1. Denise Lopez

    Denise Lopez7 horas atrás

    Your beautiful but you talk to much

  2. Lauren Slaughter

    Lauren Slaughter11 horas atrás

    So helpful

  3. Lemon jello

    Lemon jello3 dias atrás

    For a sec she kinda looked like a younger Kim Kardashian and that’s a good thing 🙂

  4. Shaylice Thurman

    Shaylice Thurman3 dias atrás

    * Drops palette then goes on about how life's been rough* 😂😂😂 Sameeee

  5. tania garcia

    tania garcia4 dias atrás

    Love the way u talk and ur very pretty

  6. Sherley Ventura

    Sherley Ventura6 dias atrás

    You're amazing. Out of all the videos I watched on the subject this helped the most! I was able to do it step by step and I really noticed the difference in my make up once I was finished. Thank you!

  7. Beauty with Aarti

    Beauty with Aarti7 dias atrás

    U r so beautiful 😅

  8. Shanna Chankapersad

    Shanna Chankapersad8 dias atrás

    Mini kim Kardashian

  9. Molly Olivia

    Molly Olivia10 dias atrás

    Your a fab BRreporterr, you’re vid was really helpful X

  10. Amazing Bella

    Amazing Bella10 dias atrás

    20 pounds of makeup later😂

  11. kamei gaipuiru

    kamei gaipuiru11 dias atrás

    I love her makeup.😘😘

  12. Araceli Marino

    Araceli Marino13 dias atrás

    your lip linner?

  13. Dee M

    Dee M14 dias atrás

    Dont ever change. I have been watching since 2011.

  14. Alyssa Shenberger

    Alyssa Shenberger15 dias atrás

    I thought her brows were already done😭

  15. Liana Soares

    Liana Soares16 dias atrás

    That sweater in the beginning looks SO STUPID!

  16. Melanie Hernandez

    Melanie Hernandez18 dias atrás

    This was so helpful cant wait to try I typically use cream only on my cheeks bcuz I'm afraid to put it on my nose and look crazy lol!!! Thank you!

  17. Lizzy Avila

    Lizzy Avila20 dias atrás

    What brushes are you using to blend and set?

  18. Amelia Drake

    Amelia Drake20 dias atrás

    what eyelashes does your beautician use?x

  19. Kat Prinner

    Kat Prinner21 dia atrás

    i wish she could do my make up just once so i can learn whats best for me. i know nothing. 😫

  20. Aquatic Plays

    Aquatic Plays22 dias atrás

    that hoodie. I'm dead asf

  21. Rebecca Jessop

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  22. Lilllie B.

    Lilllie B.27 dias atrás

    Unnecessary from a beauty standpoint, you're gorge! But so much fun! I'm excited to try out new techniques

  23. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa28 dias atrás

    Dang she’s soooo pretty🤠❤️❤️

  24. xraevicious

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    I saw your hair as a wig on amazon. Baby hairs and all. xD

  25. Darlin' AliceDevil

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    "Big forhead" girl.I got a forhead 10× bigger than yours.

  26. S Baybehx

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    So God damn beautiful😍😍

  27. Rebekka Bergenseren

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  28. Ravinder Kaur

    Ravinder KaurMês atrás

    When you blend do you go in circular motion or upward? Anyone please let me know..I m really poor in Make up.😏

  29. #Ididntknowwhattonamemyself

    #IdidntknowwhattonamemyselfMês atrás

    6:46 That’s not a double chin Gurl that’s a jawline

  30. Svetlana Remizov

    Svetlana RemizovMês atrás

    Do you have this full makeup tutorial up?? I wanted to do something similar for my wedding since I'll be doing my own makeup, it looks so lovely

  31. Megan Emily

    Megan EmilyMês atrás

    I’m here because I look crazy when I try Contor

  32. xoxo xo

    xoxo xoMês atrás

    I just found her channel today, and I swear I thought she had her brows, eyeshadow, and lashes all done for the video already 😍😍

  33. Samantha June Rodriguez

    Samantha June RodriguezMês atrás

    Her voice is a mix or Rihanna & Mila Kunis

  34. Usifo Koyinsola

    Usifo KoyinsolaMês atrás

    Why are you talking so much?

  35. Cc Cc

    Cc CcMês atrás

    U a like mini Kim Kardashian girl.too cute👌

  36. Penis Stiffy uh

    Penis Stiffy uhMês atrás

    Holy shit that’s a lot of work

  37. Ksenia Raeva

    Ksenia RaevaMês atrás

    CAN you say EXACTLY the number of shape tape contour concealer, because there are lot of shades of MEDIUM! THANKS

  38. nemophilist

    nemophilistMês atrás

    I just found u right now... And I really like it here.

