Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat


  1. Sadaf Nickzad

    Sadaf Nickzad13 horas atrás

    she reminds me of Monica from friends

  2. Julia Desaulnier

    Julia Desaulnier13 horas atrás

    every time her strap fell i died

  3. Misfit Britt

    Misfit BrittDia atrás

    2 seconds in... sweetheart your skirt is too short! 🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ahhhh!

  4. Annie Hirsch

    Annie Hirsch3 dias atrás

    As someone who endured years of etiquette lessons, her elbows were far too wide when cutting her meal, and she should've done the 'cut and switch' as per my dear Emily Post.

  5. Elena

    Elena3 dias atrás

    okay so how long has she been married i need to know

  6. ariel bernatchez

    ariel bernatchez4 dias atrás

    We still dont know for how long she’s been married, i am waiting here

  7. Lyra

    Lyra5 dias atrás

    Is it weird that I do these since I knew how to eat a fork lmao? I'm not fancy lmao

  8. Armelle maillard

    Armelle maillard5 dias atrás

    this is how french people eat

  9. Shanna Brass

    Shanna Brass9 dias atrás

    its funny that when i eat i'm "proper" but everyone else in my family always has their phones out.

  10. Madeline gregory

    Madeline gregory10 dias atrás

    i wanna be ur friend so much

  11. Madeline gregory

    Madeline gregory10 dias atrás

    chili’s is my fav restaurant we’d be best friends

  12. never rook rook

    never rook rook11 dias atrás

    “You never know when you're gonna be invited."

  13. Faith Thomas

    Faith Thomas11 dias atrás

    This is gold I can’t stop laughing holy fuck

  14. Tapedbomb -

    Tapedbomb -12 dias atrás

    0:09 kinda same lol

  15. TL Travel

    TL Travel14 dias atrás

    Morgan: Gets called out for the short skirt but NO praise for the turtleneck under the spaghetti strap ... What version of "business in the front, party in the back" is this? I'm LIVING.

  16. Jesse Dorran

    Jesse Dorran15 dias atrás

    You hear the word sweetie you know they're going to be condsending

  17. Avi Machorro

    Avi Machorro15 dias atrás

    morgan i am embarrassed for you omg

  18. Princess Diana

    Princess Diana16 dias atrás

    “I can’t go out with some guy and have some taco sauce dripping down to my tits” I DIE

  19. Duckie Quack

    Duckie Quack16 dias atrás

    I always hold my knife and fork like that? Probably cuz I’m from the uk

  20. Joseph Richard

    Joseph Richard16 dias atrás

    Omg.... Muckbang is lit..what? .... Im crying!!!!

  21. REMI

    REMI17 dias atrás

    I’ve always scooped my soup away and have never filled my spoon and eat it from the side😂 it’s how I was taught by my grandma as a kid to avoid spilling on myself and burning my mouth. People still look at me like a whack job when I eat soup with them but I can’t help but think it’s smarter and they look weird lol

  22. monique

    monique18 dias atrás

    aw i loved that lady! you guys probably made her day. i really liked this video im interested in types of things like this and mannerisms!

  23. Tobias River

    Tobias River18 dias atrás

    I ACTUALLY DIED 11:56 * Oh...I'd rather go to Wendys * XDDDD

  24. L.A LAND World

    L.A LAND World19 dias atrás

    Wait how long was she married

  25. Mhairi Smeeton

    Mhairi Smeeton19 dias atrás

    I love her.

  26. Breanna Lynn

    Breanna Lynn19 dias atrás

    we love a buzzed ryland 🍷

  27. MrsLulubellLee

    MrsLulubellLee19 dias atrás

    She is very sweet.

  28. XxLuCidQueenXx 05

    XxLuCidQueenXx 0520 dias atrás


  29. Kelly Purifoy

    Kelly Purifoy20 dias atrás

    Honey the one will love the taco sauce dripping into your tits! Live your lifeeeeeeeee. But I also need help, but I’m also married, and he doesn’t care 😂

  30. Telisa

    Telisa20 dias atrás

    Wait... So how long has she been married and what is her age? There was a teaser conversation and no closure. I feel I need closure.

  31. Peeps GamIng

    Peeps GamIng20 dias atrás

    Is angie still with u?

