How To - Contour | Blush | Highlight & Bake The Face


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    I'm a contour failure 😔

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    Can you please tell us how to contour a square jaw to make it look subtle and not harsh please

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    I have oily forehead I will bake there too

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    By far the most helpful video I have come across on this. Thanks for sharing!

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    Does anyone know what shade did she use with the urban decay concealer ?

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    I believe she said light warm

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    That white powder will flash back?

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    I have the same problem with my nose mine looks crooked

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    Is the translucent powder you use to bake the RCMA as well? Is it same powder you use to set the concealer?

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    Baking = "Making that bitch bullet proof." .... LOVE

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    thank you for this video! most beauty gurus nowwa days only make makeup videos to show off their face..

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    every time i use the RCMA powder, i make a BIG mess. how do i avoid this?

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    Anyone know who/what color her lipstick is? Thanks!

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    does anyone know what brush she used with the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder in the very very beginning of the video i dont think she mentioned it or has a link in the description!!

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    This video was more than helpfull! So here's a tip to help with the baby hairs. Get a toothbrush, spray it with hairspray and pull those little baby hairs back 😁.

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    This video was so thorough and wonderful for a beginner in the make up world like me! Also, without even knowing who you were I bought a morphe x Jaclyn Hill eye shadow palette and now that I have seen your videos I'm sooo glad I bought it. Your explanation is so clear ! I look forward to seeing more of your videos!

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    Anyone know what she’s wearing on her lips?

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    What if your foundation is the lightest. I'm so pale should I then do a darker foundation than my skin?

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    The days when Jaclyn wouldn't let a highlight go near her nose- not anymore!! 😁😉


    H5AUTO SALESMês atrás

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    I finally caved and bought a ton of different makeup but have no idea what to do! I’ve been looking at videos and articles forever and this was 100% the most helpful !! Thank you!! What was the lipstick you put on ?! I LOVE that color!!!

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    Instructions unclear. Got dick stuck in makeup bag zipper

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