  39. Love You Nala

    Love You NalaMês atrás

    Show us how you do your eyebrows.

  40. michell sanchez

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    How can someone be so pretty 😭

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    Flawless 😘😍😍

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    like a kim & megan fox hybrid. I love ya look

  44. Salimata Dindané

    Salimata DindanéMês atrás

    Carli j'aime beaucoup ton maquillage mais tu parle trop

  45. rayva1

    rayva1Mês atrás

    Double chin??? You outta see mine. Gravity over time is such a beeotch.


    SAFOUUU_ YTBMês atrás


  47. asia lee

    asia lee2 meses atrás

    Hello carli 🤗 I love your channel and the way you do your make up your very talented and beautiful .. i just started my own BRreporter channel I was hoping you could show some support to my channel ... I hope we could be friends one day

  48. diaryofseresha

    diaryofseresha2 meses atrás

    Amazing nose contour you did there, i have short nose that kinda makes it look big in pix, gon try this contour

  49. Micaiah Joanna Corpuz

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  50. Luna Shiro

    Luna Shiro2 meses atrás

    *nervous sweating* dupes..????

  51. erika prado

    erika prado2 meses atrás

    woow pretty with no make up , prettier with make up..loved the highlighting and contouring..

  52. Sandy Larrosa

    Sandy Larrosa2 meses atrás

    So yellow tone

  53. dank maliea

    dank maliea2 meses atrás

    youre so pretty

  54. Caprece Rayne

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    U do all this for what to look the damn same girll lemme tell u UR FREAKIN gorgeous u don't even neeeeddd makeup

  55. unknown !!

    unknown !!2 meses atrás

    lol my name is sienna (christine is my english middle name)

  56. احمد زيزو

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    هو انتي عمله الفيديو من غير لبس ولا ايه😂😂

  57. Claudia Molina

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    What brush did she use to blend the countour ?

  58. Chacha Chacha

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  59. AY RA

    AY RA2 meses atrás

    u didnt need to put that much pf makeup! u lool already goregous without it

  60. Mona Hamad

    Mona Hamad2 meses atrás

    Its amazing.. can you tell what camera did you use in this video ?


    OYSIS VIANEY2 meses atrás

    Hey Carli! Is there anyway somehow you could do a tutorial on how to cover acne scars and acne on acne prone skin? I hope you see this cause it would really help. I love all the make up tutorials but most of them don't work on my kind of skin type but anyways I'd really appreciate it! Your the best, Thank you!!!

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    Thank you!

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    U are so pretty 😻😻

  66. Sabina Saeed

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    should we first use foundation and concealer than set it with translucent powder and then do contouring ???

  67. Maryuri Cruz

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    You’re so cute 😭😍

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    Wtf is she wearing?

  69. Kyla Frazier

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    Why does she look like Kim Kardashian

  70. Honey Honey

    Honey Honey2 meses atrás

    which brush do u use girls?help me I'm so hopeless ='(

  71. Alessia Rinn

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    You are so. Freaking. Gorgeous.

  72. Bethan Harding

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    You should try to start your own makeup line “Carli’sCosmetics ❤️❤️

  73. Bethan Harding

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    Your so pretty even with out makeup ❤️❤️

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    Gorgeous 💕

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    Gurl u look amazing 🤩💕

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    Any new youtubers want to support each other? ❤️❤️

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    If I ever had a date with a woman trust & believe ima ask her to plz not wear makeup cz if we ever make it to the bedroom, I don’t wanna end up screaming my lungs out to death

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    Ev C what sense does that make

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    Damn! You look stunning💗💗

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    Thank you for giving me advice for how to do my makeup especially my contouring!💖

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    Flawless, come do my makeup

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    What r u Wearing!..And u should tell us u were wearing clothes coz I thought ur naked

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    Du te drecu

  88. Aria Y

    Aria Y3 meses atrás

    Your skin looks dewy I love it! If I tried a dewy make up I’m sure I’d look oily instead of perfect dewy! Lol it’s a struggle

  89. Elizabeth Soutar

    Elizabeth Soutar3 meses atrás

    Can someone show me where the product list is for this video?

  90. Segno dei pesci

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    Megan Fox :D

  91. Nikolett Németh

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    Oh you used a hungarian product, love it :) The mist, Queen of Hungary

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    End vacation shoulder initially African-American resource exist way most surprised.

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    I thought you were already wearing eyeshadow before you started applying it GURL UR NATURALLY GLOWIN

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    take a shot every time she said laptop

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    i love ur make up and i love watch ur chanel , from saudi arabia

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    Is it just me or sound like Rihanna. So seductive and sexy. Love u!!!

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    this is epic i wish I could do as good as this xxx :)

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