HM Royal Marines band


  1. Joey Albert Maranan

    Joey Albert Maranan2 meses atrás

    Whats the title of the first march that they played?

  2. stnicholas54

    stnicholas547 meses atrás

    What is the significance of the drummers raising their drumsticks to their noses ?

  3. richard draper

    richard draper10 meses atrás

    The royal marine band is by far the very best on the world. I cannot get enough of their music. Rick in Nova Scotia If you want precision watch the drummers!

  4. SuperNutkin

    SuperNutkinAnos atrás

    It's not the Drum Major who shouts out the name of the next march (Captain General) .... It's one of the designated trombone players who shouts out the next march to inform the drummers .... This is done each time the drum solos finish .....SuperNutkin

  5. Jim Ramsay

    Jim RamsayAnos atrás

    Thanks. I held the commandos backpack up in George Square - major respect!

  6. SuperNutkin

    SuperNutkinAnos atrás

    Well, in a way you are, but you don't do the full 32 weeks RM Commando Training, so you don't earn your Green Beret ..... To earn your Green Beret and become a fully-fledged Royal Marines Commando, you have to do the toughest and hardest and longest military infantry training in the world, by the way. However, Musicians who wish to join the RM Band Service have to do 15 weeks Infantry Training upon joining as a RM Musician Recruit and as such, have to carry out all manner of infantry training, such as fieldcraft, drill and gymnasium work, etc ....... THEN they have to study for a further 2 or 3 years at the Royal Marines School of Music to become fully-proficient on one, two, or three different instruments. SuperNutkin

  7. Jim Ramsay

    Jim RamsayAnos atrás

    Good man! Are you a soldier too when you are in the band?

  8. SuperNutkin

    SuperNutkinAnos atrás

    Hah, Yes I was in the RM Band for 12 years, but that was many moons ago ...... Since then, many things have changed but that bit of useful (or useless, depending which way you look at it) information hasn't. Thanks for asking .... SuperNutkin.

  9. Jim Ramsay

    Jim RamsayAnos atrás

    Nice info SuperNut, you in the band?

  10. Vito Amos

    Vito Amos2 anos atrás

    Lovely Boys!

  11. Vito Amos

    Vito Amos2 anos atrás

    You carried me away !

  12. Semaj Bronson

    Semaj Bronson2 anos atrás

    what does the drum major say at 8:19

  13. SuperNutkin

    SuperNutkinAnos atrás

    It's not the Drum Major shouting out what the next march is (Captain General) .... it's one of the trombone players who shouts this out to inform the drummers what the next march will be .... SuperNutkin

  14. Jim Ramsay

    Jim Ramsay2 anos atrás

    "The Captains General", the name of the tune that they start

  15. Semaj Bronson

    Semaj Bronson2 anos atrás

    whats the march at 4:45

  16. SuperNutkin

    SuperNutkinAnos atrás

    That march is "Wellington" .... a well-established military march played by many of the worlds leading Military Bands, including, of course, our own Royal Marines Bands, Guards Bands and RAF Bands ..... sounds great when the tempo is slightly slower, as is the case here ..... SuperNutkin.

  17. raisu_

    raisu_2 anos atrás

    Semaj Bronson wellington

  18. toy man

    toy man3 anos atrás

    A tip of the hat and a salute to all the Royal Marines bands. Thank you from a Canadian. Regards, Bob in Ontario

  19. Hong Kong Phooey

    Hong Kong Phooey3 anos atrás

    Ahhh.I can make out the Strathclyde Police building there!

  20. Jim Ramsay

    Jim Ramsay3 anos atrás

    Pitt St, Glasgow

  21. spentacle

    spentacle3 anos atrás

    Beats me how those photographers were allowed into the ranks, and why they would want to. They got their " up the nose" shots, at the expense of everyone elses view.

  22. Zygmund

    Zygmund3 anos atrás

    3:56 what a power!

  23. David Wilde

    David Wilde3 anos atrás

    Jim diamond

  24. Jim Ramsay

    Jim Ramsay3 anos atrás

    Its in one of the clips Steve! Just testing subclips to see when youtube decide someone else with nowt to do with any of this owns the copyright!

  25. Jim Davey

    Jim Davey10 meses atrás

    Why do the RM snare drummers have narrow red stripes on their pants while the rest of the band have broad stripes? Different union?

  26. clarkiiboii09

    clarkiiboii093 anos atrás

    Normally I find production companies which produce CDs for the band launch the claim. But I agree with you, plus it's filmed in the public arena and we're not making money from it...abit stupid I think!

  27. Jim Ramsay

    Jim Ramsay3 anos atrás

    All the time!!Its wrong in my mind as these songs are usually too old to be copyrighted!

  28. clarkiiboii09

    clarkiiboii093 anos atrás

    Have you been having issues with copyright to? A few of my videos of the band have also been flagged for copyright. Really annoying.

  29. Steven Hill

    Steven Hill3 anos atrás

    Wot - no A Life on the Ocean Wave?