I lowballed people on Facebook Marketplace


  1. Ryan Trahan

    Ryan Trahan3 meses atrás

    hey guys :) smash like button? subscribe if you're a lowballer!!!!!

  2. Killaz Stoned

    Killaz Stoned2 dias atrás

    Sometimes I bite my own toenails. Lol

  3. King Yaqkz

    King Yaqkz5 dias atrás

    why do you bite your own toenails ryan?

  4. Colyaid 101

    Colyaid 1019 dias atrás

    I was the 6,100th like!

  5. Lyis Garcia

    Lyis Garcia13 dias atrás

    You can get sued or get jail time for putting some else life or act as one

  6. Tijan’s Creation!

    Tijan’s Creation!17 dias atrás

    But I can’t smash the like button.... u said “If a tornado comes in through the window, smash that like button.” 😂

  7. Raquel Marino

    Raquel Marino4 horas atrás

    and if the tornado does not go through your window ?????

  8. Doug Slovak

    Doug Slovak6 horas atrás

    I have no problem with you making low-ball offers, trying to get something cheap. But, when you make a game of it, and fuck around with people's time, then that makes you a little dickhead, and screws with other people's lives. You might as well go piss off an overpass, at least the cops might catch you. Also, it's not real bright posting this shit on BRreporter.

  9. Cat Lover

    Cat Lover8 horas atrás

    14:22 "bring your horses!" 😂😂

  10. Saniabid Sar

    Saniabid Sar15 horas atrás

    650😂 CAN YOU DO IT OR NOT? That poor guy 😂

  11. Aye.Its. Zena

    Aye.Its. Zena17 horas atrás

    Sometimes I bite my own toenails

  12. savingrace

    savingrace21 hora atrás

    omg lol I just discovered you, so I thought, then I just realized that you’re Haley phams bf lol! I didn’t even realize bahaha!

  13. Alba _fashionista1

    Alba _fashionista122 horas atrás

    Lol you bite your toenails btw I love your videos

  14. HarryPotter forever

    HarryPotter forever22 horas atrás

    14:00 bro I wheezed at this😂😂

  15. Ya Boi

    Ya BoiDia atrás

    "I know, I'm a hustler" lmfao

  16. Natalie Pumpelly

    Natalie PumpellyDia atrás

    I thought in the vid he said he hit 2 mil but it says that it only 1.9

  17. Acroanna edits

    Acroanna editsDia atrás

    loved this i was laughing so hard i was crying great content man

  18. Joshurmom

    JoshurmomDia atrás

    At 8:45 he looks ginger all of a sudden

  19. Franny Davis

    Franny Davis2 dias atrás

    did anyone else notice that when it said 1 hour later it switched to “Sometimes I bite my own toenails” for a sec?

  20. Aapenstaartje

    Aapenstaartje2 dias atrás

    *roger that*

  21. Lauren Bowles

    Lauren Bowles2 dias atrás

    can u not show money in ur vids cuz i dont even have 10 my family is struggerling :(

