1. LilLocket Gaming

    LilLocket Gaming48 minutos atrás

    Hello I’m jennelle. I live in a van with my snake, Alfredo. Me:oh no no no I’m not watching this, not. Today

  2. FreddieHg37

    FreddieHg375 horas atrás

    I just stumbled upon this video, this is the first time I've ever watched any of her videos, I'm not even 30 seconds into the video and I have a huge crush with this girl already…

  3. Jerry Reding

    Jerry Reding9 horas atrás

    Do you have a membership at the gyms where you shower? Do you have to pay for them?

  4. Jade Curry

    Jade Curry9 horas atrás

    So I am watching this vid , and HER AD FOR THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT POPS UP!!!!! I ams sitting here in amazement!

  5. Kevin Gomolka

    Kevin Gomolka10 horas atrás

    Your pretty happy for someone that lives in a van.

  6. Aydash

    Aydash13 horas atrás

    You said you got something from your house I thought you said you lived in a van

  7. Melted_ Mochi

    Melted_ Mochi14 horas atrás

    Why is no one talking about how amazing her Kazoo skills are 🤣😂💕

  8. carla MC03

    carla MC0314 horas atrás

    OMG I have a lot of panic on snakes and when u were taken a shower the snake appear omg I cant watch any of your videos jdhsywhs

  9. Randome Queen Shit

    Randome Queen Shit14 horas atrás

    I couldn’t live in a van like even my room is to small for me it’s real chill to live in a van but I just couldn’t

  10. Karu Matiauda

    Karu Matiauda15 horas atrás

    Hahaha 'yo no comprende' i like the try

  11. krepthin G

    krepthin G16 horas atrás

    How are those your real eyelashes?

  12. Philippos Philippou

    Philippos Philippou17 horas atrás

    She comes home to a long white snake! she has a great look on life and cute too , what a catch!

  13. W

    W17 horas atrás

    I just want to say that you are so strong?! I am scared to walk outside in the dark and you live by yourself (with alfredo) in a van! Even when there is thunder and everything. You are fierce! 🔥🥰

  14. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark17 horas atrás

    how does it feel to be living my dreams

  15. KarmelOtas

    KarmelOtas17 horas atrás

    I have a question: *how do you have wi-fi in a van?*

  16. Jammer8bjblf

    Jammer8bjblf18 horas atrás

    Oh my gosh curly hair is super hard for me to deal with! So please make a video on your way of doing it! I am trying to find ways to get curly hair under control 😂

  17. x_.Tonoki._x

    x_.Tonoki._x19 horas atrás

    I would be hella scared of the snake ;-;

  18. Samantha Yany

    Samantha Yany19 horas atrás

    While I was watching your google commercial came on😂

  19. Baran Razaghi

    Baran Razaghi20 horas atrás

    I think i m actually the first french pretty proud of myself ...don’t ask me why

  20. cluelessgabs

    cluelessgabs21 hora atrás

    2:30 don’t know why I expected god save the Queen probs bc I’m british

  21. Angelina selenator

    Angelina selenatorDia atrás

    you’re amazing

  22. Sheila Mirjah

    Sheila MirjahDia atrás

    Obnoxious, thought I might enjoy another van life story; I just can’t with this attention seeker.

  23. Avry Fowler

    Avry FowlerDia atrás

    Can we just talk about how she had a kazoo and snake in the shower. How did she even get the snake in the gym?!

  24. iluxxchim C

    iluxxchim CDia atrás

    hol up I can never-

  25. Amelia Smith

    Amelia SmithDia atrás

    But can we talk about how good her voice is!!

