How I Met My Cute Wife


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    At 2:00 I was like BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON

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    Babysitter ship forever

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    Well the hottest girl who has red hair and blue was was born in Hell and her name is... RIAS GREMORY

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    This was so unorganized but I still want to watch the second part

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    Русские лайк

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    Find yourself a guy who takes you out for pizza.

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    I’m gonna be honest... I didn’t expect to laugh so much when I clicked on this video, but I LMAO 😂😂😂😂

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    0:09 to 0:15 yup, that's definitely my bf

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    Big chunges is a solid 990

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    But what about the Mario kart video? You said you bought Pam 100 flowers and she got you a wii? What the hell happened to that? Also, are you talking about your break up with Ariel?

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    But... What about that other story? You were talking about how you left flowers at doors with your number and she called you? What happened to that???

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    I swear to god if you leave another video, I’m going to go to your house and do absolutely nothing because I don’t know where you live.

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    I'm a red head with blue eyes..

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    I *LOVE* redhead with blue eyes. It's, i don't know, surrounded by a mystic aura.

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    Good joob))

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    PIZZA is Azz Pi rearranged. Translate Azz Pi? Remove one Z, one is enough by law. Azpi is _SUBTLE_ in basque... How _SUBTLE_ .

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    At 2:36 when I saw the pizza it made me throw up (I hate pizza) Just give me dislike on the comment

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    RIP B A B B Y S I T E R

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    And this is the story of how I met your mother.

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    What music is in the background? And It’s Alex Clark, keep up making those videos!!!! They are hilarious and awesome!!!!

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    Why you look cute in animation but look 40 in the face cam...

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    Alex...I hate you STOP doing CLIFFHANGERS

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    True Love

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    Great story and some really funny parts, keep it up!👍🤪

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    She summed up your entire channel in 3 words. Egotistical, Obnoxious, Corny

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    Kid how many cute wives and girlfriends do you have like wtf

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    Is she the girl that told you about the Art klass after you gave her the cake on her Party?

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    *"we are gonna get married And I* *am gonna make you pizza* *everyday"* _I would want my husband to say that!!!_

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    Then the luftwaffe came

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    I wish my story ended up like yours. I met this one girl at work in september, we hit it off very well and became best buds, but then things became complicated and now we're practically strangers with alot of resentment towards each other.

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