How I Make Some Of My Most Viral Tasty Recipes • Tasty


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    10:19 i was watching this high

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    Look so delicious 🤤

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    Me thinking of two foods Pizza Cookies Oh wait A cookie pizza exists

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    The staff at your college dining hall probably didn't love you as much as your roommates, pilfering whole cookie batches' worth of sugar, butter, Nutella, chocolate chips etc. Although I don't think there's any way you could have pilfered fresh eggs, uness you actually sneaked into the kitchen.

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    Hi Im from Philippines im sorry im so curious if im asking this but i will ask it anyway haha How can be a part of tasty ?i loved and a super fan of tasty ...pardon for asking 😁


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    You know not really I’m not I’m not I’m not blue sea I’ll see you in the COCUCCUCFGHFQB to BFGCPFG ABC ABC DEFGHIJK a little bitch you are a baby WXYNZ now I know why baby C’s next time won’t you sing with me

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    Ooohhh i wanna eat it so bad

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    “i didn’t really know how to bake” “i worked at a bakery in new york”

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    Alvin they’re not you’re friends because they make you food, they’re you’re friends because of who you are while you’re with them.

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    Me and my class did his cookies

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    Mozzarella sticks with onion or onion rings with mozzarella 🤷🏽‍♀️

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    (optimistic music)

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    Wait I added a table spoon of salt😂

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    The cookie recipe was really salty Fyi

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    Your a recipe genius!

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    I hate that I’m diabetic

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    stupid idea to watch this night before doing blood test since you can't eat anything 12 hours before i am sooooooo hungry

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    Them pancakes are thiccc

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    Your basically like the Paul mccartney of cooking, you imagine what it’s gonna be like in your head and it always turns out well

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    Guys go blow up my homie Gabobtw plz he really needs inspiration and going through tough times

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    idk why but this video was very relaxing it was just the music and alvin's voice that was very soothing after a while

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    I feel sorry for the one normal chick who has to put up with these people at work

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    Because I'm French I don't know what is pancake mix, can someone explain to me how to do it?

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    How to be inspirational: quote shrek

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    Alvin : welcome to my restaurant what can I get you? Me : CAN I HAVE UR COOCKIES?! PLS Alvin : OK come back in 24-36 hours

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    I eat like garbage but that cheesecake looks like too much for me lol

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    Really Inspiring words ALVIN

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    Wich kind of flour should i use? Help me please

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    I have lived in Japan but I never saw any of the jiggly pancakes you made and saw.

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    I really want to taste that chocolate chip cookies😫

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    8:09 al of them

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    Alvin should make his own channel

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    Gordon Ramsay approves

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    I wanna make the onion rings...its just i can make it cuz we have the ingredients at home. The cookies look nice but its not like we have chocolate lying around 😂

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    (optimistic music)

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    The subtitles said rea instead of rie XD

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    “That I can get friends finally” man I feel bad for that guy

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    7:40 man thats healthy food right there lmao

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    Think about shrek 😂😂

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    1:59 look to the left (of the video) 4:16 look to the right side of the bow 4:38 okay i think you know 10:46 how did that not get removed? does that trigger you? also at 11:53 hahahahaha wtf lmaoo

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    I LOVE FOOOOODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who else does? ⬇️

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    Can you show us how you make your burgers..from the bun to everything else..

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    I wouldn’t be able to make these Bcz I would eat the food before I make it

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    hendsum boi

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    Thank you for inspiring me, Alvin!!!

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    6.9*10=my favorite number

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    this guys a genius

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    If you don’t pick the cookie + brownie + cookie m and m + s’mores piece then we might not be able to be friends

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    Hey alvin u n rie look good together is there anything?

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    Off topic...Alvin is so handsome to me😍

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    Apple pie

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    i just thought about making these for my crush

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    i will try the cookies recipe wish me luck

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    Tip: not to watch Tasty at 1 or 2 am because you will get hungry and cant order food at that time😂

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    check this guys youtube channel its called youcef bali his best video is ha frezier when he gets a 100 subs he is giving away 200 pounds and its funny

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