How I Met My Cute Wife


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    Everyone that clicks like on this video may attend the honey moon 😂

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    Man you really funny

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    It's Alex Clark Pinky promise all 2 million of us can?

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    Can we see your wife in real life🤗💍

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    I guessed pizza at the beginning

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    super sexey serosle

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    Sksksks 6:38 I snorted at this.

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    so were u married to the red blue eyed girl or pam? (confused)

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    *I'm a redhead with yellow eyes.*

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    Say what

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    2:17 “Why can’t girls ever come on to guys?” - Alex Clark

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    I agree to other fan who wrote the comments

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    What about the hot baby sitter did the realship stop do watch you

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    Wow Cool

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    Was it capernwray

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    All dang it Alex is getting married he's taken hhhhhh

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    I think you exaggerated a bit on the hips...

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    6:37 how I leave school on a Friday

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    Redheaded, blue eyed girls of the world unite!

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    Bruh I like BLONDE hair blue eyes yet I ended up with the best of all the girls iv liked being former blonde hair then red hair when we met and she had brown eyes

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    Will you come to England

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    3:16 thought she said horny lol

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    My son has red hair and blue eyes. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Like... Where did it come from? Lol

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    5:44 Me: (Anxiously waiting) Alex: Do you want to get married? Me: (Passes Out)

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    Girls don’t do that because girls would not do it dab dab

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    Hope the hotels aren't too full cause you have 156k people coming with you on your honeymoon 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Babysitter be like 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

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    next time can you show your wife i mean it is up to your wife😁😁😁

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    This how many times Alex got rejected on a date ⬇️

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    Your person look derpy

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    shows your wife

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    YOU AR AMAZING by the way love yoor chanele you shoud do reading comment reading vidio,s

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    I’m mad he’s taken because he’s cute but I’m happy for him

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    Wait I'm sooo confused soo you liked pam but then started dating her roommate..... WHAT 🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔

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    dating the babysitter

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    How just how and on the Babysitter last video i said the bully was

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    I'm waiting

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    2:36 is my fav moment

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    fiance?looks like u still in school

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    I love your video and your so funny

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    2:42 is the 2th best moment on BRreporter 1st is cory jumpscared

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    I lost it at egotistical

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    Lol it's a 20

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    Funny how he says cute instead of beautiful

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    Chara...... Undertale come to life!

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    I have red hair and blue eyes but im a boy

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    Kids, that's how I met Your mother

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    heyy, can u guys enlighhten me he said he never dated anyone/kiss anyone. so is baby sitter just a story? sorry im stupid TT

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    Show us pammm!!!!

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    U married

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    6:37 Teach me to dance if I meet you plz Nice moves🤣👌

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    I have a friend like that

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    Is this going to be like how I met your mother?!!?!

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    That part was funny that you did in the middle of this video or like order in I don't know

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    This video made me smile and gave me a small glimmer of hope in life

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    All animators faces dont match their voices at all!

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    I got a girl ( really) with black hair and red at the tips with glasses and boots etc. Super-cccccccuuuuuuuttttiiiieeeee

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    We all know who he married, it's Pam. 6:53

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    +PewDiePie m his friend, that's his wife

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    Dude been there. With the red hear blue eyes

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    Sometimes girls do come onto guys. It's an outlier, but it does happen.

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    Alex likes soul sucking demons

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    First time I tried to watch this again because my phone wouldn’t let me, because I got a knew one TAKE THAT OLD PHONE that someone accidentally stepped was very annoying

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    Does this mean I have to go to college to find the love of my life?....

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