How Directors Turn a Joke Into a Video


  1. GhostBoy922

    GhostBoy92216 minutos atrás

    Yes! I love the lazy tutorials!

  2. The Materiaman

    The MateriamanDia atrás

    ...Shrek is life...

  3. DC Comics Fanboy

    DC Comics Fanboy2 dias atrás

    It would of been so sick if wren hit a cloud while going up

  4. teh JOBBY YTP

    teh JOBBY YTP2 dias atrás

    is that adobe after effects

  5. MrPultz

    MrPultz3 dias atrás

    Is Wren the kenny of corridor??? you need to make 101 ways to day with Wren!! (yes how to kill wren 101 ways)!!

  6. The orange dealer

    The orange dealer9 dias atrás

    Girls un panzer

  7. Jay Patel

    Jay Patel11 dias atrás

    On 8:02, skeleton be like,"yup. That's the depth I m jumping with pogo stick."😂😂

  8. Luno Dawson

    Luno Dawson11 dias atrás

    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is my favorite 2019 anime for sure.

  9. Ryan Phillips

    Ryan Phillips8 dias atrás

    Same waiting for it to fail

  10. Harry Selby

    Harry Selby13 dias atrás

    would have been cool if wren was calling for himself after he went into the sky

  11. BigAl Gaming

    BigAl Gaming16 dias atrás

    I watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Highly recommend. Dont worry about anything that happens in there

  12. Never Know

    Never Know16 dias atrás

    That was close... i think you may have went to far into the future. an i wish something was added between when he takes off an when the bones come back down.... Maybe a shot of Wren flying?

  13. Seth Hodge

    Seth Hodge17 dias atrás

    Love this type of video, felt more like the old vlogs. Don't get me wrong, I also like the react and tutorial videos but nothing beats the vlogs!

  14. Jameslee Seipei

    Jameslee Seipei17 dias atrás


  15. Shon Medin

    Shon Medin19 dias atrás

    I watched it in the right order by accident!!!

  16. Restiss

    Restiss21 dia atrás

    I just realized that their office is right by VSauce's. I remember seeing that allyway in h3h3's video when he visited them.

  17. Beerus The god of destruction

    Beerus The god of destruction22 dias atrás

    Ima be serious if you guys looking for a good slice of life look at miss kobaiyashi’s dragon maid and i can’t understand what my husband is saying. Both are hilarious

  18. Kazzie Bolaños

    Kazzie Bolaños22 dias atrás

    Homeboy really just named the most basic anime demon slayer didnt completely destroy this year

  19. No Akomplice

    No Akomplice23 dias atrás

    Wren is like a goofy Golden Retriever.

  20. that one duck

    that one duck23 dias atrás

    Camera Man: *shrek* *shrek* *SHREK* I like when camera man talks

  21. Mark Skater

    Mark Skater23 dias atrás

    Jake is the best !

  22. Kian De Boeck

    Kian De Boeck24 dias atrás

    Maybe a stupid question but why not film the second scene with the same phone so it looks the same?

  23. Mocorn

    Mocorn23 dias atrás

    Not enough resolution to work with I think.

  24. Kian De Boeck

    Kian De Boeck24 dias atrás

    Dr stone and one piece

  25. Alexandra Centeno

    Alexandra Centeno24 dias atrás

    The final part is the best part

  26. GNORK_standard

    GNORK_standard25 dias atrás

    always go for JoJo's Bizzare Adventure! xD

  27. DrKri3ger

    DrKri3ger25 dias atrás

    Have you guys looked at The Irishman trailer yet? Scorsese giving De Niro mad reverse-aging effects

  28. xNINJAxLT

    xNINJAxLT25 dias atrás

    Ren is immortal

  29. Tiny Bruiser

    Tiny Bruiser25 dias atrás

    Why tf link had to be bit ly , i cant go to video right away within my app

  30. Jonathan Cruz

    Jonathan Cruz25 dias atrás


  31. Spacecookie

    Spacecookie26 dias atrás

    But if he went up that high, his body wouldn't degrade to loose all the organic components. Even if he somehow managed to get into orbit magically, his pogo re-entry would be at an angle which would have made for more fun as he'd come down like the meteor that burned up in the Russian skies, but would account for him being gone for 10 years and for the missing flesh. You could have had the 'UFO' crash landing sci-fi ending then as they look in the crater to find the pogo and the burned bones, on theme.

