I found an invincibility glitch in SEASON X... (out of zone)


  1. Pinky

    PinkyMês atrás

    this is another reason for the brute to get vaulted...

  2. jeffy alitis

    jeffy alitis2 dias atrás

    Fuck robots

  3. Poo Head

    Poo Head3 dias atrás

    Pinky ikr

  4. Flower Bomb

    Flower Bomb12 dias atrás

    Omg...Thank you because I hate those things. Get them vaulted please!! 😭😭❤

  5. Devil Killer

    Devil Killer21 dia atrás

    You did not make this glitch you piece of shit cant even give credits to the people who actually found it! I saw this on videos uploaded way before this video so stop lying and thinking no one will notice idiot!

  6. John Hughes

    John Hughes27 dias atrás

    Pinky your so right about the robots being bad

  7. Christopher Rodriguez

    Christopher Rodriguez2 dias atrás

    ,,, please don't ban me and please don't give me bad luck and please give me the barber place of you have any money please please please please please

  8. DaeAun Trotter

    DaeAun Trotter3 dias atrás

    Fortnite2 epic I’d is dbat09 i play on ps4 and i use you as my supported creator

  9. DaeAun Trotter

    DaeAun Trotter3 dias atrás

    Fortnite2 epic I’d is dbat09 i play on ps4 and i use you as my supported creator

  10. ApexYT

    ApexYT3 dias atrás

    Can we play duos

  11. Tahsin Ogutlu

    Tahsin Ogutlu15 dias atrás

    I LOVE FORTNITE AND I SUBBED AND LIKED and dude sry for the caps just trying to tell ya that

  12. joshaplow

    joshaplow16 dias atrás

    I hate mechs

  13. Minecraftman 050

    Minecraftman 05017 dias atrás

    Replay back to 11:53 wait till he lands look at the tree beside him

  14. Guuleed Saleeman

    Guuleed Saleeman19 dias atrás

    Ok buddy using nugga that is white kid 😂😂😂



    is that plu

  16. RCGamer41

    RCGamer4122 dias atrás

    ok ill risk it for no biscut

  17. Rusty Edits

    Rusty Edits23 dias atrás

    You got this from glitching king

  18. John hoani

    John hoani23 dias atrás

    Bruh right now it my squad of 4 against a immortal dude what do I do

  19. tarro fricker

    tarro fricker25 dias atrás


  20. Neuza Raslan

    Neuza Raslan26 dias atrás

    Mechs trash Pinky👍🏻

  21. Govae

    Govae26 dias atrás

    7:04 look at the tree??

  22. mr buzz bee

    mr buzz bee26 dias atrás

    I like the mechks I don't use me much but no one in my servers uses them

  23. Gamer Pro

    Gamer Pro26 dias atrás

    dO it in dOus

  24. ILandino 4

    ILandino 427 dias atrás

    Change title u didnt find it

  25. Poka Faze

    Poka Faze27 dias atrás

    I want v bucks plz it's me birthday

  26. Dallas Risley

    Dallas Risley27 dias atrás

    y u ditch plu

  27. Sonny Lambert

    Sonny Lambert27 dias atrás


  28. Fao_Titan Gaming

    Fao_Titan Gaming27 dias atrás

    I love plu trickshots

  29. John Hughes

    John Hughes27 dias atrás

    Epic don’t ban pinky

  30. Alex Horne

    Alex Horne27 dias atrás

    Happy bday

  31. shad muayad

    shad muayad27 dias atrás

    You suck

  32. CA5M _

    CA5M _27 dias atrás

    U got this from retail 8

  33. lukeski706

    lukeski70627 dias atrás

    2:07 why are you using a softair clip in a vi....Nevermind

  34. vuk trifunovic

    vuk trifunovic28 dias atrás

    youtube offered me premium youtube no ads i offered ad block

  35. layz clan

    layz clan28 dias atrás

    everybody subscribe to my channel

  36. GunHazard

    GunHazard28 dias atrás

    My win rate is already good but now.. now its going to be worse because I wont be able to do the glitch LOL

  37. XtremeGamer Playz

    XtremeGamer Playz28 dias atrás

    The best question ever: How do they find glitches?

  38. Not Alexx

    Not Alexx26 dias atrás

    XtremeGamer Playz faxs

  39. Nokia1 Aa

    Nokia1 Aa28 dias atrás

    guess that i have to wait 10 years to get my good luck back

  40. x-_joao_-x

    x-_joao_-x28 dias atrás

    If someone knows the song of the video tell me

  41. xCole []

    xCole []28 dias atrás

    love how the thumbnail looks bruh

  42. Dark Gamer

    Dark Gamer28 dias atrás

    The tree in shifty changed color Time: 7:05

  43. Purp Hoodie

    Purp Hoodie28 dias atrás

    I did this in team rumble I was mad

  44. paata pirtskhalaishvili

    paata pirtskhalaishvili28 dias atrás

    Youre trash

  45. fr3nZyy

    fr3nZyy28 dias atrás

    *a couple weeks later epic keeps the robots but removes the glitch*

  46. Victor Castillo

    Victor Castillo28 dias atrás

    Its not even your glitch Lmao

  47. TITAN

    TITAN28 dias atrás

    I know your just trying to ban the robot

  48. Zolo 6 6 6

    Zolo 6 6 628 dias atrás

    Og days Stinkin Pinky

  49. NinjaDylan27 TTV

    NinjaDylan27 TTV28 dias atrás

    Almost 1 million!!!! (That is more then all the people I have ever met)

  50. Giorgo DABOSS

    Giorgo DABOSS28 dias atrás

    The Robot or whatever u wanna call it,IT JUST SUCKS it’s extremely Annoying

  51. Havoc

    Havoc28 dias atrás

    I got 3 wins from the invincibility glitch lol

  52. Danger Dave

    Danger Dave29 dias atrás

    Frik mech


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  54. Philip Elliott

    Philip Elliott29 dias atrás

    My life is bad luck

  55. Icce Cut

    Icce Cut29 dias atrás

    Plu is my fav BRreporterr lol 😂

  56. CHIPZ

    CHIPZ29 dias atrás

    Pinky on sticks but no pinky🤔

  57. Hugo Dun

    Hugo Dun29 dias atrás

    go sub to me i play fortnite

  58. FujiBTW

    FujiBTW29 dias atrás

    7:05 wtf

  59. Landon Savage

    Landon Savage29 dias atrás

    Sub to me lol

  60. Weatric

    Weatric29 dias atrás

    That is a dope video👍Something big is going to happen so follow me and dont miss it!👌

  61. parallel lance

    parallel lance29 dias atrás


  62. Am07 Fortnite

    Am07 Fortnite29 dias atrás

    Pinky dies: Dude he had a FKING COMBAT I HAD A TAC SHIT GUN Team Mate: *wHy yOu hEf tO bE mAd*

  63. XD_ Austin

    XD_ Austin29 dias atrás

    Is that plu

  64. Ikozz

    Ikozz29 dias atrás

    plu could make good asmr's

  65. Svpreme Editz

    Svpreme Editz29 dias atrás

    Didn't say I couldn't unlike

  66. Xavier Bowe

    Xavier Bowe29 dias atrás

    Use me as how much money Fortnite will lose👇

  67. Xavier Bowe

    Xavier Bowe29 dias atrás

    Because of the mechs