Honest Trailers - Doctor Who (Modern)


  1. Screen Junkies

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    But which Doctor, is YOUR Doctor? One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

  2. Sam Grey

    Sam Grey17 dias atrás


  3. jungkook's thighs

    jungkook's thighs2 meses atrás

    David and Matt hehe

  4. GSW Cooper

    GSW Cooper5 meses atrás

    Which is my Who? Hmm, it'd have to be...Five; definitely. :D

  5. Zak L

    Zak L5 meses atrás


  6. Liza Huffman

    Liza Huffman6 meses atrás

    11 is the best.

  7. Ihyla Wood

    Ihyla Wood9 horas atrás

    the ponds make me really sad

  8. Pea Y

    Pea Y11 horas atrás

    There better not be anyone chattin chit about Sarah Jane

  9. Cecily D

    Cecily D12 horas atrás

    Why do so many people pronounce Darlek wrong?

  10. Ryan Ross

    Ryan RossDia atrás

    God, I love this show

  11. Ellen Murphy

    Ellen MurphyDia atrás

    Wow! This is the best. Love this. Doctor Who rules!

  12. Lego movies

    Lego moviesDia atrás

    Peter capauldi actually looks like my uncle

  13. Kitkat Moon

    Kitkat MoonDia atrás

    Pretty accurate



    Whose also kind of a dick

  15. gokusondbz

    gokusondbzDia atrás

    Hands down David Tennant is the greatest of the doctors 🧐

  16. Mr. Potterhead 333

    Mr. Potterhead 333Dia atrás

    Two devices to speed up the plot. Doctor(points sonic screwdriver at a dead body): He's dead

  17. Cameron Horn

    Cameron HornDia atrás

    This hurts... but it’s true.

  18. singthebodyelectric

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  19. Jessica Caron

    Jessica Caron2 dias atrás

    I love how it ended on an uplifting note and he really loves it!

  20. Lorens4444

    Lorens44442 dias atrás

    Where is the background music from?

  21. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen3 dias atrás

    He called River MRS. FRIZZLE REEEEEEE

  22. Chris Summerill

    Chris Summerill3 dias atrás

    Kylie Minogue is Australian ya mad yanks. It’s only on the other side of the world!

  23. Splurbit

    Splurbit3 dias atrás

    i think the biggest hert break of tennant was the fact the he went

  24. Natal Kumar

    Natal Kumar3 dias atrás


  25. Phrophetsam

    Phrophetsam4 dias atrás

    Clara is great

  26. Phrophetsam

    Phrophetsam4 dias atrás

    Matt Smith was my first butPeter Capaldi is my favorite.

  27. Phrophetsam

    Phrophetsam4 dias atrás

    Actually he does have doctorates and at least 1 medical degree.

  28. •Ꝉꭵ꫰’ ꭿꭎꮪꮠꭈꭵꭤ•

    •Ꝉꭵ꫰’ ꭿꭎꮪꮠꭈꭵꭤ•4 dias atrás

    I wanna fucking watch this shit again

  29. Azrael October

    Azrael October5 dias atrás

    I can’t get over *harry and Ron at the same time*

  30. Daniel Mahony

    Daniel Mahony5 dias atrás

    Liam Cunningham is from the Republic of Ireland not Britain.

  31. Hendri Nel

    Hendri Nel5 dias atrás

    You made fun of doctor who this entire video and it still gave me chills. F%@k this show is good

  32. george burkhard

    george burkhard5 dias atrás

    That's was a hoot LoL

  33. Bruno Quaresma da Silva

    Bruno Quaresma da Silva5 dias atrás

    Do the Avengers Endgame!!

  34. Nitro Indigo

    Nitro Indigo5 dias atrás

    I only just noticed the clip from The Curse of Fatal Death.

  35. Jerry Mathews

    Jerry Mathews5 dias atrás

    This was a great video, I have seen several of your Honest trailers and this is by far one of my favorites. Quick note: Roger Lloyd Pack should have been included in your Doctor Who/Harry Potter section as he played John Lumic in the two part Doctor Who Episodes The Age of Steel & Rise of the Cybermen and he was Barty Crouch Sr. in The Goblet of Fire. Keep up the good work. Oh and to answer your "Which Doctor is Your Doctor?" question. I grew up with numbers 4 & 5 (Loved 4), but absolutely enjoyed Number 10 in the reboots.