  32. Shelby M

    Shelby M20 dias atrás

    Omg when she was telling Morgan about her skirt walking up the stairs and the look on rylands face 😅

  33. Yvette Ceballos

    Yvette Ceballos22 dias atrás

    Imagine being so rich you don’t need to book a return flight :,)

  34. Just Georgina

    Just Georgina22 dias atrás

    She’s paying $100 each and we’re paying nothin

  35. Hunter Ellis

    Hunter Ellis23 dias atrás

    Morgan and ryland are so talkative while drunk 😂😂 they were constantly interrupting her and she kept trying to get their attention and get them to focus

  36. Jill T

    Jill T24 dias atrás

    What is the secret language for the wait staff to know not to take your plate?

  37. Victoria Andrzejewska

    Victoria Andrzejewska24 dias atrás

    this woman gives me major carrie bradshaw vibes lool

  38. Alice Trott

    Alice Trott25 dias atrás

    just realised I’m trying to remember everything she’s saying even tho there’s literally no chance I’m ever gonna stop scooping with my fork

  39. simply_ iris

    simply_ iris28 dias atrás

    Do parents not teach their kids any longer on proper etiquette?! I made sure my kids wouldn't embarrass themselves in social situations.

  40. Noah Non-Stop

    Noah Non-Stop28 dias atrás

    I got it for free.

  41. Rosario Lopez

    Rosario Lopez29 dias atrás

    My dad works at that restaurant

  42. Abbey :]

    Abbey :]Mês atrás


  43. marie

    marieMês atrás

    i loved this video so much 😂😂

  44. Chakameh Najd

    Chakameh NajdMês atrás

    I don't like that lady because she acts like she is really high class.

  45. Valerie Valor

    Valerie ValorMês atrás

    Hahaha!!! I Loved the straps falling down when you were trying to be "prim and proper".....Got a good laugh~ Oh, Morgan....I've gotta add....Your comedy style is genius because you are so natural and subtle, yet wonderful in how you deliver laughs in everything you do so effortlessly.....Ever thought of a career in Comedy? I'm addicted to laughing with you. :)

  46. Louis B

    Louis BMês atrás

    That lady is like 10 times funnier than the both of them, HAIGH-maintenance.

  47. Anna P.

    Anna P.Mês atrás

    why are they acting like they have never been in public

  48. Paola Salazar

    Paola SalazarMês atrás

    Barbecue sauce on my titties literally didn’t leave my head during the whole video I’m sorry

  49. Silje Gran

    Silje GranMês atrás


  50. Maxine Blabla

    Maxine BlablaMês atrás

    “You lost your stripes sweetheart @

  51. Brigitte Reichardt

    Brigitte ReichardtMês atrás

    Love this video Morgan...very funny and entertaining! The table setting and the service was not on point...but the teacher done a good job!

  52. seahawk665

    seahawk665Mês atrás

    My sister in law's mother in law is also an etiquette expert. She also teaches etiquette classes. She used to be really anal when my sister in law first married her son (I didn't know them then), but relaxed a lot since then. She never said anything about my bad eating habits, because I realized I'm not as polished as I thought after watching this video lol, but I always feel like she's silently judging me.

  53. Itz Txlly

    Itz TxllyMês atrás

    “Well, I’m already engaged to a man so...” “Oooookay..” :/ Bruh

  54. Kavik Runner

    Kavik RunnerMês atrás

    ok I am usually here to roast.........but this was actually a genuinely cool vid. Love it!

  55. Angela Pickett

    Angela PickettMês atrás

    nice swallow

  56. Teri

    TeriMês atrás

    "assuming you have some real dishes" Flashback to the blue apron video where they had to go out and buy a pot xD

  57. Hayley Knight

    Hayley KnightMês atrás

    Ryland’s towards the end talking about his ‘crazy’ is like a rich mum and I love it.

  58. M Queen

    M QueenMês atrás

    Morgan you just have to go with Garrett, Shane and Ryland to have her teach you to walk in heels!

  59. Chapstick Addict

    Chapstick AddictMês atrás

    15:57 Almost every wife and gf who lives with their bf or husband relates to Ryland including me. OMG. This was so so true!

  60. micro dottie

    micro dottieMês atrás

    that strap is a lewk

  61. Info ectious

    Info ectiousMês atrás

    11:00 that whole conversation killed me, that was so awkward.