1. Karla Quevedo

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    I love you so much plz keep doing vids 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. whatsofunny

    whatsofunnyHora atrás

    This is a real good fiction 😂😂😂

  3. Chase Larimore

    Chase LarimoreHora atrás

    This is the ideal lifestyle I plan to live. Any person I ever met always frowned upon this lifestyle and made fun of me for the fantasy of living as free as possible and it made me lose all hope for romance following the lifestyle I want to live and even accepted it and no matter what I will live mobile because imo, stationary homes are financial traps. This video did warm my heart and brought me to realize that this world is big and full of people and just maybe I don't have to feel so hopeless for Love when I do decide to live this way. Lots of Respect and thanks for opening my eyes to possible romance within the mobile lifestyle and maybe someday I will find me a chocolate sweetheart to live mobile and free with me. That is awesome. Keep it up! And remember! Happiness is never meant to be found because if so we will Always be in Pursuit of It instead of understanding the Choice of Being It. Happiness is from Within, not With or Without even if it can be, the origin of happiness is technically Within. I'm lonely but at least I'm happy. I feel like happiness consumed me to Be Happy and for no reason. That is Power, imo. So stay happy no matter what because existing to be alive at all is worth being happy about. That is all happiness needs, is the awareness of Choosing to Be. Okay I'm done lol thanks to whoever read this, you deserve to Be happy too. Just Be It. Time to get back on OSRS. My name is Weak Samurai, if anyone plays :D haha

  4. Lisa Edgeman aka Awesome Auntie

    Lisa Edgeman aka Awesome Auntie2 horas atrás

    My hubby watched this Video with me and wanted me2 ask U why do U live in UR Van?

  5. Ema Malik

    Ema Malik2 horas atrás

    You are so bad ass

  6. BluGyal

    BluGyal3 horas atrás

    BRreporter plant ... "As most of you know" girl you only have 3 VIDEOS? Don't nobody know you? And who TF does your editing... It's professional af. 😂

  7. Sadan Lasker

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    is nobody gon talk abt her vocals?!?!?

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    In just 1 month automatic golden button.hehe.

  9. Lauren Holcombe

    Lauren Holcombe4 horas atrás

    Am I the only one who is TRIPPED OUT that she is afraid of bugs, but has a pet snake.. that she puts on her head?! 😆

  10. Cupcake Sparkles

    Cupcake Sparkles4 horas atrás

    I. Hate. Snakes

  11. Okami Mami

    Okami Mami5 horas atrás

    *has pet snake* *has mental breakdown over a wasp* .......logic 😂😂💀💀

  12. Sophiegacha Beks

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    Hi i live in a van. and i have 1 million subs on youtube. :subscribers: *do u have a car!?* jennelle Nope i got a van. :subscribers: *where is your van* jennelle *parking lot.*

  13. latin lover

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    Inflada por youtube cuanto te pagan ? Asquerosa

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    I dont understand bitch i dont understand i dont understand bitch

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    Like? NO!

  16. Brissa Moreno

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  17. Brissa Moreno

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    Why can't I just buy a house?

  18. Lucia Enciso

    Lucia Enciso9 horas atrás

    I love your videos you are sooo funny when are you going do more videos I want to see more plzz

  19. Darcy Talbot

    Darcy Talbot9 horas atrás you have home insurance or car insurance

  20. Sarah Isenlightened93

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    Are you bisexual ❤️

  21. melizzzle

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    what every vsco girl aspires to be✌🏽

  22. Kiwi

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    you are my inspiration jennelle

  23. Kali Richards

    Kali Richards15 horas atrás

    I love this channel now! Please do a video about your friends and their opinions on your van

  24. Try Samsuri

    Try Samsuri15 horas atrás

    I love uuuuuuuuuu

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  26. Jesus Noe Salinas Cervantes

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    im still single ha...... Alfredo does he have a last name

  27. Rosa Iwata

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    Wow amazing congratulations 💕💕 So inspiring to me.

  28. edwin vasquez

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    She's crazy

  29. Velvet Sunset

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    Alfredo is soo cute☺️now I want a snake now lol probably my parents won’t let me 🙃

  30. RandomGirl

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    Excuse me, I'm not a bot.

  31. Just Decor

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    Wao you live in a van can i live with you. hahah

  32. Roblox Player 101

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    1.7M subscribers and only 3 videos. I deleted the four videos I did and... I only earned subscribers, starting at 0.

  33. WTC FOX

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    When you're homeless but not 😂

  34. yvonne martinez

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    Quick questien u got a snake and scared of spidersy6

  35. dyrxí

    dyrxíDia atrás

    Anyone notice what she wrote on her window? Lol

  36. Nathaniel Vazquez

    Nathaniel VazquezDia atrás

    She is so nice. Like if you want to see her at vid con and you tube rewind

  37. Snowwy

    SnowwyDia atrás

    Girl with a pet snake and living in a van how did u get a snake???