  22. Lauren Bowles

    Lauren Bowles2 dias atrás

    sos 10 dollars

  23. Hunter G.

    Hunter G.2 dias atrás

    Ryan out here revealing that he's a minecraft villager

  24. Minkyy

    Minkyy2 dias atrás

    low key feel bad for these people. I would get annoyed as hell lol

  25. Itha

    Itha2 dias atrás

    5:30 _im using this as a bookmark for myself_

  26. Marina

    Marina2 dias atrás

    So funny

  27. Soccer Skillz

    Soccer Skillz3 dias atrás


  28. Soccer Skillz

    Soccer Skillz3 dias atrás

    5:31 put it in .25% speed

  29. drEyUH x

    drEyUH x3 dias atrás

    huge ass lowballs

  30. random compilations

    random compilations3 dias atrás

    some times i bite my own toenails

  31. dederdude21

    dederdude213 dias atrás

    You know, sometimes i bite my toenails

  32. STICKYArt Channel

    STICKYArt Channel3 dias atrás

    I am trolling the marketplace! good negotiating tactic tho lol

  33. Adam Hartman

    Adam Hartman3 dias atrás

    Not gonna lie being a dick but that was funny

  34. lilsnowman Curtis

    lilsnowman Curtis3 dias atrás

    That’s my dad lol

  35. Yellow Banana75

    Yellow Banana753 dias atrás

    $5 for your channel

  36. Mayson Cunningham

    Mayson Cunningham3 dias atrás

    shoutout to this hustler

  37. Sydney Drums

    Sydney Drums3 dias atrás

    People actually do this, time wasting pricks.. I agree to the shit price & give the person the address of a 7-Eleven

  38. heyjj lop2

    heyjj lop23 dias atrás

    No 2 million subs anymore

  39. Owen Griffith

    Owen Griffith4 dias atrás

    That guy was my dad... you were my fav BRreporterr, not anymore😕

  40. CarlX3

    CarlX34 dias atrás

    i would honestly take that 3,500 deal

  41. Betty Is awesome

    Betty Is awesome4 dias atrás

    You said IF a tornado comes through your window, smash the like button. But it didn’t. So no. 😂 jk I did anyway

  42. Eben Steadman

    Eben Steadman4 dias atrás

    At 5:31 why does “sometimes I bite my own toenails” flash across the screen you have to pause it at the exact frame it pops up

  43. Holly AllcockTV

    Holly AllcockTV7 horas atrás

    Eben Steadman I saw it 😂

  44. San Holo

    San Holo4 dias atrás

    U need to have ur account for a few mnths

  45. Seb

    Seb4 dias atrás

    sometimes i bite my own toenails

  46. Caitlin Raines

    Caitlin Raines4 dias atrás

    Can you do reacting to lebrant fam or something cuz they have crazy thumbnails that are hilarious also love your account

  47. Abby Arbour

    Abby Arbour4 dias atrás

    I had lots of laughs! :D THANK YOU! ( CAN YOU DO IT OR NOT)

  48. Krusher 0711

    Krusher 07114 dias atrás

    Sometimes I bite my own toenails

  49. Hazel

    Hazel5 dias atrás

    sometimes i bite my own toenails

  50. Shhhamy

    Shhhamy5 dias atrás

    omg, Dad... Why?

  51. yaela ten hove

    yaela ten hove5 dias atrás

    Do more of these 😂😂😂😂

  52. Hazy the stoner

    Hazy the stoner5 dias atrás

    saying "i don't know what meth is" makes you sound like you do meth. I've never met someone who honestly does not know what meth is and just because they know what it is does not instantly mean they do it or would make me think they do it

  53. Rickn Moorte

    Rickn Moorte5 dias atrás

    but u only have 1.9 mil subscribers

  54. Ljheafner

    Ljheafner5 dias atrás

    Who else was eyeing the 2002 cr125?

  55. Sophie Wright

    Sophie Wright5 dias atrás

    I liked because of the hidden comment😂😂

  56. Skylar's Fish

    Skylar's Fish4 dias atrás

    What did it say

  57. Gavin stanek

    Gavin stanek5 dias atrás

    um hue be catfishin

  58. Taj Hussein

    Taj Hussein5 dias atrás

    whos down to let each other grow, start by liking this comment :)

  59. Kidd Cartel

    Kidd Cartel6 dias atrás

    You’re funny as hell !! 😂😂

  60. Pearl Infinite

    Pearl Infinite6 dias atrás

    5:30 " sometimes I bite my own toenails " Ur fast but not that fast 😂

  61. Kurt McCarthy

    Kurt McCarthy2 dias atrás

    I slowed it down

  62. Pearl Infinite

    Pearl Infinite3 dias atrás

    Manuel Vazquez acc no I never I just stopped it at normal time, it's not impossible to read without slowing it down

  63. Manuel Vazquez

    Manuel Vazquez5 dias atrás

    Pearl Infinite or maybe he is fast and you put the play speed at .25

  64. James L.

    James L.6 dias atrás

    So I watch this video of a guy being an idiot on fb marketplace (i am sure the people selling appreciated your "special" brand of humor) then I realized I am the bigger idiot for wasting 30 seconds watching this crap, can I take my click back?? Guess not. How you got so many views or subs I will never know, why? because i wouldn't waste more time checking out your other vids.

