work...

  12. epicRED

    epicRED8 dias atrás

    Should have used blue lights first and red ones when its time to always resembled attention!

  13. joker_XD

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    Who came here from David vlogs? 😁✋

  14. El Doriân

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    he didn't het the portofino yuu moren

  15. Jacob Solan

    Jacob Solan9 dias atrás

    “Better than the Cali T in every way”...... But what about the wheels Doug?

  16. Andres Rivera

    Andres Rivera12 dias atrás

    Love your channel Doug!

  17. pleappleappleap

    pleappleappleap12 dias atrás

    An analog speedometer is easier to read than a digital one.

  18. pleappleappleap

    pleappleappleap12 dias atrás

    Who the fuck moves their hands away from the wheel to reach the turn signal stalk?

  19. pleappleappleap

    pleappleappleap13 dias atrás

    No cooled seats?

  20. pleappleappleap

    pleappleappleap13 dias atrás

    What if I want the front window 3/4 of the way down and the rear window 1/3 of the way down?

  21. Jay Mac

    Jay Mac14 dias atrás

    I could love a Ferrari so much. Gorgeous and reliable luxury sports car and little depreciation

  22. knowell mapanga

    knowell mapanga14 dias atrás

    Stop picking on Doug...awesome videos mate!!!

  23. chrisone

    chrisone15 dias atrás

    Thanks Doug. I wanted to buy one but was afraid that $250,000 was a little too cheap for a sports car.

  24. Charjed - Tryhard Noobie on Fortnite & More!

    Charjed - Tryhard Noobie on Fortnite & More!16 dias atrás

    This a v8 tc while lambo huracan v10 t

  25. zook dom

    zook dom16 dias atrás

    I bet you would be surprised how many rich house wives want a baby seat in their Ferrari, if you think about it. Ferrari must have had enough complaints to add the baby seat attachment :p

  26. BlueEyesDanDragon

    BlueEyesDanDragon17 dias atrás

    Its 500K Aus, fucking hell....

  27. Malik Manson

    Malik Manson18 dias atrás

    You gotta do that karma revero

  28. Paul Bickley

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    Yep, not bad... This I like... Except for the tan seats...

  29. Eduardo Lazaga

    Eduardo Lazaga20 dias atrás

    Great for daily driver

  30. Nicholas Masser

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    Everyone now... “Come together... riggghhhtttt nowwww... over me.”

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    Can you Guess Who Is Doug DeMuro ?

  32. Mario Amalfitano

    Mario Amalfitano21 dia atrás

    16:05 .... Ummmm really don’t like the rear bumper, reminds me of the one on an old Saab. Actually prefer the rear look of the California T .... 16:27.

  33. Mattia Gnoato

    Mattia Gnoato18 dias atrás

    Mario Amalfitano I too

  34. danger450

    danger45021 dia atrás

    "Engineering Wizardry" = They copied Mercedes, from 2002, when they did a dual opening, scissor-hinge trunk on the SL-Series, to facilitate the new hardtop convertible on the SL. Which Mercedes did first on on the SLK-Series in 1996, the first European retracting hardtop, at least in several decades, if not forever.

  35. danger450

    danger45021 dia atrás

  36. danger450

    danger45021 dia atrás

  37. Elpresidente Elperez

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    Doug is the type of guy who has Mechanophilia on his Toyota Echo.

  38. Virgile Payard

    Virgile Payard23 dias atrás

    What's that white car on a trailer at 19:01

  39. Tyler MacDonald

    Tyler MacDonald23 dias atrás

    I love how the car is a Ferrari that’s 200k, has crazy features and even goes 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. But yet a $70,000 model 3 performance could probably beat it in a drag race.

  40. Skill Sessions

    Skill Sessions24 dias atrás

    California was a MUCH better-looking car.

  41. anti/HUMAN Designs

    anti/HUMAN Designs25 dias atrás

    The 458 Italia is my fav ferrari, perhaps favourite car overall, mainly because of how beautiful it looks (and sounds). This one also looks really nice, though.

  42. anti/HUMAN Designs

    anti/HUMAN Designs18 dias atrás

    +Malik Manson Yeah, tough call. :/

  43. Malik Manson

    Malik Manson18 dias atrás

    anti/HUMAN Designs what about the 488

  44. Pseudo Soul

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    This Ferrari is beautiful!

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    Doug; the type of guy who drives an ice cream truck made out of human skulls.

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    Me at 2am

  47. Kee Zee

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    Ferrari hybrid?!?! Yuck ! No thank you.

  48. bodleianpark

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    I would buy an SL65 for $250k.

  49. Ktg Sht

    Ktg Sht26 dias atrás

    I like how he explaining

  50. Tarzan and his hanging liana

    Tarzan and his hanging liana26 dias atrás

    If it doesn't have a cassette player I won't buy it! PERIOD. I won't spend that type of money if that shit won't play my music while I drive!