  36. NeoAnimeFreak _

    NeoAnimeFreak _6 dias atrás

    Doctor Who, bloody brilliant.

  37. Amanda Beaty

    Amanda Beaty6 dias atrás

    The voiceover for this is all wrong. It really should have been done by a Brit.

  38. LustrousWaves

    LustrousWaves6 dias atrás

    David Tenant is one of the best actors in the world no doubt and Matt Smith

  39. LustrousWaves

    LustrousWaves6 dias atrás

    Doctor who is better than most American shows tho only American shows I can say are better are The Walking Dead, Fear TWD, The 100 and that’s about it

  40. Blayne Miller

    Blayne Miller6 dias atrás

    ..."who is also kind of a dick, and occasionally doesn't have one."

  41. MirāØctø - Splatoon and More

    MirāØctø - Splatoon and More6 dias atrás

    the david tennant one was *too* accurate.

  42. gefloigle

    gefloigle6 dias atrás

    How have you not done Citizen Kane yet?! Do Citizen Kane!

  43. Nas Samad

    Nas Samad7 dias atrás

    Kylie minogue is not British, she's Australian 😂

  44. Tom56 //Tomonaut56

    Tom56 //Tomonaut567 dias atrás

    This is actually brilliant.

  45. Greig Butler

    Greig Butler7 dias atrás

    Kylie minogue is not British by the way

  46. That marvel fan- lego and film reviews

    That marvel fan- lego and film reviews7 dias atrás

    Doctor who. Where we discriminate against our main audience in series 11

  47. Eureka Adang

    Eureka Adang7 dias atrás

    Like it very much!

  48. Shailendra Singh

    Shailendra Singh9 dias atrás

    Matt Smith - Both Harry Potter and Ron at the same time 🤣🤣

  49. Jita'ame suluma

    Jita'ame suluma9 dias atrás

    stupid ass holes , just because its not your thing does not give you the right to be so un intelligent, oh i forgot , thats Americans for you , they can not even tell you were on a map any where is , oh and btw i am a mix of American and a brit , i am glad my family chose here , that would be coz usa is racist against my native blood and uk is not

  50. Jita'ame suluma

    Jita'ame suluma9 dias atrás

    stupid ass holes , just because its not your thing does not give you the right to be so un intelligent, oh i forgot , thats Americans for you , they can not even tell you were on a map any where is , oh and btw i am a mix of American and a brit , i am glad my family chose here , that would be coz usa is racist against my native blood and uk is not

  51. Lion El Jonson

    Lion El Jonson10 dias atrás

    Eccleston was my first doctor and an underrated one if i say so myself. He only had one series but he did an amazing job. His doctor was very northern. Rebellious, honest and straight to the point. Some of his episodes like dalek and empty child are now absolute classics when talking about New who. 10 was a big part of my childhood but 9 was my first doctor and I'm glad that christopher was given the opportunity to play him.

  52. SuperSeasky

    SuperSeasky10 dias atrás

    A major spoiler warning at the beginning would've been nice

  53. Achmad Syarief Hidayatullah Amiruddin

    Achmad Syarief Hidayatullah Amiruddin11 dias atrás

    4:57 how on earth is James Corden in that series? 😂

  54. Marguns21

    Marguns2111 dias atrás

    Chin ball don't know dr who tho xD

  55. Blitzy

    Blitzy12 dias atrás

    I like how it’s reviewed by an American but it’s the most British show I can think of

  56. 271294j1

    271294j112 dias atrás

    Donna actually got the best one, she is alive and well with her normal life. Rose is also well with her Doctor boyfriend in an alternate earth

  57. Steve the Pirate

    Steve the Pirate12 dias atrás

    I still want a Dr Who crossover where he/she ends up in Iron Man's suit room

  58. Big chungus isn’t funny And never was

    Big chungus isn’t funny And never was13 dias atrás


  59. Pedro Mago

    Pedro Mago13 dias atrás

    "Oh my God! They killed Rory! You bastards!" 😂😂🤣🤣 That funny voice made me laugh!!!😂😂🤣🤣

  60. William Leavitt

    William Leavitt14 dias atrás

    Oh my god they just killed Rory LOL so true

  61. Victoria Lambert

    Victoria Lambert14 dias atrás

    but please for the love of god remember NEVER to eat pears

  62. Maarten Bakker

    Maarten Bakker14 dias atrás

    And now a version good for the British/Europian market

  63. Lion El Jonson

    Lion El Jonson10 dias atrás

    Doctor who has always been for the british market. Ever since the first episode, why do you think it spends the most time in the UK and has british actors playing 95% of the characters?

