Here's Why the Ferrari Portofino Is Worth $250,000


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    Doug the type of guy to use yahoo

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    doug is the type of guy who gets a ton of type of guy comments

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    Doug is the type of guy to jack off on omegle

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    Can you do a review on the 2019 Acura RDX

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    doug the kind of guy who reviews ferrari's down by the local mud pit

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    Looks like they copied a corvette lol

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    whats name of the background music at 14:45?

  9. DHH

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    you need 2 turbos for a v8 to make less than 600hp?

  10. anglin greaves

    anglin greaves2 dias atrás

    This car looks like it’s from 2002

  11. Alex Chen

    Alex Chen2 dias atrás

    the hardtop works exactly the same as my BMW 440i convertible, except, my car costs only one-third of the Portofino, and the rear seats are much more comfortable, haha

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    Apparently a Range Rover is a race car

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    Do more Volkswagen's doug... the CC, Eos, Arteon, Atlas... I know you only like to suck Ford's and MB's dicks... but give some other brands love... ahem, vw..

  14. simonstaiger

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    Incredible machinery. Anyway, the trunk layout and the roof design are an almost 1:1 copy of the Mercedes SL R230. Except that in the Ferrari's they are not reliable.

  15. j4ck

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    0:31 Why am I surprised that an American Ferrari dealership is using the old 2015 car to show their 16 constructer titles?

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    Doug the type of guy who s video 's comment section is only about "Doug the type of guy..."

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    Doug is the type of guy to refer to someone else as "buster".

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    Doug the type of guy that eats a pizza with a fork

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    You don't know what it's worth, you know what it costs

  22. Chad Baptiste

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    So Doug, I've been meaning to ask about the statement you made regarding US regulations not allowing manufactures to install brake lights on movable components of vehicles: what the hell is up with the Audi Q5? The entire brake light housing is on the lift gate, how'd they get away with that? Or is this new regulations that happened after the Q5's release?

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    Doug is the type of guy that people say is a type of guy.

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    Looks a bit like a corvette

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    Doug the type of guy to bring a Prius to a race track

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    the owners manual looks like one coming out of a cheap chinese product.

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    very good car ferrari!

  28. bernard hervieux

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    71 H forza sf ferrari

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    shout out to jumping fish at 2.59

  30. Marco di Renzo

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    There are just two climate controls because Ferrari knows, that their electronics doesn’t quite work well. So if the manual or the touch control doesn’t work, you have another possibility to change the in car climate conditions.

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    . '' Doug is the type of guy .... to paint leopard spots on his Range Rover, -and call it a ' Fur-ari ''

  32. James Aragon

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    Cars turning off with keys ignitions is an awesome safety feature. There has been a sharp rise of carbon monoxide deaths due to cars with key less ignitions being left running. That's not a quirk it's brilliant!!!!

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    I have one of those in my garage

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    Doug the type of guy who hate wearing a suit

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    Same here! I love both the M5 and Portofino, and I want to see them parking side by side!❤

  37. Oh Adams

    Oh Adams10 dias atrás

    Doug I don't understand your score. You gave Quadrifoglio a score on practicality only 5. I think its a highly practical car. It has 4 doors, decent cargo space and it gives you 44 mpg in economy mode on highway. Very comfortable seats what else could you ask for???? You gave 6 on handling are u kidding me???? it handles like a dream and glued to the road. You need to reconsider the score. I would give it atleast 68 if more more.

  38. Synthetic Oil Protection

    Synthetic Oil Protection10 dias atrás

    Does this Ferrari look like a Corvette?

  39. die cast Egots review egot

    die cast Egots review egot10 dias atrás

    Pls tell where to turn on the ac

  40. bongo paez

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    Huracan is only like 230K And more HP

  41. Markus Patients

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    No car is worth $250,000.00 Unless it has "Gangsta Whitewalls, TV antenna in the back. Diamonds in the back, sunroof top and I can be digging the scene with a gangster lean. Ooh Ow"...

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    Aww why is everyone picking on doug 😭

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    It is not worth that kind of money,no car is,what joke this channel is! People are waisting there money on this crap car!

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    You should do a portofino vs 488 GTB video!

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    I can see Doug with a cameo in a comedy movie, the characters bust in on one of his reviews and fuck it all up lol, would be a great scene

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    69, nice, out of 100

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    Doug! Doug! Doug! Doug! (to the Bill Nye intro)

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    Sexier than any Ferrari built in the last 10 years, except maybe for the FXX and 812 Superfast

  49. David Eldar

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    a ferrari = a dodge viper a maserati quadraporte = a dodge charger alfa romeo = dodge avenger/jeep compass DO NOT BUY THESE BRANDS ANY MORE

  50. Daniel Fedorov

    Daniel Fedorov12 dias atrás

    What is that white car on the trailer on 19:00?

  51. Younes Layachi

    Younes Layachi12 dias atrás

    I hated the California. Lame name and design, poor man's Ferrari, weak performance. Whenever i saw a red car that turns out to be a Ferrari, it was the damn California 9/10 times.

  52. Josh Slone

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    Doug is the kinda of guy who gives a car score but uses his name also in the score so he can seem cool.

  53. Arisgod27

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    How awesome would this car be with a nice 6-speed gated manual transmission.

  54. The Chosen One

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    Two windows one cu... um.... switch.

  55. Jaehee Jang

    Jaehee Jang12 dias atrás

    I like your videos! I just have one question. You often name your video "Here's why XXX is worth $YYY" and sometimes these cars you review are pretty old cars. So, does this sentence mean the very car actually costs that mush NOW? or It just means it used to cost that must back then?

