1. Normies Reee

    Normies ReeeMês atrás

    Whispers is good but not on small maps like Hawkins. It probably works best on Trapper too, since you can get an idea if someone will see you placing a trap.

  2. Logan Burke

    Logan BurkeMês atrás

    Whispers is bad now but with doc's changes you'll always know when a survivor is in range for a static blast to locate and build madness.

  3. Rathenn

    RathennMês atrás

    Whispers is only good on big maps. This one has too much verticality for it to be good. Not a terrible perk but I personally don't like it. Find that Thrilling Tremors and some others give more info and also help stall the game a wee bit. Not sure why running Nurse's alongside 1shot hatchets? In case they want to continue being sneaky, I guess. Also, god, even as someone that loves Huntress I really hope they nerf Iridescent heads soon. Not really that fun to play with or against. Absolute filth addon. Safe to say without Iri heads+Mori you lost this hard.

  4. Xarrash

    XarrashMês atrás

    Boring video, i don't know what's the point of showing this well known build. That game itself is not even "fun" to watch i mean its just basically a one sided match and i don't know what did you expect to happenned

  5. I am The Drakarlord

    I am The DrakarlordMês atrás

    0:35 somebody was there on the right

  6. Jaiden Martinez

    Jaiden MartinezMês atrás

    6:16 wtf that hatchet did not hit her at all 😂

  7. Sina

    SinaMês atrás

    0:46 Whispers is one of the best tracking perks on medium and large maps. Small maps like this, yes its bad but it doesn’t make the perk bad just because its bad on 3 maps.

  8. Cannon Litchfield

    Cannon LitchfieldMês atrás

    Only thing I would change is ruin for corrupt because it’s more consistent and whispers because you wanna hear stealthy survivors and concentrate on your shot and not hear the entity moaning in your ear but that’s just me

  9. Broken?

    Broken?Mês atrás

    Respect to those survivors for not dc'ing when they saw the one shot hatchets. I would have dc'ed tbh lmao

  10. lll lll lll

    lll lll lllMês atrás

    Broken? Hell yeah. Irihead AND ebony mori? Fuck that. You’re depiping either way, might as well get out early.

  11. darkehowl

    darkehowlMês atrás

    IDK man it feels like 1 out of every 3 huntress I go against is using 3 insta hatchets and a pink mori. Maybe it's a region/rank/platform thing.

  12. Ian Coutinho

    Ian CoutinhoMês atrás

    10:27 estilo Ronaldinho. Toca pro lado e olha pro outro.

  13. daniel knutson

    daniel knutsonMês atrás

    I only use iri head hatchets if I can only carry one at a time. Which I think is more than fair given my absolute shit aim when throwing them, lol. Iri heads+soldiers belt is just bad play imo. And that's coming from a Huntress main.

  14. daniel knutson

    daniel knutsonMês atrás

    Hacker Prob It's just my personal opinion that carrying more than one insta down hatchet is bad play. That's just my opinion and I was expressing it. I don't judge anyone else for carrying more than one insta down, I just personally think it's a bit filthy.

  15. Hacker Prob

    Hacker ProbMês atrás

    Hmm okayy but theres no reason that was a bad play

  16. daniel knutson

    daniel knutsonMês atrás

    Hacker Prob Probably because I play both. I just prefer killer. You're not locked into one side, you know? You can play killer and survivor.

  17. Hacker Prob

    Hacker ProbMês atrás

    @daniel knutson sound like some thing a survivor would say ive been see alot of "coming from a "killer" main"

  18. daniel knutson

    daniel knutsonMês atrás

    Hacker Prob Iri heads are not fun for survivors to play against, so only carrying one at a time makes them slightly less overpowered. This is a game, and both sides should be having fun.

  19. Ashley Waldron

    Ashley WaldronMês atrás

    "Why'd he pick this map?" Because he likes it lol. I freaking love survivor on Hawkins.

  20. Nicolás

    NicolásMês atrás

    Those addons and offering are the balance itself. I don't think one hit huntress should exist i'm okay With moris because keys exists thou

  21. dasPitty

    dasPittyMês atrás

    I'm very proud of you Tru3 (•‿•)

  22. Grim Grithius

    Grim GrithiusMês atrás

    Mori's and keys need a rework. They shouldn't even be usable till the end of the game after several requirements are met. And it should be worth more to mori someone rather than hook them. You should only be able to mori them after two hooks. Mori's should only be usable when the survivors are down to 2 or 1 gens. Keys should only be usable on the hatch if it's already been closed or if there are only 2 people left or something like that. A hatch opened with a key should only stay open for a few seconds.

  23. Grim Grithius

    Grim GrithiusMês atrás

    @Hacker Prob Don't get me wrong, I love my mori's. I'll never forget the first one and how satisfying it was. They are fun and it's fun to see the survivors fkn flip out with their game styles or just dc when they see you mori. BUT after playing for a long time and seeing more of the balance in games, I realize now that, in spite of how fun they are, they aren't fair. Now a devour hope mori is more fair. ALSO more satisfying to pull off. That's just my take though.

