i made a song from ur hate comments


  1. Crispy Sunrays

    Crispy Sunrays2 horas atrás

    bruh I'm scared that you use light mode

  2. JK is a Scorpio Productionz

    JK is a Scorpio ProductionzDia atrás

    Oh my god ryan Trahan reacting to Gachas is gold XD

  3. Hiba Ahsen Khawaja

    Hiba Ahsen KhawajaDia atrás

    "if ur still here," i felt that ;/

  4. Señor Avocado Yt

    Señor Avocado YtDia atrás

    Moonlight got roasted

  5. Charlotte Waring

    Charlotte WaringDia atrás

    After watching your pbnj sandwich video I immediately got hooked on your videos because it was so funny! You are an amazing BRreporterr! I subscribed immediately.

  6. Not a bot

    Not a botDia atrás

    Holy crap that was the funniest video I’ve ever seen Please do this again

  7. Keira Ashley

    Keira AshleyDia atrás

    why tf are people calling him ugly he's cute af

  8. Senfinus

    SenfinusDia atrás

    Like 2 years later but your content is the best

  9. Potato Cream

    Potato CreamDia atrás

    Random person: U talk 2 much Ryan: Kk then I'll sing 🙃

  10. Potato Cream

    Potato CreamDia atrás

    *U talk 2 much. I need you to stare deep into my soul for 20 minutes straight because BRreporter is clearly not a platform where you need to talk.* _I'm speaking fluent sarcasm please don't take me serious_

  11. Foxy Faze

    Foxy FazeDia atrás

    I love you

  12. Foxy Faze

    Foxy FazeDia atrás

    Oh fuck

  13. A4 Stallion

    A4 Stallion2 dias atrás

    and also the random comments. lol.

  14. A4 Stallion

    A4 Stallion2 dias atrás

    I'm dying. the recreation is dead ass funny.

  15. LJS Aquatics

    LJS Aquatics2 dias atrás

    10:45 is what you came for Thank me later

  16. Red is a Nuber

    Red is a Nuber17 horas atrás

    @LJS Aquatics omg I so sorry

  17. LJS Aquatics

    LJS Aquatics17 horas atrás

    That's rude

  18. Red is a Nuber

    Red is a Nuber17 horas atrás

    No I won't

  19. Camdin Wilson

    Camdin Wilson2 dias atrás

    nice song

  20. Title Less

    Title Less2 dias atrás

    *Roses are red* *Violets are blue* *I just lost the game* *And so did you*

  21. LeafyEntertainment

    LeafyEntertainment3 dias atrás

    Ух ты, как ты это делаешь, я так горжусь тобой.

  22. samuel brothers

    samuel brothers3 dias atrás

    Fuck uuuuuuu

  23. BigFXX

    BigFXX3 dias atrás

    im a guy that's half gay, im bi.. dont make fun of me please ;-;

  24. Dries Brissinck

    Dries Brissinck3 dias atrás

    In”oicoiuocvjoifpodsifjopy duwoixy get iT?

  25. Duck Animations

    Duck Animations4 dias atrás

    She can’t do proper gacha vids lol (The gacha hater)

  26. Ernie Scheepers

    Ernie Scheepers5 dias atrás

    I don't regret watching ANY of your videos😂😂😂👌🏼

  27. Natahniel Amack

    Natahniel Amack5 dias atrás

    Your amazing

  28. Mad Pomegranate

    Mad Pomegranate5 dias atrás

    There is an echooooo echoooo echooo echoo echo *slowly fades*

  29. Piper McLean

    Piper McLean5 dias atrás

    “Fudo You”😂😂😂😂 xD

  30. Vertex -

    Vertex -6 dias atrás

    Do a part 2

  31. Daphne Anne

    Daphne Anne6 dias atrás

    i always here

  32. The happy GOD

    The happy GOD7 dias atrás

    Yes mate chop up those boys




  34. Emilio Rivera

    Emilio Rivera7 dias atrás

    That song hit home

  35. The Artsy

    The Artsy7 dias atrás

    What's Gay?? No seriously what is Gay

  36. tanos mation

    tanos mation8 dias atrás

    u r guid yter yay

  37. XXVelvetStarzXX

    XXVelvetStarzXX9 dias atrás

    Moonlight Gaming: *Exists* Gacha People: *embarrassed*

  38. Ryuuki

    Ryuuki9 dias atrás

    I love how half the haters can’t even spell and use grammar. 😂😂

  39. KeepHackusating

    KeepHackusating9 dias atrás

    I feel like a gang of 10 year olds made literally 90% of those comments

  40. Jack Brennan

    Jack Brennan10 dias atrás

    Why would they hate you🙃🙃🙃😉🙃🙃

  41. Madihah Zulkifli

    Madihah Zulkifli10 dias atrás

    i love the song so much. i kept coming back to listen to it. this is one of my fav from ryan 😂

  42. Sebastian Dizon

    Sebastian Dizon12 dias atrás


  43. The Ocean Is Super Cool

    The Ocean Is Super Cool12 dias atrás

    haters can kill themselves

  44. Lil Thug

    Lil Thug13 dias atrás

    This dude is a NEET ;)

  45. ExoticZ TrapZ

    ExoticZ TrapZ13 dias atrás

    Like id you fell for the prank at the bottom Read more

  46. Gabriel Yeung

    Gabriel Yeung14 dias atrás

    i agree with u that people are saying mean stuff

  47. messi dxn tv

    messi dxn tv14 dias atrás

    Great video bro

  48. Lordie Bug

    Lordie Bug15 dias atrás

    That rap was Loki good though

  49. YPF

    YPF15 dias atrás

    8:41 😂

  50. OPC SOLO

    OPC SOLO15 dias atrás

    CODY KO LooKIn A**

  51. Aryan Ahmed izded

    Aryan Ahmed izded15 dias atrás

    "RyAn TrAhAn"

  52. lilypadz_:3

    lilypadz_:316 dias atrás

    I loved it when you did the remake of the video!

  53. Thomas LeQuire

    Thomas LeQuire16 dias atrás

    Who else’s audio cut out in the beginning like if it did

  54. The Ocean Is Super Cool

    The Ocean Is Super Cool12 dias atrás


  55. Alton Woods

    Alton Woods17 dias atrás


  56. L8 Animates

    L8 Animates17 dias atrás

    I’m late but 6:14 me and the boys role playing

  57. Bakugou

    Bakugou17 dias atrás

    B r u h Is that song available on Spotify? Cause like- it should be. The ending though- 😂

  58. Lightning Light

    Lightning Light17 dias atrás

    Lol u realise the music moonlight gaming used was some copyright powerdirector default music

  59. Dallinz

    Dallinz18 dias atrás

    Uhh 1 hat3 y0u Y0ur such a n00b & y0u sme11 11k3 p1c01s

  60. Mr Was

    Mr Was18 dias atrás

    Hehehe my name is masons

  61. Bhavna M

    Bhavna M18 dias atrás

    Ryans reenactment of the Gacha video has me DYING

  62. The King Parker

    The King Parker18 dias atrás

    That rap was fire bro didn’t expect that

  63. Paul Connolly

    Paul Connolly19 dias atrás

    Ryan dude keep up the good work u always make me laugh

  64. Argue Kayes

    Argue Kayes19 dias atrás

    Anybody know if moonlight conmented? Lmaooo

  65. etn 210

    etn 21019 dias atrás

    I’m like content