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    Only one word..." Superb".

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    I could listen to you talking for hours

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    That cheesecake looks like the best thing in the world

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    4:11 the editing is so clean it's so satisfying

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    *onions have layersssss*

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    I love your channel so much!!!! Thank you for sharing 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

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    Buzzfeed is uck. But good vid

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    so yummy

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    Come be my chef like pls

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    Oh my god, this guy is amazing.

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    And finally make some friends..

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    I want to taste the second one🤤🤤

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    I was full before now I need food lots of food

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    "as I was about to fall asleep I think my brain just drifted off and I was thinking about Shrek" ~Alvin 2019

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    I want some of those cookies

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    We watch but not try😂😊😊

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    making that cookie is my new life goal!

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    How much is 1 cup ?

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    What is a pancake mix?

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    Alvin is so cool I really love his attitude 👍 in Korean : 멋있다!

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    Alvin's chocochip cookies is my favorite recipe to follow whenever i crave cookies :)

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    im watching this 4 am, hungry, i didnt eat any dinner

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    cream cheese is disgusting

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    the biggest bribes/things that make you friends money and food

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    man that cheese onion ring is genius

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    11:28 Kinda Sad BtW

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    At 4:25 why does it look like his hand is broken or diformed

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    Plssss let me work there as your personal taster/jury/assistant idc, i just know i neeeedd to eat that food, god damn

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    💁‍♀️ I feel good today so I’m going to give my good day power to anyone reading this

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    1:58 I hate the little piece o the Sid!

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    In 0:20 Anyone See The Kichi Kichi Chef

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    You’re awesome thanks!

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    ur a bakin god shrek is proud of u

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    bru i have to stop watching this stuff i am so hungry right now

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    Alvin just loves sweet things, and I applaud that. *_you are what you eat_*

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    Alvin is a good person

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    So different when he's not goofing around lol

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    Can you make Chinese food. It’s so tasty I studied Mechanical engineering in VT!

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    0:20 Hi happy asian dude who makes those egg things :D

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    I didn't know Martin Li had a cooking channel

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    wow imagine having a person with this level of cooking skill giving enough of a fuck about you to cook all their crazy creations for you i'd be ROUND

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    How does Alvin stay sexy by cooking eating everyday

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    Why do I low key ship Alvin and Rie.....

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    Rie is married...

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    His passion for food is amazing and breathtaking. If we all felt that way about something in our lives this world would be a better place.

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    I found a great idea for a video, A Oreo brownie.

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    "99% of my friends are my friends cause I've given them food"

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    I love this video

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    All these foods made me feel sick ,the type of food when im seriously craving sugar