How To - Contour | Blush | Highlight & Bake The Face


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    Doing this tonight!!!!!!! Yasss queen

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    OKKKK your nose is so cute just saying, im jealous

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    I always wondered why do women look like drag queens. Now I know.

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    Im sorry, buy her cheeks just look bruised. Way to dark for her fair skin.

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    This video was very helpful but she talks too much

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    what toothpaste do you use?

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    idk about the explanation for baking though. i am almost 100% sure that loose powder won't stop your skin from "breathing" as it is not "breathing" in the first place.

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    Very detailed video.First makeup video i domt get bored watching.

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    This helped me alooooot. Thank you!

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    What do you think of tarts concealer?

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    Good advices but she talkes toooo much 🤕

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    Well you wouldn’t have learned the “good advice” if she didn’t talk.

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    I don’t get my makeup from all those very expensive stores. I get mine from five below 😏😂



    LOVE YOU!! Just picked up the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette last week. Super excited to post some new videos with it soon!!

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    i thought it was called baking cause the translucent powder looks like baking soda lol!?

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    holy shit. can you just show me where to put the damn shit

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    I can watch this 100 times. This taught me so much I do my makeup just like this

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    Thank you for crediting the Drag Community ! *subscribes.

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    Thank you for this video!! I watched 10 tutorials before this and thought everyone looked so overly done. You looked beautiful and it was so easy to follow.

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    I love the contour look

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    That's awesome


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    i fucking love it

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    The reason im watching this is because i am NOT good at contour/ highlight Thanks jaclyn💕💕💕

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    When you say to make your blender damp.. do you just use water or do you spray something on it?

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    Really enjoyed watching this and learning how to contour! thank you so much, I've subscribed and can't wait to learn more

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    This literally helps me so much THANK YOU

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    Can I say, I’m thankful for this video and you! Your video came up and I have never had anyone explain it all as well as you did. Because of you, I, now, know exactly what I have to do. And I love the fact that you included explanations for oily skin too even though your skin is not oily. Suffice to say, I’m following you on Insta and BRreporter now 😘

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    She is a drag queen trapped in a woman's body...LOOOOOL..very cute..

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    This is exactly the video I needed today. I am no longer clueless thank you!! Also, girl, your 35 palette is killer and I am awaiting the day I go into Ulta and it's there. That royal blue gives me life

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    She has rlly nice hands I approve

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    You are gorgeous. I trunk you don't give yourself enough credit for how great you are @ what you do. I learned so much & I know & love make up. I'm very hat that I chose your video to watch. You kept me laughing too. That comes from the inside.. It can't be be faked, @ least not what I saw. I've been in so much pain.. Bed rest & for the time time of of your video, you made me forget about about that. Thank you so much. I'd like to watt you again if that's okay. Please continue to be gorgeous & 100℅ you. GOD bless you girl 😘

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    OMG! You made my morning!! Thank you , I didn’t know what baking was until you explained it 🤗 and you made me laugh 😆!! 😘😘🙌🏼🙌🏼

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    Your nose is super cute! Seriously I wish I had that same shape lol. Don't be afraid to highlight it!

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    It’s perfect.very nice

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    What is your hair color??? Pleaseeee

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    What if your skin is extremely do you get this light highlighter look?

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    I need to take a painkiller 5 mins into the vid. MY HEAD HURTS LIKE STAHPPPP

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    This video really helped. You are an excellent teacher, Jaclyn! Thank you. I really really appreciate your time and your attention to sharing these techniques with us.

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    Heeey i juust found ur channel and im soo flad i did! I love it so much and its soo easy to follow❤ (also,i've been trying to understamd contour and all that but i never really found someone who could get through to me, i always got soooo confused) I just have a couple of questions... im new to make up, i love eye shadow(more than different color eyeliners) and im more of a simple,not too much make up girl. -Are the translucent powder and the powder u put after that a must? -For eye shadow, which brushes are considered basics? And must i have alll the different types of brushes?

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    Thank youuuuu this video really helped me

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    My lawd girl you do such great tutorials, I have just started to check out your older vid’s and they are great! Learning so much! ❤️

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    all the makeup will not help u

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    Still the best highlight tip for me!

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    Love your channel! Just did this with Cornstarch!

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    Let down at end when obviously turned camera off and looked totally different when turned back on !!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt wasted my time watching if that’s going to happen- just saying

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    Jaclyn what lashes did you have on in this video?

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    Jaclyn what product did you use to contour and what shade?

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    I love this tutorial! It is so thorough. You really took the time to explain everything in detail, and that is what I was looking for. Step by step tutorial. Best video so far about applying makeup, contour and highlighting. I only wish you could say what colors for powder, concealer and contour you are using. I am your new subscriber, waiting for your next videos!.;)

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    I thought I talk fast lol

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    When I use mascara my eyes water until it's gone or I take it off.. must be allergic, lucky me!

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    I don’t think there’s a such thing as hot mess for you. You’re gorgeous! Thank you for the step by step! 💋

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    ok im going to be hopefully constructive in criticism. ok wait im not going to do that. Great video, thanks for the tips and the bits of funny humour in the vid. cheers.

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    Say what you like about our girl, she is one of the best at educating on the application and use of Makeup 👌🤷🏻‍♀️💜

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    Gurrrllllll!! You slayed!!! Thank you!



    Toooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much makeup on the face.

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    Sudden study face pale leather arrange singer with discrimination orientation.

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    Yessssss to damp beauty blender 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 always have used it & ive never got back

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    Amazing tutorial! Very in depth and easy to follow and complete! Thank you!

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    What brush did you use to wipe the excess powder? What’s the # please? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank you so much love @ Jaclyn Hill

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    You are awesome!! Thank you for the help! Thank you for all of the options.

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    She’s really a good MUA but she gives me a headache when she talks.

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    What mascara do you use?

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    Just LOOK at that final result... absolutely stunning. Thank you Jaclyn!


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    I was looking at the nails all time


    BASIMA SHAMSMês atrás

    Girl you are so beautiful

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    No need for the hate on this video. Difference between hate and criticism Creativity Vs criticism Creativity wins every time

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    she did great until she put highlighter onto her cheeks

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    Girls look horrible with makeup. What a waste of resources.

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