How To - Contour | Blush | Highlight & Bake The Face


  1. Katey Ezell

    Katey Ezell12 horas atrás

    what do u dampen the sponge with?

  2. Nedra Meister

    Nedra MeisterDia atrás

    I want your necklace! Can you tell me where you got it from? I have watched tons of tutorials on tranclucent powder but just haven't tried it. I think I need to now!

  3. Itzlesliem

    Itzlesliem2 dias atrás

    Is it just me but whenever i conceal under my eyes set, or bake it always makes my eyes look so tired and even with mascara it makes my eyes look shut

  4. Debbie  Unleashed

    Debbie Unleashed3 dias atrás

    I disagree about the RCMA translucent powder. I am dry underneath the eyes as well and I find that powder to make my skin ever drier.

  5. Sonia Villon

    Sonia Villon3 dias atrás

    Merci beaucoup ! J’ai 49 ans et je ne sais pas trop si je peux réaliser cette technique alors que j’ai quelques rides.

  6. Alicia T

    Alicia T4 dias atrás

    This video has seriously helped me so much LOL love you gorgeous!! I love how true and genuine you are, hands down my favourite youtuber 💕💕😊😊

  7. Jasmine Rivera

    Jasmine Rivera4 dias atrás

    Preach!!! I love this tutorial

  8. Sawana Parisa

    Sawana Parisa6 dias atrás

    She is so beautiful and loved that wing eyeliner !!!!!

  9. Oscar Milano Mai

    Oscar Milano Mai7 dias atrás

    Thank you Jaclyn for giving credit where credit is due... DRAG QUEEN

  10. Michelle Huber

    Michelle Huber7 dias atrás

    This is so helpful, thank you!!!!

  11. blue1pink1

    blue1pink18 dias atrás

    So well explained thank you!!

  12. Starlet Bowles

    Starlet Bowles9 dias atrás

    Love this video...I have been baking w the laura merciar (Im sure I spelled it wrong n was to lazy to get up n go get it out of my makeup counter. Lol,but I did not know how to explain baking to my girlfriends so sharing this video and subscribed!!! Thank you for the enthusiasm and taking time to make this video!!!

  13. Brenda Lewis

    Brenda Lewis10 dias atrás

    I discovered this video at the beginning of the week and have been binge watching these tutorials! I really like all the details and extra information. I am just one of those people who always wants to know WHY. This video was really helpful. I hope you post again soon!! 😘

  14. life23k

    life23k10 dias atrás

    Love how easy and simplified you make it for a beginner to create❤😀

  15. Che Che La femme

    Che Che La femme10 dias atrás

    Omg how many Red Bull’s do you drink before videos?!?!😳🤯🤮

  16. lissa bean

    lissa bean12 dias atrás

    See the RCMA powder is $12 for Americans... but due to shipping & converting American dollars to Canadian dollars, it ends up being $30 for us (not even including tax) :( Does ANYONE have a good website/store that I can buy this from so it would end up cheaper?

  17. Anette Garza

    Anette Garza12 dias atrás

    I actually really really loved the eye shadow and was looking forward for a tutorial to be mentioned about it

  18. Juliet Beneke

    Juliet Beneke12 dias atrás

    God you're gorgeous!

  19. That_Chick_Like_Me

    That_Chick_Like_Me13 dias atrás

    I have really dry under eyes as well, and I for one understand and totally agree that the Laura mercier powder makes my face feel weird when I smile with it, it’s like I can feel it just sitting on top;/

  20. Janvier Balser

    Janvier Balser13 dias atrás

    Do you have another basic tutorial for the eyes?

  21. Veronica Mullens

    Veronica Mullens14 dias atrás

    Have you tried tarte concealer

  22. Julie Jelaco-Villar

    Julie Jelaco-Villar15 dias atrás

    how does baking work for eyes with winkles? does it make them stand out more or less?

  23. ginger herman

    ginger herman16 dias atrás

    Haaaaa highlighted cheeks and contoured cheeks on her makes her face look droopy. Girl just use blush and quit doing all the extra shit to your own face you do not need it. It looks bad on you. Hope u can see what I'm seeing.

  24. ginger herman

    ginger herman16 dias atrás

    You can also add a natural blush tone to your forehead instead of contour tones

  25. ginger herman

    ginger herman16 dias atrás

    I did this on accident and got pulled away cuz the kids weren't getting ready. Left it on forever....wiped it off before I left like an hr later w a brush and then slept with out washing my face.. and got a huge massive boil on my chin area. I'm telling u wash your was well if and when you bake your face!

  26. Hannah Nevermann

    Hannah Nevermann17 dias atrás

    aw she was so cute before all the extra-ness

  27. Jenny Ren

    Jenny Ren17 dias atrás

    I just love to see her talking ! English sounds even nicer from her haha

  28. Jessica Trejo

    Jessica Trejo18 dias atrás

    wow it's the first time someone actually explains the process of baking and the meaning of it too i love this video i will definitely do this technique i love make up i hope to get better at it, i will practice more to make perfect..

