I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH #VANLIFE | 🚐 Must watch for future vanlifers 🤯


  1. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy3 meses atrás

    I am blown away by the quality of the comments for this little think piece.. I have a list of think pieces which I have thought about filming... if you think I should do a few more - let me know! 🙌

  2. LoonToon

    LoonToon2 meses atrás

    Charming Ferret I see people trying to get premium price for a van that have shitty at best builds “But it has a 3 year old solar panel”. These Sprinters etc. are way out of many people’s reach. VanLife is great when your 20-30-40 maybe 50s-60s. But at some point you have van repairs and it will at some point need to be replaced. The majority of VanLife people don’t have the carpentry skills or electrical/plumbing. And most millennials I work with feel they are OWED housing. Never in the history of human being has housing been an inalienable right. Better yet, save up $6k, buy a cheap piece of land and build one of those earthship houses or an Adobe yourself. Source the materials as you go. Adding on as wanted / needed.

  3. Garrett Hebert

    Garrett Hebert2 meses atrás

    Very well said Nate. You've stated what I've been feeling for years.

  4. LoveEngineering

    LoveEngineering2 meses atrás

    yes please

  5. Aruba Aysha

    Aruba Aysha2 meses atrás

    @Eric Brighton What part of cali are you in? I'm doing the same exact thing as you!!!

  6. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy2 meses atrás

    @Richmond of Richelieu Thanks for the comment. Interesting viewpoint - I think the main gist if the complaints around housing costs is that thing have become worse.. and people should complain when this happens because it can drive policy to rebalance the situation. It needs a 20 year rebalancing which could actually be achieved by making housing a less attractive investment (housing should primarily be for homes not an exciting investment product). Doing it over a long period of time it gives time for people to exit the market, house prices won't need to 'go down' but they won't go up either - so it can avoid the pain points. Govt can incentivise house building, open up tiny home possibility, relax planning controls, build a shed load of social housing (after all councils pay vast amounts of rent).... it can be done. On a side note, I have a philosophy project coming out - I have brought in some academics to support the writing of it - so this might be presented on this channel too.

  7. Juliet Vorster

    Juliet Vorster3 dias atrás

    “I’ll be happy when...” is a trap that we get in about lots of different things in life. The truth is find a way to be happy now; happiness is an inside job. I’m planning a self conversion, but not currently intending to live full time. Slight change of topic - do you seek DVLA classification change on your self-converted campers?

  8. Steven Ponte

    Steven Ponte4 dias atrás

    Best talk on van life I have seen on youtube. I think you summarised it perfectly. I first stumbled across your channel a few years ago when you did a similar style of think piece about working in London. I thin you do these kinds of things really well. Challenging norm and inspiring people to live life on their own terms. It definitely got me thinking.

  9. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy4 dias atrás

    Cheers Steven. We have a few more of these queued up in the coming months. Thanks foe the encouragement.

  10. Mr

    Mr10 dias atrás

    You only have one life!?! Who told you that? ;-)

  11. Dilandau Albatou

    Dilandau Albatou12 dias atrás

    i'm on ODSP in ontario. i'm in a situation where van life may be my only option eventually. government housing is a 10-14 year process, and ODSP only gives you $450 a month for shelter in a area where you cant even get a room for less then $600, and for someone who has a immune problem, i can't have shared accommodations, i have to basically live a in somewhat clean bubble. and i have a cat... and you know, EVERYONE IS ALLERGIC TO CATS! i use to be able bodied, i use to work, now i can't go to public places with out a mask because i get sick and i don't just get the sniffles, i get bed ridden for a week. its fucked and super scary.

  12. Caption Vaan Smith

    Caption Vaan Smith12 dias atrás

    This is how I feel about van life. I want to live in a van to get out of rent and other things that are hurting me mentally and more. I want to be an entertainer and start a business but I have a hard time putting money to it. I want a home but I see van life is a step but with my rent I can’t even get started.

  13. Pipa More

    Pipa More16 dias atrás

    I'm not sure one needed that very deep reflexion to have understood it. It's a bit of an obvious moment.

