How The Beyond Meat Burger Is Taking Over The Beef Industry


  1. MS_Office_ 95

    MS_Office_ 9522 horas atrás

    Never mind all the carbon emissions from the air transport as fake meat has a poor shelf life

  2. Sammi Fruitbat

    Sammi FruitbatDia atrás

    I'm a vegan but I don't really like the beef burgers etc. I prefer more the fake fish and chicken but this is awesome for those who do but want to steer clear of the nasty LDL cholesterol only found in animal products that causes blocked arteries and heart disease the wests biggest kille, the one thing I don't agree with in this video is how the presenter mentions carnivores can eat them, sorry but there is no such thing as a human carnivore folks carnivores live on a purely meat diet like cats, aligators, sharks etc. dogs, bears and racoons even tho they have similar type teeth to carnivores are actually omnivores, we are frugivores we are primarily designed to eat food that is picked like fruit and vegetables but can eat meat in much smaller prportions healthily most ppl eat far too much meat on a standard western diet and this is why there are so many health issues especially now with so much packaged processed food on offer. This is a great alternative for health reasone also it spares animals from the tremendouus suffering they go through in those factory farm, if you must eat thge real thing go organic the animals are so much healthier and you wont get the antibiotics and hormones they pump into factory farmed animals going into your bodies guys, same with dairy, you wouldn't believe the stuff they inject into dairy cows.

  3. Joe Momma

    Joe MommaDia atrás

    I’m all for it. Just had my first Beyoncé burger myself but plant based meat is not taking over real beef in your lifetime. Would be nice. But not realistic

  4. edm

    edmDia atrás

    Most of the ground beef that you get at fast food chains comes from culled dairy cows, so if plant based meat becomes main stream for fast food, then how are farmers supposed to deal with old cull cows? Seems like they will be killed and disposed of, basically wasted.

  5. Jack JIANG

    Jack JIANGDia atrás

    It’s impossible how good the beyond burger is. They should be called impossible burgers!

  6. cheetah 1

    cheetah 13 dias atrás

    Dunkin beyond sausage is awesome. i have it everyday. a real tasty start of the day

  7. Liberty Prime

    Liberty Prime4 dias atrás

    This burger contains 18 million times estrogen than a regular burgers.

  8. Lord Hawkeye

    Lord Hawkeye5 dias atrás

    I'm waiting for it to turn out to be less healthy than regular old meat. Tis how it always goes.

  9. JP Media

    JP Media6 dias atrás

    Tried it at McDonald's here in Ontario and boy was I surprised! It tastes better than their regular burgers

  10. Ray Pena

    Ray Pena6 dias atrás

    My dog won't eat fake meat.

  11. RK831

    RK8316 dias atrás

    I tried it. I will make it very clear that it *does not* taste like meat, especially the claim that it tastes *exactly* like meat.

  12. DJ DOOK

    DJ DOOK6 dias atrás

    Beyond Meat tastes great and the sausage is really good with breakfast.

  13. brandon chapman

    brandon chapman7 dias atrás

    I am a goo man

  14. Martin Marcellis

    Martin Marcellis7 dias atrás

    I Tried the fake meat burgers and they taste like crap. And the have a severe aftertaste. Not even close to tasting like real beef and it's more to me like a foux burger. Won't ever buy it again.

  15. FCK Food

    FCK Food4 dias atrás

    Which brand did you buy? We bought 6 different types of alt-meat burger patties and found that it's pretty hit and miss, some of them made us gag but others tasted just like sweet sweet Angus beef! :')

  16. jazz3911

    jazz391110 dias atrás

    Killing animals for food isn't cruel, it's nature.

  17. jazz3911

    jazz39117 dias atrás

    @Some Guy you do know almost everything you eat involves the killing of something unless you don't consider plants as living things that can be killed.

  18. Some Guy

    Some Guy7 dias atrás

    Killing for food is only necessary for carnivorous wild animals and primitve cultures. We aren't cave men any more. If you are a primitive culture that relies on meat, then fine. Otherwise, it is only done for convenience and taste.

  19. James Asper

    James Asper10 dias atrás

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  20. TwiztidcAsh

    TwiztidcAsh11 dias atrás

    Beyond and Impossible burgers contain enough estrogen for your body to produce breast tissue. Ill pass

  21. Lalito Carrillo

    Lalito Carrillo11 dias atrás

    *move over burger here comes **_estrogen soy!_*

  22. Mike Wilhelmson

    Mike Wilhelmson12 dias atrás

    Never gonna catch me on this soy train. Just another faction of weakening the American people. Dont buy into it people, eat real meat.

  23. The Hilldog

    The Hilldog13 dias atrás

    I'd rather eat a uppity vegan hambeast/slampig

  24. Bucket with a face on it

    Bucket with a face on it13 dias atrás

    If God didnt want us to eat animals he wouldnt of made them out of meat.

