Highly Suspect - 16 [Official Audio]


  1. Memestress

    MemestressHora atrás

    It's been awhile since a song has brought so much groove to my legs that they move back and forth while sitting. This song has brought so much happiness to my soul.

  2. Bri Muncy

    Bri Muncy8 horas atrás

    I just recently got into them and my boyfriend took me to their concert and he sung this song and it was so incredible to hear live his voice is amazing!!

  3. Jennifer Blevins

    Jennifer Blevins10 horas atrás

    This song definitely had some feeling put into it...can totally relate..except i had 3 of his and lost him to another with another man's kid..life...it sucks and is full of hard lessons.

  4. Suzanne Phelan

    Suzanne Phelan13 horas atrás

    I LOVE this band...and this song........

  5. Cari55

    Cari5520 horas atrás

    3:25 sounds familiar

  6. Krista 1753

    Krista 1753Dia atrás

    I need them to come to Perth wow

  7. Car- Stealer

    Car- StealerDia atrás

    jeezus christ this is brilliant

  8. E Jetson

    E JetsonDia atrás

    Just sick with it....unbelievable....was he there?

  9. Jackson Calvert

    Jackson CalvertDia atrás

    Damn that's a good ass song.

  10. jebj1

    jebj1Dia atrás

    Very pain filled song. I can feel it. It brings me back to my painful days

  11. GammaGoblin Miller

    GammaGoblin MillerDia atrás

    Noone is touching Highly Suspect....KEEP STANDING TALL GUYS!!!!!!!!

  12. kate ath

    kate athDia atrás

    "I wish that I could hold ya, Baby I know it's over...It took me ... 6 months to try ya, 1 second to Love ya, 5 months to hold ya, 1 minute to lose ya ...Oh God...where did we go wrong..."

  13. J

    JDia atrás


  14. Motty 121

    Motty 1212 dias atrás

    man im going through similar shit, hope you're okay

  15. Joe McPherson

    Joe McPherson2 dias atrás

    Saw them perform this song last night!! Great Show!!

  16. Lance Notarmuzi

    Lance Notarmuzi18 horas atrás

    Joe McPherson same! It was amazing!

  17. Savage

    Savage2 dias atrás

    Goddamn man, now im fucking depressed

  18. Sea Breez

    Sea Breez2 dias atrás


  19. Lenin Martinez 369

    Lenin Martinez 3692 dias atrás

    I love this song got it on repeat

  20. YouMedia

    YouMedia2 dias atrás

    Soltanto Brividi! You can literally feel his pain

  21. Patrick Fucci

    Patrick Fucci3 dias atrás

    Blasting this everyday

  22. Joy Binion

    Joy Binion3 dias atrás

    this sit hits hard...betrayal.............

  23. tom casio

    tom casio3 dias atrás

    I'm not a brother

  24. Phillipe Huval

    Phillipe Huval3 dias atrás

    Please come back to Louisiana

  25. David Vandorpe

    David Vandorpe3 dias atrás

    My jam

  26. Brandon Robert Weaver

    Brandon Robert Weaver3 dias atrás

    Wow :D

  27. mattyict8

    mattyict83 dias atrás

    What the hell is this? I thought Highly Suspect was a rock band.

  28. Cristian Mosneaga

    Cristian Mosneaga3 dias atrás

    I love you

  29. Alix Logan

    Alix Logan4 dias atrás

    Cool track

  30. Ben Ghazi

    Ben Ghazi4 dias atrás

    Thats some real shit right there.

  31. Theresa skinner

    Theresa skinner4 dias atrás

    This song here - Oh God!!!

  32. Octavio Guzman

    Octavio Guzman4 dias atrás

    Im a hip hop fan , who was recommended this song. And i must say this shit is the truth!

  33. Klauhdya

    Klauhdya4 dias atrás

    The principal atractive for me was the music, I speak spanish and I can´t understand all lyric the first time, but when i listen again I said, ooohh godd! The same time in the chorus, is incredible the way describe this situation!

  34. Ahmet Topal

    Ahmet Topal4 dias atrás

    oh god... i love this song

  35. justin

    justin4 dias atrás

    What retarded love lorn 18 yr old wrote these shit lyrics?

  36. B F

    B F4 dias atrás

    just repeat

  37. Hizpwa

    Hizpwa5 dias atrás

    the baseline is from Luniz "i got 5 on8 it"

  38. Alberto Valentín González

    Alberto Valentín González5 dias atrás

    Mmmmm so good

  39. Young Rios

    Young Rios5 dias atrás

    Girl I knew for 5 years . Didn't work out . Her heart came out few days ago . She never loved me . Played me for the longest time . This song speaks to me so much . But sometimes you just can't do anything about it . You have to move on


    95TURBOTEGGY4 dias atrás

    Ex of 5 years cheated on me. I even bought a house with her, though we would get married. Life sucks sometimes. This song hits deep.