  29. Jordan Schwartz

    Jordan Schwartz19 dias atrás

    Who’s watching this in 2018 4 days till January 1,2019

  30. Rebecca  Young-kin

    Rebecca Young-kin20 dias atrás

    2 questions.....1. What brand and color lipstick did you use? And 2. What brand was the blush brush you used? (E4)

  31. hla wakid

    hla wakid15 dias atrás

    Rebecca Young-kin morphe

  32. springalingading

    springalingading20 dias atrás

    Can you share your lipstick brand and color? Ty.

  33. Lauren Shaver

    Lauren Shaver21 dia atrás

    A fucking genius!!!

  34. jazzy Rosa

    jazzy Rosa21 dia atrás

    Thank god u made this video becos it really helped me THANK YOU

  35. Jowita B.

    Jowita B.21 dia atrás

    Who has time to do this everyday...and this is only foundation portion.

  36. Adriana

    Adriana22 dias atrás

    Wow you are amazing at explaining things 🥰

  37. Kathryn Elizabeth

    Kathryn Elizabeth22 dias atrás

    her face is so flawless

  38. Brittany Craft

    Brittany Craft23 dias atrás

    I'm really not trying to be rude but seriously you talk so fast. Also, you speak so forcefully... like you over enunciate every single word. Surely you don't talk like this in just normal conversation. It sounds like you're talking to someone who you think has a low IQ.

  39. Cause Effect

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  40. Corinne Daley

    Corinne Daley24 dias atrás

    Best makeup tutorial I've ever encountered. Detailed and straight to the point

  41. SV Wil

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  42. Mary Jonelle Ellis

    Mary Jonelle Ellis24 dias atrás

    What color and brand is your lipstick?

  43. Madalynn Millspaugh

    Madalynn Millspaugh24 dias atrás

    I attend a beauty school and they show us your videos in makeup classes to help us learn!!

  44. Molly Castleberry

    Molly Castleberry25 dias atrás

    so so SO glad I found this tonight!!!

  45. Jonasa Moore

    Jonasa Moore26 dias atrás

    Excellent! 💯👍

  46. Evelyn Velasquez

    Evelyn Velasquez26 dias atrás

    The comtour was too much should of made it lighter

  47. Evelyn Velasquez

    Evelyn Velasquez26 dias atrás

    I love your make up

  48. Cory Dlt

    Cory Dlt26 dias atrás

    Hate her voice, bye

  49. jay

    jay27 dias atrás

    Tea! lol

  50. Kay Huddleston

    Kay Huddleston27 dias atrás

    I know after learning this it seems complicated and long. However it's not it's fast and demonstrated!

  51. Kay Huddleston

    Kay Huddleston27 dias atrás

    I do my eyes last. Is it better to do them first????

  52. Kay Huddleston

    Kay Huddleston27 dias atrás

    Omg I LOVE this!!! I use a different brand I am oily. Iam 57 and wow I am a baker! Thanks chicka

  53. Chyane Naraskivitch

    Chyane Naraskivitch28 dias atrás

    I atill love everything about you in this video

  54. reeen r-m

    reeen r-m29 dias atrás

    Honestly I don’t see that much difference between before make up and after each application. Your face already looked so flawless and bright from the beginning ... maybe the video light is just to bright, or your face is just too perfect. Btw, r u an april born? Gosh you talked so much, girl! Lots of good info though, but I stopped 1/3 of the video...

  55. Maggie Silva

    Maggie Silva29 dias atrás

    “You are making that Bitch bulletproof” haha love it!

  56. Jill Jones

    Jill Jones29 dias atrás

    This video is amazing! Thanks for the help! Please do a video on different kinds of highlight! I was recently gifted liquid highlight and I want to know how to use it better!!

  57. Irena Iverson

    Irena IversonMês atrás

    contouring is WAY overdone. Too harsh and doesn't look good. Brown streaks on her cheeks. I am surprised that she has so many views and following. There are better makeup artists on BRreporter. She is average, not great.

  58. Fresh Start

    Fresh StartMês atrás

    @jacklynhill I just need to say I'd die for your skin your have amazing beautiful perfect skin n u know ur shit I am new to you and all of this bit I have adult horrible acne and don't have a clue so thank u i swear your my #skingoals

  59. Natalie

    NatalieMês atrás

    4:13 Christine would have made a drug joke (simply nailogical) great video tho!! Your so good at makeup it looks beautiful very informative

  60. Motivational Guru

    Motivational GuruMês atrás

    Jack..... you are initiat Artist

  61. Rachel57

    Rachel57Mês atrás

    I want this Jaclyn back.

  62. Brittany Ereaux

    Brittany Ereaux24 dias atrás

    Rachel57 she’s the same person just has more money now.