  65. Tanki Violator Reports

    Tanki Violator Reports6 dias atrás

    8:04 I can’t 🤣

  66. Cara Wiseman

    Cara Wiseman6 dias atrás

    Never apologize for making hilarious videos that make me smile everyday ☺

  67. Brendan Howard

    Brendan Howard6 dias atrás

    He is going to blow up over reddit

  68. Maggie Yuan

    Maggie Yuan6 dias atrás

    how did 14:39 person know his name was Ryan???? I thought it was Hugh-Jass-Lowbals

  69. Mystical Apple

    Mystical Apple6 dias atrás

    I swear he’s going to end up on r/Choosingbeggars

  70. itzfrostea

    itzfrostea7 dias atrás

    Who else saw Hugh Jass at the end

  71. rusty hatchet

    rusty hatchet7 dias atrás

    whats ggo

  72. Anony Mouse

    Anony Mouse7 dias atrás

    You know signing up with false information is a crime right?

  73. Einin

    Einin3 dias atrás

    You must be fun at parties

  74. Mr hype

    Mr hype7 dias atrás

    sometimes I bite my own tonails too ryan

  75. Crucial Bigmac

    Crucial Bigmac7 dias atrás

    Sometimes I bite my own toenails 😆

  76. Alex Adkins

    Alex Adkins7 dias atrás

    i’ve dead ass never laughed so hard 😂

  77. Elemental-Minecraft

    Elemental-Minecraft7 dias atrás


  78. Tee Snyder

    Tee Snyder7 dias atrás

    Can you please make a part 2 to this video. I laughed the whole time

  79. Joshua Metz

    Joshua Metz7 dias atrás

    at 5:30 it says sometimes I bite my own toenails

  80. Mr. SparksZ33

    Mr. SparksZ337 dias atrás


  81. PhillySophagus

    PhillySophagus7 dias atrás

    I was surprised you didn't know what meth was, but then I realized not everyone lives in a shit hole like me

  82. PawBear

    PawBear7 dias atrás

    I found the SECRET MESSAGE "sometimes i bite my own toenails" EXPOSED

  83. ;

    ;7 dias atrás

    Nun man just doin some homework

  84. Middle Aged man

    Middle Aged man7 dias atrás


  85. Katie Bergen

    Katie Bergen8 dias atrás

    You made this on my birthday 😂😁

  86. The real marz

    The real marz8 dias atrás

    Still waiting for the owner of that Lamborghini adventador

  87. baby shibbles

    baby shibbles8 dias atrás

    props to the person on here selling their 3k trailer home for 175k. truly one of the best flippers in the game.

  88. hackz zzz

    hackz zzz8 dias atrás

    nice vid!!

  89. Me Myself & Lou

    Me Myself & Lou8 dias atrás

    no cat-fishing this is not a fish fight

  90. PopGamerNation

    PopGamerNation8 dias atrás

    I dont know if I am just high and weird but I'm am just laughing my ass off during this whole video

  91. Falling Up

    Falling Up8 dias atrás

    I totally didn’t take 5 mins of my time to see the message 5:31 to expose it to the chat “sometimes I bite my own toenails”

  92. Mikee3018

    Mikee30188 dias atrás

    So you’re basically a troll And I Hate to break it to you dude, 99% of FB marketplace users will not have a Scooby doo who TF you are 😊 no need for false identity