Hurricane Florence, the Category 3 monster storm


  1. Difk lg g6 Kennedy

    Difk lg g6 Kennedy2 dias atrás

    Stop HARRP ing ON!

  2. LynXX GAming

    LynXX GAming3 dias atrás

    Be safe

  3. Denise Rivarde

    Denise Rivarde5 dias atrás


  4. Denise Rivarde

    Denise Rivarde5 dias atrás


  5. 200iQ frog

    200iQ frog5 dias atrás

    1:47 is that guy on the left praying to the god?

  6. Theta Dream

    Theta Dream6 dias atrás

    Monster my ass, that hurricane was very weak

  7. Goatix

    Goatix5 dias atrás

    Doesn't look weak to me

  8. EBK LOC

    EBK LOC7 dias atrás

    Hi my name Florence how yal like my 40 inch monster cock

  9. Brooklyn Welch

    Brooklyn Welch8 dias atrás

    I'm glad the storm is gone


    DANCING ANDtheDREAMING9 dias atrás

    Watching from Texas:)

  11. Golozo Gamer Local lore librarian

    Golozo Gamer Local lore librarian9 dias atrás

    Just goes to show how powerful mother nature is. Global warming dam

  12. Golozo Gamer Local lore librarian

    Golozo Gamer Local lore librarian9 dias atrás

    That's a monster storm

  13. Jayda Spackman

    Jayda Spackman9 dias atrás

    Pooooooooooo nooooooooooo

  14. dimmu borgir

    dimmu borgir9 dias atrás

    is this climate war russia vs usa?!

  15. Tanners Even

    Tanners Even9 dias atrás

    Mike Tyson punch? Is that a rape joke¿

  16. Reto MouseX

    Reto MouseX9 dias atrás


  17. Virgelia Verzosa

    Virgelia Verzosa9 dias atrás

    is typoon Mangkhut stonger than typoon Florence????????😓😓

  18. Goatix

    Goatix8 dias atrás

    Yes. A LOT stronger. Florence(peak)= 135 MPH Manghut(peak)= 176 MPH


    DYLAN WALLACE9 dias atrás

    sh to high to high


    DYLAN WALLACE9 dias atrás

    I poop in water my toylet to far


    DYLAN WALLACE9 dias atrás

    f water


    DYLAN WALLACE9 dias atrás

    f no I live neer the peer


    DYLAN WALLACE9 dias atrás

    I go

  24. Priscilla Panlican

    Priscilla Panlican9 dias atrás

    We can't do this in Philippines..even with category 5 typhoon Mangkut..Lack of modern and upgraded disasters management,,,our humble lowly dwellings..We always bend our knees for prayers..This is our strength in braving many storms,,including the strongest typhoon ever hitting the earth..God reveals His weakness to the poor and lowly..May He be blest forever..

  25. 张雅琪

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  26. Tankz

    Tankz9 dias atrás

    Florida Man Boxes Hurricane Florence

  27. YaMama TV

    YaMama TV9 dias atrás

    Is this hurricane bigger that the Katrina or The Harvey one?

  28. Maki-tan

    Maki-tan9 dias atrás

    *Bless all people who live there*

  29. Extra Eden

    Extra Eden9 dias atrás

    i live in savannah, its obviously close to it, but i can't leave because my mother is pregnant and is directed not to leave, in case the baby comes early.

  30. datguygreatness

    datguygreatness9 dias atrás

    I stay in nc please like and share this video #prayforthecarolinas

  31. Hot Omelette

    Hot Omelette10 dias atrás

    And these hurricanes are all NATURAL?

  32. Goatix

    Goatix8 dias atrás

    Yes It's the peak of hurricane season, and multiple cat 5 storms happen arround the globe every year. This is normal.

  33. Kearu C

    Kearu C10 dias atrás

    Good thing I dont live in Georgia anymore

  34. User_ 55

    User_ 5510 dias atrás

    I'm glad North Carolina being destroyed by god judgment gooooood! :D

  35. Sofia Woodzy

    Sofia Woodzy10 dias atrás

    Hope they stay safe and god bless them all like if you agree

  36. cady hada

    cady hada10 dias atrás

    devil doer weather manipulators military wicked wizards. Revelation

  37. BaronVonTacocat

    BaronVonTacocat10 dias atrás


  38. Goatix

    Goatix8 dias atrás Does that look like an exeggeration to you?

  39. R. E. Page

    R. E. Page10 dias atrás

    Category 3? Why are some comparing it to Huricane Katrina when that is much smaller. Hurricane Katrina was a category 5. Media needs to stop making things out to be much worse than what it actually is. It may cause serious damage and residents in the area should prepare and be cautious but media needs to stop hyping up a small kitten to be a Lion or Tiger.

