1. lilly phifer

    lilly phifer5 meses atrás

    to everyone who’s commenting that they’re “too young” and “not being smart:” do you know every single little thing about their relationship ? do you know exactly how much money they’re bringing in ? are you their financial advisor or couples counselor ? no ? then stop putting your two cents in about it. yes, they’re youtubers and their jobs are to show us their lives, but we still don’t know everything about them, their relationship, and their finances, and it’s honestly not our place to know either ! you all just constantly need something to complain about and it’s annoying. everyone’s situations and maturity levels are different. just because you wouldn’t buy a house as young as them and move in together before 1 year doesn’t mean everyone else won’t.

  2. Hayd3n

    Hayd3n2 dias atrás

    lilly phifer calm down bud

  3. Mason Plank

    Mason Plank5 dias atrás

    Why are you so overdramatic why Wright a hole story

  4. Liam Jeannotte

    Liam Jeannotte5 dias atrás

    lilly phifer facts

  5. Fatally Fresh

    Fatally Fresh9 dias atrás

    lilly phifer you look 14, you shouldn't be giving anyone life advice.

  6. Anonymous 356

    Anonymous 35623 dias atrás

    I appreciate this comment thank you <3

  7. Amelie Pearce

    Amelie PearceDia atrás

    Honestly the 4th is my favourite! 😂

  8. Slime Master 28

    Slime Master 283 dias atrás

    Spock is cute

  9. Emily Pederson

    Emily Pederson4 dias atrás

    I started crying during the third house bc it was incredible and I'm so happy for them and I just can't wait to get a house with the person I love someday

  10. Lauren Purcell

    Lauren Purcell4 dias atrás

    Where is this

  11. HeLiX

    HeLiX5 dias atrás

    If anyone sees my comment I need some advice and no one is giving me any, so this girl I like likes me back and I don’t know if I should ask her out or not because everyone’s saying yes and no

  12. Israr Raziqeen

    Israr Raziqeen2 dias atrás

    Ask her out

  13. Katelyn Lambert

    Katelyn Lambert7 dias atrás

    I’m literally so happy for you guys!! Me and my boyfriend are in the same situation about wanting to start our lives. I’m also jealous of how long her hairs got!!

  14. Addie Taylor

    Addie Taylor9 dias atrás

    I can’t deal with all these hate comments like they made the money they are perfect for each other and we all know they’ll stay together forever like they’re already talking about marriage and to all y’all saying Haley was being a brat legit they’re buying a house your allowed to have opinions they’re not just gunna say they love them all Ryan was being a gentleman and asking Haley first!


    NIXBUZZ TV10 dias atrás

    This is craziness

  16. The All Mighty Arts

    The All Mighty Arts11 dias atrás

    Both of you look 2 years older then you are

  17. Moriah Guidry

    Moriah Guidry13 dias atrás

    Are they getting married or something?

  18. ツxMoon

    ツxMoon14 dias atrás

    Small face ass....I had to say it

  19. Yee haw

    Yee haw16 dias atrás

    why does everyone think it’s their business and they get to tell people what they can do. it is their money, their lives and their decision. you don’t know their financial situation! you don’t know their relationship. it is not your decision to make so stop acting like it is.

  20. PAEYTON Adlam

    PAEYTON Adlam16 dias atrás

    Y’all could get a trampoline😯

  21. Dan Zubani

    Dan Zubani17 dias atrás


  22. samu karppinen

    samu karppinen19 dias atrás


  23. Rachel Huff

    Rachel Huff20 dias atrás

    Ya this video is feeling bad for Ryan for 45 minutes

  24. Song.hits. Log

    Song.hits. Log21 dia atrás

    Yall really can’t stand seeing someone happy huh? Let them do whatev they wantttt they’re so excited for this , and seeing yall reacting like this makes them feel like shit. If they breakup theyll figure shit out. Stop bringing negativity in here

  25. Daisy Sears

    Daisy Sears22 dias atrás

    can anyone figure out what boots shes wearing the link doesn't work?

  26. Your mom Nothing

    Your mom Nothing22 dias atrás

    Are you guys buying the house w the loan and the money you make from BRreporter or do you have another job, it was just an important question to me and I was just wondering. So get back to me if at all possible

  27. Roan Lavender

    Roan Lavender22 dias atrás

    Stop at 6:10 the face

  28. isbakernation

    isbakernation23 dias atrás

    why does Haley’s mom have to live with them? Why does Haley want her mom to live with her?