  14. The Minimalist

    The Minimalist17 dias atrás

    I lived in my van and car for 2 years. I would not recommend this lifestyle to anyone unless you just lost your job or you got a divorce and you need somewhere to live. The videos you see on BRreporter are all fake. The reality of van life is far more brutal than the fantasy world you see on BRreporter. I get really annoyed seeing people living in there vans now. Very few of them actually show people the realities of van life and let me tell you its not fun. Your van breaks down, taking a piss on the side of the street at 2am in the morning, having nowhere to stand upright, having cops smacking on your windows, dealing with traffic noises while you sleep, have people break into your van and steal your stuff. I always felt I was in "fight or flight" mode when I was living in my car or van. In a house, I never felt this stress. Honestly, living in an airport terminal is far more comfortable/more cheaper than living in your van. That is the most efficient method to saving money and being homeless. You don't pay rent, gas, power, or internet. You can also stand upright and have a shave and a shower in the bathrooms.

  15. The Minimalist

    The Minimalist14 dias atrás

    @Nate Murphy Van life is a temporary solution to a long term problem. The purpose of van life should be to save up for a house deposit or pay off debt. Both can be achieve through this lifestyle. The number one thing I loved about van life was the freedom of not having to sign a rental agreement or lease. You can easily turn a key and move to the next town and start applying for jobs (without having to deal with that annoying expense). I'm not sure if you're married or have a spouse? You also seem to be younger than me? I'm 32, debt free, have 50k in savings. By the time I'm 36, me and my wife should be able to purchase a house outright in cash. At that point, I would rent out one of the rooms and semi-retire. I think as a back up I will always have a kit out van in the garage just in case.

  16. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy14 dias atrás

    I think city vanlife while you are working is tough an suboptimal. Its much better out in nature but not everyone can do this and be close to a place of work. On the savings front vanlife enables me to save vastly more than should I rent - especially as I derive income from van living (check my vlog content 🤘)

  17. The Minimalist

    The Minimalist17 dias atrás

    The problem is that this guy was just like me. He only sees half the picture. Minimalism allows you to work less because your expenses are low. But what he doesn't realize is that if he learnt to manage his money he could actually rent a place and still get ahead financially. Most people earn 3k a month working a full time job. He could rent an apartment, save 1-2k a month, and invest it into term deposits or index funds. After a 5 year period he could buy a house cash which solves his problem - if I don't work a job I will be homeless.

  18. Peeter Mauring

    Peeter Mauring17 dias atrás

    I think you're title and the thumbnail is a bit too harsh

  19. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy14 dias atrás

    Ah yeah, its the BRreporter game though.

  20. Vision Flow

    Vision Flow21 dia atrás

    Wow. Was just having this conversation yesterday. The way to freedom and happiness IS creativity. But society has set us up to NOT be able to pursue that. The result? Over consumption to fill that "hole" and continued slavery to the machine. Work to survive and survive to work. Vanlife gives you a chance to pursue your true self. And THAT equals happiness.

  21. Emma Emerson

    Emma Emerson26 dias atrás

    Very true..great video.. and van life is a good way to save money for a house if you decide to have children... 😊😊😊 However I see people paying 20,000+ for van and remodelling.. That is enough for down payment for a Co op, townhouse, condo or house. I had to 3 homes, I kept flipping... Now that I am older in my 50s a Co op so no mortgage, kids grown. Some van living seems very expensive too. More than owning a small place...pkus vans depreciate.. Houses will go back up, if they drop. I think van life is good if you stay simple and save for when older... Especially if you want a family someday..

  22. Chelsea Samuelson

    Chelsea Samuelson29 dias atrás

    Great video! Really helped me think about why my husband and I are considering the lifestyle change. It's more than just the social media hype that's so hard to look away from. It's something that's a personal decision for personal reasons. It's something that allows you to really hone in on what's most important. Thanks for the inspiration and insights!

  23. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy28 dias atrás

    Thanks for tuning in Chelsea!