  25. Bucket with a face on it

    Bucket with a face on it10 dias atrás

    @James Asper wrong flavour

  26. James Asper

    James Asper10 dias atrás

    Humans, dogs and cats are made out of meat, by your brain genius logic we not only should eat our pets but also our parents.

  27. Bucket with a face on it

    Bucket with a face on it10 dias atrás

    @Y OWEN haha are you sure?

  28. Y OWEN

    Y OWEN11 dias atrás

    There is no God in This World .The Human crated God

  29. dragonsleeper31471

    dragonsleeper3147113 dias atrás

    this sucks

  30. Jon Braun

    Jon Braun16 dias atrás "meat harvested from animals..." as opposed too, coconuts?

  31. Jon Braun

    Jon Braun16 dias atrás

    My research team study this for 3 months straight and we concluded that this is fake meat.

  32. Madhav Krishna

    Madhav Krishna16 dias atrás

    I admire the businesses who solve pertinent problems. Hope that Beyond Meat goes beyond US and into global markets soon.

  33. Scott W

    Scott W17 dias atrás

    I just invented Beyond Vegetables made out of processed meat to go with the Beyond Meat Burger

  34. 宝永噴火1707年

    宝永噴火1707年17 dias atrás

    全人類で CO2削減しよう もう 無駄な殺生は、 やめよう

  35. Zikin !

    Zikin !15 dias atrás

    宝永噴火1707年 肉が大好きなんです❗️❤️

  36. Michael Müller

    Michael Müller19 dias atrás

    The plant-based version of the whopper has 44 milligrams of estrogen while the original only contains 2.5 nanograms. There are 1 million nanograms (ng) in one milligram (mg). That means an impossible whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular whopper, Just six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male. That’s the equivalent of eating four impossible whoppers per day. You would have to eat 880 pounds of beef from an implanted steer [cattle that is raised for beef] to equal the amount of estrogen in one birth control pill.

  37. Digger Phelps

    Digger Phelps23 dias atrás

    WoW, filled with estrogen from all of the soy oils. Filled with yeast and pooh, not good for you!

  38. Rhonda Teris

    Rhonda Teris29 dias atrás

    I worked at Carl's Jr. in 10th grade, and I loved their Famous Star. I became vegetarian in August 1991 when I was making hamburgers for a family bbq and when I was trying to wash the meat from between my fingers, I just started examining it. I had the epiphany that it was the flesh of another being, and I don't think I enjoyed that final hamburger (if I even ate it). Over the years I could smell the grilled meat when driving by Carl's Jr., and it's one of the few things I missed about meat. I don't even think it was that I missed the meat itself, but more the fulfilled feeling after eating it. Ordering a hamburger with the 'burger' on the side (for my dogs) and stuffing my french fries in the bun in its place was ok, but this is a game-changer. The next time I'm near a Carl's Jr. I will check out their vegan options!

  39. N J

    N J29 dias atrás

    GOOD.....real animal lovers should slaughter the animal killing industry financially.

  40. Harshvardhan Rai

    Harshvardhan RaiMês atrás

    What an honourable work is done by the man is my great dream.

  41. Adam A.

    Adam A.Mês atrás

    Beyond burgers are DELICIOUS, and they are WAY better for the environment and animal welfare. No it's not health food since it's pretty high in saturated fat and sodium, but at least it isn't a schedule 1 carcinogen like other fast food processed meat burgers and cigarettes.

  42. Retire Soon

    Retire SoonMês atrás

    LOL..until I can buy it for $2.99 a pound it aint going to make it onto my table.

  43. CoolMan Caravan

    CoolMan CaravanMês atrás

    Being a vegan I'm really down with it but let me just say if you protest eating meat or bother farmers or restaurants you're a POS

  44. Christopher Armstrong

    Christopher ArmstrongMês atrás

    Expect those numbers to go even more through the roof as more and more people watch The Game Changers documentary!

  45. T D

    T DMês atrás

    Garbage what is the point. To be vegetarian and want to eat something looks like bloody meat

  46. Lothar Scholz

    Lothar ScholzMês atrás

    I eat this paddies with potatos and vegetables not as burger twice a month. My Alzheimer sick mother (Alzheimer loose their taste and appetite very early in the process) loves them.

  47. Rashid Abdul-Ghani

    Rashid Abdul-GhaniMês atrás

    I think that less meat consumption will increase. Young people will live longer and will have fewer health issues if they adopt a Vegan diet. They will experience less arthritis, obesity, heart disease, constipation, etc. Veganism, isn't just driven by a save the planet mentality. It's a combination of new ideas that add up to a different environment and a different society. After 50 years of trying I finally found the courage to go Vegan.

