i changed my identity vlog


  1. Sean Dillon

    Sean Dillon2 dias atrás

    Sugarpine 7 ctr+c

  2. salsabila Rasya

    salsabila Rasya2 dias atrás

    My fav vlog

  3. Jonathan Michel

    Jonathan Michel3 dias atrás

    I’m here for the first time from the last sp7 podcast. I’ve loved them from day one but I think calling this a rip-off is a stretch. (Although I’m writing this after only watching two videos) I can certainly see some inspiration, but there’s so much of his own genuinely funny creativity in this that wasn’t in the IGN thing. Curious what other people are thinking.

  4. ali bethea

    ali bethea3 dias atrás

    He really blew up his car.

  5. Knia Brittman

    Knia Brittman5 dias atrás

    Content at its finest

  6. MakeupAndMystery

    MakeupAndMystery5 dias atrás

    Gone Girl vibes

  7. Anna Anna

    Anna Anna5 dias atrás

    Why your hair I loved your hair nooooooooooo in crying

  8. Sarah Kasho

    Sarah Kasho5 dias atrás

    Grow your hair back. Never shave your head again.

  9. Unknown Gamer

    Unknown Gamer5 dias atrás

    Plot twist Alex was trying to scam himself!

  10. Melanie B.

    Melanie B.5 dias atrás

    You need more subs

  11. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth6 dias atrás

    when Alex's volts are better than Davids.

  12. Katy Smith

    Katy Smith6 dias atrás

    This anime ramped up quickly...

  13. Yexalen Arredondo

    Yexalen Arredondo6 dias atrás

    Who broke alex

  14. get_down_funky

    get_down_funky7 dias atrás


  15. Meg Jones

    Meg Jones7 dias atrás

    Quality content Alex

  16. Rahul Varade

    Rahul Varade7 dias atrás


  17. untamed dogs

    untamed dogs7 dias atrás


  18. Panerai Ferrari

    Panerai Ferrari7 dias atrás

    mate you a great ... seen you on David dobrik ... you have really good talent

  19. DiiZeRD

    DiiZeRD7 dias atrás

    I love this xD

  20. Umulkhayr Adam

    Umulkhayr Adam8 dias atrás

    This dumbass

  21. Ruasha Cotto

    Ruasha Cotto8 dias atrás

    This is so me cleaning one thing and keeping cleaning the whole house I am sick God dammit

  22. Royal Viewer

    Royal Viewer8 dias atrás


  23. nety x horror

    nety x horror8 dias atrás


  24. Simran Rodh

    Simran Rodh9 dias atrás

    Did he actually do that to his car? If yes he's a maniac but a good vlogger

  25. kgk co.leader

    kgk co.leader9 dias atrás

    Alex when u finna make another skit with dashie

  26. Nelly Jelly

    Nelly Jelly9 dias atrás

    We don’t deserve him

  27. ainsley ?

    ainsley ?9 dias atrás

    what a king sjdjdjsjs

  28. Nissy Wardlow

    Nissy Wardlow9 dias atrás

    I love Alex so much I love it when he sounds like Henry from Goodfellas

  29. Hana Coric

    Hana Coric9 dias atrás



    SMART BRAIN9 dias atrás

    U r stupid ... In a cool way hhhh

  31. FrozenNexus

    FrozenNexus9 dias atrás

    Why did you delete the talking about God vlog?! Is God coercing you to delete it? We will destroy this God character if so!

  32. TheWurzelx3

    TheWurzelx39 dias atrás

    a movie

  33. Numb Nay

    Numb Nay9 dias atrás

    i really thought my screen was frozen in the beginning QUALITYYYYYYYY CONNNN-Tënt

  34. J Pandas

    J Pandas9 dias atrás

    He kinda reminds me of Gerard way idk why

  35. Numb Nay

    Numb Nay10 dias atrás

    i need more now

  36. Numb Nay

    Numb Nay10 dias atrás

    when will the hair grow backkkk

  37. Marie Kan

    Marie Kan10 dias atrás


  38. Sofia Flores

    Sofia Flores11 dias atrás

    You should be in a movie

  39. Anna

    Anna11 dias atrás


  40. Jordan campbell

    Jordan campbell12 dias atrás

    Some people say he's extra. I don't know why.

  41. Abby Alip

    Abby Alip12 dias atrás

    I felt like I watched one long vine thank you

  42. Augusta Sisson

    Augusta Sisson12 dias atrás

    Jeezzz whenever u pulled up to that sketchy ass motel I freaking lost it 😂😂

  43. 橙子是一颗

    橙子是一颗12 dias atrás

    Oh my god! Now that is some quality content!!! Loving your videos!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  44. Catherine Pilato

    Catherine Pilato13 dias atrás

    i am so confused but i love it

  45. Bee H

    Bee H14 dias atrás


  46. Cappo G

    Cappo G14 dias atrás

    For a second I thought it was real

  47. Chloe G

    Chloe G14 dias atrás

    The ending lol

  48. Ruben Pereira

    Ruben Pereira14 dias atrás


  49. Jamie Fisher

    Jamie Fisher14 dias atrás

    You are so good looking.

