How To Vlog


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    I wish i will make a vlogs like you ✌✌✌ you're the best dude ✌✌✌

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    Its 2020 and I’m still here

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    i like your video

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    This guy is talking about vlogs doing a vlog wtf!

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    Not everybody has big cameras and MacBooks so the advice I give to you guys is use your phone. Put the most of your life into a vlog show people you care

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    Beautiful family you have👋☺️ I'm a huge fan and love your style of vlogging🤓🙌

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    Casey u inspired me to vlog with 0 subs now I live in Hawaii and vlog just like u

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    2020 anyone?😎

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    2020 gang ❤️

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    hey I just started vlogging

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    Hello , this is how i vlog 😃😃😃

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    Just reading through the comments and I always find it interesting how people relate things such as gear to becoming a successful vlogger. It never is and never has been about the gear. It's about your ability to tell an interesting story. I'm still working the interesting story aspect myself but for reference the gear I do all my vlogging on is whatever phone I am using at the time.

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    Great tips. Thanks. Gonna use it in my own VLOG

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    😂 intro

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    thanks for the information 3====D


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    Hi brother

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    thnk you for this information

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    🔱NATIVE AMERICAN Vlogger here for tips and tutorials. Thanks Casey.🔱

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    Bai main b vlog video banata hon please sport Karo mujy b...😜

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    here I am 4 years late but I FINALLY started!! thanks for the tips!!

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    Keep at it

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    You a good

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    i rewatched this video and im the 3,555,555th viewer.


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    I feel like the goal is to appear drunk lmao 😂

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    Why do you think Final Cut Pro X is bad?

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    I could hear the motor on that camera trying to go in and out of focus throughout nearly the entire "How to vlog" video. =/

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    i want to be a vloger but i have few subscribers. i hope you can help me

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    can i just use phone to make video like urs?

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    I just attempted a vlog and failed Pero like, I still posted it🙏💯

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    anyone still watching in 2032??

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    How to Vlog: Step 1: be Casey Neistat Step 2: be Casey Neistat Step 3: be Casey Neistat

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    What is his little camera called?

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    Started at 4:00 Thank me later

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    Save the hoverboaaard!


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    Anyone in 2020?

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    I love your videos brother!!

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    Casey is our vloggers' idol

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    yup... noted just vlog !!

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    I like watching you Casey from Egypt

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    2020. I'm still here.

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    I still don’t know how to

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    I also want to be a vlogger, I'm from Philippines but the thing that holding me back is my shyness😞 and i ain't cool😞

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    how do you get everything edited on time if it's a daily vlog? When do you find time to edit and upload?

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    Hello to my 2019 22nd of may bros

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    Casey's laugh scares me... dunno why

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    Vlogging is such a cool experience, i had start my own channel and im super motivated!