I Bought An Outfit At A Fake Market In Hong Kong


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya NygaardMês atrás

    HELLO FRIENDS! happy sunday! i hope you guys enjoy our wild romp to a fake market in hong kong - what did you think of our final looks?? also, you can check out the video we filmed on taylor's channel here! brreporter.com/v/video-DHiQCctPOFA.html :) xoxo, saf

  2. Chrs M-A

    Chrs M-A4 dias atrás

    Its kinda like a mexican flea market lol i know im hispanic

  3. Suman Pillay

    Suman Pillay13 dias atrás

    You should also do live video posts 🤩 it's my 10 year old daughter's suggestion🤪

  4. Ginger Gaming uwu

    Ginger Gaming uwu16 dias atrás

    ButterCup yeah I’m like 2 weeks late...

  5. Stacy Morales

    Stacy Morales18 dias atrás

    Safiya Nygaard omg i missed the day you came here😭😭😭 come back soon😭😭

  6. Whitney Nicholson

    Whitney Nicholson21 dia atrás

    OMG!!!!! I was listening to this without watching and your voice sounds JUST LIKE the channel "Ask A Morian"!!!!! I thought she had made second channel!!!!!! WOW.

  7. Rican Nasty

    Rican Nasty7 horas atrás

    Me:ooou new video from my favorite youtuber/yt crush😍 Me:comments after the vid Safiya:Likes my cooment and pins it Me:19:48 in video

  8. Theo Bacud

    Theo Bacud12 horas atrás

    why dont you stay at the PHILIPPINES!! PLEASE

  9. ;Tsumi -

    ;Tsumi -13 horas atrás

    im surprised she didn’t get any princess bags.

  10. Ryan Gaming

    Ryan Gaming16 horas atrás

    Hey safiya. do you have british in your family? and also pls send a link to tyler williams channel

  11. Ellyn Newman

    Ellyn NewmanDia atrás

    Freedom for Hong Kong!

  12. aa kids Weinstein

    aa kids WeinsteinDia atrás

    7:54 is the funniest part

  13. Miguel Pocasangre

    Miguel PocasangreDia atrás

    The Chanel actually exists and it costs like 8k

  14. K B

    K BDia atrás

    Who will give me 1€ for food? My paypal: karolinabgcz@gmail.com

  15. starry night

    starry nightDia atrás

    it’s ok saf, we will make merkin a thing in 2020

  16. Rex Kenny

    Rex KennyDia atrás

    At 3:15 I see "Fjällräven", that feel so strange for me that grew up with that brand when it was just a normal thing all had, I still have originals from when I was young and that my kids had, it is like a old budget thing that have become so exclusive that folk start to make budget copies of it :)

  17. Manon Petrosino

    Manon PetrosinoDia atrás

    They paid soooo much for shitty dupes it makes me sick for them 😭😂

  18. 자레드에이든

    자레드에이든Dia atrás


  19. Xxkawaii_kittyxX

    Xxkawaii_kittyxXDia atrás

    They have those in London, I know for I have been in one

  20. Cori Leigh

    Cori LeighDia atrás

    I am 32 years old and have one question: what’s Bape? Is that real?

  21. Matoo Chan

    Matoo ChanDia atrás

    The Gucci bags dude seemed really Nice :)

  22. J. cali

    J. caliDia atrás

    Taylor is so beautiful ❤️

  23. Jamie Whitehead

    Jamie WhiteheadDia atrás

    Nobody: Saf: Bring out the Calen Keluns

  24. SSSsimzie here

    SSSsimzie hereDia atrás

    Do you watch sssniperwolf? 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Raissa Coelho

    Raissa CoelhoDia atrás

    OMG I believe we were there at the same time! Amazing!!!!

  26. SuperKiddles

    SuperKiddlesDia atrás

    okay first timer I'm not gunna read comments bc i can't imagine no one has ever mentioned that sing songy voice i couldn't watch it all bc of it

  27. Reamae The Narrator

    Reamae The NarratorDia atrás

    6:07 THE FART SIGNS I CAN'T- *dies of laughter*

  28. メロンパン

    メロンパンDia atrás

    is that dakota koti or whatever her name is

  29. Sansibones Serif

    Sansibones Serif2 dias atrás

    I love the Gengar shirt lol 😂

  30. Jillian Meisenheimer

    Jillian Meisenheimer2 dias atrás

    hahah at the market while haggling, always start with half the price that they say and then move up

  31. Jillian Meisenheimer

    Jillian Meisenheimer2 dias atrás

    im from hong kong but am away from uni and wow this made me miss home

  32. Ashley Wright

    Ashley Wright2 dias atrás

    They’re nice ppl yh🤷‍♀️😊

  33. Tranquility Reá Queen

    Tranquility Reá Queen2 dias atrás

    Okay I'm sorry but I said no she said Pittsburgh Steelers I screamed yes I'm so happy LOL

  34. samarthsingh2001

    samarthsingh20012 dias atrás

    4:24 blackpink on the bus.

