I Let YouTubers Decide What I Eat For 24 HOURS!! **bad idea**


  1. FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug28 dias atrás


  2. vlogs and more with myha

    vlogs and more with myha3 dias atrás

    FaZe i know the First girl form tiktok i love her VIDS AND YOURS

  3. jeynny Rodriguez

    jeynny Rodriguez8 dias atrás

    @Dominic Haben what the frick

  4. jeynny Rodriguez

    jeynny Rodriguez8 dias atrás

    No problem with him

  5. jeynny Rodriguez

    jeynny Rodriguez8 dias atrás

    One like to get him to 500,000 lick plis

  6. RickGaming

    RickGaming16 horas atrás

    faze rug pls brink back mike ik that u said u wont bring him back since u didnt want to record him again but pls bring him back for at least one time


    ALEJANDRO CIFUENTES19 horas atrás

    visiten al youtuber wil 8


    ALEJANDRO CIFUENTES19 horas atrás


  9. Arnamineq Ida Egede 7B Bakkegårdsskolen

    Arnamineq Ida Egede 7B Bakkegårdsskolen21 hora atrás

    any kpop fans in the comment section? Bcoz of the cupcake red velvet???

  10. LoRd Dye

    LoRd DyeDia atrás

    1:44 First he refers to Jefree Star as a "She", but then seconds later he says "He"... WTF. Make up your damn mind.

  11. piper ford

    piper fordDia atrás

    “To tried to think” Tho he thought abt this vid🤡🤡

  12. InspiredBlush

    InspiredBlushDia atrás

    I feel like every pizza place is gonna be putting a faze rug pizza 😂

  13. xxxtrigeredxxx Gacha

    xxxtrigeredxxx GachaDia atrás

    That does not look like Logan at all in my opinion

  14. Clout Wonders

    Clout WondersDia atrás

    Sommer a real one

  15. Janaya Parsons

    Janaya ParsonsDia atrás

    I follow summer too OMG

  16. Janaya Parsons

    Janaya ParsonsDia atrás

    Omg I have her TikTok lol

  17. Piraveena Ryan

    Piraveena RyanDia atrás

    PFF. WOW

  18. KWN WONG

    KWN WONG2 dias atrás

    Jefree star is a girl or male? Shemale?

  19. lil snowflake

    lil snowflakeDia atrás

    KWN WONG male. But he doesnt care u call him as he or she.

  20. Gary Tv

    Gary Tv2 dias atrás

    Y didn’t eat the cheese pizza

  21. CUBSROCK236

    CUBSROCK2362 dias atrás

    Roman Atwood is 1 of me favs and Mike said it

  22. scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life

    scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life2 dias atrás

    Damn it I need to go to in an out

  23. FaZe Sh4d0ws

    FaZe Sh4d0ws2 dias atrás

    2 years apart Rug 2015 his bro 2017 his parents 2019

  24. Soila Salgado

    Soila Salgado2 dias atrás

    my reaction to the cupcakes: 🥺😋 my reaction to the chulupa: 😫😱 my reaction to the baby food:🤭😬🤢 my reaction to in n out:🥺😞🤤🤤



    You should have called woody and kleiny if you know them

  26. DeiaStudios

    DeiaStudios3 dias atrás

    When I think of it, it’s kinda crazy we live in the same small town

  27. radikal movement

    radikal movement3 dias atrás

    You should collab with the ace fam !

  28. Daniel Guerrero

    Daniel Guerrero4 dias atrás

    If u called Shane Dawson he would of said “ get everything on the Taco Bell menu “ 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Cassidy Brooks

    Cassidy Brooks4 dias atrás

    “Milk without flavor”!! I’m fucking dead

  30. Sonia Benavides

    Sonia Benavides4 dias atrás

    Hi my kids love to watch you and we live in San Diego to . we hope to see you some day.

  31. TSB_ Edits

    TSB_ Edits4 dias atrás

    Go sub to me

  32. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez4 dias atrás

    Who else thinks the older plaques look better...