  32. .hack//Balmung

    .hack//Balmung26 dias atrás

    That warning on the begin comes to late, even the skeleton spoilers already too much. That Crunchyroll advertising was unexpected. Never thought i would see advertising for such stuff on your channel. ;)

  33. elva136

    elva13626 dias atrás

    Corridor Crew, please please react to Michael Jackson's posthumous performance of his hologram on billboards- Slave to the rhythm!! Please do a special on holograms!

  34. ジョルノジョバーナ

    ジョルノジョバーナ26 dias atrás


  35. JosieGoyangi

    JosieGoyangi27 dias atrás

    I never skip the sponsored segment; you guys do such an awesome job making it entertaining!

  36. miguel perez

    miguel perez27 dias atrás

    Nobody: Twitch thots: 13:47

  37. I'm A Fan

    I'm A Fan27 dias atrás

    They just all make it look so easy. Amazing

  38. Inweezy

    Inweezy27 dias atrás

    This video was pretty dope

  39. AFroese

    AFroese28 dias atrás

    I saw Cmike on the outro again?

  40. RAM TUBE

    RAM TUBE28 dias atrás

    I think that was my favorite sponsored segment from Jake

  41. Wolverine

    Wolverine28 dias atrás

    OMG they killed Wrenny!

  42. Zeus

    Zeus28 dias atrás

    Jake taking the sponsor segment to another level 🤘

  43. SyTz Knightz

    SyTz Knightz28 dias atrás

    my hero academia, dragonball super, fairy tail.

  44. Krish Gupta

    Krish Gupta29 dias atrás

    You guys need to make a Mortal Combat video with a finisher of pulling a skeleton out of Wren and some other cool ones. You could totally show off during that video AND have 3D cityscapes in the background too since you want to do more of those.

  45. nilloc93

    nilloc9329 dias atrás

    jakes pogo stick slowing dying while he sponsors something

  46. CadeFilms

    CadeFilms29 dias atrás

    How about you make a part 2 and then it will be what was in the previous video and then you were in heaven like in the slingshot video.

  47. CadeFilms

    CadeFilms29 dias atrás

    Its 15 minutes and it was uploaded on September 15

  48. CadeFilms

    CadeFilms29 dias atrás

    Oh so hes not dead 💀

  49. Matthew Gould

    Matthew Gould29 dias atrás

    If you're new to Crunchroll and like action/adventure/fantasy I'd recommend checking out Demon Slayer, Fate/Zero and Fate/Unlimited Blade Works, My Hero Academia, Blue Exorcist, DRIFTERS, Goblin Slayer, Gurren Lagaan, or Mob Psycho. Those are all quite enjoyable.

  50. hershycows

    hershycowsMês atrás

    I appreciate that you guys give us a Ad timer AND the full commitment to whatever the ad shtick is!

  51. 🦇🎃Jo🎃🦇

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  52. Roti Wokeman

    Roti WokemanMês atrás

    The cover photo: What happened to the guy who was rocking a pogo stick right after the nukes hit.

  53. Prototype LQ

    Prototype LQMês atrás

    These behind the scenes vids warm my nostalgic heart) I enjoy your never VFX artists react vids and others, but these are still the most funny and, well, Corridor videos out here



    my favorite anime is probably rather heaven's lost property or Naruto

  55. broceratops1337

    broceratops1337Mês atrás

    There are zero BTS videos in that playlist. Unsubscribed AIIGOOOOO

  56. Kurtis Burke

    Kurtis BurkeMês atrás

    Y'all are gonna end up looking like Potato Jet with all those pogo stick tricks 😂

  57. Foxy Lee

    Foxy LeeMês atrás

    Cmike still in the outro good ol days

  58. Ursea_Lux

    Ursea_LuxMês atrás

    So I went to watch that video then come back here. I completely missed the whole 100 years thing. I thought it was only 1 year. Me and my dumb brain.

  59. Xenibalt

    XenibaltMês atrás

    wait a second ... wren is like kenny and keeps getting revived and peter is multiple clones from the factory ... i bet Sam is a lich ... i'm calling it now

  60. Xenibalt

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  61. Xenibalt

    XenibaltMês atrás

    that fucking end =o

  62. Xenibalt

    XenibaltMês atrás

    this crunchy roll AD is the greatest stunt jake has pulled in a long time HE DID A ONE TAKE JAKE

  63. nour 7500

    nour 7500Mês atrás

    what is the thing called that he used for the high res buildings?