  35. xXlaUgHingCooKieXx

    xXlaUgHingCooKieXx2 dias atrás

    *RP ADA*

  36. NinB Cambridge

    NinB Cambridge2 dias atrás

    This is not related to this video. Buuuuuuuuut... Please do a video with Dan Howell!

  37. Jeannette Anderson

    Jeannette Anderson2 dias atrás

    Taylor kind of looks like Kerry Butler


    CHRIS STARKILLER3 dias atrás

    no they werent waiting for the delivery, they were making the shoes as you waited :P looks like the stuff i can get at my Flea Market :P

  39. Gachalove Forever

    Gachalove Forever3 dias atrás

    3:09. Ayyyeeee sssniperwolf has entered the chat

  40. errieta zeha

    errieta zeha3 dias atrás

    450 for a counterfeit? Dang

  41. barbara

    barbara3 dias atrás

    you can tell she puts so much time and effort into her videos

  42. ChereaVS

    ChereaVS3 dias atrás

    That Charlie Brown dessert looked delicious. 😩

  43. ChereaVS

    ChereaVS3 dias atrás

    “Is this real Gucci?” “Ya” 😂😂😂

  44. Elizabeth Miller

    Elizabeth Miller3 dias atrás

    Did anyone else hear the song chandelier?

  45. Joergen

    Joergen3 dias atrás


  46. SushiSylveon

    SushiSylveon3 dias atrás

    mon *cock*

  47. Ena Andovska

    Ena Andovska4 dias atrás

    6:10 I’m dead 😂😂😂

  48. thunder

    thunder4 dias atrás

    6:09 why is nobody talking about this

  49. Nick.s1010

    Nick.s10104 dias atrás

    Bro why would you like when it literally looks soo fake like .... gccui.. if I hosted one of those I would just laugh and be like yea these r fake.

  50. LlamaXMsp

    LlamaXMsp4 dias atrás

    4:23 lol a blackpink bus-

  51. DIY Cloudy

    DIY Cloudy4 dias atrás

    You pronounce it Like moskino no “-shi”

  52. NoodleWeeb OwO

    NoodleWeeb OwO4 dias atrás

    Stranger things

  53. Hey It’s Holly Coles!

    Hey It’s Holly Coles!4 dias atrás


  54. StoopidLizard Green

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    Sorry but I haggle so much! I’m so good!

  55. galaxystar 1

    galaxystar 14 dias atrás

    She’s for viewers who have nothing to doo

  56. All In Everything

    All In Everything4 dias atrás

    most random video, cant stop laughing!! :D

  57. The Weird One

    The Weird One4 dias atrás

    Is it me or does Taylor sort of look like Sabrina Carpenter

  58. Christina Dahabreh

    Christina Dahabreh4 dias atrás

    My dad was there when you were in Hong Kong! He left right before the protesting at the airport. Thank God!

  59. Qistina Azman

    Qistina Azman4 dias atrás

    Something to learn from before going to the ladies market. Dont ever ask for the price until youre 100% sure ya wanna buy it because they will beg you to buy em eventhough you dont really want it in the first place :,)

  60. Skinny Tea

    Skinny Tea4 dias atrás


  61. Erica Zetterquist

    Erica Zetterquist4 dias atrás

    omg all those knock off pieces thats so crazy its so hard to find stores like that in the US

  62. mona wong

    mona wong5 dias atrás

    it feels weird as someone from Hong Kong studying in America watching an American youtuber visiting my hometown. And it would be much appreciated if you support the people fighting for freedom there. love you

  63. Izzy Michelle

    Izzy Michelle5 dias atrás

    Just a warning (I know because my grandpa lives in Hong Kong) the reason they seem to get mad is because YOU starting to bargain with them is actually seen as disrespectful to them. They have to be the ones to lower the price. And you can get them to do that by pretending you aren’t interested and starting to walk away

  64. XxPsychotic FangirlxX

    XxPsychotic FangirlxX5 dias atrás

    I was spacing out and Taylor summoned me with the mention of Kenny xD

  65. Jason Tillett

    Jason Tillett5 dias atrás

    The Chinese love themselves some Peppa Pig 🐷