  40. Goatix

    Goatix8 dias atrás

    It's comparable because it is hitting an area that's not used to being hit. Plus the flooding was horrible

  41. Urban Moving

    Urban Moving10 dias atrás

    A Category 3 is not a monster storm you lying dipshits its a mid major hurricane most usually break up on landfall and just rain a lot the sheer dishonesty, stunts, exaggeration pushing the satanic environmentalist agenda your fake news is dying we the people piss on it.

  42. Goatix

    Goatix8 dias atrás

    Hurricane sandy: Category 3 Did 66 billion dollars in damage Killed 200 people Fourth costliest hurricane in history Just because it is a low cat does not mean it isn't a monster.

  43. foxnest/Isiah

    foxnest/Isiah10 dias atrás

    yeah trump sure global warming isn't real it imaginary.

  44. NAME jeff

    NAME jeff10 dias atrás

    This doesnt even compare to the super typhoon in Philippines. 200 mph.

  45. Holly Freeman

    Holly Freeman10 dias atrás

    Rip fortnite

  46. FuN FaZe emoji

    FuN FaZe emoji10 dias atrás

    God help these people 😞

  47. Martha_ Vlogs

    Martha_ Vlogs10 dias atrás

    If u haven’t evacuated wtf r u doing get the fuck out of thereeee🤬

  48. Mr Kido

    Mr Kido10 dias atrás

    Im scared

  49. Itz Benji

    Itz Benji10 dias atrás

    Living in the uk I feel like a pussy.... praying to you all that you survive this 🤯❤️

  50. Jasmin Sohal

    Jasmin Sohal10 dias atrás

    Do you think ariana grande's finger hurricane had something to do with it?

  51. Jazlio Roblox

    Jazlio Roblox10 dias atrás

    I was supposed to go to Myrtle Beach Oof

  52. Estrella Morlass

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  53. Aiden Slice

    Aiden Slice10 dias atrás


  54. Aiden Slice

    Aiden Slice10 dias atrás

    im in southcarolina right now but near the mountaians

  55. Zed Heart

    Zed Heart10 dias atrás

    Damn it... why couldn’t it be California instead

  56. Gemations

    Gemations10 dias atrás

    Lucky me I live in Eurasia

  57. shahkamalification

    shahkamalification10 dias atrás

    Dont worry...May Trump bless u

  58. MiaYikes _17

    MiaYikes _1710 dias atrás

    Ohh hii Florence, did ya pay a visit to Carolina, did ya?

  59. Uhhh Dexter

    Uhhh Dexter10 dias atrás

    perfect time for HAARP to come in cluth

  60. Zeynep Ozpalas

    Zeynep Ozpalas10 dias atrás

    I have a feeling instead of the hurricane will become stronger over time instead of weaker

  61. lillian bates

    lillian bates10 dias atrás

    I live in Carolina beach and I’m literally 10 minutes away from the edge of the island where it’s the ocean. I saw a tiny clip of a nearby gas station flooded so badly, and I go past that Scotchman EVERY DAY on the schoolbus going home. I never thought that a hurricane could be so harmful since I’ve never been in one before. I know that the weather channels stress on to us how serious it it, and i didn’t even see the gas station with my own eyes since I had evacuated already. But when I saw the flooding on the tv, feelings of devastation and realness took off in my mind, and it feels like I’m actually there standing, watching the waters possibly control my near future. I hope that everyone who is affected by the storm will eventually get back on top and thrive after if they’ve been swept off their feet from Florence. If you’re not currently affected by any storms or hard times right now, i urge you to not take things for granted and continue to benefit the people and little things around you.

  62. sayya like jazz

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  63. Heno Heno

    Heno Heno10 dias atrás

    "pounding us for several days" huh?

  64. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen10 dias atrás

    I gonna pray

  65. Lost Kidd

    Lost Kidd10 dias atrás

    NASA needs a better CGI lens that shows the hurricane actually moving from its video lol not even 1 cloud is in motion SMH I want my money back lol

  66. UNI ROLL

    UNI ROLL10 dias atrás’s almost as big as the whole planet??!?!!??!!?

  67. KookieMonster :3

    KookieMonster :310 dias atrás

    I'm glad I'm not getting hit that hard in Florida

  68. YoinkyDoodles - Roblox

    YoinkyDoodles - Roblox10 dias atrás

    If anyone is in hurricane florence i want to tell you must pray and get prepared because if this is a big issue it might ruin the hole part of america and i dont want no one dying in this hurricane so please get prepared and pray because hurricanes may get worser and worser

  69. well well Navarro

    well well Navarro10 dias atrás

    Category 3! while in my country is always gets a category 5 or 4 storm 😧

  70. Jyoti Bharti

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  71. Jyoti Bharti

    Jyoti Bharti10 dias atrás

    I like American. The American are very good.i am a cricket plear

  72. Gabriel Guerrero

    Gabriel Guerrero10 dias atrás

    Wow my ant left South Carolina and went to Georgia now she is going to have to go somewhere else

  73. Altagracia De La Rosa

    Altagracia De La Rosa10 dias atrás

    gran cosa,no están capacitados para un chin de agua,mueran lesbianas y Gay,Dios hizo al hombre y a la mujer

  74. Marella Hormoz

    Marella Hormoz10 dias atrás

    Is it weird I had a dream I died in hurricane Florence......

