I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months


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    haha grape

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    I litterly laughed at this for 3 minutes

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    Ha ha

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    2:13 *Granet*

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    At the end of the video he was wiggling like a wavy tube boi

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    I feel the same when I watch people eat food I feel good as if I am the one who ate "-"

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    If you could have only eaten cold foods then couldn’t you have a. V8 ?

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    When the vid starts and you think Adam was going to say boi

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    Butt lolz

  11. Erin Brighton

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    For real imma die getting jaw surgery in January

  12. Fake Marshmello

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    3:10 3:20 and 3:31 Adam:Chocolate Milk!

  13. First Name

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    I'd be pissed too if i couldn't get some goddamn choco milk after surgery.

  14. Hella_Hailey

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    I had triple jaw reconstruction at 14 and I can say that everything in this video is 100% accurate. Like, scary accurate. Is this what we all go through???

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    4:14 Adam:Taking away all this food I don’t even know who I am anymore :’( Crowd:awwwwww Adam:HE- Edit:wait but the real question is..... *Did Adam ever get his chocolate milk?*

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    Not this time mother f#cker

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    haha grape

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    B A G

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    1:26 hahahahafunny

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    I have to get this done as well and I'm honestly terrified I can't smile at all half the time. Or yawn. Everything bad happens so now I need the surgery. I've been told that eventually after a few years the surgery hasn't be done again Recently my jaw has been getting stuck. Especially when I'm at work doing dishes and busing tables. So it will be worth it but I also have to get this other surgery after the jaw surgery for the TMJ problem I have.

  22. Rena Borrayo

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    My oldest doter has something simulare but the docter wont do anything

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    If you dye your hair red you would look like Markiplier, just saying.

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    i have the same deseise butt my jaw goes backwards :C

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    I love how there are those split-second frames of something funny.

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    Can I see what you looked like before

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    Like that smash button

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    Adam: FINALLY SOMETHING DIFFRENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Adam:I fond out I was HECKA wrong

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  31. Harmony Dore'

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    My little sister had to get the same surgery (her jaw was underdeveloped) and the nurses there weren’t taking them seriously about medication allergies. My sister had never taken them (whatever it was) but every other woman on my mom’s side had and would have violent seizures and puking from it. But they STILL GAVE IT TO HER. And she fucking threw up so violently that she RIPPED HER WIRES OPEN and now has horrible flashbacks about. She was stuck on those breakfast essentials drinks for months. And once she got them off, it did take a long time for her to open her jaw fully again. She’d go to the orthodontist and they would keep trying to pry open her mouth and giving her ptsd episodes while she’s in the chair and then they’d make light of it to her. I wanted to punch those people so bad. She’s good now but it’s also been several years at this point. She’s happy with the results but has said that if she had known how horrible the experience would’ve been, she would’ve turned it down.

  32. Carter Hughes

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    The end of this video when we see Adam in real life was the first time I’ve seen his real face. He looks like Tony Stark.

  33. ragnar the angry viking

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    Adam rack not understands your blight. When the Ragnar was little angry Viking at 16 I was riding bicycle teenager in pickup truck hit me smashed my bike and broke my jaw in four places two metal plates later and six months with my jaw wired shut I too have realized how much Ragnar truly loves food food

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    could you brush your teeth im dumb so i dont know... XD

  35. Chelsea Pettiford

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    im eating food XD

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    8:28 If you pause there look st his face XD

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    7:14 when you see a back to school ad

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    Ight nobody be talking about the fact the hospital was called weenie hut jr-

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    We’re those what I thought they were holding the coin

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    My tonsils were taken out then my jaw got messed up after the surgery then during my recovery they decided to share my mouth shut to fix it!!! I couldn't even eat my ice cream thus is why I hate hospitals

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    I wish I can sub more than once :( WHY DO U DO THIS BRreporter

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    Same but I never got surgery because I’m broke

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    With the anime face

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    Can you guys sub to my channel at Christoff gaming

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    The copyright strike has a beautiful but hut hut

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    2:54 He never got his MERCY

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    How wacht that bull shit on 2020 🤣🤣

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    2:55 later 2:58 FUNNY FUNNY

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    What if you didnt have braces

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    Tomato soup fans triggerd

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    "Like that smash button"

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    This Friday will be 2 weeks since I had my jaw surgery and it makes me so happy that someone else went through what I’m going through 😂😂😂😂

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    my jaw keeps locking i dont know why :(

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    7:55 why did the “wat” make me laugh so much

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    6:41 KYASS

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    This guy is Very funny

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    In all seriousness This is terrible

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    Adam kinda thicc tho

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    Does he usually say 'like that smash button'

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    From eddsworld????!!!

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    Are. You. TORD?!?!!!

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    I genuinely want to know what BRreporter thinks when you fight the demonization sign

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    probably suck di-

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    This has to be my favorite video this is my 13th time watching it lol

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    1:36 i can beat the demonitization

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    My sister kicked me in the developing child jaw of mine when I was younger and now I can click my jaw to the side and shit and it locks too 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    SomeThingElseYT: Although I went to a bit of hell Me: Get it Get it His allis is. a demon. hahha footy

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    nice butt, adam.

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    1:34 man duels isis live colourized

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    oh my go d he looks and sounds like markiplier im yelling

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    Did you try melted ice cream it's delicious

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    You had you’re jaw shut for a month!!!

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    I somewhat know what you went through except I only spent 1 week

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    *I W I L L F U C K I N G E A T Y O U*

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    I might have to get jaw surgery as well But I got like a 1-2 years

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    And we all thought markiplier had the deepest voice on youtube

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    Thanos grape