  56. Very Rich Bitch

    Very Rich Bitch13 dias atrás

    As a Bentley and Rolls Royce owner, I do appreciate the extensive reviews you deliver on high end, exotic autos. However, it seems that lately those are the ONLY cars you review. Mix in some everyday cars from time to time. It gets boring watching exotic after exotic.

  57. Dr. Ray

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    Damn thats ugly. look like a damn lego. rear look like a damn octopus

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    Doug type of guy who eats ass all night then goes to work in the morning without washing his face

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    transformers more than meets the eye

  60. Trailblazer King

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    My only one thing ide like to change and as I say it's really miner and my only change is the colours on the rev counter in the steering wheel instead of red then blue ide really like the blue rev and the red for change it just seems better. Like I said it's trivial.

  61. Trailblazer King

    Trailblazer King13 dias atrás

    Can I say this Ferrari is just incredible and is much lighter weight than it's predecessor the Cally...(California ). The car still can carry 4 persons yes 4. This Car can be used every day and I can tell you that the servicing is very reasonable considering it's a Ferrari dealership. The 3.9ltr engine is a Great sounding and you would never THINK it's a smaller engine and as all Ferrari owners will tell you the sound of the car is almost as important as the cars looks...!!! . I would honesty recommend this Real sounding Ferrari to anyone who's looking to invest in this Brand as I can say will be a hit future classic

  62. Lunar_Psychosis

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    The front end looks so good

  63. Agent piggles

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    omg there is back seats thats ridiculous

  64. Danny L

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    I’d take an s63 cabrio over that

  65. Eithan Beechotte

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    Karma revero 24:19

  66. Josaiah Ramirez

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    Do a the dbs superleggera

  67. R/ S

    R/ S14 dias atrás

    I like they way it has computer renderings of what the seats are supposed to look like, in case you forget where the seats are and you need to find them in a hurry. That's a feature my Miata doesn't have.

  68. The Marauder

    The Marauder14 dias atrás

    Without doubt it's the ugliest Ferrari i've ever seen and i thought the Enzo was bad, this one takes the cake though. Ferrari and McLaren need to stop letting their engineers go nuts with the aerodynamics, i'm all for performance but there needs to be a balance between style and aero.

  69. Richard Gladd

    Richard Gladd14 dias atrás

    Ugly ass Ferrari man

  70. Sean O'reilly

    Sean O'reilly14 dias atrás

    Ferraris are actually boring when you think about it

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    typical american blablabla. Let the british or germans test cars and the americans test burgers.

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    Doug is the type of guy to review a Ferrari Portofino as a dude playin' the dude disguised as another dude.

  73. Jackson

    Jackson15 dias atrás

    the engine bay looks real clean

  74. Rome1017

    Rome101715 dias atrás

    The 2018+ camaro convertible has that same window switch setup. but theres a separate button to switch between which windows you are rolling up, either the fronts or the rears.

  75. The Anime Libarian

    The Anime Libarian15 dias atrás

    I feel like this car would look better to me in person i just cant understand why people like this car

  76. RC Reviews and Bashing

    RC Reviews and Bashing15 dias atrás

    This Ferrari makes me think of flamingos

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    Doug is the kind of guy who is ecstatic he is stuck in the backseat 11:20

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    My Peugeotu 206 CC si far better than this

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    Doug the type of guy who won't review 1960s and earlier cars because they "only" get 1 million views as opposed to reviews of hyper cars which get 1.7 million views.

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    19.00 Fisker karma on a trailer... 😅

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    Saw one of these yesterday. It's an absolute thing of beauty in person!

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    Doug the type of guy to eat a hot pocket with a fork and knife

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    Damn. for an entry model... wow

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    The new Ferrari portofino is really cheap in other country but in my country the price is extremely expensive and I don't know why it's really make me disappointed to see the price. Having Ferrari is really hard and not easy thing in my country so I just dream for it

  85. Jaden Halstead

    Jaden Halstead17 dias atrás

    I’m sorry but this is one of the best looking cars I’ve ever seen

  86. seeking truth

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    Question is when can I afford 1? Haha

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    I spy a _______ at 10:57

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    19:00 Fisker Karma


    HTPC HTPC17 dias atrás

    such a squeaky voice

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    Wow that start, stop button stuff had my head in knots. That roof stuff was amazing.

  91. Joel Rogers

    Joel Rogers17 dias atrás

    They guy wiping the dust off the FF in the background at 0:33 makes me cringe. I would rather buy a car covered in dust than one that is "clean" with a million swirl marks.

  92. afterburn2600

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    Best not be in the back seat as a full-grown 6'4" person getting whiplash while the roll bars deploy. Still safer than the ground crushing you I suppose? Queue Mortal Kombat FINISH HIM!!!

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    Love the show Doug.

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    Doug, the type of guy that thinks blue rev lights come from F1.

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    We should teach Doug a lesson and subscribe to some no name channel where the guy only has 25 subs. :) @UC-4-FbiKTTKniuxFIM_GjAg

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    I have the Lamborghini Aventador SV and the Ferrari Portofino and I think, the Ferrari is much better.

  98. Pam Candas

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    20 minutes of kermit the frog talking about cabin switches ... then 5 minutes of video of his face while driving ... how does this crap get 2M subscribers and 1M views ...

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    Doug, the kinda guy who still reads the instructional manual and probably refers to womens assets by using the Politically Correct Terms!

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    No it is F-Type

  101. DjangoUnbound

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    It's a factory TURBO TIMER you fucking idiot!!