  41. Woah Now That's A Nice Meme

    Woah Now That's A Nice Meme5 dias atrás

    I haven't heard a song in a long, long, loooonnnngggg time that I want to listen to on repeat.. Until now... Thanks Highly Suspect for reminding me how much I love music when it's done right..

  42. Pw Pw

    Pw Pw5 dias atrás

    Ok Justin beeber

  43. Jamie Delaney Sr

    Jamie Delaney Sr5 dias atrás


  44. Genevieve

    Genevieve5 dias atrás

    "Where did I go wrong?" I mean She's the cheater That's not on you.

  45. Motty 121

    Motty 12120 horas atrás

    @Genevieve Yeah no i understand that and you are right, but what i mean is it makes you feel like it was your fault they cheated and you weren't good enough if you get what i mean?

  46. Genevieve

    GenevieveDia atrás

    @Motty 121 ​ and Get Schwiftyyy, I totally understand that, but it doesn't change the fact that cheating is still the cheater's actions, not yours or anyone else's. Don't blame yourself because someone else has no respect for you. My sister once told me, "The way people act is a reflection of them, not a reflection of you." That has stuck with me and helps me to stop blaming myself so much.

  47. Gökotta

    GökottaDia atrás

    Too much narcissism in the west, now. Good luck finding someone who isn't a self-absorbed, vapid skank or moron.

  48. Motty 121

    Motty 1212 dias atrás

    It's not that he did go wrong, but you ask your self what made her want to cheat and you doubt yourself. It causes so much insecurity and it can ruin you.

  49. Get Schwiftyyy

    Get Schwiftyyy3 dias atrás

    My ex and I had a real rocky relationship, and despite that he insisted he never cheated, he had all the sneaky facebook/grindr mesages/texts that kinda said otherwise. And I was so into him, that when I started finding out about all this shit and his behaviour, all I could think was 'What did I do wrong? Why aren't I enough?' But I guess some people just can't help themselves no matter how much love they're given.

  50. DSI Archangel

    DSI Archangel5 dias atrás

    This is hitting me too damn hard, don’t know whether to cry or cry

  51. CafassoFam

    CafassoFam6 dias atrás

    Love when a song can HIT you like this one does from the first listen ---

  52. The Shock Rock

    The Shock Rock6 dias atrás

    “Well I thought I was a father But baby is not my daughter But baby’s a different color But baby, I’m not a brother” THAAAAAT’S... That’s some shit right there

  53. Jake Riley

    Jake Riley6 dias atrás

    I highly suspect you’re about to blow TF up and act like you don’t know nobodY

  54. Chevyx7

    Chevyx76 dias atrás

    Damn Johnny I really felt that shit . No one can say that you don’t pour your heart into your art. To you and the guys keep on keeping it real.

  55. DevenRocks

    DevenRocks6 dias atrás

    FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHH!! Back to the Mister Asylum days Woooooo!!

  56. Joe Belt

    Joe Belt6 dias atrás

    Thrice who?

  57. Michel Viecelli

    Michel Viecelli6 dias atrás

    So freaking heavy song to me

  58. Calvin MacDonald

    Calvin MacDonald6 dias atrás

    The twist got me good

  59. abby lea

    abby lea7 dias atrás

    WE'LL SEE Y'ALL SATURDAY!!! IN SHITTY COLUMBUS OHIO!!! WOOOO!!! I am like...just um...yea- speechless!!! I am also truly blessed and honored to be taking the most amazing 13 yr old in the world, (my son), to his first concert!!! Makin memories! Keep it up tho boys my youngest is 2, I highly suspect a future family tradition!!!

  60. Mike Walker

    Mike Walker5 dias atrás

    Dont talk about c bus like that

  61. shreyanstar158

    shreyanstar1587 dias atrás

    Who'd cheat on him dude!?

  62. PANIC mode

    PANIC mode7 dias atrás

    holy shit this song tickle my spine

  63. Hooky Street Productions

    Hooky Street Productions7 dias atrás

    AIU brought me here.

  64. David Willis

    David Willis7 dias atrás

    Wonder how she felt when she heard this song the first time

  65. Sath Animations

    Sath Animations7 dias atrás

    Only been following 'Highly Suspect' for 2 years, but they keep surprising me. Good stuff

  66. Brad Eurich

    Brad Eurich8 dias atrás

    I know it won't happen, but the video to this song deserves the budget of "Love the Way You Lie" from Eminem.

  67. Mayla Nicaud

    Mayla Nicaud8 dias atrás

    He got cheated on

  68. Casey Ewing

    Casey Ewing8 dias atrás

    Smooth beat

  69. Jake Stugelmeyer

    Jake Stugelmeyer8 dias atrás