  51. Fangu / Povyzas

    Fangu / Povyzas26 dias atrás

    Here's Why the Ferrari Portofino IS WORTH $250,000 Doug: Value 6/10 So 6 is not a very good value and doesn't tell the car is worth it :D

  52. Aaron Del Bosque

    Aaron Del Bosque26 dias atrás

    I think he's more saying what you get for a $250,000 Ferrari

  53. Dan Brace

    Dan Brace27 dias atrás

    Doug actually looks like a young Jeremy Clarkson if you squint....

  54. Dan Brace

    Dan Brace27 dias atrás

    Comes with gloves that will never get dirty....

  55. Fardan Ahmed

    Fardan Ahmed27 dias atrás

    Ferrari Portofino or Lamborghini Huracan Like Ferrari Dislike Huracan

  56. J o n a t h a n

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    i love that car

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    Doug the type of guy to hang out with Skeeter and Patty Mayonnaise.

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    2:56 top right

  59. Laz N

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  60. Ramluro

    Ramluro29 dias atrás

    It’s not worth it. To get a pista allocation you need to buy a gtc4 then a portifino and a 488 and “then we’ll consider you for a pista ”

  61. rideordieguy rideordieguy

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    She really is pretty

  62. Tuan Le

    Tuan LeMês atrás

    Tesla model 3 Reaches 0-60 in 3.2 second @66k

  63. *Aidan J*

    *Aidan J*29 dias atrás

    Tuan Le No wtf, the base line model 3 for $66k doesn’t hit 0-60 in 3.2

  64. Andrew Staal

    Andrew StaalMês atrás

    Quirks and features of an italian car. Buckle up guys we're gonna be here a while.

  65. Sandy

    SandyMês atrás

    So much stuff to break...This car is a complexity nightmare. Very scary to own...This is a car one doesn't enjoy on the road...but, rather to enjoy sitting in the garage with embibement in hand...A car like this will be lucky to see 2,000 miles a year. A pity....seems like such a waste.

  66. Sandy

    Sandy29 dias atrás

    +JUST That's ok. I have a great consolation prize sitting in my garage...hehehehehe

  67. JUST

    JUST29 dias atrás

    Sandy well u can’t say that cuz u didn’t drive the Ferrari

  68. Sandy

    SandyMês atrás

    +JUST LOL...I prefer my Mazda, actually.

  69. JUST

    JUSTMês atrás

    Wtf ur just jealous because u just got a toyota

  70. Allistair Neil

    Allistair NeilMês atrás

    I don't think it's so attractive. That strange lumpy door sill looks ugly and makes the doors look pinched and small. 22:43

  71. Elite Club

    Elite ClubMês atrás

    9:21 >low fuel light *ANXIETY INCREASES*

  72. Brian Stout

    Brian StoutMês atrás

    If the Portofino had a gated manual transmission, that would be spectacular.

  73. Sweets Sweeter

    Sweets SweeterMês atrás

    Doug is the type of guy to pawn his wife's engagement ring to pay for their wedding!!

  74. McLaren F1

    McLaren F1Mês atrás

    i mean, amg gtr is better

  75. Алексей Григорьев

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    😁Doug, please do a review on the car LADA 2101 or 2108♥️

  76. Dave

    DaveMês atrás

    16m Ferrari way better

  77. doWlica

    doWlicaMês atrás

    I'm ever so slightly irritated by the term "entry level". Ok, with premium brands you can expect to have some scale down or cost cutting measures visible here and there in their "entry level" products. We saw that with 1sr gen CLA and GLA, although A3 sedan is every inch an Audi, so no evident cost cutting there. But, what do you expect of luxury and exotic brands? I mean what does entry level means for Ferrari? Or Bentley? Even Porsche with their 718 series... They are so up and above in the car market that there's nothing entry about them. The term is old and not applicable anymore for luxury brands - reputation wise they can't really afford to have an "entry level" car that feels like an entry level car in traditional sense. Besides that it so happens to be the cheapest Ferrari (there has to be one, duh), there's nothing really scaled down about this car that would make it "entry level" and makes us surprised that - hold on wait - it doesn't feel like entry level Ferrari..

  78. Zuhair Kashif

    Zuhair KashifMês atrás

    Make a video on a Honda Civic .

  79. Mike Angel

    Mike AngelMês atrás

    It's ugly

  80. Nikø Stark

    Nikø StarkMês atrás

    Does this guy ever give high scores? The styling of this Portofino should be 10!

  81. GoAdventureSail Power & Sail

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    Hardworking Doug. Much Ferrari car reviewing at 01:42 am...

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    Wish I had one, but my 718 will do for now.

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    Hey Doug Any plans on coming to India for a car review ?

