I Did the “Baby Shark Ab Workout” for 30 Days (THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!)



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  2. Francois Davis

    Francois Davis5 meses atrás

    No ways... loyalty cant be based on first likes ...no no no....and i quote ....consistency....consistency....consistency...as in a frequent watcher cause i just like your point of views and attitude....expects browny points....kidding

  3. Garrett Short

    Garrett Short5 meses atrás

    ATHLEAN-X™ recently Sheamus had edge on Celtic worrier workout and edge ran him through what he calls the “aplankalypse” could you take a look at the workout then give us your feedback on how affective it is?

  4. Marlon Sanchez

    Marlon Sanchez5 meses atrás

    Any intense novice level workout/exorcise(s) for those of us with notable belly fat??

  5. Ronley Konwiser

    Ronley Konwiser5 meses atrás

    How many sets do you recommend?

  6. Jonas Knigge

    Jonas KniggeHora atrás

    Jessy rules!!!

  7. Hisham Naji

    Hisham Naji10 horas atrás

    Guy had the eight pack before he met the couch 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. GaTsBy

    GaTsByDia atrás

    the song though...

  9. Me Too

    Me Too2 dias atrás

    I need this but for my chest

  10. Ziyad Ahmad

    Ziyad Ahmad2 dias atrás

    Some next level Tik Tok.

  11. abid khan

    abid khan3 dias atrás

    Day 4 done

  12. Fynnex

    Fynnex3 dias atrás

    I tried this challenge for a month, but instead of the baby shark song, I used the Vikings theme. I have begun to take a liking to my 8 pack. Also, my navel has begun to grow a beard, which might be a side effect on the choice of music.

  13. Vaibhav Gupta

    Vaibhav Gupta3 dias atrás

    I wish Jeff would Yes, And Jesse just once.

  14. Chris in China

    Chris in China4 dias atrás

    I finally sat down to do this thinking it was gonna be difficult, it wasn’t…had to do it a couple times back to back to really feel it. Must be because of all the 6-7 minute ab videos by Jeff. Hahaha. (Make that 3x, with resistance bands pulling on my feet the 3rd time)

  15. Gravity elite8

    Gravity elite84 dias atrás

    So does this work for fat people?

  16. Abhijeet Singh

    Abhijeet Singh4 dias atrás

    *Doing this for 22 days straight* *Starting 12th Feb 2020 , India.* Wish me luck. Day 1- ✅ It was difficult but iam quite accustomed to core training , 3 months into gym. Day 2- ✅

  17. abid khan

    abid khan5 dias atrás

    Day 2 done

  18. James Shoulders

    James Shoulders5 dias atrás

    Jesse gets a little bigger and shaves his head he could be the strong man at a carnival!!!

  19. Daniel Daza

    Daniel Daza6 dias atrás

    So Jesse has his shirt off and Jeff’s shirt is on? How the turn tables

  20. etzshalom

    etzshalom6 dias atrás

    Awesome, I can work out with my kids. 😁

  21. Daniel Bujan

    Daniel Bujan6 dias atrás

    Honestly out of shape so this was a killer experience... And at the same time I entertained my 3 year old son... Lol

  22. abid khan

    abid khan6 dias atrás

    Day 1 done 29 to go

  23. James Woodall

    James Woodall6 dias atrás

    Too many steps to remember. My old brain fades.

  24. diego

    diego7 dias atrás

    3:31 when the boys walk into the gym and you’re already finishing your workout with abs

  25. michaelbayles85

    michaelbayles857 dias atrás

    That sucked lol

  26. Hugo Fajardo

    Hugo Fajardo10 dias atrás

    Dang I had an easier time doing it than I thought, I used to do a lot of these before I stopped for like 3 months straight, probably got to do it more than once

  27. ActuallyAhmed

    ActuallyAhmed11 dias atrás

    Who actually does the last part

  28. Eng.Zubair

    Eng.Zubair11 dias atrás

    He didn’t say : what’s up guys , Jeff Cavaliere , ATHLEANX.COM !! This video doesn’t count

  29. Juan martin

    Juan martin11 dias atrás

    3:04 AJJAJAJA

  30. mixingrecords

    mixingrecords13 dias atrás

    I’m back. For baby shark & Jesse 😆

  31. Goro Sato

    Goro Sato13 dias atrás


  32. tro jansky

    tro jansky14 dias atrás

    This format is 1000x better than Jeff’s

  33. tro jansky

    tro jansky14 dias atrás

    Lol, the shark music was hilarious

  34. Matthew Wilkins

    Matthew Wilkins14 dias atrás

    Dude this is hard as hell I can’t even lie

  35. Mario Lutz

    Mario Lutz18 dias atrás

    This will help me with my elementary PE classes. Thank you

  36. Your hubris is your downfall.

    Your hubris is your downfall.18 dias atrás

    Do you do this everyday for 30 days, or is there a rest day(s) in between?

