How To Make the Perfect Burger


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    Americans alone consume approximately 500 billion burgers a year. Wow! Think that's a lot? Buy a shirt - All shirts purchased come with a FREE egg plushie!

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    you know I thought you were actually going to make something right but then pickles happened when that happened I was like oh my God what the f*** why did you do that idubbbz I mean every episode of HowToBasic ends up in a f*****-up way but seriously man... is still really entertaining though but why with all the f****** pickles great video I liked

  3. Cassadi Johnson

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    Don’t talk about Americans if you call that ham “bacon” 🤣🤣🤣

  4. WallBreaker 11

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    2:25 he has got ad dogoooooo

  5. Ryan Xu

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    Is it okay if i do it without the pickles?

  6. SoufflesOnRooves YT

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    What's the song's name?

  7. Amanda ready

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    So when sponge bob couldn't find the pickles this is where they went...

  8. alex hernadez

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    2:24 poor dog

  9. SlitSliyYT

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    2:33 the perfect asmr lol

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    They’re no such thing as a perfect burger, just perfect pickles👌

  11. CybeR Obsidian

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    Me: Finally a normal upload Howtobasic: *puts a bunch of pickles on burger* Me: Ah shit, here we go again

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    2:10 jajaja :v

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    2:20 mukbang got ppl like

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    no eggs, sEriOusLy?

  15. Cedi Osman Officialimsi

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    i was doing it while i am watchin *first time i dont have pickles what should i do

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    2:25 kevin appears

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    2:46 BEST XDDD

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    *add sliced pickles* *adds multiple pickles*


    ELVIN AGACANOV22 horas atrás

    I was believed 😭

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    Shit, I bought everything and now your telling me.... FFFFFFFFUUUUUU alright I didn't watch the vid and I flipping bought everything.

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    Low key Gordon Ramsey would approve

  24. 3ND3R:-)

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    *I S M E L L P I C K L E S*

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    gordem ramsey must try this

  27. The Gaming Gamer

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    Thx for the tutorial man very useful. It's delicious btw. Liked the video

  28. That russian guy who sells fireworks at 2 dollars

    That russian guy who sells fireworks at 2 dollarsDia atrás

    Just do like at the krabby patty but perfectly




  30. gloobin globin

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    Was good until

  31. Jaxon Morkes

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    2:25 For a brief second, you can see his dog, thinking “What the f*** is my human doing?”

  32. CBLACYBN336 Spongebob909

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    The last step could be Unacceptable because he is messing 50% food wastes

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    Cumin CUM IN

  34. iiSimplySalty

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    I smell pennies

  35. Broder

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    ASMR Pickle eating video

  36. lya

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    wait, is this an actual tutori- oh nvm

  37. Rosewie

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    What a waste of foods. :(

  38. Adi Abdillah

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    We went from learning to make a burger to this earrape ASMR 2:46

  39. Retro AJ

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    This is a terrible tutorial Dont press the burger into the pan that presses out all the juices

  40. :v :3

    :v :3Dia atrás

    2:31 This is the best pickle asmr I've ever heard in my fucking life.

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    I tried this! It’s delicious

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    2:09 oh actually I learn it! 2:18 wait what?

  43. X GAMER

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    Not even a single pickle get wasted to make this video

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    ASMR at the end there

  45. SYNC Zylon

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    Well,this was my first video on this channel,and i thought its a normal video butdeep inside we all know that what this guy does

  46. PredatorExoc 4409

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    He did make the tutorial just dont add the pickes part and the black buns Done!

  47. Corrupt371

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    10/10 ASMR

  48. THB

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    Phá vãi


    DEDSEC GAMER2 dias atrás

    Why did you make your mic dirty now you have to clean it 😂😂😂

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  51. bestperttitube masku

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    I think he likes pickles

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    2:24 - 2:55 ASMR lvl. Unknown

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    The doggooo💕

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    *i had a buger king ad* Guess this is gonna be a good one :D

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    R. I. P

  57. 5K Subs with 1 video challenge

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    I like cumin >:3

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    _“The Perfect Burger don't exi-”_

  59. • ItzCookies •

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    I thought he would actually make a perfect tutorial, but I was wrong 😂 #Pickles4Life #HowToBasic #ThatsWhatYouThought

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    Pickel my dickel

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    Honestly, this is how I like my burgers...pickles or GTFO

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    Imagine just a random person thiipnking this is real at first

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    Next video how to clean up how to basic mess

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    This is an ASMR LOL!

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    2:24 HE HAS A PET