How Eliud Kipchoge Ran a Sub 2 Hour Marathon


  1. TH3 N4ME

    TH3 N4ME14 horas atrás

    Watch in 20 years it's gonna get beat

  2. Alame

    Alame15 horas atrás

    I literally got the same time but on a 9 mile run, this man is bananas

  3. Forklif 21

    Forklif 2117 horas atrás

    Do learning to finger skate

  4. wes olsen

    wes olsenDia atrás

    I dont think comparing a treadmill to ground running is a good idea. the treadmill looks way more brutal then the guys actually running the record pace

  5. Xz6 Xz6

    Xz6 Xz6Dia atrás

    What about the people that ran whit him they can beat the record

  6. Adham Badawy

    Adham Badawy17 horas atrás

    The pace runners were switched out at regular intervals, It was not the same people the whole way through.

  7. Dylan Man

    Dylan ManDia atrás

    2040: marathon runner breaks 1 hour

  8. John Brown

    John BrownDia atrás

    As George Carlin famously said: "If you're White, and over 10, you don't wear a baseball hat backwards."

  9. Joey Ros

    Joey Ros3 dias atrás

    What is the name of the background song at the end

  10. Matt Dupre

    Matt Dupre3 dias atrás

    That’s crazy, but I did a marathon last week and finished 1:58.23 so I think I’m faster

  11. Marco Poggiani

    Marco Poggiani4 dias atrás

    you are crazy

  12. luhole

    luhole4 dias atrás

    Tell me you brought in a treadmill just for this video...

  13. luhole

    luhole4 dias atrás

    The man is running 20km an hour for the whole race! That is MENTAL! That is my flat out absolute fastest sprint on a treadmill, which I can do for about - oh - 15 seconds?

  14. Felipe Gómez

    Felipe Gómez4 dias atrás

    maybe the trick is to run on your tips rather than on your heels

  15. Brian Ling

    Brian Ling4 dias atrás

    I'm really confused on why he didn't sprint the last part because he could've got a faster time, and he didn't look like he was gonna die from it

  16. Zac Wilson

    Zac Wilson4 dias atrás

    Why doesn’t any of the other runners get credit

  17. Kaiwen Chen

    Kaiwen Chen4 dias atrás

    The thing is, he’s barely sweating at the end. Truly amazing

  18. Kewin Palmer

    Kewin Palmer2 dias atrás

    Kaiwen Chen i dont think it was hot outside, and he dont have much clothes

  19. Xaverderschnitzelfan

    Xaverderschnitzelfan4 dias atrás

    The problem is, you are running wrong.

  20. Martin Jowsey

    Martin Jowsey4 dias atrás

    We won't be seeing another sub 2h run for a while because no one with bother with all that gear again and a sub 2 in open competition is several years away. This 1:59:40 is nothing to do with the world record. It's a freaking mind-blowing achievement, it's a big advertising exercise much more than anything else. I hope it gets more people running!

  21. Alexander Magnusson

    Alexander Magnusson5 dias atrás

    I have a challenge for you and they are that you should try to slip down from a ladder that they do in movies. Good luck

  22. Prince Banini

    Prince Banini5 dias atrás

    Big ups Mike Boyd, this video really highlights how much work and how extraordinary Eliud Kipchoge's record is. i didnt understand how amazing this was until i watched this video. well done

  23. Prince Banini

    Prince Banini5 dias atrás

    at 9:34 i was wondering what he was saying in his head. probably something in the area of "I got this, i got this".

  24. Daffa Dappoy

    Daffa Dappoy5 dias atrás

    Please use kilometer too, youtube not just for american

  25. Thomas Gilbert

    Thomas Gilbert6 dias atrás


  26. Thomas Gilbert

    Thomas Gilbert6 dias atrás


  27. Thomas Gilbert

    Thomas Gilbert6 dias atrás


  28. Thomas Gilbert

    Thomas Gilbert6 dias atrás


  29. Thomas Lidetu

    Thomas Lidetu6 dias atrás

    running in every black people blood , I am not racist but blacks where travelrs before columbs or vasco dagama

  30. Y LOVE Y X&Y

    Y LOVE Y X&Y7 dias atrás

    Wait, sorry if i didn't catch this, did any of his pace keeper get swapped out? Otherwise, didn't they run a sub-2 hour marathon as well?

  31. Louise Stephenson

    Louise Stephenson6 dias atrás

    pace runners got switched out regularly yeah

  32. Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x

    Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x7 dias atrás

    Y LOVE Y X&Y are you 30-50 years old?

  33. KazooFN

    KazooFN7 dias atrás

    Anyone Know Kipchoge's Official Website (If He Has One)

  34. Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x

    Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x7 dias atrás

    KazooFN are you 30-50 years old?

  35. solarke

    solarke7 dias atrás

    babatunde came in strong

  36. Hưng Đặng

    Hưng Đặng7 dias atrás

    At 9:30 there is beautiful music

  37. Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x

    Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x6 dias atrás

    Hưng Đặng your profile photo but I wanted to make sure to ask you something and no I don’t know the music.

  38. Hưng Đặng

    Hưng Đặng6 dias atrás

    @Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x wow how do you know? Btw do you know the music?

  39. Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x

    Like Mate, Stop Procrastinating x7 dias atrás

    Hưng Đặng are you 30-50 years old?