  24. D Money

    D MoneyMês atrás

    Me and my SO are currently saving to start our vanlife dreams. we live in one of the highest cost cities, san jose california. the silicon valley boom raised prices for everything. my parents came here from Cambodia as immigrants and gave us a try at a better life, which they have. BUT, the prices have skyrocketed. a 3-4 bedroom in the 70s-80s were no more than 2-300k. now a 800 sqft apt for rent is 2000+ in most areas. The rent is unreal. we plan to save up, move into a van fulltime. explore the world instead of working 50 hour week for renting a house which does not become ours. buying a house here is not realistic for our salaries. renting a 1 bdrm is unfathomable at this point in our life. She wishes to maybe go on the road as a physical therapist assistant and I'm currently finding my passion with cooking. my dream is to road trip to food events state and nation wide to cook and experience food all-over america. it might not be the normal dream, but it sounds like an adventure we will never forget. I am currently researching all your videos and others and will probably buy your guide shortly once we get closer to having enough money for a van.. seems like a 4 year plan since the vans are about 20-35k and we just don't have that money unless we get a loan which means we'll be stuck here for a bit longer. But, we will continue to push for our dream whether it takes 1 year or 10.

  25. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy28 dias atrás

    Great comment, thanks guys!

  26. Raquel Guzman

    Raquel GuzmanMês atrás

    Don't know why I'm obsessed with watching #vanlife when I'm comfortable in my modest home. Guess I'm living vicariously through you guys! Love the builds, the creativity and simple living!

  27. Allen Bell

    Allen BellMês atrás

    Very, very good. One issue you did not touch on, probably because you are young, is social services demand a concrete address and it can’t be a P.O. Box. I feel, this lifestyle would really work well for our older population ( any really). You are spot on and thank you.

  28. Joseph Atnip

    Joseph AtnipMês atrás

    One thing people need to take into consideration when thinking about van life.....if you're wanting to live in a van just because you think it's going to be cheaper you could be right you could be wrong..... If you're going to run out and buy a two year old sprinter van and then convert it to something that you see on Instagram plus paying for gym membership so you have a place to take a shower parking repairs gasoline insurance and all the other things that go along with traveling on the road like eating out more than often cuz food storage sucks and cooking is a bitch and especially washing dishes in a van things can add up fairly quickly now if you want to live a van life where the cost of living is extremely high like California go ahead it probably will be cheaper but there are plenty of places in the United States that you can buy a home for the price of a used sprinter van and I'm not kidding I purchased a 2 bedroom house on 3 acres of land yes it needed a lot of work but I did myself but I got the house and the land for $19,000 it's in a rural community next to a 33 mile long lake and yeah I spent another 7 or $8,000 fixing up the property putting in new appliances new kitchen cabinets new flooring new carpet and painting everything but I have a home and I did it for under $30,000 and that's furnished yes I bought my furniture second hand and used resale shops but you know I only paid $35 for my entertainment center and 15 bucks for my coffee table and $40 for my couch that might be a little dated little 90s looking but it's clean and it came from a smoke-free and pet-free home and has no holes in it and it's not worn so if you're looking to live cheap there's all kinds of ways around that as long as you're okay with living outside of a city I'm 145 miles south of St Louis........ And you want to talk about freedom I don't have a mortgage my taxes are $300 a year that gives me the freedom to travel that gives me the freedom to go on vacations when I want to not when I can afford to .... The only downfall if I can't buy something from Dollar general or a gas station or from the one little restaurant style diner in my town it's like a 17 Mile drive to poplar bluff Missouri one way but I am surrounded by a lake and BLM land there are three swim beaches there's plenty of places to hike and fish so I don't find myself really going anywhere except for maybe once a week and I've recently had my home appraised since I have remodeled it and it's worth $85,000 it's not a fortune but it's most definitely a lot more than I paid for it so I know I'll always get my money back

  29. Steve Goodwin

    Steve GoodwinMês atrás

    Right on!! You make a very good point. Taxes, mortgates...the house always wins. Vanlife is a way to get more out of life!

  30. Katey Jane Photography

    Katey Jane PhotographyMês atrás

    To wake up every day with a new view is very cool. you so right, the van is a tool and lets you do almost anything, parking is a nightmare in the uk when off gird and not using campsites. Whats your thoughts on LPG in the UK? as in the East of England, we are down to just one petrol station that sells it!!! I use gaslow refill bottles. Think the worse parts of owning a large van or motorhome is the parking, it can take ages to find one place and often that will be a farmer's concrete storage place in a field. Far too many rules and bans on overnight parking in the UK and its getting worse. its discrimination against large vehicle owners I think.