  50. Panda Art

    Panda Art14 dias atrás

    We need more Bailey

  51. Tanya C

    Tanya C14 dias atrás

    Still fine ash

  52. Andy Mations

    Andy Mations15 dias atrás

    I was wondering were it was going with him keeping his hair

  53. Daenerys Wallace

    Daenerys Wallace15 dias atrás

    wtf lmaoo

  54. Comcard

    Comcard15 dias atrás

    i love this haha

  55. Kaisar Rahik

    Kaisar Rahik15 dias atrás

    Fucking genius xD

  56. Victoria Marz

    Victoria Marz15 dias atrás

    Did you.. did you just.... Just.. I I mean.... Ok. You seen very dedicated to the vlog I like it.

  57. hia

    hia15 dias atrás

    if i ever have a documentary made about me, i want alex to narrate it.

  58. Nayexo

    Nayexo16 dias atrás


  59. Nicola _

    Nicola _16 dias atrás

    wtf did i just watch ...

  60. Thicc Sister

    Thicc Sister16 dias atrás

    i’m wondering if he actually blew up his car or if that was really good special effects

  61. Michelle Osieamine

    Michelle Osieamine16 dias atrás

    10 top saddet anime

  62. Faith Alvarado

    Faith Alvarado16 dias atrás

    He went through puberty or something he sounds different

  63. Kiana Kamp

    Kiana Kamp16 dias atrás

    David can’t step up to this level congrats but WHY

  64. Nooria Y

    Nooria Y16 dias atrás


  65. Wamorena Rapula

    Wamorena Rapula16 dias atrás


  66. LispyLeaf

    LispyLeaf16 dias atrás

    LMAO!!! Alex actually shaved his head 😂😂😂

  67. pardis lari

    pardis lari16 dias atrás

    this is truly amazing 😂😂😍

  68. Tracey Estep

    Tracey Estep17 dias atrás

    Why isn't he in the vlog squad

  69. Rab Raza

    Rab Raza17 dias atrás


  70. raeganbunch635

    raeganbunch63517 dias atrás

    Alex I like your hair and now your hair less

  71. Daily Popular Snaps

    Daily Popular Snaps17 dias atrás

    Alex Ernst Best Moments in David's Vlogs (July 2018) brreporter.com/v/video-EA835SPlMQU.html&feature=youtu.be

  72. Colin Kind

    Colin Kind18 dias atrás

    what the actual fuck

  73. Daniel Mackic

    Daniel Mackic18 dias atrás

    Deserves waaaaay more views

  74. Pablo G

    Pablo G18 dias atrás


  75. Jana

    Jana18 dias atrás

    Haha تستتنس this is very fany sorrey for my bad englis

  76. Ariana Roach

    Ariana Roach18 dias atrás

    breaking bad pt 2

  77. Ciara Chamberlain

    Ciara Chamberlain18 dias atrás

    you honestly remind me of a dumber version of Patrick Bateman

  78. oh my god

    oh my god18 dias atrás

    This is my everything

  79. lauren oliver

    lauren oliver19 dias atrás

    why is this an indie movie

  80. Renee Williams

    Renee Williams19 dias atrás

    content king

  81. Imperium Films

    Imperium Films19 dias atrás

    D-d-did he just blow up his car and shave his head for a 3 minute vlog?

  82. Im Everywhere

    Im Everywhere19 dias atrás

    Why am i having an identity crisis?

  83. Angel Zuñiga

    Angel Zuñiga19 dias atrás


  84. Charli Bockelman

    Charli Bockelman19 dias atrás

    *fuck* I loved Alex's hair

  85. MonyMaker27

    MonyMaker2719 dias atrás

    The phone call had to be David’s voice😂😂

  86. Mariano Elorza

    Mariano Elorza19 dias atrás

    Does anybody know why alex isnt in david vlogs anymore

  87. Hodor

    Hodor18 dias atrás

    Because he doesn't want to be, he said in a podcast that he only wants to be there if he is playing a character.

  88. olivia grace

    olivia grace19 dias atrás

    ur so funny omfg

  89. Elizabeth DeLaMontanya

    Elizabeth DeLaMontanya19 dias atrás

    These are real BRreporter videos like back when BRreporter started skit style I love it

  90. Juliana Alvaro

    Juliana Alvaro20 dias atrás

    The part he destroyed his car was the best one of all 😂😂😂

  91. Maria Rene Parajon

    Maria Rene Parajon20 dias atrás

    This is actually one of craziest videos that I’ve ever seen! 💪🏼😂

  92. softkenz

    softkenz20 dias atrás

    to think while alex was shaving his head and blowing up a car in my city i was passed out and had no clue 👌

  93. frecklesnstars

    frecklesnstars20 dias atrás

    gone guy

  94. Weave

    Weave20 dias atrás

    Damn you’re a GENIUS!

  95. paige williams

    paige williams20 dias atrás

    Gone Girl is that you?

  96. Nathaniel Espy

    Nathaniel Espy20 dias atrás

    This is one of the greatest ever

  97. zeitGGeist

    zeitGGeist21 dia atrás

    this is the best youtube video ive seen in a long tie. don't let google change you

  98. Tori Chapko

    Tori Chapko21 dia atrás

    Im so entertained by you

  99. Elianna Asare

    Elianna Asare21 dia atrás

    2 words: quality content

  100. susy alvarez

    susy alvarez21 dia atrás

    Impressive and very entertaining 😁

  101. Hannah Grace

    Hannah Grace21 dia atrás

    I just choked on my water watching this, it was so funny😂😂😂

  102. Montana Cowgirl

    Montana Cowgirl21 dia atrás

    the dedication of this is over the top but did any one else think he really didn't do it then he walked down there and it was real I spit out my drink! lol jk