  48. Greg Zeng

    Greg ZengMês atrás > "Fast food outlet Hungry Jacks has launched a completely meat free burger in Australia. > "Called the Rebel Whopper it's being promoted as having zero per cent beef but 100 per cent taste, with its burger patty developed by the company working with the CSIRO and plant-based meat start-up v2food." Priced about $9.95 AUD, as a meal with small drink, small chips. The bun is very simple, soft & plain. The burger itself is high priced compared to real meat burgers. Sauce is simple but not overwhelming. The burger does not taste fatty, though its texture seems realistic. It is reassuring that it is not causing excessive land clearing, excessive methane (green house gas, worst than carbon dioxide). Therefore it is more environment friendly than real meat. I assume that it does not have unhealthy fats & cholesterol. It would be interesting to know. Generally I do not like fast foods. They do not have enough fiber to have healthy bowel-cleansing properties. More plant fiber seems to be needed, so more fruit & vegetables are needed. When road touring in the USA for several weeks, the fast foods meant very little defecation. Not enough food fiber. Being much younger then, it did not upset me. No constipation, no diarrhea.

  49. hai chung

    hai chungMês atrás

    i was looking for an article to read for my homework, but nothing helped. so i looked on youtube and found this video. it was super helpful!!!

  50. Optulent

    OptulentMês atrás

    Anybody want to taste my meat and the 2 little veggies?

  51. jrseahorse

    jrseahorseMês atrás

    I tried it and it tasted like a lot of grains and roots. I didn’t like it at all but maybe I tried one that wasn’t good. I don’t know but ya that sorta ruined it for me. I have tried burgers that are not made of beef that were good and beyond was not one

  52. Drunken Foodie

    Drunken Foodie2 meses atrás

    how much water does it take to make a pound of fake meat

  53. Væringjar

    VæringjarMês atrás

    Drunken Foodie 1800 gallons per pound of beef. And these patties aren’t exactly made of cashews. If only someone had done a study on this

  54. Drunken Foodie

    Drunken FoodieMês atrás

    HANSARAJOO MULLIAH i doubt that since it takes over 1,000 gallons of water to make a pound of cashews.



    Way less than to make a pound of real meat.

  56. Frank Lance

    Frank Lance2 meses atrás

    So far beyond meat is boring. It is definitely not something I look forward to eating. It is simply what you would eat if you didn't have any good food and you were hungry. Nowhere near an actual juicy burger in taste or enjoyment factor..

  57. Van Niyo

    Van Niyo2 meses atrás

    Beyond meat, huh? Oh yeah I'm gunna start a company called beyond plants. I'm make meat taste like veggies.

  58. Frank Lance

    Frank Lance2 meses atrás


  59. bug Den

    bug Den2 meses atrás

    oops i forgot KEEP CHEMICALS OUT OF IT , please

  60. bug Den

    bug Den2 meses atrás

    i am happy they will STOP KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS for me that makes it all worthed that i eat this ,,not to mention that arthritis comes from animal protein so i had no choice either stop meat or dont use your hands and fingers ,,,,so far the meatless diet is working for me and no pain no pills / thanks for making these burgers ,,they will sell

  61. Valerie Slattery

    Valerie Slattery2 meses atrás

    Thats great to hear yes no more animals slaughterd .lets all turn vegans .

  62. Jack Ross

    Jack Ross2 meses atrás

    I like meatless burgers, but I like to make my own so I can control the sodium.

  63. dcarl789

    dcarl7892 meses atrás

    10 years from now: “If you or a loved has been diagnosed with a disease due to the beyond burger, you may be entitled to financial compensation”

  64. ThePOKOkitty

    ThePOKOkitty2 meses atrás

    I'm not spending a fuckton of shekels for something that tastes like some cheap chuck roast over actual ground beef.

  65. nimcaan am Ismail

    nimcaan am Ismail2 meses atrás

    How to make money! they don't care about your health

  66. brandon Cherry

    brandon Cherry2 meses atrás

    it will NEVER HAPPEN liberal kooks....its more expensive and a vegan diet is unhealthy

  67. Velo1010

    Velo10102 meses atrás

    When I think of lab-grown meat I think of the movie Soylent Green. I’m not opposed to these new meat products but consumers should not be forced to choose one or the other. Also maybe these products will be good. Animals are treated awful. Crowded pins, beaks cut off, wallowing in their own filth are just some of the reasons.

  68. dannysbook authority

    dannysbook authority2 meses atrás

  69. Semaj's Opinion Is Bettern't

    Semaj's Opinion Is Bettern't2 meses atrás

    So this is how goo is made. Where is the goo man?

  70. YoungGhost

    YoungGhost2 meses atrás

    Beyond Burgers are terrible and dont taste like beef at all...

  71. Marisol Aguilera

    Marisol Aguilera2 meses atrás

    I tried and I love it but I just wish it was more affordable💵 healthier is expensive😭

  72. K S

    K S2 meses atrás

    Try picking up limes BRreporter channel titled comfort food the second recipe is better and it is made from lentil flax mushrooms onions etc

  73. DubstepEditzz

    DubstepEditzz2 meses atrás

    So glad to hear there will be bacon and steak and blessed to be in this generation!