  75. Marella Hormoz

    Marella Hormoz10 dias atrás

    Thank god I got away


    G5THECAROLINAS10 dias atrás

    what is going on with Hurricane florence

  77. Crazy Driver

    Crazy Driver10 dias atrás

    1:48 The translator tricked us...

  78. Jeremiah Lim

    Jeremiah Lim10 dias atrás

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  79. The Coolest 48

    The Coolest 4810 dias atrás

    First it was a cat 4

  80. G60J60F80

    G60J60F8010 dias atrás

    3:38 76 years old? Are you kidding me? She looks like 61!

  81. Jason Cannon

    Jason Cannon10 dias atrás

    Lucky I live on Florida but my family is in Carolina *NOT LUCKY AT ALL*

  82. JJ and Kk

    JJ and Kk10 dias atrás

    Pray for everyone in this

  83. The Engineer

    The Engineer10 dias atrás

    Pay attention to the statement that "NASA had to use a wide angle lens to capture it all" This statement has been repeated countless times, and if you were not paying attention, you missed the point. All the photos you have been shown of earth and space are not so real "FAKE" and this one

  84. preston gamer

    preston gamer10 dias atrás


  85. Superman hero

    Superman hero10 dias atrás

    Hope it wipe out every fucking racist there too

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  87. epic gamer

    epic gamer10 dias atrás

    Omg... everyone who is going to get hit by that thing I really hope you guys will be safe... pls be careful and try to get out of there as fast as you can 😭😭😭😭

  88. Mitchell Li

    Mitchell Li10 dias atrás

    Feels bad

  89. Rose Bella

    Rose Bella10 dias atrás

    Is it coming to eroupe ?

  90. Game Life

    Game Life10 dias atrás

    1:hurricane Harvey 2:hurricane Irma 3:hurricane florence

  91. Game Life

    Game Life10 dias atrás

    Luckily my family is in England and so am I but I feel so sorry for the others there


    BOX NATION10 dias atrás

    why are they going to arrest somebody if they step in the water but they have no where to go to arrest them

  93. Kishor Kishor kumar

    Kishor Kishor kumar10 dias atrás

    Why cannot we destroy the hurricane by a missile explosion the very early moment it becomes identifiable..during its early stages of formation? At least by technologically advanced developed countries?

  94. Tatek Aragaw

    Tatek Aragaw11 dias atrás

    Gods left hands is here!!

  95. superapple4ever

    superapple4ever11 dias atrás

    Omg so dramatic.

  96. thebrokenheartsclub

    thebrokenheartsclub11 dias atrás

    holy shit

  97. Mike Shkrabak

    Mike Shkrabak11 dias atrás

    Anyone else think this is fake?

  98. Goatix

    Goatix8 dias atrás

    If it's fake then how did i loose power from it?

  99. Peachy Potatoes

    Peachy Potatoes11 dias atrás

    Take care to all.

  100. Hona Wikeepa

    Hona Wikeepa11 dias atrás

    All on a spinning ball in a random universe.

  101. Kaboom Coba

    Kaboom Coba11 dias atrás

    Can someone please be a Noah and take the animals with you? People seem to leave their pets behind when something like a disaster comes up.

  102. roll400ex

    roll400ex11 dias atrás

    I used to work at that pier, johnny Mercers, best job ever! Hope they make it through without too much damage.

  103. melvin barnett

    melvin barnett11 dias atrás

    What a beautiful cloud spiral!

  104. House of Mendoza

    House of Mendoza11 dias atrás

    Hurricane niggas fucked they in my prayers

  105. Ralie Cesar

    Ralie Cesar11 dias atrás

    And Florence is the name of my classmate lol

  106. Ralie Cesar

    Ralie Cesar11 dias atrás

    Im in the Typhoon Ompong(Mangkhut) is gonna track my country NOW PLEASE PRAY FOR US!

  107. Tammy Hartnagel

    Tammy Hartnagel11 dias atrás

    I am actually scared that Florence is going to head to Maryland and continue heading north into New Jersey which is where I live 😭prayers to nc, sc, wv, and more!

  108. Loser

    Loser11 dias atrás

    super wide angle lens? Okay