  63. Lynette Wilson

    Lynette WilsonMês atrás

    Thanks Jaclyn for this video, I'm 51 an have never worn makeup until this year, I've learned so much from you...thank you😘

  64. Antoinette Reim

    Antoinette ReimMês atrás

    Wow, she looks so different now! Crazy man

  65. Lindzey Perez

    Lindzey PerezMês atrás

    What was the 2017 lip color you used?

  66. Maude Arsenault

    Maude ArsenaultMês atrás

    I do not wear makeup at all until recently, so I have a lot to learn. I've passed the last two months watching makeup tutorial videos from many many BRreporterrs and I have to say not only you're the first one that make me laugh, but I have actually learned more with that single video than from my two months research. Love your style!

  67. Bella Wang

    Bella WangMês atrás

    Love it! She's soooo cute

  68. Nessa Miles

    Nessa MilesMês atrás

    holy cow that's a lot of makeup. what do you look like without all that garbage???

  69. Amy B

    Amy B29 dias atrás

    Vanessa Miles it’s not ur face..

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    Thanks for this video waiting for new videooo🙏🙏❤️❤️

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    Wow love it tutorial❤️👍

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    Hey! I am a new subscriber 😊 I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your video! very informative & clear instructions... you're funny too! Thanks for sharing 👍🦋💖

  73. Rhiannon Payne

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    Jaclyn I love you so so so much😭 for you to even see this comment would mean everything! But I have tried everything possible for all the giveaways so far, I’m praying to god you see this and you choose me my insta is rhiannonmarie00

  74. Brianna

    BriannaMês atrás

    Warm and cool toned skin should be careful using opposite toned foundations and powders because that's why you get the muddy look

  75. MiChulada Beautyy

    MiChulada BeautyyMês atrás

    Tbh looks like she fidgety asf like maybe she was on coke n she seemed like rushed .... just an opinion

  76. Ke P

    Ke PMês atrás

    Thank you Jaclyn for explaining the definition of "baking." I could not find one vlogger to explain what the heck that word meant.

  77. Becky

    BeckyMês atrás

    Hi! I absolutely Loved this video! I had No idea what baking anything besides cookies was! My face gets so oily through the T zone and comes off So fast no matter what primer or setting powder I use. I Cannot Wait to try out this baking thing! I get so creasy around my eyes and mouth. I'm So excited right now! Thank you Soooo Much!! Mwah! 😘 xoxo

  78. NesaFashion Channel

    NesaFashion ChannelMês atrás

    Online Shopping

  79. Nicole Miele

    Nicole MieleMês atrás

    This works but in photos you can see the white where you applied the powder and it’s not cute.

  80. Lauren Wilson

    Lauren WilsonMês atrás

    I’m so glad I found this video because I wanted more tips :)

  81. Amy Hacker

    Amy HackerMês atrás

    When your makeup wears makeup over more makeup... can’t wait for this over the top face load to retire and baking goes back to stoner lingo and highlighting is once again for notes with a neon marker.

  82. Lisa Lop

    Lisa LopMês atrás

    So cute. Do you still just highlight your cheeks in the mid like that? PS I think your nose is fab

  83. Guadalupe Ortiz

    Guadalupe OrtizMês atrás

    Omg!!!!!! Love!!!!!!! This video😭😭 i really wanted to cry😭 i learned so much!!! Thank you😘

  84. LadyLuckTutorials

    LadyLuckTutorialsMês atrás

    Okay Waiiit, am i crazy or did she First set the under eye concealer, and then added more powder to bake? I just watched it, but i just wanna confirm lol. So she applied ONE powder to set, and then applied MORE powder for baking?

  85. Brenda Lewis

    Brenda Lewis10 dias atrás

    I also noticed that. I was wondering if it is that important to set it first or if you could just skip that step and move on to the baking? Lol

  86. Vanessa Castillo

    Vanessa CastilloMês atrás

    Amazing video learned so much

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    New subscriber!

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    You talk tooooooooo damn much

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    Arena GuerraMês atrás

    how long do you bake the face powder for??

  90. Jessika PD

    Jessika PDMês atrás

    watched this (late to the party) after your James Charles pallet video because I was curious how you got your contoring and baking. I really learned a lot from this video, will likely refer to it in the future, and I love how in depth you explain everything and really make it clear how with what and why you're doing what you're doing. I like that you include various recommended products based on different skin types or skin situations and overall I thought this was a really well made and well articulated video. Thank you.

  91. Val

    ValMês atrás

    When she says damp beauty blender does she damp the sponge in water or ??

  92. Cali Tex10

    Cali Tex10Mês atrás

    Valerie Zarazua yes in water

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    Great video!

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    I usually hate these makeup videos but this one was fun and cute great personality

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    You are so funny!

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    What is the color of your lipstick in this video?? Love it

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    Just watched and wanted to say thank you for explaining everything.

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    This is the only tutorial I’ve been able to follow thank you so much. Not only that but I feel like I can actually use some of these products cause me and jacklyn are both fair!

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    Each n every word is educational.... Love from India

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    I love ur video is just I dont know what colors combine my skin color.💗