Highlighted & Bronzed - Minimal Makeup Tutorial


  1. Kelly Lang

    Kelly Lang3 meses atrás

    Half a bottle of wine? That’s hilarious! Love you light weight!

  2. Cherrose

    Cherrose4 meses atrás

    Far out you're a funny Chick ...never change Jaclyn, you're unique and you ARE the best there is on BRreporter for applying makeup 💄👄💖🕊

  3. Karie Clark

    Karie Clark5 meses atrás

    Hi first time watching you. Love your personality. I am competing this weekend in a fitness competition where you have to get a ridiculously dark spray tan. Since it’s out of town I have to do makeup myself 😳. Do you have any tutorials or advice on working with that dark of a tan. My face will be quite a bit lighter so I’d like it to blend

  4. jstark1976

    jstark19766 meses atrás

    Fantastic teacher!!! ❤️💕❤️

  5. Екатерина Дутлова

    Екатерина Дутлова6 meses atrás

    What is the speed of your speech?

  6. Diana Roller GypsyGoddess26

    Diana Roller GypsyGoddess266 meses atrás

    I soooo LOVE your makeup tutorials, and you have SUCH a fantastic awesome personality! Love it!

  7. Pinkalicious Shabby

    Pinkalicious Shabby6 meses atrás

    Hi Jaclyn I love your earring and makeup


    BOUJEE' BEAUTY6 meses atrás

    I would make them fix u ur lips. JS

  9. Jana Sandvik

    Jana Sandvik6 meses atrás

    😍😂👌 love your videos 😘

  10. Farah Friesen

    Farah Friesen6 meses atrás

    Omg thank you for the tip that I need to put cover fx drops BEFORE powder Maybe that’s why mine has been making pores show up because I put on top of powder 🤔 will test! Thank you!

  11. Cara Schueler

    Cara Schueler7 meses atrás

    What song/artist is in the intro? Anybody know?

  12. Elizabeth Gregory

    Elizabeth Gregory7 meses atrás

    Watching in 2018 yes, cuz I miss ur face

  13. Amy Kechedjian

    Amy Kechedjian2 meses atrás

    Same here!

  14. Christah Gold

    Christah Gold4 meses atrás

    Elizabeth Gregory right?!? I miss THIS Jaclyn ❤

  15. sara houimli

    sara houimli7 meses atrás

    Girl i love you so much but you talk too fast

  16. Alexis Jacobs

    Alexis Jacobs7 meses atrás

    What was the intro song???

  17. Max W

    Max W7 meses atrás

    Watching in May 2018 and she just announced her divorce 🙁

  18. Jodi A.

    Jodi A.7 meses atrás

    I love this girl. Her personality in this video shines like that Liquid highlight.

  19. Jules Hameleers

    Jules Hameleers7 meses atrás

    I just watched this video and I love how happy and authentic you seem in this video. I wish for you to get in that place again very soon! Love xxxxxxx

  20. Trisha Achenbach

    Trisha Achenbach8 meses atrás

    Omg, I LOVE this beautiful, natural look on you! 😍

  21. Meredith S

    Meredith S8 meses atrás

    Redo this with current products! It’s so pretty.


    NICOLEMARIE SHEHAN8 meses atrás

    You are too dark

  23. Celestial Way

    Celestial Way8 meses atrás

    Love this make up so fresh & natural! Pretty colors too😍💕

  24. Kimee Cadotte

    Kimee Cadotte9 meses atrás

    Love this video 💗

  25. Adriene B

    Adriene B9 meses atrás

    I miss THIS Jaclyn, it’s not the same anymore.

  26. Soul Y

    Soul Y10 meses atrás

    That's too much

  27. AllNaturalBeauty

    AllNaturalBeauty10 meses atrás

    Great vid Jaclyn !! Y’all should come check out my make up channel !! It would be really supportive !


    BERNARDETA BERISHA10 meses atrás

    Love how you explain everything Jaclyn... your so talented❤️❤️

  29. Pearlie Grace

    Pearlie Grace10 meses atrás

    im new to her channel but i think shes really informative im actually learning smth

  30. Amber Vaes

    Amber Vaes10 meses atrás

    What style lashes are these?

  31. Esther Bedrosian

    Esther Bedrosian10 meses atrás

    Where can I get the lip color? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I need it in my life!!!!