  31. R A

    R AMês atrás

    Or just rent a room in an hmo in an affordable area?

  32. Jim Bryce

    Jim BryceMês atrás

    This is one of those videos that should have millions of views.

  33. InfernosReaper

    InfernosReaperMês atrás

    Van life and tiny homes started as a necessity for surviving the housing market without having to take on 2 or so roommates. Now, it's become this trendy thing plague by people with more money than sense. I've seen van conversions and tiny homes that cost more than RVs and caravan trailers with some even exceeding the price of an actual house. It's insane. That aside, from a practicality standpoint, van and tiny home living isn't too bad. In the modern era, we have laundromats, public parks with fountains & bathrooms, widespread cellular phones & internet, PO boxes, energy efficient laptops that are comparable to desktops, paperless banking, and 24 hr gyms with showers. As long as your van or tiny home can hold your stuff and you can be comfortable while inside it, you're good to go... In the modern era, such mobility can actually be advantageous. No lease contracts or multi-decade mortgages to tie one down. Sadly, many jobs still require a non-PO box mailing address, though.

  34. Buffalo Revolver

    Buffalo RevolverMês atrás

    Now that was interesting

  35. josh valenti

    josh valentiMês atrás

    thank you for this

  36. Nancy Durham

    Nancy DurhamMês atrás

    over the past 10yrs, ive had to work two jobs just to keep the home I was raising my daughter in. In effect, I really missed her teenage years. She is on her own now... so I'm selling my house and take time to rest my body and mind. Refocus on what I want the next 30yrs to look like.

  37. Wesley Swanson

    Wesley SwansonMês atrás

    Ok well you are a downer

  38. Nate Murphy

    Nate MurphyMês atrás

    Watch it all ;)

  39. A Random Potato

    A Random Potato2 meses atrás


  40. Matt Solomon

    Matt Solomon2 meses atrás

    Well said - Live in a van and fight the autocratic reign of a market-driven economy

  41. Jesse Groomes

    Jesse Groomes2 meses atrás

    Nah i want to do it to travel around the country and sight see for how ever long it takes. And then i might keep it around for camping or something

  42. Brenda Swann

    Brenda Swann2 meses atrás

    My Dream, to live in a Van with the ability to LIVE. Economy, Health, Divorce, if I sell my home, I think I can afford what ever life throws at me till my days end. Van life, means life.

  43. Ross Lemon

    Ross Lemon2 meses atrás

    Van Life only appeals to me because it gives me the option to live extremely cheaply and stack back a lot of cash very quickly. However I have never seen van life as a good long-term solution. Eventually I want to settle down with a wife and kids in my custom built house on a massive piece of land. Van life would only be a means of achieving that goal.

  44. R. Schreckengost

    R. Schreckengost2 meses atrás

    What’s wrong with van life? Social media is the problem with van life.

  45. Christine Sorensen

    Christine Sorensen2 meses atrás

    Van life helps the older ppl too. I'm 64 and investigating it so I can live a life that's not so stressed about having to make so much money to survive. I'm living on disability plus a little more I can earn from time to time. I can pay for the basics like food and personal needs but it's constant stress to come up with enough just to survive the conventional way. I'm happy it's an option for the older and also for younger ppl who want to pursue something more than having their life sucked up by making money to pay rent and utilities.

  46. Liz Marsh

    Liz Marsh2 meses atrás

    Love your videos Nate! Come visit Australia! And check out my 2015 Mercedes sprinter conversion inspired by your fist build! 🌟 Liz

  47. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy2 meses atrás

    Amazing! Thanks for watching. Might make it to Australia in the coming couple of years 🤘

  48. Liz Marsh

    Liz Marsh2 meses atrás

    Ps love the ebook btw!

  49. luvsclimbing

    luvsclimbing2 meses atrás

    Mate, I absolutely loved this post!

  50. Aruba Aysha

    Aruba Aysha2 meses atrás

    Also please stop putting covers of half naked women in bikinis in your cover shots its just very objectifying towards all human eyes. It makes it seem like you are trying to sell women alongside the van life. Thanks.

  51. Rose C

    Rose C2 meses atrás

    This message was on point....well done...you are right.