  64. Cameron Joseph Videos

    Cameron Joseph Videos14 dias atrás

    Let me ruin NuWho for you. Throughout the entire Classic Series the Sonic Screwdriver was used a grand total of 43 times and the writers still wanted it destroyed because its too much of a crutch. The Tenth Doctor alone used his 83 times. Let that sink in for a second.

  65. Nyneva Kyte

    Nyneva Kyte15 dias atrás

    When a Star Trek original series and a Doctor Who love each other very much, they have intercourse and eventually a Next Generation is born.

  66. Christian Elgin

    Christian Elgin15 dias atrás

    Best TV show ever! and yes... just ignore the period of doctor 13. just think it never happened. DOCTOR WHO!

  67. Christian Elgin

    Christian Elgin7 dias atrás

    @murgul morgul yeah right? Come on 14th!

  68. murgul morgul

    murgul morgul7 dias atrás

    Christian Elgin totally agree. the script is so sh’’’y that it’s impossible to even remember they had a 13th D

  69. Gideon Miles

    Gideon Miles16 dias atrás

    Excellent Nailing the absolute fast and lose with the continuity

  70. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith16 dias atrás

    I loved and hated that at the same time

  71. Pokemc0831

    Pokemc083116 dias atrás

    I had no idea that David Tennet was Barty Crouch Jr but now I cannot unsee it

  72. gokusondbz

    gokusondbzDia atrás

    And now David Tennant is a demon in Good Omens 😈😇

  73. Evultz

    Evultz16 dias atrás

    8:24 whats this soundtrack? its so hype inducing :O

  74. Seb In Spaace!

    Seb In Spaace!17 dias atrás

    You wanna hear a joke? Doctor Who continuity.

  75. Seb In Spaace!

    Seb In Spaace!14 dias atrás

    Fluffy Sea Nut it’s true though.

  76. Fluffy Sea Nut

    Fluffy Sea Nut14 dias atrás

    Seb In Spaace! Shutup

  77. JustALittleWolf

    JustALittleWolf17 dias atrás


  78. Dead men tell no tales 1914

    Dead men tell no tales 191417 dias atrás

    Dr Who is a man. Not a woman.

  79. Lewis B

    Lewis B18 dias atrás

    Jonathan Pryce is not Jim Broadbent

  80. Giga Derek

    Giga Derek19 dias atrás

    You forgot how both Eccleston and Tennant each spent a season breaking up an interracial couple

  81. Elijah Ford

    Elijah Ford15 dias atrás

    Rose and The Doctor are an interracial couple too.

  82. RagnarTheRed

    RagnarTheRed19 dias atrás

    "The sun never sets on the British empire" The irony of using a phrase coined by a Spanish King to describe the Spanish empire to instead describe the British one lol

  83. Lion El Jonson

    Lion El Jonson10 dias atrás

    The british empire was much bigger so we are allowed the bragging rights ;)

  84. Aries Thezodiac

    Aries Thezodiac19 dias atrás

    You forgot the Doctor's grudge against pears. To be honest though I don't like pears either. They make your chin mushy.

  85. Jutrzen

    Jutrzen20 dias atrás

    Does anyboy knot the music played during the "starring all british actor" part?

  86. C.R.

    C.R.20 dias atrás

    love it but how did you have the cheek to put kylie minogue in as a British actor

  87. Joseph Greenhorn

    Joseph Greenhorn20 dias atrás

    i liked the female doctor

  88. sandra

    sandra22 dias atrás

    davind tennant is my doctor.

  89. B A

    B A22 dias atrás

    So hard to choose between David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi. I think Capaldi was my favorite doctor. He was unexpectedly cold (and yet the same kind doctor) and extremely witty. But my favorite seasons were prob with Matt Smith and Amy and Rory as companions. Their chemistry was just great. Clara was good too, especially with Capaldi. Bill can go straight to hell though.