  26. ab c

    ab cDia atrás

    This was my first question when i meet her Chanel hahahaja

  27. A ROD

    A RODDia atrás

    Lmao, I started cracken up when the snake was in the shower at 24 hour fit lmao


    ALEXIS GAMESDia atrás

    OMG TELL ME WHY AN AD OF YOU POPS UP WHILE IM WATCHING U KNOW THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT ONLY ON PIXEL 4 AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k your not Ginny see this so whatever. No one us gonna see it bye

  29. andreeeafdez

    andreeeafdezDia atrás

    I just dircovered ur channel today, this is ur 2nd video I see and now u have a new subscriber🤗U are amazing!💕

  30. Yarett Tellez

    Yarett TellezDia atrás

    She scared me 😂

  31. perdpooh

    perdpoohDia atrás

    imagine if she got into a car crash 1. one would it be a house crash ? and 2. i would be so devastated :(

  32. Lia Gasperini

    Lia GasperiniDia atrás

    Can someone explain to me how she got the snake into the gym(?)

  33. F I O N A

    F I O N ADia atrás

    How do you shower? Answer: you don’t lmao-

  34. Robert Stever

    Robert SteverDia atrás

    Where the hell is her rig for encoding and editing 4k video? Something seems off.

  35. snowflake

    snowflakeDia atrás

    Alfredo you are alpha man 😁

  36. Nicoline Jørgensen-vibeto

    Nicoline Jørgensen-vibetoDia atrás

    You: HAYYAA!! Me: i felt that

  37. helena lovesrichie

    helena lovesrichieDia atrás


  38. helena lovesrichie

    helena lovesrichieDia atrás

    alfredo is si cute uwu

  39. T Vuong

    T VuongDia atrás

    I was watching the vide and then an add with Jannelle in it

  40. DG MAMBO

    DG MAMBODia atrás

    I love ur hair🤗

  41. Mayla Puspa

    Mayla PuspaDia atrás

    she like a character of comic or whatever it is. I think just this like a fantasy life on a book, but it is REAL! REALLY REAL!

  42. Cheef Smokealot

    Cheef Smokealot2 dias atrás

    You hate bugs, but u like an evil snake? From Eve to u women never change. Mgtow is mans freedom from woman’s insanity.

  43. mısra menteşoglu

    mısra menteşoglu2 dias atrás

    Örümcekten korkuyor yılandan korkmuyor

  44. Emily Kalunga

    Emily Kalunga2 dias atrás

    2:24 I deadass thought that was friend like me from Aladdin 😂

  45. Vannie Slimey

    Vannie Slimey2 dias atrás

    Why are u live in a van

  46. Annie Z

    Annie Z2 dias atrás

    ITS SI BIG...that’s what she said Janelle 2019

  47. Nick Slouka

    Nick Slouka2 dias atrás

    Why don't you just shower at home?

  48. Leyla Myslumzade

    Leyla Myslumzade2 dias atrás

    You are beautiful! You know that?

  49. Μαριτίνα Δ.

    Μαριτίνα Δ.2 dias atrás

    How often do you shower??

  50. Laecy g

    Laecy g2 dias atrás

    I love snakes soooooo much since I was four and I never were scare of them she is so lucky that she has a pet snakes on her house I hope my mom someday will get me one

  51. Chey Metcalf

    Chey Metcalf3 dias atrás

    With this new BRreporter success you should get a RV with a shower

  52. Yulius Halim

    Yulius Halim3 dias atrás

    This girl is fascinating to me... In the sense of how she got millions of subscribers with the few videos she made.

  53. The Out Pack

    The Out Pack3 dias atrás

    If ur saying that's a "massive" wasp well then.. don't go to Australia there like | | | | | | | | that much space big girl

  54. The Out Pack

    The Out Pack3 dias atrás

    i shower in a shower

  55. XxMidnightFoxiexX

    XxMidnightFoxiexX3 dias atrás

    How the heck did you smuggle a snake in the shower

  56. Nanoray XD

    Nanoray XD3 dias atrás

    3:11 at the bottom right side is that a UFO

  57. JST Dnac

    JST Dnac3 dias atrás

    I'm genuinely in love with her

  58. lazero !!!

    lazero !!!3 dias atrás

    You look sixteen

  59. Eric Martinez

    Eric Martinez3 dias atrás

    I m in love with this girl

  60. Paloma Torres

    Paloma Torres3 dias atrás

    Im so sorry but u are afraid of waspse and not snakes