  40. Bon Bernal

    Bon Bernal8 dias atrás

    Felt bad for your heel and knee hahahah

  41. Uigs

    Uigs8 dias atrás

    Eliud would be realy good supporting his friends in a marathon running before them

  42. Ben Taylor

    Ben Taylor9 dias atrás

    Unlike this feat (which is astonishing) the 4 minute mile was done under real life conditions. doing this in an official Marathon event is a whole other story, achievable, I think so. Still I am glad I am alive to see a milestone in history like this and by the person who deserved achieving it the most.

  43. Paul Folan

    Paul Folan9 dias atrás

    Looks like the pacemakers could've gone sun hours.

  44. Jack

    Jack9 dias atrás

    I would like to see a blood screening, just curious...

  45. Phil Osopher

    Phil Osopher10 dias atrás

    He did not break the record as a normal runner. This was set up and staged a bit like the fastest claim on a bike was done whilst riding behind a wind break. One day a Runner will break the 2 hour barrier in a natural way and not a set up fake run like this. When the 2 hour mark is broken by a runner who just runs in a normal race mode then that Runner will be given the title of The First Man to Break the 2 Hour Mark.

  46. Fábio Monteiro

    Fábio Monteiro11 dias atrás

    I cant stop watching this video. Incredible ☺

  47. Ba Ba Barbie

    Ba Ba Barbie11 dias atrás

    Ok but let’s not forget the people right behind him at the finish line!!! I know he was first but I think they bet the 2 hours also so let’s give them some credit!!!!🤗👍🙏🏼

  48. crimdell

    crimdell11 dias atrás

    This is awesome. How can 1900 people dislike this video?

  49. khill

    khill12 dias atrás

    Were those blokes running with him swapping out? or did they just do the whole thing with him and then let him take it?

  50. khill

    khill11 dias atrás

    @Fábio Monteiro oh thanks, I don't know how I missed that.

  51. Fábio Monteiro

    Fábio Monteiro11 dias atrás

    7:40 your answer

  52. Shinta Kikuchi

    Shinta Kikuchi12 dias atrás

    2 hours: I am inevitable Eliud: I am Eliud Kipchoge

  53. Black African Guy

    Black African Guy12 dias atrás

    Learn how to write with you’re none dominant hand

  54. Black African Guy

    Black African Guy11 dias atrás

    Heaven cuz it’s a skill...... duh

  55. Heaven

    Heaven11 dias atrás


  56. CellarPhantom

    CellarPhantom12 dias atrás

    What about the other guys running with him? Didn't they all make it under 2 hours??

  57. CellarPhantom

    CellarPhantom10 dias atrás

    @Fábio Monteiro Aha! Thank you! :) Missed that change part, but it totally makes sense.

  58. Fábio Monteiro

    Fábio Monteiro11 dias atrás


  59. Fran e

    Fran e13 dias atrás

    He may as well have been towed around with a rope

  60. Sills71

    Sills7113 dias atrás

    Doped to the max. What a joke. He is so doped up he was not even winded at the end.

  61. Justin

    Justin13 dias atrás

    Pathetic......nobody needs people like you

  62. Pablo Gerardo Garcia Perusina

    Pablo Gerardo Garcia Perusina13 dias atrás

    You need to improve your running technique... XD

  63. alaa Ilayan

    alaa Ilayan13 dias atrás

    "Kipchoge practically sprinted at a 4:26 per hour" So, he was jogging at an average of 4:34 miles per hour?

  64. Jackie Siga

    Jackie Siga10 dias atrás

    Yes it is. And to keep that pace for 2 hours is just amazing.

  65. Asta

    Asta15 dias atrás

    M'aiq knows much, and tells some. M'aiq knows many things others do not...

  66. What up yo

    What up yo15 dias atrás

    I just noticed mikes left eye is higher than his left and it bothering me

  67. What up yo

    What up yo15 dias atrás

    I’m sorry whoever it reading this but mikes right eye is higher than his left

  68. Justin

    Justin13 dias atrás

    I hate you

  69. Squall17x

    Squall17x15 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who thinks Kipchoge was most likely juiced up? As it was an 'unofficial' one man race, meaning that using douping did not harm other competitors' placing, I think it seems very unlikely that in a 'must succeed' event such as this, his sponsors would not have used the finest drugs on him. Until someone runs a sub 2 hrs marathon in an official race, the milestone remains to be unbroken

  70. Aman Jacob

    Aman Jacob15 dias atrás

    Is he human wow wow...ur amazing sir..!!

  71. Dajo Sco

    Dajo Sco16 dias atrás

    literally could have went 1:58 easy without all the pre-celebration, lol. btw I rode my bike the other 15miles average pace 5:15 a mile and i was hurting...

  72. scuba

    scuba16 dias atrás

    His heart rate when he finished was probably like 85 lol

  73. esugar

    esugar16 dias atrás

    Kipchoges the Man... but got used by the media, this what he wore when the Wind blockers were outta pace?

  74. JOSE Marcos Becerra

    JOSE Marcos Becerra16 dias atrás

    Thank you

  75. Rustic

    Rustic16 dias atrás

    By running fast. Youre welcome

  76. Itnu Zo

    Itnu Zo16 dias atrás

    Why does people keep using hold my bear what if i told you i actually used it in a bar while fighting

  77. agetori77

    agetori7717 dias atrás