  84. umang goel

    umang goelMês atrás

    Amazing video But I think there's something wrong with colours in this video

  85. John Chuang

    John ChuangMês atrás

    No it’s not worth 200k, I can get a car for 130k and it’s faster than than POC

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    Doug type of guy who has only one pair of shorts and never washes them

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    How the hell do you get in the back

  88. Luiz Alberto V. Mota

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    Beautiful car , just needs some better rims

  89. OÄD

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    Doug the type of guy to review a $250k car with a VGA webcam!

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    Doug is the type of guy to give his wife a Doug score

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    😂 😂 😂 😂 Hahahahaha underrated comment.

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    doug the type of guy to take off a license plate just to see if the script matches the Portofino script

  93. Kaare Bus

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    Not once in the video did we get a clear front shoot

  94. luvluca toni

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    Your 6ft 4 that's why you can't fit in the back genius lol giraffe

  95. luvluca toni

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    +TheRealUcanUwill the majority of people are not 6ft4 average height is 5ft10

  96. TheRealUcanUwill

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    6'4 is not that tall tho

  97. jimmy morales

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    You really don’t know about cars. The back set is for insurance.

  98. Lucian Ene

    Lucian EneMês atrás

    It's funny how regulations forbid ridiculous things like tail lights on the trunk lid but allow such death traps like those "back seats" that can't even fit children in. And it's a mystery why a serious car maker would waste space, weight and cost with some unusable amenity instead of using that space for a more practical purpose, like a bigger trunk or a better convertible top.

  99. ILUV2SK8 504

    ILUV2SK8 504Mês atrás

    Hey Doug I just wanted to let you know that it’s not called script. It’s called font.

  100. Dr Zoe

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    Dough is the king of guy to go run with dressing shoes

  101. Alan Ferris

    Alan FerrisMês atrás

    It's gorgeous but I think the California was far prettier

  102. DeCarlo Calloway

    DeCarlo CallowayMês atrás

    Let's list the cars you would have to pass on to buy this... Lambo Huracan, McLaren 570S & 650S, Porsche GT3 & GT3RS, Audi R8 V10 Plus, Ferrari 458, Used 488GTB, F12 Berlinetta, Aston Vantage. All of these are better options.

  103. DeCarlo Calloway

    DeCarlo CallowayMês atrás

    @XZagatoX You done lost your fucking mind! A Portofino over a 488 or F12 with 5,000 miles. GTFO here! That’s laughable. You clearly know nothing about exotic cars or exotic car buyers. Good lord...

  104. XZagatoX

    XZagatoXMês atrás

    +DeCarlo Calloway Also, I'd think most people would take a new Portofino over a used F12/488, surely? The F12/488 would have to be in mint condition to interest most by this point

  105. XZagatoX

    XZagatoXMês atrás

    +DeCarlo Calloway That's all well and good but which of those cars you listed (except the Vantage) offer BOTH luxury and performance at a level that the Portofino does? Many buyers are looking for that fine balance at about 300k. The Portofino is Ferrari's answer to that. You've even got Aston Martin with their DB11 Volante, and given that the new Conti is no slouch... I suppose they're not exactly starved of options

  106. DeCarlo Calloway

    DeCarlo CallowayMês atrás

    @+XZagatoX More expensive? What? All the cars I listed are below $250K. That was the point. And all are much better options, that's why this car won't sell.

  107. XZagatoX

    XZagatoXMês atrás

    All more expensive, too. It's better than the 570GT and 911 which are its competitors. Neither of which offer the combination of luxury and performance that the Portofino offers

  108. SpyderRios

    SpyderRiosMês atrás

    I give you this. Is no longer Ferrari’s ugliest!

  109. Admiral Beez

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    These Doug vids with their ads dumped in the middle would be unwatchable if not for Adblock for BRreporter. On your iPad you need to use Dolphin or another non-Safari browser, as Safari won’t support Adblock on BRreporter.

  110. Christopher Wilson

    Christopher WilsonMês atrás

    The back seats really are a place to stick your backpack on a road trip.

  111. Michael Marino

    Michael MarinoMês atrás

    Excellent review Doug. Comprehensive as you said. I appreciate your reviews a lot. I think you feel the features were a bit weak, but I like all the items on the steering wheel, in a very racing inspired style.

  112. Bernd Klüver

    Bernd KlüverMês atrás

    This car was designed for the streets of California, Florida and New York. Maybe for Switzerland to. The U.A.E also. That's it. Not for the rest of the world.

  113. ART EFX

    ART EFXMês atrás

    worst place for reviewing such an expensive borrowed car the sand

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    Doug is the type of guy who posts videos that get many comments beginning with "Doug is the type of guy..."

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    21:44 Random woman, should of tried the gold digger prank.

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    Wtf bruh...

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    Please review a f50 Ferrari

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    Doug the type of guy whose girl seduces him by telling him about her *quirks* and *features* .

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    It looks like VENON kkk

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    I like it because it reminds me of a modern version of Sonny Crockett's Daytona.

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    I can tell where Doug has been. By his shirt.