  29. Audrey V

    Audrey V24 dias atrás


  30. Single mom VoipP

    Single mom VoipP24 dias atrás

    *Yang like dapat tiket umroh aminnnn* ☀

  31. Amara Anderson

    Amara Anderson25 dias atrás

    OMG what

  32. Ousmane Dieng

    Ousmane Dieng27 dias atrás


  33. G O D

    G O D28 dias atrás

    Amazing guys so proud of you guys people are jealous which makes me laugh these sorry a$$ losers

  34. mia alani

    mia alani28 dias atrás

    At least AKNOWLEDGE that this isn't a normal thing to do at 18. You'll just make others feel bad for working at a fast food place or still living in their parents' house at your age since your their influencers.

  35. Lia Malihah

    Lia Malihah28 dias atrás

    This video makes me realize, I fail my life. OMG

  36. GhostGrayy

    GhostGrayy29 dias atrás

    Too young!( thats to make lilly mad) jk good luck getting the house u pick.

  37. Legit Gaming

    Legit Gaming29 dias atrás

    Small and cute, just like Spock 🖖🏻

  38. Bella Weber

    Bella WeberMês atrás

    Congrats guys! Been watching forever and it’s nice to see you moving up in life so young! Who cares if they are “rushing” let them do their fucking thingggg

  39. Conspiracy Theory

    Conspiracy TheoryMês atrás

    U guys are going to be sad when you go home 😂

  40. bleh ya

    bleh yaMês atrás

    shes so ugly

  41. WackyWildPotato

    WackyWildPotato20 dias atrás


  42. Leoyoboi Zamora

    Leoyoboi ZamoraMês atrás

    If u buy the second house u can do a bunch of challanges

  43. Zed Kosso

    Zed KossoMês atrás

    Wow my house is the size of ur garage of house 2 and I have 9 people in my family we would take any if these houses anyday

  44. Izzy

    IzzyMês atrás


  45. vana oliveira

    vana oliveiraMês atrás

    okay but when i heard haley's mom go "i can ride my bike..." my heart exploded.

  46. Caleb B

    Caleb BMês atrás

    #3 all the way, third times a charm

  47. Jovan

    JovanMês atrás

    33 seconds in and already i wanna jump!

  48. Elisa Dorado

    Elisa DoradoMês atrás

    Spock is cute

  49. Sophie Dougan

    Sophie DouganMês atrás

    you guys deserve the perfect house. People out here be saying that ur ungrateful but no ur just looking for something specific and if you want something and it doesn't feel right, then by any means you can say it feels to small or it doesnt have a big enough back yard. I just hope that you have fun in your new house! EDIT: the 5th house looks like Zac Efron house

  50. Exzy

    ExzyMês atrás

    In London that cozy cottage is a big house to everyone you can't take things for granted because everyone wishes to get a house like that.

  51. Kelsey Miller

    Kelsey MillerMês atrás

    Feeling watching this in one word poor

  52. Elizabeth wende

    Elizabeth wendeMês atrás

    Haley at every single house: but the 3rd house has ___.....

  53. Elizabeth wende

    Elizabeth wendeMês atrás

    Haley is becoming really ungrateful

  54. taybtw ttv

    taybtw ttvMês atrás

    i'm sorry but wtf is wrong w the lighting in house number two 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Dayna Horan

    Dayna HoranMês atrás

    Why's hayley being so prestige in this

  56. cadence elizabeth

    cadence elizabethMês atrás

    33:42 - why did he “sh”???!!! And it wasn’t even cute either!!😂💀💀

  57. Manolya Y

    Manolya YMês atrás

    Haley seemed so pessimistic after the third house... like really I love you but you just seemed so ungrateful. There are people who would die for a house like that.

  58. Manolya Y

    Manolya YMês atrás

    Hearing them call the fourth house small was just.. 😩

  59. Lisa H

    Lisa HMês atrás

    Hope it works out in the long run!

  60. Holly Francis

    Holly FrancisMês atrás

    y’all are stupid. You’re gonna regret getting such a big house.

  61. Justin Hicks

    Justin HicksMês atrás

    I like 3

  62. Alexia Rendon

    Alexia RendonMês atrás

    I read the title and thought they were buying items for the house

  63. will kimmons

    will kimmonsMês atrás

    “This 7’1 hunk” “And he’s 7’1 so who know what comes with that” Danggg okay Ryan I see you ;)

  64. Jorgie

    JorgieMês atrás

    Can't believe they called that beautiful mansion (house 4) "small and cute" a "cozy cottage"

  65. Jorgie

    JorgieMês atrás

    10 minutes it... Blows my mind they rated that beautiful gorgeous mansion a 5/10 and described it as "claustrophobic."

  66. Maisie Denny

    Maisie DennyMês atrás

    Im not sure if the third house was better, just bigger....remember there’s only three of you Also pained me to hear Ryan talking down houses at the end that he clearly really loved when looking round :/

  67. Opoku Obeng Jr.

    Opoku Obeng Jr.Mês atrás

    The 3rd House made me want to cry. That laundry room and view omfggggg