  32. Rahat Tesfaldet

    Rahat Tesfaldet11 meses atrás

    God Dang!!! you pretty! 😍😜

  33. Lucy D

    Lucy D11 meses atrás

    Yes it is but Chanea nae. 😂😂😂😂

  34. Lucy D

    Lucy D11 meses atrás


  35. Bella 6

    Bella 611 meses atrás

    People are so judgmental and ridiculous! This is a tutorial. You are here to learn her technique and enjoy her personality not worry about what she had done. I think some people watch these videos just to have something negative to say.

  36. C.S. *Let Freedom Ring*

    C.S. *Let Freedom Ring*11 meses atrás

    I've always loved this look. I am so beyond ready for Summer again... uuugh! The pains of living where there are actually all four seasons lol I love it, but I miss the Spring and Summer so much by mid winter - I am like come on sunshine! Where you at?!

  37. aalyah marie

    aalyah marieAnos atrás

    I heard they need to massage your lips after they do the lip injections 🙃

  38. Fyzah shaukat

    Fyzah shaukatAnos atrás

    I just bought the channel bronzer AND I AM READY TO BRONZE THIS BITCH

  39. Saba Nawaz

    Saba NawazAnos atrás

    Still watching this in 2018 cause I miss summer 😭

  40. Hope Floyd

    Hope FloydAnos atrás

    Cha..nay...nay... 😂 love it..

  41. Ashley Edwards

    Ashley EdwardsAnos atrás

    I love you so much Jaclyn. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. Lucky M.

    Lucky M.Anos atrás

    You speak toooo much!

  43. Kristy Daniels

    Kristy DanielsAnos atrás

    Love this look and glow😉...so beautiful..

  44. Ms Keisha

    Ms KeishaAnos atrás

    She didn't even need foundation, her skin is gorgeous! ❤️❤️

  45. Taylor Bear

    Taylor BearAnos atrás

    this is gorgeous 😊😊 if anyone's a fan of watching tutorials i would really love some feedback on the glowy bronzed look i did myself, i'm new at doing videos like this and i would really appreciate it!! ❤️

  46. Jai G

    Jai GAnos atrás

    This is one of my favorite makeup videos of yours! Your make up tutorial was the very first one I’ve ever watched and I compare everyone else’s to yours. And honey, you’re definitely the Original Gansta! 😎 luv the glasses ❤️

  47. Darkness Inside

    Darkness InsideAnos atrás

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  48. cmsmithshy

    cmsmithshyAnos atrás

    Your lip fillers look great! You are beautiful!

  49. Maria Burcea

    Maria BurceaAnos atrás

    Every summer I look like this without makeup , I feel blessed

  50. no, it's venn

    no, it's vennAnos atrás


  51. Shanté London Tomes

    Shanté London TomesAnos atrás

    Where did you get your backdrop? I love it!

  52. Leah Wischoff

    Leah WischoffAnos atrás

    Came to her channel for her amazing makeup tips. Now I come here just because she's my favorite person ever

  53. Kylie  Xiong

    Kylie XiongAnos atrás

    omg how does Jaclyn keep her highlight staying on like that??? doesn't it come off??? mine always come off all the time whenever im out somewhere and its pretty sweating out there. any suggestion??

  54. Kenzi Graves

    Kenzi GravesAnos atrás

    Cha-Nay-Nay = Chanel 💗🖤 LOL

  55. Kenzi Graves

    Kenzi GravesAnos atrás

    I love you JAC-ATTACK !! 💗🖤

  56. Starr Vargas

    Starr VargasAnos atrás

    I love you!

  57. Sim

    SimAnos atrás

    I'm so oily I don't even need a highlighter. I just need to go out in summer and I'll be all dewy glowy with natural oils! 😒 also need to blot off the excess. 😓

  58. Nora Abdah

    Nora AbdahAnos atrás

    Take a shot every time she says "natural" 😂😂😂 i love you girl

  59. Sydni S

    Sydni SAnos atrás

    The only reason they're mean to her is because they can't handle how damn talented and beautiful she is and her fun unique personality. The more bomb you are the more haters pop up

  60. Quinty Van der meer

    Quinty Van der meerAnos atrás

    Can you use a beautyblender Too?

