HOW TO CREEP OUT YOUR FAV YOUTUBERS AT CONS (ft. TomSka, JaidenAnimations, Daneboe )


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    Hey Explainers! I hope you enjoy the video! Here on BRreporter, I still think of myself as a huge fan to many BRreporterrs! And trust me, I've creeped out a few of them at conventions before! Haha! Enjoy this tongue and cheek How To video! ^_^

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    What the BEEP is this video

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    What... Was in... The inappropriate... Card????????

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    The replies were at 499, i had to break it. Im the 500th comment, yay

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    “Wait, why am I on the bottom?” Becca, *no.*

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    Ironically, the video that made her famous is now one of the least viewed videos on her channel.

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    Poor jacksepticeye.

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    So.... you’re trying to tell me that.... your psychotic. (P.S I love this vid a lot keep up the great work!)

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    Do you relize you will be going to vidcon and you just show us how to creep out our fav youtubers well REBBACA WANTS SOMONE TO RUN AT HER AT FULL SPEED IT MIGHT BE ME!!!!🙈😹😹🐺🐺

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    Ayy may 5 is my birthday

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    0:28 all you heard from jaiden was: "Aghh!"

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    You creeper the heck out of jack and who was the guy you gave the card to? Also what was in the card?

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    And your not a body pillow Rebbeca -2017

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    Some people in your vids have mouths 👄

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    What happens if we do it to you



    Is it sad that I have done a few of these?

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    8. Show them your ship art Me: **shows the world Larnel ship art for Steven universe** Edit:**its for Lars of the stars x past spinel :3** SHIP IT!

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    I didn’t laugh until it said wait why am I on the bottom

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    Rebecca : and number 8 show them you ship art Me: and 9 creepy follow them

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    0:32me when I hear pizza rolls

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    Literally Jaidens only line is “AHH”

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    1:10 “ And, your not a body pillow!” Weebs:

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    Now everytime I hear tomska in things all I can see is tom from eddsworld I think most of you have the same problem-

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    I have seen this video over 5 times and I am still not sick of it