HM Royal Marines Band at the Glasgow Tattoo 2017

  • 26 Jan 2017
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  1. Erik Killmonger 2099

    Erik Killmonger 20993 meses atrás

    7:01 8:12

  2. Mike Barrett

    Mike BarrettAnos atrás

    What was the music from minute 7.

  3. Applecatcher Matt

    Applecatcher MattAnos atrás

    Hi Mike, from minute 7, the piece of music is called "Clash of the Dreadnoughts" and I believe was specially commissioned for the Jutland Centenary Commemorations. The composer is by the name of 'Young'. Hope this helps.

  4. Nick Reece

    Nick Reece2 anos atrás

    You can't beat a Royal Marines Band but I reluctantly disliked this video. What was the cameraman / editor playing at? Close ups of instruments when the show is centred around the drummers and general choreography of the group as a whole...??? What a waste.

  5. Javier Aliaga

    Javier Aliaga2 anos atrás

    as it is called the subject of minute 7

  6. Paul Barlow

    Paul Barlow2 anos atrás

    Sound balances around 1:55. Great performance.

  7. OHCelt

    OHCelt3 anos atrás

    Some terrible camera work, especially during the static. Who put this editor in charge?

  8. toy man

    toy man3 anos atrás

    Had the pleasure of see the Royal Marines Band in London many years ago. Wonderful. I salute ALL of the Royal Marines bands.

  9. Graham Hyde

    Graham Hyde3 anos atrás

    Well done. Great footage of a great band.

  10. Dorset Train Lad

    Dorset Train Lad3 anos atrás

    yay full performance at last