  52. Desecration

    Desecration2 meses atrás

    **blank stare** Van-life isn't about consumerism? Many of the people that produce these type of vids seem to come from very socially mobile backgrounds. Checking out on life isn't an option for many. If you don't already have some contractor or carpentry background, you're looking at throwing 5K or better just to do an upgrade to live comfortably. Some of these people's videos I've seen look like they've invested more into their van than some of my rentals. AA make up almost 40% of America's homeless but almost every Vanlife and Tiny Tours compilation I've seen is of people of European descent who have friends with alot of undeveloped land, small electronic and/or carpentry related businesses, self-employed or self-taught craftsmen, or they have intimate connections with one of the aforementioned. They also don't appear to be "struggling". Homelessness isn't a counter-culture movement. It seem more like people are trying to up-sell the professional hobo lifestyle by tapping into anxiety about rising housing costs. It's not much different than preppers and gun makers taking advantage of low information voters because... "the commies and Milliegals are taking over and something-something Kenyan President". It's nuanced fear-based product placement. and cross-selling.

  53. Cipher Oceanus

    Cipher Oceanus2 meses atrás


  54. Anthony Rofner

    Anthony Rofner2 meses atrás

    Bang on. 👍😊❤️

  55. Jefferson

    Jefferson2 meses atrás

    I really hope van life doesnt get too popular. I feel like if that happens the government would put their nose in it more and regulate it more, or worst, somehow regulate it to make more money and taxes from it.

  56. Schillerate Von

    Schillerate Von2 meses atrás

    Sick of these people claiming they are van life when they don't even have a van.

  57. Soham

    Soham2 meses atrás

    I feel I just had a conversation; an important one, about what I wanted and why. Thank you. I'm pretty sure I'll have my own dose of van life in the near future, but I'll look up for this video again, before taking that step.

  58. Benbot

    Benbot2 meses atrás

    We live in a feudalistic society now. Everything is owned by a small group of insanely wealthy individuals and the rest of us feed their wealth by simply trying to survive.

  59. Bug Features

    Bug Features2 meses atrás

    You speak about the problem with the housing crysis, but the thats not the problem, its a symptom. The underlaying problem is unleashed and unchecked capitalism.

  60. Xavior Onasis

    Xavior Onasis2 meses atrás

    Nicely done! It is interesting to me, how van life is glamorized here and on sm. When we remember that the goal of most, if not all content creators is to increase their view count, we can see the logic behind this. For many, the reality of van life may not quite live up to those images. I believe it's a good idea for some people, for the reasons that you sited, however, many who rush into it without first understanding that the freedoms that can come with it, will inevitably be offset by a myriad of inconveniences and difficulties. And as long as one accepts that fact, and I mean actually accepts it, then it can be an awesome experience. As for me, living in an expedition rig, about 20-25 days per month, I love it, but it's definitely not easy. I just think, (as you have so eloquently said here) that those considering it, should be aware of the reality of what it is, and not go into it with any utopian illusions, lest they'll be sorely disappointed. And for the few that are using it as some form of escape from something, a wise person once said; wherever you go, there you are.." Thanks for sharing..

  61. swelremarkable

    swelremarkable2 meses atrás

    The goal of vanlife for anyone wanting this is freedom from the cons of 'normal' life.

  62. Evian Wahter

    Evian Wahter2 meses atrás

    This is why I vanlife. Makes my dreams easier to achieve. lol Van life being the dream? XD

  63. used condom

    used condom2 meses atrás

    thank you

  64. RULivingYou ?

    RULivingYou ?2 meses atrás

    Finding happiness externally is basically impossible. Look within for the most effective solutions. If you aren't a confident, balanced person, you will most likely hit a wall with vanlife sooner than if you are those things. There is no lifestyle that is puppies and rainbows every single day. Proper perspective is key. Living in a van, not paying rent is part of a much larger, intentional plan for me. I will be purchasing land in the mountains soon and ironically enough plan to contribute to the housing crisis by getting into real estate investing.

  65. Russell Mondy

    Russell Mondy2 meses atrás

    Rent was expensive 30 years ago. I know because I had to pay it. Not sure why you feel it was inexpensive. 40 years ago I made $1.90 an hour. My rent was $200 a month. I brought home $304 a month. Paid for college with financial aid and my job. Sometimes had no power or phone. It's easier now than it was back then.