  90. Miguel Sanchez

    Miguel Sanchez25 dias atrás

    *Ooooodddz* !

  91. DJOfRadioGallifrey

    DJOfRadioGallifrey25 dias atrás

    woops at 8.41, in the jim broadbent shots, you've actually put in a picture of Johnathan Pryce(far left). Kylie Monigue is Australian, and you forgot to mention Tom Hopper, who was in doctor who and played Dickon Tarly in season 7 of Game of Thrones.

  92. cmdfarsight

    cmdfarsight25 dias atrás

    It went really down hill after tennant. Became all pc with the assistant becoming a more major character than the doc. And don't get me started on the waste of ink that is riversong.

  93. EdgyShooter

    EdgyShooter26 dias atrás

    God damn, scary Poppins got me 😂

  94. Jackson

    Jackson27 dias atrás

    After watching this multiple lines now and having watched most of your honest trailers, this is one of your best!

  95. Twyla Mckillip

    Twyla Mckillip27 dias atrás

    Matt Smith is my fav, followed closely by Tennant

  96. TMarioC

    TMarioC28 dias atrás

    A character driven sci-fi series that is incredibly British. Therefore it's amazing. What? Yes I know I'm British doesn't mean I'm thaaaat biased

  97. Adam Hanohano

    Adam Hanohano29 dias atrás

    This reaffirms my decision to never watch Dr. Who.

  98. Helder Oliveira

    Helder Oliveira29 dias atrás

    The chick in the thumbnail, is she from Black Mirror: The Entire History of You?

  99. Harry Turner

    Harry TurnerMês atrás

    You’ve taken the Moffat era bullshit stuff (like the name is a promise) way to seriously

  100. nwells1820

    nwells1820Mês atrás

    Diiiiiiid you HAVE to tear my heart out with that scene with Donna? I haven’t recovered from the first time I saw it

  101. Seth Leoric

    Seth LeoricMês atrás

    They should really do Neil Gaiman's Nothing o' clock episode

  102. Nickolas Pellegrin

    Nickolas PellegrinMês atrás

    Please do big trouble in little china

  103. Hannah Banana

    Hannah BananaMês atrás

    Shakespeeeeeeeeeeere! Shakespeeeeeeeeeeeere!

  104. Jonathan Boomer

    Jonathan BoomerMês atrás

    “First thing you notice about the Doctor of War is that he is unarmed. For many, it's also the last.” Always stuck with me as the most painful description of the Doctor, given how invested you can get in him, how much you want him to always be the good guy. It’s easy to feel his pain when he realises how the universe sees him.

  105. ioan marius

    ioan mariusMês atrás

    Do the expanse

  106. Darran Kern

    Darran KernMês atrás

    Doctor Who objectively sucks

  107. Just BOFFO

    Just BOFFOMês atrás

    SAAAAVE...MAAARTHA ha ha ha

  108. Leticia Salazar

    Leticia SalazarMês atrás

    Scary poppins 😂

  109. Renton Campbell

    Renton CampbellMês atrás

    What about it's bigger bon the inside

  110. emerson is dead

    emerson is deadMês atrás

    My ratings of the new doctors: 1. Matt Smith- This one is more of a sentimental favourite 2. David Tennant- He had a good balance of comedic and serious (and he's hot) 3. Peter Capaldi- The scripts were a bit shit but he was a good actor 4. Christopher Eccleston- He just bored me, no offense, but the scripts were alright and Rose made up for it 5. Jodie Whittaker- She really tried her best but DW went to shit after Capaldi

  111. B

    BMês atrás

    This show is so drunk out of context

  112. Lexander Bjorn

    Lexander BjornMês atrás

    Wow, you snubbed Jodi in a big way. Is this a protest against a female Doctor?

  113. Philadelphia Whovian

    Philadelphia WhovianMês atrás

    from what I recall, this video was made before Jodi's full season began, so they didn't have much to go off of. also, they poked innocent fun at all the show. so why should Jodi get better treatment?

  114. Alex TK

    Alex TKMês atrás

    Me: I am dr. what Dr Who: what? Me: no, Dr what, just like you, dr Who but what. Its strange. Dr Who: maybe