  61. Alexis Nicholson

    Alexis NicholsonAnos atrás

    Anyone know where I can find these sunglasses?

  62. Rendi Hess

    Rendi HessAnos atrás

    Where did you get your right handed ring? It's fantastic!!!

  63. Aimee N

    Aimee NAnos atrás

    HUGE FAN... but couldnt help to worry that that Tom Ford stuff would get on your impeccably white straps!!!!! OCD in me girl!

  64. Jess Ebert

    Jess EbertAnos atrás

    I love your lips I think they look amazing!! seriously a lot of people get it and it just doesn't look cute and honestly YOURS look great! I'm tellin ya hunnyyy keep it up!! they're amazing! you're obviously so pretty without them but its just like BAM! in a good way. k love ya

  65. Maria Nava

    Maria NavaAnos atrás

    wtf is wrong with her countour she is wearing too much it looks gross

  66. Keeley Patten

    Keeley PattenAnos atrás

    any1 know what sponge she was using??? looked really nice

  67. The Rose Reporter

    The Rose ReporterAnos atrás


  68. Samantha Jeanne

    Samantha JeanneAnos atrás

    I LOVE your videos girl! Thank you so much for explaining how to do everything!!! You have like PERFECT skin!! What do you use for skin care! Haha

  69. Pineapple Girl

    Pineapple GirlAnos atrás

    some people in nude 💄 looks weird because it matches there skin tone or almost does. I thought you looked good in the nude 💄.

  70. Mar Tina

    Mar TinaAnos atrás

    Hi Jaclyn,if I use a wet sponge for set my concealer,my concealer get off a little,what do I wrong?

  71. Mar Tina

    Mar TinaAnos atrás

    ArtsyRetard 101 Thank you very much,I did not wipe,only dab,but it was maybe to wet.I will try it again with a dry sponge....😘👍🏻😘👍🏻😘👍🏻

  72. Pineapple Girl

    Pineapple GirlAnos atrás

    Mar Tina well I haven't used a damp beauty blender and I know im not Jaclyn but it might be because your not using the blender right. make sure you do less swiping and more dabbing it on. If your doing this then idk .-.

  73. Maddvlogs

    MaddvlogsAnos atrás

    I am loving this background!! Any small youtubers wanna support each other??

  74. Keely LaBarge

    Keely LaBargeAnos atrás


  75. Theresa White

    Theresa WhiteAnos atrás

    I have watched this video so many times, I practically have it memorized....😂

  76. Shima Atiq

    Shima AtiqAnos atrás

    Glitter background is life!!!

  77. Sunoma Rae

    Sunoma RaeAnos atrás

    How do I get those sunglasses!!??!?? Need in my life 💜

  78. Melissa Rodermund

    Melissa RodermundAnos atrás

    is this lipstick still available?! its not on haus of dolls website.

  79. Princesswarrior JP

    Princesswarrior JPAnos atrás


  80. Sierra Lori

    Sierra LoriAnos atrás

    Love this for summer time!

  81. Denise

    DeniseAnos atrás

    This is hands down my favorite Jaclyn Hill video. I always come back to this video, she looked so stunning.

  82. Rebecca Lee

    Rebecca LeeAnos atrás

    I'm getting so excited for bronzy, glowy, simple summer-ey looks again already!! This is one of my all time favorite videos from you

  83. Maggie mae

    Maggie maeAnos atrás

    what kind of lash glue do u use ??

  84. Khyl Bachinski

    Khyl BachinskiAnos atrás

    Ugh. I love your videos so much!!! Your bubbly personality is so contagious and you manage to make makeup fun instead or a chore. Thanks for another awesomely insightful video!

  85. gmail andrianak

    gmail andrianakAnos atrás

    you are more beautiful when your makeup is more natural and less :) do not fall to the trap to look like a doll, resist ! cheers from Greece

  86. V. Gil

    V. GilAnos atrás

    this one is one of Jaclyn's most helpful videos for summer make-up. She is such a sweetheart. She's also so funny in this one...hello, "Tinman"? Love her.

  87. erin happy

    erin happyAnos atrás

    Please what camera do you use?😭😭😭

  88. Amanda Letlow

    Amanda LetlowAnos atrás

    Hey Jacklyn. I love your channel, I have learned so much! If you do see this I have a quick question. Do you apply foundation under your eyes or only concealer with highlighting powder? Thank you! Love to you!