  66. Russell Mondy

    Russell Mondy2 meses atrás

    @Nate Murphy I didn't tell you to stop complaining. Your points are valid. But don't change the reality of the past to suit a narrative. It's easier now than it was back then. Younger people take a TON for granted.

  67. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy2 meses atrás

    So with a 35hr week you earned $266 but paid $200 in rent. In 2018, the relative values of $266.00 from 1989 ranges from $479.00 to $970.00. That is bloody terrible wages - you were in poverty basically? The problem I find with a lot of older people telling younger people to stop complaining is that they forget most key data points or remember small pinch points in interest rates which are not representative of the duration of mortgages. The reality; Wages have stagnated. House prices have soared. Damn right young people should complain about things when they get works.

  68. Rob Mackenzie

    Rob Mackenzie2 meses atrás

    This was so much truth it revealed things to me about myself that I hadn't realized yet.

  69. John Richards

    John Richards2 meses atrás

    Truest words that were ever spoken. The system is crippling us just to live the "normal" life. What a guy and an inspiration to others. Well done Mr Nate 👏👏👏

  70. Dennis W. Mueller

    Dennis W. Mueller2 meses atrás

    Van lifers I hope you vote for Andrew Yang and can afford your own space where you can stand up tall.

  71. Amanda Grace Keller

    Amanda Grace Keller2 meses atrás

    Brilliant message full of truth and insight. Thank you so much for your time to create and record it. Deep, insightful and creates and opportunity for self-reflection.

  72. jlehm 1982

    jlehm 19822 meses atrás

    I’ve lived out of an old truck before to facilitate moving to a new city while establishing myself financially. So, I’m no stranger to what it can offer, but you’re off base when it comes to property ownership. In most cases, you can afford to buy if you can afford to rent. Renting will ALWAYS be expensive because you are competing with the number of people looking for housing that don’t want to buy. So, the price goes up more. Supply and demand. The problem isn’t governments and greedy people, it’s stupid millennials that don’t understand how the game is played, but still want it to benefit them. You’re a smart guy, I’m sure you can see this.

  73. Typical Male

    Typical Male2 meses atrás

    Rent is cheap if you choose to live in a non urban area. It is your choice to pay more or pay less.

  74. Typical Male

    Typical Male2 meses atrás

    Nate Murphy - true. I love the van solution though. Cheers to you mate

  75. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy2 meses atrás

    If it's possible to find employment in said rural area... And if it isn't popular for second homes or retirement..

  76. Martino Boniardi

    Martino Boniardi2 meses atrás

    Thanks for that Mate!

  77. Kevin U.K.

    Kevin U.K.2 meses atrás

    Spot on - Brilliant. The you do idealise the 40 years ago bit... Cheap rent in a damp, badly insulated place with a coal or a very expensive electric fire, which you could not afford to have turned on too much, for heating... Your van is is probably a lot more comfortable. I am so angry about the housing situation.

  78. Kevin U.K.

    Kevin U.K.2 meses atrás

    @Nate Murphy Yes. You are doing and vlogging a practicle and rather wonderful way to go. Respect from here! My heart goes out to those who live in basic, or even only partially converted vans, often little or no insulation and oh, so basic amenities, as they try to keep employment going, often in urban environments. The hidden homeless. As you say, it's both getting to be a sales product and it is alsp a path out of the crushing economic system. I'm adding... For too many it is the last recourse. There were well over 180,00 registrations approved for van conversions last year. I expect many of those were not intent on a dream of travelling. Too many. And, the authorities are closing the net now. Be well and thank you.

  79. Nate Murphy

    Nate Murphy2 meses atrás

    True, it was not going to be nice housing (my van is pimp but I'm not that young and I have stuff going on outside of YT).. but for those who are on the lower cost end of the van scale they don't tend to be so fancy!

  80. Paul C

    Paul C2 meses atrás

    Right you're right about this but sometimes this lifestyle gets lonely.

  81. X G

    X G2 meses atrás

    The longer you live in a van the further away you will be from owning a home...unless of course, you put away as much as you can and either buy land to build or live somewhere outside those city limits.