  38. Mia Ruby

    Mia RubyDia atrás

    Me:1:30 when I try to carry 3 water bottles at once

  39. 21 Krunk Street

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    Im not gonna subscribe cuz i dont want u to think im weird...but i would like to ask you out :-) lol youre awesome thumbed this video up. #nobotsallowed

  40. Cynthia Johnson

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    You're nerve recking to listen to. I just wanted to know about van life😂

  41. Sliider

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    wow, this is so stupid. how much you getting paid for this little bullsht stunt? get a life lying-ass-biitch.

  42. Jim Willson

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    We are not crazy, we just thought you where the new Disney mermade girl.

  43. Manuel Castaneda

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    Love your vlogs Jennelle 👍 I like the old school vans ... keep doing more videos . Take care

  44. Nae Nae D Beauty

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    I love how this whole video was made and you end up doing the obvious choice

  45. Karen Boisvert

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    OMG I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ❤️❤️ I want to live in a van aha 😅☮️

  46. Lucie Oris

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    Str8 up hippie....bitch I’m out💀✌🏾 The fact that she said a “wasp” was big.THE WOMEN HAS A PET SNAKE NAMED ALFREDO.

  47. ALLXN _ΣCM

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    *yoda voice* BRreporter industry plant yes. People who subscribe and comment are real they not. (Jk)

  48. Music Vibez

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    Okay.... The fact that she sings in a shower in public and has a snake is more brighter than my future

  49. sam k

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  50. chloe

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    walks in gym locker room *sees a skinny bitch showering with a snake on her head while kazooing, singing, and filming herself* no hate tho love u boo

  51. Glitter Girl

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    *Lives with a snake but leaves her van screaming when there’s a wasp XD*

  52. Hevin Amber

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    LOL girl you are stupid AF! Hahaha 😂

  53. TJ&Chloe

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    HELLO is that your real hair bc if its a lace front imma need the info on that

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    subscribe to me and say done, i will subscribe to you back. lets help each other

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    Hello genelle I live in a van with my pet's name Alfredo

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    I swear I was here before 500k! How did she blow up so fast like wtf

  57. Cindy Puentes

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    I was scared for you with that wasp!

  58. Leroy Stone

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    Hello Jennelle💝💝💝 Became a new subscriber today. I"m a huge fan of super creative people. Your story is amazing and you're not only crazy beautiful but you have this awesome personality that I admire. Love the fun of your video and this fabulous journey you're on. Thanks so much for sharing. You're such an inspiration.🐹🐹🐹💝💝💝

  59. Sophia Holt

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    Plz post more

  60. BK Sesay

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    Lol i remember watching ur Q&A video and I thought u were great now ur at 1mill. Keep doing ur thing Jennelle, oh btw im single aswell 😉

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    I hope that your videos are MONETIZED ! PEACE !

  62. Riven wood

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    For someone who did live my car of and on for 4 years having no money so, where did you get your money to pay for water at .30 cents a gallon ?? Also, you look too clean, your clothes look to new i worn my clothes for about a month before i could pan handle enough to go to the Goodwill for cleaner jeans. i for one do not believe your story I think you have a lot of people behind you who helped you produce your channel.

  63. Tenon aRon

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    This channel is a >>>TOTAL FAKE

  64. Tiffany Boca

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    am i the only one that is wondering why shes scared of a wasp yet she lives with a snake😂😂

  65. Shay Dixon

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    She’s cute and funny and something different than your other van lifers. That’s how she grew

  66. Hollie Williams

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    wait so like, what do you do in earthquakes and stuff like that?

  67. Rosa Laura Moreno Rodríguez

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    Vengo se woshingo:v esta mam@da que

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    Found this on my recommended... Subscribe to my channel for real and pure videos...

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    Pls make more Videos

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    3:08 UFO in the sky

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    I honestly love u so much ur sooo funny and u just got ur self a new subscriber!! Lol 😂❤️❤️❤️

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    I just saw a video on this and wondered why I haven't got this in my recommended.

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    I'm not a bot I like cats And my butt is smelly

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    subscribe to me if you like pewdiepie2 dias atrás

    Why is her van everything?

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    Won’t they ban you now that they know your face

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    Glitter Juice ban her where? At the gym?

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    You LIT af, new subbie😍

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    U can sing girrlll

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    Ummm why don't you live in a houses and have a non killing pet so like a dog but NOT a SNAKE!!!

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    This is such a hilarious channel! 😆😆

  81. BlasianxProud

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    I just realized why you have a snake, "spiders flee before them...IT ALL FITS!"