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    Did we miss any MCU tropes? *Watch our special LIVE Honest Trailers Commentary for the 300th episode - **brreporter.com/v/video-FO8XZ4uBQKk.html* *Also don't miss our new documentary series Fandom Uncovered, the first episode is all about Twilight? Yup, Twilight - **brreporter.com/v/video-5kb__6fa4tU.html* POOL RULES One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: Don’t go looking for fights. Four: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

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    Hey...y’all should do the British Bake Off! Seriously! Please?!?

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    Shill Junkies, just admit your Marvels petty puppet or drop any semblance of having integrity. #DownwithMarvel

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  7. Eva H

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    Supreme Victory 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    The MCU as a whole has been a 6.5/10. The MCU without the Russo's - 6.10.

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    Please do Hellboy!

  10. Auntor Ahsan

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    Endgame where

  11. Niran G

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    After watching stranger things s3 the ending made me lol


    VANYA TIWARI9 horas atrás

    "Star Lord. Who?"

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    got the boys ad and thought it was part of the video

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    Do Hacksaw Ridge

  15. Michelle Ritzer

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    Do man on fire

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    Spiderman would beg to differ...

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    4:17 Dang, y'all really did forget about the Netflix shows.

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    6:53 YES! Remember what happened in Far From Home... . . . . . . I'm sorry🤣

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    The ad I got before this video was an ad for The Boys. Voiced by Screen Junkies. Craziest coincidence ever.

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    I am groot"have me rolllin 🤣

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    Genius insights!

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    do Flash Gordon 1980...please!!!

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    In parkers defense alien is 40yrs old

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    You forgot the sky beams!

  26. Torrey Wang

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    As a gamer, I approve of the multi-hit combo trope Part of me felt overjoyed when I saw those multipliers XD

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    Can't believe I got a The Boys advert in the Honest Trailers epic voice right before this video

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    Got the boys ad then it said presented by the boys

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    "Cut some carbs!". Endgame Thor: "Yeeeaaahhh... About that..."

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    What about the blue beam in the sky?

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    Where is endgame?


    Efe SARIDİKMEN2 dias atrás

    Do punisher

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    Do Good Omens!

  34. Thomas fan 1945

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    However hard you try, the MCU can’t be made fun of. Your tryin to hard if you are going to, just go for DC

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    I love your videos you guys are awesome can you please do end game

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  37. Paula Troncoso Diaz

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    Hi, guys. Would you consider to put subtitles in english for non-english speakers? Sometimes the Epic Voice guy talks too fast and I can't understand him

  38. Shivani

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    It's too much of a slog to keep up with the MCU after Endgame. I'll probably only watch future Marvel movies on an airplane.

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    HAHAHA....love you folks!

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    Oh come on! I wanted a daredevil honest trailer!!!

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    New hairstyle + cutting carbs

  43. Mike Seo

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    First thing I thought of when you said "Dual Wielding" was Hulk from Ragnarok... but you didn't even show it D:

  44. Reyzha Sevenz

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    Odin: "Are you Thor the God of Combos?"


    SHIVAM SHRIVASTAVA4 dias atrás

    Should've titled "God Bless CGI"

  46. pokechatter

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    The tone change for the starring at 6:32 struck a cord.

  47. Red reaper

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    t'challa had the best biological father in the mcu

  48. Oof !rupees

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    I got a the boys ad right before this.

  49. The Mysterious Mind

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    I love this 3000!

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    but thor is just his name not his sh name

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    thanos in this bitsch

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    I've been waiting for someone to exploit marvel's formula ina detailed manner

  53. Daniel Genega

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    A few years ago, IGN did a list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains, and the following villains who were in both IGN's The Top 100 Comic Book Villains and the first 21 MCU feature films include: Loki, the Red Skull, Ultron, Helmut Zemo, Thanos, the Abomination, Dormammu, Thunderbolt Ross, and the Mandarin (sort of). So the MCU does have some great villains.

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    "Sexless romance that never takes off" lol true to MCU

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    Jesus can save you from a death that doesn’t end. Enjoy life and do what you like but do what is right

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    Screen Junkies is making a movie? I saw the trailer