  37. Benjee

    Benjee20 dias atrás

    I keep expecting a European accent to come out Jesse's mouth

  38. faraz pc

    faraz pc21 dia atrás

    Jesse sharkdododo Jesse sharkdodododo

  39. Muhammad Kazi

    Muhammad Kazi21 dia atrás

    Workout starts at 2:17

  40. faraz pc

    faraz pc21 dia atrás

    This is my 2nd time watching this XD

  41. Ashira Bat Yah

    Ashira Bat Yah23 dias atrás

    That looks hard core!

  42. Judith koki

    Judith koki24 dias atrás


  43. Santiago Marquez

    Santiago Marquez25 dias atrás

    Que carajo con la voz original

  44. Hannah Garcia

    Hannah Garcia27 dias atrás


  45. Fadafacka McAlguien

    Fadafacka McAlguien28 dias atrás

    Is it normal to round the back doing abs? I mean, should I try to retract the thoracic spine or is it just natural? Would it be the ideal posture (to pull back the shoulders) or is it impossible or antinatural (possible but with tremendous inefficient effort) in this case ? I have a lot of knots (and weakness) in my upper back and I just can't tell anymore when is it normal to round the back from when I'm just used to it. Than_nks a lot for your videos

  46. Ebony Avenger Stevenson

    Ebony Avenger Stevenson29 dias atrás

    This is as much for core as abs or is it just me?

  47. jay r pimentel

    jay r pimentelMês atrás

    I'm literally at a point where I observe other ppl at the gym and decide in my mind on whether they have poor/proper form. Thanks jeff.. 😆

  48. Alex T

    Alex TMês atrás

    2:16 is where the action starts

  49. Ba'al Busters

    Ba'al BustersMês atrás

    Reading my Kindle app on the elliptical does the same for me that Music does. I can overcome mental screams of anguish if I have a good book to read. I hit the elliptical hard, and do high resistance bursts as well. My back and shoulders feel it after pumping out a session. Plus, hey I get reading time in every day.

  50. Nico van der Wilt

    Nico van der WiltMês atrás

    It's a fun video. However it's about genetics wich muscles you have. Every body is different. So some muscles can Grow big and some not. But i know it's not a scientific video. Just saying not all of us can get an 8 pack.

  51. Jean-Dominic Lapointe

    Jean-Dominic LapointeMês atrás

    I tried it, nowhere near as well, but I surprised myself

  52. Scott F

    Scott FMês atrás

    Let’s be honest the skinny man with abs is like a fat bird with big tits

  53. Cody Pearson

    Cody PearsonMês atrás

    Despite my better judgement I watched the video...in the name of fitness lol

  54. Vipin Kaushik

    Vipin KaushikMês atrás

    Plz tell the routine for abs workout

  55. danturbo316

    danturbo316Mês atrás

    Hope he got a gf after this haha

  56. christopher edwards

    christopher edwardsMês atrás

    I fuck wit dem im gettin maaaad pussy now my body is ripped I have chicks suckin on and all around my dick real talk real talk :)

  57. Taigafire

    TaigafireMês atrás

    Very funny. Good job.

  58. Tommy Gay

    Tommy GayMês atrás

    Does this actually work? bc my little brother loves baby shark and if I’m gonna have to listen to it i can get abs

  59. nupen

    nupenMês atrás

    for myself 2:18

  60. SYN.

    SYN.Mês atrás

    I never imagined myself going that far into this song😂



    Here comes the slow progress towards -> (JessLeanX)

  62. Arvis

    ArvisMês atrás

    That stache gives me nightmares and I'm not even under 10.

  63. Lottie Spence

    Lottie SpenceMês atrás

    I think I'll try the baby shark 🦈

  64. James Whitehead

    James WhiteheadMês atrás

    Ngl this is really fun to do, but I dont feel that its intense enough to get an 8 pack