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    Thats too much . Can’t u just accept the fact that you’re white and stop all this shit

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    Perfect Blend

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    Beautiful and seems really cool. Love it!!!! 😊😍❤️

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    She looks like a prettier and smarter Kardashian

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    what makes you think kim isn’t smart? she owns a million dollar makeup brand. she’s a smart businesswoman if you ask me.

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    OMG! THATS SKILL LOVE IT PRETTY ! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    That hoody gives me anxiety

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    am i the only one who thinks that she sounds like rihanna?

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    Girl Idk why you contour, the foundation is good enough because people already want your type of features. I support what you do because you do a great job! You just already have nice features :) I know what comtouring is for so i understand the reason.

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    Do u remember me i really miss u i want u to come in the centre a gain

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    Love this video! You make it so easy to understand and it’s the exact look I like to do w my makeup.. if I knew how. 😂🤣 If I ever get married I would want You doing my makeup! Amazing job. 💋

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    Ur so beautiful I hope I can do my make just as good. My gosh I love ittt!!! I am going to try asap. Thanks for ur videos.

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    i watch this and other videos maybe 1000 times, after 1 day, i have forgotten all the steps she did,,,she must have a excellent memory

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    Best contour I've seen ! 👌

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    hi my name is faith haleys sister i like your videos.

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    OMG 😂🤢🤢🤢🤮 Natural you are so beautiful and with makup its just disgusting 🤢 My god you look like a Da Vinci paint 😂 But with no makup you are very prettyb

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    you are so pretty but I wondered how long it takes you to do your makeup every morning???

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    Can you pls tell me what lipliner you used. Thks love the look

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    I love love your palette I use on a regular .👌🏽

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    I wish I had your cheek bones there so nice.x

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    I'm so jealous it should be illegal to be this gorgeous ..great tutorial and thank you for the tips God knows I can use..some..

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    Girl thank you so much, this is very helpful although I’m too scared to countour my nose lol but everything else was perfect❤️😇

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    I love how you contour! Hopefully I can learn from this! Has anyone told you, you look like Megan fox?

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    How does she not get smile lines. Literally as soon as I lay my foundation down I get smile lines if I even crack a smile so I have to use eyeshadow primer before applying foundation and add a shit ton of powder after foundation to set it and not have cracks and horrible creases all day

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    Sound like Rihanna’ looks like Kim

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    Yeah mercury retrograde Nov 2018 (ends 12/6) just caused me to lose a 55 minute video yesterday, that was backed up to both the cloud and my SD card. Plus, people said BRreporter conked out on them yesterday too. Lovely tutorial!

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    You looked really nice at the beginning of the video. Not so much after. :(

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    This video was very beneficial for me! My friends noticed the change in my contouring. Thanks a lot ♥️


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