I Have A Crush On My Best Friends CUTE Brother! *She Doesn't Know*


  1. Destiny Flores

    Destiny Flores44 minutos atrás

    Is he your will brother

  2. Laketa Howden

    Laketa Howden14 horas atrás

    He is cute !

  3. Gamer Sophie

    Gamer Sophie21 hora atrás

    Toosie stop eating Big Macs

  4. Richard Webster

    Richard Webster21 hora atrás

    Make a part 2

  5. Macey Evans

    Macey EvansDia atrás

    I love

  6. alexia anwea

    alexia anweaDia atrás

    5:21 as soon as she drops the spoon. how does her son get in her mind.

  7. Emma Lannoo

    Emma LannooDia atrás

    This is how many Big Macs tootsie eats 👇

  8. Catgirl Oml47

    Catgirl Oml47Dia atrás

    If Riya doesn't want her friend to like her brother she she doesn't care if Tia is out with him and she's her still best friend

  9. Travis Estrem

    Travis EstremDia atrás

    Leave my son alone you lazy man! OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣

  10. SKL POL

    SKL POLDia atrás

    he is from free refills

  11. DeniseGaMiNgIndonesia Mikayla

    DeniseGaMiNgIndonesia Mikayla3 dias atrás

    Tia andRiya'sbrother Chad and Strawberry Raja and Curly hair girl

  12. Itz_Spring

    Itz_Spring3 dias atrás

    But I love it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Itz_Spring

    Itz_Spring3 dias atrás

    And you youse boys for girls and girls for boys

  14. Itz_Spring

    Itz_Spring3 dias atrás

    Strawberry is Daniel tootsie is Daniel rhubarb is Daniel Chad is Daniel Daniel is Daniel

  15. Itz_Spring

    Itz_Spring3 dias atrás

    Raja is riya cinnamon is riya agnes is is riya Ms p is riya lol

  16. Itz_Spring

    Itz_Spring3 dias atrás

    Why do you youse the same people

  17. Sharna Millward

    Sharna Millward3 dias atrás

    I danloded emoji keyboard guys it's so cool

  18. Val, Tita, Kim

    Val, Tita, Kim4 dias atrás

    Everyone you guys class : HELLO SUMMER!!!!! Me and my friends/Classmates : * Crying like donkeys* nooooo I don’t wanna leave 😢🖤😞🥺💔. 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  19. unicorn fam trew

    unicorn fam trew4 dias atrás


  20. tia spanjers

    tia spanjers4 dias atrás

    my name is also tia

  21. robotkiller 88

    robotkiller 885 dias atrás

    Cinnamon: hey Loz..... tootsie: WHAT DO U WANT CINNAMON LOOK WHAT U MADE ME DO Random girl: OMG what’s taking so long

  22. Dylan Raiford

    Dylan Raiford5 dias atrás

    Strawberry is the nicest thing in the morning she is the only one that I makeCinnamon is the best to you I’m a mean girl I was I can have💋💋💋💋💄💄

  23. Dylan Raiford

    Dylan Raiford5 dias atrás

    And it takes 3 AM actually love brother so much the 3 PM and I love that the girl email see her name but I am free and what day and time that the bear

  24. Øliva_is NOT a ØLIVE .__.

    Øliva_is NOT a ØLIVE .__.6 dias atrás

    Who wants to marry me

  25. M Garza

    M Garza6 dias atrás

    Put a 👍🏻 up if you want a part two

  26. Xspccys Gacha World

    Xspccys Gacha World6 dias atrás

    This Is Miss Pea 👩🏼 👗👜 👡👡

  27. Aliyah Alazzam

    Aliyah Alazzam6 dias atrás


  28. Bella Gunter

    Bella Gunter6 dias atrás


  29. Dayem Itzel

    Dayem Itzel6 dias atrás


  30. shaddae franklin

    shaddae franklin7 dias atrás

    The company title company has to be able to help the economy in

  31. First Last pizza unspeakable

    First Last pizza unspeakable7 dias atrás

    I kind of ship tootsie and riyas brother idk🤷‍♀️

  32. Rambarran R

    Rambarran R7 dias atrás

    Riya and tootsie

  33. gaming with zixin

    gaming with zixin7 dias atrás

    toosie is jealous, he likes riya’s brother.

  34. Harry Yung

    Harry Yung7 dias atrás

    The Most akward moment is when everyone is staring at renvear

  35. Lil rage The savage

    Lil rage The savage8 dias atrás

    Totsitte i thought you like Daniel

  36. Henoliana Suwarto

    Henoliana Suwarto8 dias atrás


  37. Charile Patterson

    Charile Patterson8 dias atrás

    Hi I’m a big fan✌️✌️

  38. Dariel Derrick

    Dariel Derrick8 dias atrás

    All toosie talks about is Daniel and Raja

  39. Jasmine Hernadez ;3

    Jasmine Hernadez ;38 dias atrás

    Rita is much prettier than tootsie, idk why tootsie says she prettier *no hate just saying* (✿ ♥‿♥)

  40. Alberto Aguilar

    Alberto Aguilar8 dias atrás

    You shut up tootsie

  41. Tomce Game

    Tomce Game8 dias atrás


  42. Fidelia Ramirez

    Fidelia Ramirez8 dias atrás

    You got it rubarb why did you snap at riya and tootsie

  43. Allison Anally

    Allison Anally9 dias atrás

    Cimomine your eww and ugly and your poor you look like trash

  44. Gustavo Garcia

    Gustavo Garcia9 dias atrás

    Tootsie is such a BUMMER!!!!!!

  45. Jarred Fangeat

    Jarred Fangeat9 dias atrás

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  46. Jarred Fangeat

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    Jarred Fangeat9 dias atrás

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    Jarred Fangeat9 dias atrás

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  51. Emily Playz

    Emily Playz9 dias atrás

    Riya’s brother : Blonde highlights hits her hair Tootise: *thinks* It’s her Teal: *drinking in a watermelon cup* *Me: I though it was a Tootise but It makes sense Cause Teal have like brown and blonde- ish hair*

  52. Ianstewart3b

    Ianstewart3b9 dias atrás

    *remembering tootsies a boy*

  53. KH Neal

    KH Neal9 dias atrás

    Did any one hear tootsie say ‘’I’m her little sisters best friend’’

  54. Jerlissa Foster

    Jerlissa Foster9 dias atrás

    Tootsie should not get a boyfriend Riya should Tootsie is ugly🤬😡💩

  55. Grace Card

    Grace Card10 dias atrás


  56. Jayleen Rodriguez

    Jayleen Rodriguez10 dias atrás

    You should do a video when chimman becomes best friends with Riya and tottise

  57. Ava Ismair

    Ava Ismair10 dias atrás

    “Thanks Tootsie, you’re such a great friend!” Friend zoned

  58. Stupid Pants

    Stupid Pants10 dias atrás

    Strawberry is cuter the cinnamon

  59. Aislinn Lopez

    Aislinn Lopez10 dias atrás

    Is that your brother

  60. Jack H

    Jack H10 dias atrás

    Did anybody notice that Riyas brother wasnt wearing a seatbelt When hè was driving?

  61. Courtney Evangelista

    Courtney Evangelista10 dias atrás

    In my mind I got to hide in real life every one can see you