  89. Emmie Rose

    Emmie RoseAnos atrás

    I know I'm like a yr late on this video but I'm a new sub and you are omg hilarious! Especially your bloopers...I'm dying! Can you put those at the end of all your videos!

  90. Crystal Smoldon

    Crystal SmoldonAnos atrás

    Emmie Rose so am I! I think she's awesome. I really don't understand all the hate towards her! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  91. EvieS

    EvieSAnos atrás

    Whenever this music comes on as the intro I get so fucking excited

  92. Pinksupergrl95

    Pinksupergrl95Anos atrás

    I hope she let them know she wasnt happy and they either fixed them or gave her $$ back! If youre not happy with a product or service I believe in letting a company know. You can do it with class and most places appreciate it so much and are happy to reach out and refund your money and/or redo, replace whatever the product is. It works people 😆

  93. Salina Montalvo

    Salina MontalvoAnos atrás

    Love you always

  94. Rachel Linebaugh

    Rachel LinebaughAnos atrás

    Foundation, concealer, powder, and then you do a minimal face on top on that. Doing your normal foundation routine makes your skin look better, b/c everything's even and all in 1 color. DUH!!!

  95. CiCi Nebula

    CiCi NebulaAnos atrás

    @jaclynhill could you do a tutorial about putting lashes on?

  96. Kielyn Lynch

    Kielyn LynchAnos atrás

    The glow, the tan, the glasses, the pout. I am living, dying, and resurrecting for it all. 😂. 8 months later and I still watch this video almost every time I'm looking for make up inspiration. One of my very favorites from you! ❤

  97. Em Brom

    Em BromAnos atrás

    watching this is 2017 and looooving it even more the second time watching it. such a great look. love you boo 😘

  98. Beauty By Trina

    Beauty By TrinaAnos atrás

    i swear i have watched this tutorial like 20× love ya jaclyn!!!

  99. Karly Brett

    Karly BrettAnos atrás

    I absolutely love her! She's so giggly and cute and funny! This is how makeup should always be. Lighthearted and fun. Don't take it so seriously! Laugh at yourself, embrace your natural beauty and "flaws", and keep on slaying ladies!

  100. Veronica Dunn

    Veronica DunnAnos atrás

    This look is so beautiful!!!

  101. marxalenina

    marxaleninaAnos atrás

    this is amazing!!!!

  102. Louise Coffey

    Louise CoffeyAnos atrás

    wow you talk so quick!!!

  103. Hayley Jordan

    Hayley JordanAnos atrás

    Love the glow in this video!!! Your skin is beautiful! Also, your face at the very end! Yes! Haha! Love you! This so put me in the mood for summer!

  104. Sarah Cartwright

    Sarah Cartwright2 anos atrás

    do you have a video using the Chanel Soleil de chanel cream bronzer??? i thought it was your video i had seen in the past using it!

  105. Sarah Cartwright

    Sarah CartwrightAnos atrás

    Thanks so much!!

  106. Maura Beach

    Maura BeachAnos atrás

    Sarah Cochran it's this one!! Also I have the w7 makeup and glow bronzing base & it applies EXACTLY the same for about $8 I got it online.

  107. BreAnna Metts

    BreAnna Metts2 anos atrás

    Constantly rewatching all your videos Jaclyn, I always learn something new from you. You are such a positive inspiration thank you for always being so encouraging and staying true to you! I will forever be a super fan girl of yours 😝❤ XOXO

  108. kelprincez23

    kelprincez232 anos atrás

    Reading these negative comments I hurt for Jaclyn. Yes she is a public figure but really guys she is living her life how it makes HER happy. i just never really understood why people literally get angry about this type of stuff. It's not affecting YOUR life and their not your lips. Why must miserable people always try and throw shade on the people who SHINE!? Jaclyn is beautiful inside and out, she is living her life to the fullest! I'm pretty sure she worked her tail off to get where she is today. Some of you clearly are just jealous and that's understandable but that does not give yous a right to to say the mean things you say. It says a lot when you have such hate for a beautiful person yet your on her Channel, watching her videos, and even take the time to scroll down and write a paragraph about HER. Stay awesome and bubbly Jaclyn!*