  24. Grim Grithius

    Grim GrithiusMês atrás

    @Hacker Prob you're saying these things like they are all easy to do. Like you can just have all survivors injured before hooking a downed one. They'll just get up. This is the equivalent of balancing the game only for the rank 1's. Meanwhile everyone else is suffering. You need to be a good killer with a keen eye an good map presence to counter a key. You need to be a decent survive with friends to counter a mori. They just aren't fair as it stands. There is no way you can tell me that mori's and keys are, as t is now, fair. They aren't. Especially ebony mori's and skeleton/dull keys. They are broken mechanics that make any given game one sided.

  25. Hacker Prob

    Hacker ProbMês atrás

    @Grim Grithius bc of keys of course but by late game if they aint dead they should at least be on their last hook so ds isnt rlly much of a problem and hook breaking rarely happens so meh and body blocking can be countered by smacking every one before heading to hook so it pratically useless

  26. Grim Grithius

    Grim GrithiusMês atrás

    @Hacker Prob how would 2 escape if the hatch only opens when there is one person left? Also mori's wouldn;t be useless. it would nulify those end game ds's plays or hook breaking or body blocking cause you just mori the survivor. I don;t even think mori's and keys should e in the game. Or, mori's should only be for show. You shouldn;t be ale to end the game faster. there are already issues with games going too fast. Too many times have i been cheated out of 2 and sometimes even 3 kills cause the survivors get to 1 gen and then find the hatch. So fuck my 3 gen. And mori's just aren't fair when you basically nulify everyones ds and reduce the hook requirements by a whole 2 hooks. instead of 3 downs and 3 hooks to kill someone, its just 2 downs and 1 hook. That's not balanced.

  27. Hacker Prob

    Hacker ProbMês atrás

    That would make moris absolutely useless and keys will still be good it can guarantee the escape of at least 2

  28. Mad Jimmy

    Mad JimmyMês atrás

    Tbh True, you are great but you could never use whispers, so please don't say it's bad if you are not using it right :D

  29. The Artistic Spectrum

    The Artistic SpectrumMês atrás

    Wouldn't infectious fright possibly really help with insta-down huntress? It's ludicrously good on plague when you get the corrupted puke so maybe that'd help create the ultimate sweat on insta-hatchet huntress too?

  30. Michael Myers

    Michael MyersMês atrás

    Her terror radius is small

  31. FutureNoob010

    FutureNoob010Mês atrás

    Why waste your ebony just mori 'em all !!

  32. Jonathan Richmond

    Jonathan RichmondMês atrás

    Why are you bringing nurses with iri head defies the point

  33. Johnny Appleseed

    Johnny AppleseedMês atrás

    Jonathan Richmond If I had deadhard, I wouldn’t heal; If not, then I would to avoid the M1 option. There definitely would be some better perks, but nurses still has some applications even with a one shot.

  34. Jonathan Richmond

    Jonathan RichmondMês atrás

    @Johnny Appleseed no real point in healing if she has instadowns

  35. Johnny Appleseed

    Johnny AppleseedMês atrás

    When they’re healing after getting hooked. I don’t think nurses ever bad

  36. Primalux

    PrimaluxMês atrás

    Whispers should increase the sounds the closer u are or change sound like 24m 16m and 8m a different sound

  37. Cannon Litchfield

    Cannon LitchfieldMês atrás

    Primalux what louder moaning sorry but that sounds a lot more annoying

  38. Alex Splicer

    Alex SplicerMês atrás

    Whispers is better on bigger maps, but something like Hawkins yeah; it's pretty useless.

  39. MaTtRoSiTy

    MaTtRoSiTyMês atrás

    I wouldn't have bothered with all the heals they did since you're one shot down anyway. Rushing gens would be smarter but that being said they still did well on gens

  40. Luuk

    LuukMês atrás

    Woah dude, the comments are turned on again! What changed?

  41. i_Am_Dementia

    i_Am_DementiaMês atrás

    The map is alright for huntress in my experience. I'm not MLG with her but the tight space really helps in my opinion.

  42. i_Am_Dementia

    i_Am_DementiaMês atrás

    I hate whispers. Feels like it's active all the time and I can't find anyone with it. And once it deactivates, I get annoyed and turn back wasting more time. It's really not for me

  43. i_Am_Dementia

    i_Am_DementiaMês atrás

    @Cole Lutz I do better without it than with it Lmao

  44. Cole Lutz

    Cole LutzMês atrás

    It’s better for telling you where people aren’t, which can save you time.

  45. Emanuel C.

    Emanuel C.Mês atrás

    You need to learn how to use it cuz it's not a perk that'll win you games

  46. Cannon Litchfield

    Cannon LitchfieldMês atrás

    i_Am_Dementia wdym you dont like the entity moaning in your ear the whole game even though half the survivors are running in a good open field

  47. olakase 321

    olakase 321Mês atrás

    The only reason I use whispers is for that *S W E A T ASMR* entity voice

  48. SpiderPig6577 _

    SpiderPig6577 _Mês atrás

    Wispers is a good perk, just not on small maps, it's so vague and people a floor above can also activate it so it's really bad of the game. Every other map it's fine

  49. elitemulator fitness and health

    elitemulator fitness and healthMês atrás

    i think whispers is not a bad perk becouse 32 metters is good idea for find a hiden survivor at the end of the game, always a survivor try to play a ninja mode, in fact whispers can found that ninja survivor, but remember, whispers is only for the end of the game, i think (WHISPERS) is the best perk in the game, same of hex ruin, hi form panama city.

