I Made A Giant Mirror Polished Foil Ball! *Japanese People REACT*


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    Abdi that is rude

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    Salma Abdi you are so mean she beautiful and you probably aren't so just think before you speak/write

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    Are you wearing contacts???

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    do no makup challenge ☺

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    I love the bunny

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    2:49 why you bullyin me

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    Whoa that's cool wengie you're the best

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    Liquid nitrogen vs school supplies video you used the hammer

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    This is mia 👦 every like she will be that tall in feet

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    Hey Winge that ball is really shiny my dog died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭and she was only 50 years old I loved her but I guess she had to go..

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    That's so sad I'm sorry

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    it looks like the moon

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    Anyone else think her hug intro is super awkward... okay just me then.😐

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    I’m a huge fan love you wiggle 💕

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    Love your foil ball👍❤️

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    I wanna go to japan because idk i love there food i tried it before

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    7:31 rabbits are so adorable and they like to chew stuff they steal stuff if you give it to them and it was smelling not eating

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    PlZ do a channel with Nikki Bella or brie Bella of Sarah buyeaty corner

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    Wow I wish I was you 😻🤞

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    In 0:22 that's a drawing from the channel "draw so cute"

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    I imagined putting my finger throw it and it the perfect ball with a hole in it

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    The more the grit the less it sands

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    Yeah, but the higher the grit the softer and smoother the object.

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    can you make a smaller version of it pleeeeeeeeease

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    I guess its a great workout

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    Can you speak Japanese?

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    Hallow Read more


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    Is it lite

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    I made it Its so cool 👌👌

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    You used the hammer in the icebergs video


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    You should turn it into a globe

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    It was a waste of tinfoil

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    Do a giant bubble gum slime with Collin keys and Devan

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    Awesome :) and you kick ass doing it by hand :)

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    this was made on my mum's birthday 😂

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    I thought the ball you made was so satisfying.

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