I Made A Giant Mirror Polished Foil Ball! *Japanese People REACT*


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    you know about dsc

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    WENGIE!! (:

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    When's you can't believe you didn't realize that Arlen Ramos

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    Wengie I love you.

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    Love you I am in Japan 🇯🇵 I live there now

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    I made a mini one

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    YOUR A JAPANESE??!! 😕😕

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    shes so pretty

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    I have made a ball like this with green screen ball and show it to my bro he bealived it 👇🖒like it pleasssssseeeeee

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    Mine turned into a cylinder 😂😂😂

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    Looks like so much fun

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    You do the best videos

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    3:46 took lots of process

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    Watch """YOUR NAME""" anime movie

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    Wengie please add me in tiktok

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    You could smash a lot of stuff

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    hi my name is nice nice

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    I loved the chinchilla Soooooo adorable I have a chinchilla his name is nico

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    This is Bilbo Piggins 🐖 He wants to be noticed by Wengie fans. Like this so Bilbo Piggins can be happy!

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    ✨🖤 Never give up Wengie 🖤✨

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    making slime in the alphabetical order

  31. Typical Gamer

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    you used it to smash the school supplies

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    Wengie make some big chocolete egg

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    How do you know to speak chainis

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    Wengi is the Best

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    Six mouths latter hoping I wouldHave a like on a comment but apparently not so I like my own comment Sad

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    Maybe learn to spell.

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    Who else scrolled through the comments nonstop, trying to find the answer to “which video did wengie use the hammer?”

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    This is Mia 👧~ Mia is 0~ 1 like=1 year of age~ How old will Mia get by Christmas

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    this is Bob 😶 /👕\ 👖 👢

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    Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

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    Well I hope u have fun in Japan 🇯🇵

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    the animals LOVE the ball!

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    I have two bunnies so I'm not that surprised about that black and white rabbit attacking the ball and trying to eat it.

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    I wish I can meet you I’m your biggest biggest biggest fan!

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    Try to put oil

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    You used the hammer in: Experiment Liquid Nitrogen Vs School Supplies! Love you! Byeeeeeeeeee!

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    I love you

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    Can you do more unicorn school supplies pls

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    Roses are red, Violets are blue, I like my own comments because none of you guys do

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    Ya got that right.

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    Is the ball heavy??????

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    You did this wrong you should have just taken the foil and hammered it you didn’t need sandpaper at all I’ve tried using sandpaper it is a waste of time

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    Ang galing naman

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    So basically the thumbnail is a lie cause it looks nothing like it showed

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    Wengie have you heard of the Rilakkuma stuffed bear ITS SOOO CUTE look up pictures of it I have one they are SOOOO CUTE ( japanese product btw )

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    Are you japanese? Sorry i am a new subscriber 🤗

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    the hammer was also in one of your adding to much ingredeints into slime

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    There's so many urban legends here

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    I don't like unicorns I love unicorns

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    Is anyone else in 2019

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    I’ve got noodles for arms and plsssssss give me a shout out I love your Chanel and especially your beautiful hair

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    I love your foil ball, I made a minny one.

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    Hey wengie I have a Question for you this is just 1 question What is your personality?

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    7:01 that women in rhe mask looks like the split mouth women O_O

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    Wengie squad

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    i'm in 2019

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    why so many sand grit paper 📝!

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    I think you should add oil? Idk

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    Very COOL

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    Shout out please

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    In melting diamond button vid! That’s where u used the hammer in too!

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    A Japanese thing being reacted by Japanese people


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    Are you a Japanese

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    She’s the best yt er their is!

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    I’m not worried about her hands, I’m worried about her counter.

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    This is cool

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    I like=how old wengie will live

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    I learn Japanese at school

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    waste of foil

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    Awwww a ferret



    I love you wengie❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Thumbs up from all your hardwork

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    I know the answer to the trivia question:the hammer was in an adding to much to Slime vid!!!

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    Adding to much to slime

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    We give you used the hammer in the video you smashed school supplies!

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    Hi l am a big fan😁😃

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    The weird thing the bunny did my bunny always does

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    The dislikes are the people that microwaves exploded when they tried this. Bc I tried microwaving an alliminuim foil ball and it didnt go well..

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    0:24 unnie doll

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    I♥u you so cité😍😍😍😍😍😳😳😳😳

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    This is wengie 🦄 She has no foil Each like gives her more foil for the foil ball Let’s see how large her foil ball gets Edit- thanks for all the foil

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    Yassssss! The perfect 111! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YAYYYY!

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    +Frenchie-fan a lot of people do that

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    57 cm in diameter

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    Stop try a get 👍s

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    I u cookie I dont cookie I have cookie I to cookie I change cookie I urself cookie I for cookie I the cookie I liking cookie I of cookie I other cookie I people cookie Now read the middle word of each line **just a fun way to deliver a motiwational message**


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    Thats so kind :)

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    I know where she used the hammer on adding to much slime ingredients

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    This is Jacob 🤮 He is sick one like buys one tablet/pill to make him better. How will he be feeling by the end.

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