  50. elitemulator fitness and health

    elitemulator fitness and healthMês atrás

    whispers can be powerfull at t end

  51. Tyler Spaulding

    Tyler SpauldingMês atrás

    I call it Huntress D/C build

  52. Cannon Litchfield

    Cannon LitchfieldMês atrás

    Tyler Spaulding I just call it the task manager build

  53. po1980

    po1980Mês atrás

    Isn't this addon more powerful than spirit? Lol.

  54. Cartoon head

    Cartoon headMês atrás

    Nerf her!! How dare she have any hatchets, take them away devs we just want all mouse1 killers with no powers at all

  55. Aztec warhammer

    Aztec warhammerMês atrás


  56. Chris Dedeaux

    Chris DedeauxMês atrás

    Stfu sheep

  57. Ros curo

    Ros curoMês atrás

    I would have replaced whispers with iron maiden.

  58. Aaron Welsh

    Aaron WelshMês atrás


  59. Aaron Welsh

    Aaron WelshMês atrás

    @ForEver I have proof that its 24 meters cheack in the Dbd website

  60. ForEver

    ForEverMês atrás

    Aaron Welsh I can guarantee you that Spirit has a 32m terror radius

  61. Aaron Welsh

    Aaron WelshMês atrás

    @ForEver no its hags terror radios bc she moves at a 110 movement speed spirit an hag have the same terror radious

  62. ForEver

    ForEverMês atrás

    Aaron Welsh spirit is 32m

  63. Jimbobob5536

    Jimbobob5536Mês atrás

    Every Huntress build is a sweaty build for me, as I'm so bad with her that I sweat to get even 2 kills.

  64. Officer Zack

    Officer ZackMês atrás

    IMO I think she's the second most difficult killer to learn, knowing where to pin point your hatchets is very crucial when playing Huntress.

  65. po1980

    po1980Mês atrás

    Yes high learning curve for her

  66. Droguza

    DroguzaMês atrás

    Off-topic.... Im pretty sure multiple applications of breakout stack i took about 9 steps after i picked someone up, 3 sweaty survs around me and BOOM dropped her...

  67. Nick Roman

    Nick RomanMês atrás

    Flip flop?

  68. Reyla Games

    Reyla GamesMês atrás

    I've had it done against me with two and id also guess it stacks. Would have to check to be certain but for now I'll assume it does.

  69. Field Agent Reaper

    Field Agent ReaperMês atrás

    god i hate playing against this build

  70. Cuddly

    CuddlyMês atrás


  71. Joel Gómez

    Joel GómezMês atrás

    8:42 Pause thath frame!!! Wtf you could mori him in the hook!!!? xD

  72. zPatchmade-_-

    zPatchmade-_-Mês atrás

    Joel Gómez it was just a visual bug... no big deal

  73. William

    WilliamMês atrás

    One of the worst maps for Whispers. Lol. Whispers is a solid perk.

  74. Michael Myers

    Michael MyersMês atrás

    Nicane3 - Dbd Gameplays no if you can use it properly it helps you during the game to find people and almost completely pin point locations

  75. Nicolás

    NicolásMês atrás

    Is only usefull to find the last guy way better perks early Game.

  76. Junky

    JunkyMês atrás

    Wulf Prodigy there’s this thing called “hiding” survivors do it believe it or not, Whispers is great for scanning the map and finding survivors fast without wasting time at empty spots, it’s also really helpful when you’re trying to find what exit gate the last survivor went to

  77. William

    WilliamMês atrás

    Feel free to feel however you'd like. Whispers is a solid perk and it becomes a very good perk on certain killers.

  78. Joel Gómez

    Joel GómezMês atrás

    You don't had faced the most ninja survivors didn´t you?

  79. Cain Grimm

    Cain GrimmMês atrás

    I really like whispers, but not for small maps. Kinda useless at them. I also love playing The Doctor on Hawkins!

  80. TotalMeltdown

    TotalMeltdownMês atrás

    I love playing wraith on Hawkins it’s so easy to get a grab

  81. Pistol Timb

    Pistol TimbMês atrás

    @Smacknerd70 dickhead

  82. Cain Grimm

    Cain GrimmMês atrás

    They never do. I don’t even know why I comment.

  83. Emanuel C.

    Emanuel C.Mês atrás

    Hey true do you think it's a good idea to make huntress instadown on headshot with hotbox improvents of course

  84. Hacker Prob

    Hacker ProbMês atrás

    If it happens survivors would whine that its too op and all that other crap

  85. XtraSpicy 69

    XtraSpicy 69Mês atrás

    But shadowborn :(

  86. lil weetabix

    lil weetabixMês atrás

    we have a bruh moment