  33. mickey mouse

    mickey mouse4 dias atrás

    **I'm new to your channel, Im So glad I found you! Im Binge watching all of your videos. **You look like my past husband. He passed away the same year I had our little girl so the best year of my life turned out to be the saddest. Babygirl was born Jan 2012 & my husband passed Sept 2012**

  34. ツRIcky

    ツRIcky4 dias atrás

    10:15 Minecraft music🔥🔥

  35. NourrRefaei

    NourrRefaei5 dias atrás

    *scrolls down when i see the video in my recommended* *OH WAIT AUSTIN IS IN THE THUMBNAIL*

  36. hex 23

    hex 235 dias atrás

    can someone tell me what was that sound at 15:09

  37. Carlos Flores

    Carlos Flores5 dias atrás

    You eat a lot but your still that skinny how

  38. elizabeth

    elizabeth5 dias atrás

    like my comment cus why not 😗

  39. JumpyTV

    JumpyTV5 dias atrás

    LOVE the Minecraft MUSIC!

  40. Sylvia Leal

    Sylvia Leal5 dias atrás

    for food

  41. Sylvia Leal

    Sylvia Leal5 dias atrás

    jack dorthy

  42. jean beltran

    jean beltran5 dias atrás

    Sommer Ray Looks Divine❤️

  43. Antonio Rodriguez

    Antonio Rodriguez5 dias atrás

    Who else wanted that food too

  44. Mix Man

    Mix Man6 dias atrás

    Hey I am from India

  45. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia6 dias atrás

    There going out they said “love you bye” 👌🏽 I kidding

  46. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia6 dias atrás

    I was kidding

  47. Lil_ R10

    Lil_ R106 dias atrás

    The girl looks at the camare for a long time

  48. Slayjay Lololololololol

    Slayjay Lololololololol6 dias atrás

    For some reason, I could see an odd similarities between the faces of faze banks and logan

  49. Nishant Doshi

    Nishant Doshi7 dias atrás

    Who's here for sommer ray?

  50. Sloppy Fish

    Sloppy Fish7 dias atrás

    Set up asf piss off

  51. Lars Kupen

    Lars Kupen7 dias atrás

    It tastes like Milk without flavour Rug 2019

  52. A Lost YouTube Comment

    A Lost YouTube Comment8 dias atrás

    I want you to go to in and out and only get a water

  53. D.J. Vlogs Martinez

    D.J. Vlogs Martinez8 dias atrás

    Minecraft music background lol

  54. Wade Green

    Wade Green8 dias atrás

    It just taste like milk without flavors lmaoo

  55. Lilspaghetti05

    Lilspaghetti058 dias atrás

    July 23 is my b day

  56. Neirita Sanchez

    Neirita Sanchez8 dias atrás

    Omg baby food 😂😂😂😂😂 Lmfao! Solis would! 💀

  57. Mastoras NM

    Mastoras NM8 dias atrás

    I actually laughed so hard at the bib and blushing from Sommer😂😂😂😂

  58. Krissy MissBhaving

    Krissy MissBhaving8 dias atrás

    Is that sommer Ray

  59. Arissa Salinas

    Arissa Salinas8 dias atrás

    I hate in and out

  60. Amiyah Jordan

    Amiyah Jordan8 dias atrás

    When Austin hung up the phone 🤣🤣😭

  61. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy8 dias atrás


  62. CallMeRokaleta

    CallMeRokaleta8 dias atrás

    Jeffree is not gonna like “he” “man” 😂😂

  63. Lazykid

    Lazykid8 dias atrás

    if it wasn't rug's parents they would've been so cringey

  64. ale cool

    ale cool8 dias atrás

    10:15 he is playing backround minecraft music!

  65. Scott Turley

    Scott Turley9 dias atrás

    You're dog Lola is so cute 😲 OMG I love dogs +is bosley getting better with lola+ how old is Lola ❤💛🐶🔥

  66. Scott Turley

    Scott Turley9 dias atrás

    And I subscribe to you faze rug ✌❤😘💛